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How much does it cost to FUEL an airliner?!

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For 2 months of FREE Skillshare premium 👉 https://skl.sh/mentourpilot15 How much does it actually cost to fuel up an airliner? What can an airline do to minimize its fuel costs and how does the Fuel system in a Boeing 737 work? In todays episode its all about fuel. I will try to answer the most common questions that people have regarding the fuel system and if you have more questions, you can ask my directly in the Mentour aviation app! 👇🏻👇🏻 📲IOS: https://appstore.com/mentouraviation 📲 Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.teamta.mentouraviation To Join my Patreon Crew, and support the channel, use the link below! 👇🏻 https://www.patreon.com/mentourpilot If you want to follow my life on Instagram, check out the following link: 👇🏻 https://www.instagram.com/mentour_pilot
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Glenn Pomerance (1 day ago)
I trust that I am not the first person to notice that your sofa pillows are correctly placed!!!
Michael Mitiszek (2 days ago)
How would you explain the cost index. Please make another intertesting video on that subject.
O (2 days ago)
Could you just say how many litres or gallons.....Tons is useless information
tesla guy (3 days ago)
About aircraft efficiency, you have to remember what @WendoverProductions said: "The Airbus A320neo can carry 6400 gallons (24200 litres) of fuel - that is the equivalent of 376 fully fuelled Toyota Camrys. For every mile (1.6km) the A320neo flies, it burns 1.5 gallons (5.68 litres) of jet fuel - that works out to a paltry .67mpg (350L/100km). That A320 could just barely fly from the Empire State Building to the Grand Central Terminal on that gallon of fuel, to fly that 213mi (355km) from New York to D.C., that A320 needs 317 gallons (1200l) of fuel. With that much fuel, our Camry could drive from New York to L.A. 49 times, but we have to consider that the Camry only seats 5. The A320 seats 154. So, assuming fully loaded, it has a per person fuel efficiency of 104.7mpg (2.25l/100km)."
Wilfred Morin (5 days ago)
Do we assume that the "dollar" you mention is the Australian dollar? There are several countries that name their currencies "dollar".
MVE (5 days ago)
Soon they will tax the airfuel due to environmental issues in Europe.
david herrera (7 days ago)
I used to be a fueler at LAX.... best job I've ever had.
Vinny (7 days ago)
Wow i would of thought jets used alot more fuel then that.
Stephan Buchin (8 days ago)
8:33 I'm not a math guy but if a kg of fuel cost around 60 cents, how can 16 tons of fuel cost 4,400$.
Lao Han Tun (10 days ago)
Thanks bro.....really bring up my knowledge to another level, but humble and keep learning......God bless you more.....
bradley c. (10 days ago)
Not sure what I'm missing but if a flight from New York to LA burns approx 16 tonnes of JetA1 it must cost more than US $4400 , given the cost is over 60 cents a KG . Do the fuel tanks have any safeguards against overfilling ? Eg the wing tanks take 3900kg each but if filling with warm fuel say over 25 celcius , wouldn't you have to reduce the weight of fuel taken onboard as the fuel expands with temperature increase. Might be a silly idea but why would Boeing have decided to put in a centre tank that can carry 13T of fuel when that full capacity is only ever used once in a blue moon, maybe a 10T capacity would be better?
Csab (11 days ago)
That puppy is adorable awwww
Csab (11 days ago)
Is that a new puppy? ??
Ed Du (12 days ago)
Since no VAT is payed it effectively is heavily subsidized by the people. Even by those not flying.
Rog5446 (13 days ago)
Sorry Mentour Pilot, if you want people to pay attention to what you're saying, then you'll have to get rid of the dog.
Voss Li (13 days ago)
What hes talking about st 6:50 is oil futures. You can trade those too!
Roman Charazian (14 days ago)
How dare you !!! 40 kilos per minute
juan Armenta (14 days ago)
Excuse sir you Pope is distracting me,!!!!😂😂
Richard Ren (15 days ago)
I need about $110 of gasoline for my car every 2-3 day. Which is very inefficient
T Bass Bone (16 days ago)
Yes I love all the information but the puppy is the star. Please introduce us to your co-pilot! :)
Live Wire (17 days ago)
Do you have a rewards card ?
Kennie Jensen (18 days ago)
Hi Mentour. Is it true that you could fill up your 737 with regular automotive diesel and the engines would run just fine?
john sutcliffe (21 days ago)
So interesting. I tried to work out how much fuel an A320 would use per seat Auckland to Christchurch. Closest I could get was 15 liters per seat. I was just wondering about co2 emmisions compared to driving or catching the bus.
Farmer Jimmy (24 days ago)
Boris Medjedovic (29 days ago)
1:55 did I hear total fuel cost for the last year 11 bil. $? Is that too much? Ryanair 2018/19 fuel and oil expanses 2,42 bil. (src statista)
Z Kommer (29 days ago)
The math does not make sense here and the fuel costs are too low. At $2800 to $3000 for a 2-hour flight, that would mean that only 8-10 passengers are required to pay off the cost of the fuel. The remaining 140-179 are for the rest of the other capital cost. I looked at the Boeing 747 fuel cost on a 10-hour flight with these fuel cost components; Over the course of a 10-hour flight, 747-400 might burn 36,000 gallons (150,000 liters). The density of Jet-A is 0.81kg/L and thus that equates to 121,500 kg of fuel for that 10-hour flight. Mentour has said that an approximate cost per kg of Jet-A is $0.60/kg and therefore the cost of 747-400 fuel is $72,900. 737-800 has two engines and obviously, the flight time is a fifth of the length of a trans-Atlantic flight but the difference is enormous.
Matej Gagyi (30 days ago)
Hey, Mentour! Isn't the wheelbay doors actually positioned BEHIND the center tank?
Mentour Pilot (29 days ago)
I think you are right actually. I was thinking about it when I said it
Jackie Falkowski (30 days ago)
Just discovered your channel- great stuff. Your puppy is just icing on the cake !- Rich
Mentour Pilot (29 days ago)
Glad you liked it!! Welcome to the channel!
Edward (1 month ago)
Who takes care of the cost for fuel dumps?
Mentour Pilot (29 days ago)
The airlines do.
lenny108 (1 month ago)
There are now youtube videos that say it is all false information that airplanes are filled up like for example the A-380 with 120 tons of fuel. That this would make an airplane too heavy in order to take off. Also, this would take hours and hours to refill an aircraft with so much fuel. And on the airports one never sees an airplane refueled for so long. The filling station attendant takes the hose, fixes it underneath the wing and after five minutes he disconnects the fuel hose. So how can this go so fast that tons and tons of kerosene are transferred? So these people believe that once up in the air modern airplanes do not require any fuel, fly with another secret propulsion technique?
captaintruth (17 days ago)
Yes, I´ve spoked to aircraft maintanence people and even pilots that say that the official information it´s definiely not true and that there is no real sing of such amounts of fuel ever going into the aircrafts
Sexi Grande (1 month ago)
Aircraft rarely fill from empty and don’t always fill to full capacity. Yes the 380 massive, engines are massive so a lot of fuel would be required. What about people working on aircraft daily? If there was some kind of cover up surely someone would spill the beans. There’s so much that Goes on behind the scenes that they don’t even know or understand. The aircraft I work on holds 40k pounds of fuel, according to the calibrated fuel quantity gauges. I’ve Worked on fuel tanks and systems and to my knowledge there’s no reason to believe there’s a conspiracy.
michael ochido (1 month ago)
Nice puppy!does he/she accompany you on your flights....thanks for explanation on fuel hedging.our local airline recently lost millions when price of oil went down a lot so its quite a risky move?
Hal (1 month ago)
window shutters... that is Spain, isn't it?
Mudd tarz (1 month ago)
I'm not a pilot but I did notice the placement of the red and green (navigation lights) pillows on the couch.
Truthfears Guilty (1 month ago)
Truthfears Guilty (1 month ago)
@speed150mph Well, at least Railways don't have competition. Airlines do and that's a Toughy!
speed150mph (1 month ago)
Truthfears Guilty trust me, I know the feeling. When I found out how much our railway yard burned in fuel in a day, I was quite honestly shocked myself, as are people I tell that to. It’s unfathomable to common people who think spending $80 on gas in a week is a lot to imagine someone going through literal truckloads of fuel worth millions every day. It is hard to wrap your head around until you do the math 😁
Truthfears Guilty (1 month ago)
@speed150mph i knew that! i was just testing you all. just kidding. you've explained it well. BILLION/S it is.
speed150mph (1 month ago)
Billion. It’s not hard, especially at the rate they burn fuel. He said in a 737 they burn $2000 of fuel in a 2 hour flight. Let’s say that plane does 10 flights in a day, that’s $20,000 per plane per day. Let’s say that you have 200 aircraft flying at this rate per day. That’s $4M a day in fuel. 1.46 billion per year. That’s not counting things like APU run times, taxi times, less efficient aircraft. Ect. For a little comparison, I work for a major American railway, and in our one railyard in a day we go through more than $2M a day of diesel fuel. Large transport businesses like airlines, railways, and shipping lines go through a lot of fuel to provide service, but when you split that cost across the customers you serve the cost stays reasonable.
Christopher Kiely (1 month ago)
Very cute doggy...
Green Mountain (1 month ago)
For Qatar airways and Emirates no fuel cost because they are the source of fuel.
Andrew Jones (1 month ago)
I approve of the new assistant.
john wilkie (1 month ago)
These days Bill's for fuel are sent daily
Willy Schmitt (1 month ago)
Easy one here. In the UK millions , in IRAN 50 cents.
Rich M (1 month ago)
I like that you have valid numbers
Yama Fanboy (1 month ago)
2K subs for aviation content... remaining 500K subs for the doggy in the background
Daniel Bull (1 month ago)
I'm surprised by the low unit cost of aircraft fuel. Is it not taxed as highly as say petrol or diesel?
Billie Tyree (1 month ago)
Oops, you asked, you can't afford it.
Derebail Bharath (1 month ago)
Which is the best aircraft with efficient fuel usage
gokmachine (1 month ago)
Unbelivable that airlines are not paying taxes on their fuel. Prices should be doubled worldwide.
Adam Predin (1 month ago)
seidljames (1 month ago)
Your dog is very adorable!
Brett Vogel (1 month ago)
Your videos are too long. Keep them around 10 minutes and you will get more views.
L.S.I. (1 month ago)
So want to eat that dog.
lotanerve (1 month ago)
You know you're being upstaged by a dog, right?
Mike Schmidt (1 month ago)
When I was coming back from a deployment in the 90s, the 727 charter flight my unit was on had to stop at a small airport in Southern Mexico to refuel. I remember watching the captain take out a big blue bank bag and count out a huge stack of cash to the refueler before he would hook up the lines.
binalfew (1 month ago)
I am gonna have my own private drone.
seaplaneguy (1 month ago)
Airlines get ~100 miles/gal per passenger. If fuel costs $1.91/gal (see below), that makes 1.91 cents/mile. Fly 120 minutes (2 hours) at 550 miles/hr and you fly 1100 miles at 1.91 cents/mile = $21 fuel per passenger. $0.60/kg x kg/2.2lbs x 7 lbs/gal= $1.91/gal= $0.505 / liter. Cheap fuel! A 4 passenger car gets 25 mpg. Four people in car (full like airliner is) and it is the SAME fuel economy of 100 mpg/passenger at 70 mph. If a car drove 550 mph it would get 0.68 mpg and need 11,800 HP ~. Fuel economy / passenger would be 2.72 mpg/passenger or 37 times more... Air density at 40,000 feet is 1/4 of that at sea level. If the car were to fly and only count the aero drag, the fuel economy would be 3.55 mpg x 4 = 14.2 mpg/passenger, which is ~ 7 times more drag as a jet/passenger. My new seaplane can beat airliners in fuel economy /passenger and in time by flying slower door to door. For example, 232 mph fuel is = 5.73 c/mile for three place = 1.91 c/mile/passenger use the same fuel costs. By flying 200 mph I can usually beat airlines from house door to house door when you consider time to airport, check in, TSA, the same on the other end. A typical airline flight adds 3 hours to the base flight. 2 hour flight turns into 5 hrs door to door on average using airlines. 1100 miles/5hrs = 220 mph. With one person in airplane I could slow down to 134 mph and get 100 mpg. A 500 mile trip takes 1 hr. 1+3 hrs = 4 hrs. 500/4=125 mph average speed for the passenger door to door. Any trip under ~500 miles I can be less fuel and time with ONE person flying. Full, It is 3x better.
socalsilver (1 month ago)
So 1 business class ticket covers the fuel?
James Dunsmore (1 month ago)
We need to invade a country with oil lol
Oskar Dahl (1 month ago)
So your airline pay 0,492USD/Litre (2880 USD / (4800/0,82)). Isn’t that a bit high in the industry?
Mit Seraffej (1 month ago)
Airline Pilot, not a career option I would recommend.I suspect the industry will be dead in 20 years unless there is a breakthrough in battery technology or they start using hydrogen as fuel. I recall some years ago Lockheed had an L10-11 running one engine on hydrogen. I think the engine performed ok but handling the fuel (hydrogen ) was a nightmare. Cryogenic and the most volatile substance known whereas kerosine is rather docile.
Mentour Pilot (1 month ago)
Where there is a will, there is a way. Humanity always moves in the path of least resistance. That has been fuel up until now. When it isn’t, we will come up with something new. Stoping travel is probably not an option.
alan clark (1 month ago)
Sexi Grande (1 month ago)
🤣🤣🤣 oh you poor simpleton, you’re not even worth picking on.
Mentour Pilot (1 month ago)
🤔😒😖 Seriously man. Is it a hoax when you fuel your car as well? How about when you eat? Where also are we using this free energy you are talking about, sounds great!
Pongtorm Nakornsri (1 month ago)
Awww cute Doggie!!!!!
MusicalMemories (1 month ago)
I worked at st louis intl in the early 90s we pumped 2 million gals a week TWA was at its peak the average md 80 took 2200 gals each.
San Bruno Beacon (1 month ago)
LOL. Mentour dog shrunk.
daniel burns (1 month ago)
Isn't it easier to specify fuel in volume (as in liters) rather than weight (kg) when explaining to the general public?
David Lemmo (1 month ago)
Weight is what matters to pilots, weight if everything. Each pound of fuel is a pound of weight towards the maximum takeoff weight of the aircraft.
Karen Kramer (1 month ago)
We're going to be visiting my mother. We're flying from Los Angeles to Pittsburgh. Now I know it will cost about $4,400 in fuel to get there. That's so unbelievable. I would never have guessed it was that much.
Mike Bova (1 month ago)
I think that was for a 2 hr flight
Glenn Taylor (1 month ago)
Are the fuel tanks wet or dry?
Pipito Paerata (1 month ago)
How heavy is a Long wait
Dan Boxshall (1 month ago)
$11bn? Sounds high. Is that correct? A quick search says more like $500mn. Am I missing something? Is $11bn company fuel spend to date i.e. last 20-30 odd years
M S (1 month ago)
why do airlines talk about amount of fuel in tons and not litres?
M S (1 month ago)
@Mentour Pilot wow, that actually makes sense now. Thanks...
Mentour Pilot (1 month ago)
Because we measure it weight units due weight and balance,
TenHenDee (1 month ago)
Until now I was thinking of about 20-30.000$ for such a flight. 3.000$ sounds really cheap.
Ricky Fernandes (1 month ago)
For a 7-8 hour i did my math at 20k ~
TLP Gentoo87 (1 month ago)
Any chance of you integrating the new flight simulator into some potential flight education series? maybe some basic ground school, and flight planning? IFR, Airspace for the future sim guys?
R L (1 month ago)
Who is the furry person in the background?
Instaqram GT (1 month ago)
Gheorghe Petrovan (1 month ago)
Peter, congrats for the 500k subscribers!
ice401557 (1 month ago)
A few months ago when I asked a tanker guy Air Canada Rouge 767-300 had a block fuel of 59 tons for a BUD-YYZ trip.
Arnst Gust (1 month ago)
How about Greta Thunfish? She will cry again. How dare you!
ICEMANZIDANE (1 month ago)
Arnst Gust are you dumb?
Memo lee (1 month ago)
What does it cost to fill up with chemtrails? Traitors!
Mentour Pilot (1 month ago)
Memo lee It’s likely true yes. They are looking into ways to stop the global warming in case of a catastrophic increase in global temperature. It’s also just an idea among many to combat the problems we are facing. That’s a pretty far cry away from a global conspiracy. As you notice, I am really trying to talk to you here in a positive and constructive way. That’s what I and this community is all about. I spread the knowledge I have based on the facts that I know. Conspiracy theories are like poison, they end up hurting you and your fundamental trust in other humans, as you have already shown by calling me, a fellow human you don’t know, a traitor. I am all for being acepto al and apply research and multiple sources to any claim but don’t fall into the dark underworld of pseudo-science and online “thinkers” who use “alternate facts” to create division. Have a great day.
Memo lee (1 month ago)
@Mentour Pilot I didn't say "every" pilot and "every" airport is involved. There are Pilots, scientist and people from the government that speak about it. You can deny it as you want, i know it's happening and it get worse by the say. Bill Gates funding geoengineering research by David Keith and them talking about "dimming the sun" and "putting particulates in the atmosphere" isn't true?
Mentour Pilot (1 month ago)
Memo lee so you are saying that there is a world wide conspiracy, that none of the fuelers, pilots or airlines know about. This conspiracy is carried out and being organized in all the little airports we fly to, Morocco as well as the U.K. and all the other countries. Everybody are involved in this and everybody keeps it secret even though it would be harmful to everybody involved? This is in a world where the leaders can’t agree on the most basic of rules. Where there are wars, famines and conflicts. But they all agree that we should secretly apply harmful chemicals to airline fuel and spray it randomly over everybody? Sometimes the easiest answer is the correct answer my friend. I’m sure there have been such attempts in history, by some individual country but what you are talking about is madness. On top of that you scream “traitor” at me? Someone you just said wasn’t aware of it? Can you see the flaw in your reasoning?
Memo lee (1 month ago)
@Mentour Pilot some pilots just do what they are ordered to do, and on most commercial airlines it's added to the fuel so they don't even "know" it. If you are a real pilot, you should be very well aware of de "geoengineering" going on. It isn't even a secret!
Mentour Pilot (1 month ago)
😖😒 Really, you seriously think that civilian pilots fill up their aircraft with chemicals and spray our children, parents and friends. Even if such a conspiracy would be possible, what exactly would be the motivation on our side? Sometimes I wish people would just think a little bit.
Better With Rum (1 month ago)
Start an airline!
The Kurt's Place Channel (1 month ago)
Very cool video. Thanks for posting and have a nice day too.
Mopeds (1 month ago)
40 kilos per minute, that seems alot.
John Hili (1 month ago)
And then they blame our cars for CO2 emissions they never mention aircraft and ship emission:-(
cellogirl11RW (1 month ago)
Your puppy is so cute!
Mark Russell (1 month ago)
Is that part of your carpet or a chew toy? Change the thumbnail to the puppy and this will get 10 x more hits.
thriftymeatpatty (1 month ago)
Wow...current jet fuel prices are pretty darn low.
Aleksandra Dobrosavljevic (1 month ago)
Question: Where low cost companies find profit? There are some airlines where price of the ticket is 25e for let say 2 hours of flight and you mentioned that average price per passenger is 20e. There are also costs for maintance and ect. Thank you
David Lemmo (1 month ago)
Depending on 5he airline, a la carte fares (extra charges for food, seating assignment, in flight entertainment, WiFi, boarding status, designed security lane, checked baggage, alcohol, et cetera), reduced staff, automated check-in, fuel surcharges, high density cabins, reduced passenger capacity to reduce weight and staff (JetBlue), premium economy seating, multiple fare classes, low volume cargo, et cetera.
Witold F (1 month ago)
They get profit from selling extra services like choosing your seat, priority boarding, registered baggage and on-board service.
Erik (1 month ago)
Video over a puppy? Naw. Just play with it puppy needs your attention
John Doyle (1 month ago)
Thanks, very informative, just finished a 737 flight, always good to know more about what you guys are doing up front.
Mikosch2 (1 month ago)
10:38 Possible pilot deviation! I didn't see you fill out a offload form!
Tyler Durden (1 month ago)
6:45 you can buy infinite amount of fuel but you can't buy such a lovely dog...
Tony Yomomma (1 month ago)
The Gulfstream that I fly on holds roughly 45,000 lbs or 6500gal. At $5 a gal it would cost $35,000 to fill the tank from empty. That gives you roughly a 14hr range or NYC to China. So $70k for a max range round trip.
Philippus Cesena (1 month ago)
Really interesting video!
Christopher (1 month ago)
I get confused. Could you also use imperial measurements? Also, you're using dollars, not pounds. If you fill up in the UK, do you pay in pounds or dollars? I wish we all went metric years ago, it's a better system. I hope you take this into consideration. Great video as always, thanks.
Mark (1 month ago)
The pilot has no say in the currency or if the measurement is imperial or metric. All modern commercial aircraft have the capability to have fuel in imperial or metric. It is a strapping function that the pilot cannot perform. The strapping is a maintenance function directed by engineering. Both types of measurement must be tested for Certification.
Bill Woo (1 month ago)
Let's say you're departing from a reasonable free market place to some extortive destination (California?) that charges .90 USD per kilo instead of .60. (Does it get that bad at some places?) So you calculate the normal load plus margin, but add 1000 kilos, locking in a "tentative" savings of $900. On a standard commercial jet like the 737, how many miles/knots can you fly 1000 kilos for $300? A short hop from L.A. to Catalina would cost less, and a flight to Iceland would cost more. Is that how the breakeven analysis works? It sounds like a fun computer programming assignment, combining plane type, distance, cost at each stop, and spitting out, "buy 1200 extra kilos before departing." Of course, you can't say "buy 1200 less" - obviously.
Christopher Johnson (1 month ago)
Hello Commander! I found a new favorite channel on U-Tube! Super Yacht Captain. Another young person like yourself who made his dream come true! Fun & Fascinating to watch! Thnx Again for your great content. Love the Dogs! CJ
sabastan2 (1 month ago)
Some Airlines well buy there fuel and store it in the fuel farm at the airports. just an other way airline save money on fuel costs.
Mark (1 month ago)
Many of them buy fuel at a locked in price for a given amount of time. Then they don't have to store it.
Bill Woo (1 month ago)
2 hour flight costs about $20 USD fuel, and that's 40% of "everything?" So $50 is the total cost for a 2 hour flight? Maybe "everything" for that one flight. Otherwise they'd get by selling tickets for $55 USD if the average load was 150. The average ticket cost is far more on most carriers. I wonder if the 40% is just of the direct costs for that flight, not counting infrastructure, general personnel and labor, cost of cancellations and damages, extraordinary costs (the MAX), stewardess strikes, airport leases, etc. Emirates website shows that in recent years it spent 20 to 28% of costs on fuel. Singapore, British are in that range. Delta shows 16% quora "What are the top 5 major costs for airlines?"
Bill Woo (1 month ago)
Around $4,400 for NY to LA? For maybe 150 passengers? So $300 for just the direct cost of fuel! And if that's only 20% to 40% of the total cost - oh man, I don't know if I can afford that ticket. Perhaps now I see why carriers have wanted those super jumbos, to make long hauls practical. And as things have evolved, shifted their appetite more to mediums with more efficiency, ergo the immense popularity of the MAX?
Andrew Tubbiolo (1 month ago)
@11:39 that must be the MCAS failing.
Mr Nick (1 month ago)
Can you explain to us how to start up a 737 engine manually, and how’s it done, and, why do they have to start it up manually
John Martinson (1 month ago)
Nice try shill. We already know the truth from Pratt and Whitney's jet engine website. Zero jet fuel is used. The only fuel that is used is a small amount of kerosene which runs the rear engine that powers air compressors. Tell the truth and quit lying. We can smell the kerosene .
Sexi Grande (1 month ago)
Another sheep who doesn’t understand the basics of turbine engines so they call people shills. Flat earther correct ? No fuel ? bahaha. So are all mechanics, engineers, pilots, fuelers and parts manufacturers all in on the cover up? What about the fuel quantity gauges in the wings and fuselage are they giving incorrect readings of the amount of fuel?
Jeffrey Fafard (1 month ago)
Flight New York - Los Angeles = 16 tons of fuel = $4,400? I'm not following.
Mark (1 month ago)
He is just plain wrong. Assuming he is correct on the total fuel used of 16 tons, that would be about 4750 gallons.
Ilham Suhendi (1 month ago)
Add caption if you're talking about numbers
Peter Nyman (1 month ago)
How much would you say, on avarage, is the ammount of fuel you land with when you know you will be refuelling for the next leg?
AC A (1 month ago)
That dog is cute.