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How Somalia’s Pirates Make Money

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Text Comments (3267)
Erwin Romero (14 hours ago)
Everyone knows how Somalia people crazy.
respinoza89 (17 hours ago)
My brother in law was held ransom for $50,000 USD in Mexico. It was paid and he was delivered safely which is not always the case.
Mike Oxlong (20 hours ago)
Can I be a Somali pirate if I'm not Somalian?
Samiullah k (22 hours ago)
Dumped toxic oils? Isn't that the final nail in coffin by the west? Isn't the very same reason Assange was hunted for exposing the rot?
Amin Admant (23 hours ago)
kaizokuuni orewa naru
E V (1 day ago)
Still searching for the banana...
ZODIAC cs (1 day ago)
Didn't know animals could do that
YES or NO (1 day ago)
Somalia is Innocent. Stop illegal fishing. Regards. Hanoi Vietnam
ququ16 (1 day ago)
Solution? 2 words: atomic bomb
Constellation 2023 (1 day ago)
Time for a video on how the IMO makes money by selling insurance to shipping companies. Great idea: create the risk and sell insurance to cover it.
Abokor Ahmed (1 day ago)
Somalia people protect their borders for foreigners. They throw wastes in somalia sea because no current government in somalia who protect that. So pirates take responsibility of their country to protect, and even take taxes to every foreigners moving across
g. koch (1 day ago)
And then they get Asyl in Germoney..
babyxnephilim (2 days ago)
singapore strait? you sure?
awil alimsom (2 days ago)
The whole video is utterly misleading and that's not the way that pirates make money. After the pirates hijack a ship they take the ship off the coast untill they are get paid and they get their money through middle man, banks and money transfer agencies based in Dubai. There's no helicopter dropping a container of full of cash and there's no a pirate counting a cash in the middle of the Ocean!
RJM Pictures (2 days ago)
I'm still looking for the banana...
freckledfuck (2 days ago)
you called a ship a "boat" I FUCKIN HATE YOU !!!!!
Nutritionist Nepali (2 days ago)
I am in
William Wang (2 days ago)
We can just kill them all, that's the way easier than skillshare.
oh yeah yeah (3 days ago)
Lol some parts of Glasgow has a life expectancy of 54 🤣🤣
Happy Native American Viking Cowboy (3 days ago)
Shoot them. Every one of them.
AQOON GUUD (3 days ago)
Awesome Kid (3 days ago)
I think a banana would be smaller than Titanic 😉
Awesome Kid (3 days ago)
I think a bandanna would be smaller than the titanic just saying 😉
MrMonsterHunter 808 (3 days ago)
7:25 you call that security? Look how he’s holding the gun
Abdullah Alkarawi (3 days ago)
Wallahi smartass wallahi people
Maria Oliveira (4 days ago)
Youtube recommendation brought me here
jamesngotts (4 days ago)
I feel like just brutally killing pirates or suspected pirates on sight without trial would probably also be a solution.  Once word got out that if you are on a ship suspected of being a pirate ship you will probably be torn to pieces by a CWIS or attack aircraft without a option to surrender, most would not be willing to take that $30k risk.  As far as picking the ships out, just use the probable cause rule of it's 51% likely that is a pirate ship.
Ashik Jonathan (4 days ago)
there is no pirate course in Skillshare.
Jim lastname (3 days ago)
Ashik Jonathan - Damn !! ..... And just when I was thinking about a new career too !!
FLORENT (4 days ago)
Pirate? They are not pirates. The real pirates are in the rich countries that gets money by not doing anything
avo (4 days ago)
30 000$ for attack? Well, i am ready to become pirate, ahoy cap'n
#kane poe (1 day ago)
They pay 30 bands to get ready to attack a ship.
Foreign Foamer (4 days ago)
Let's get rid of somalia. No one would remember what it was after couple years.
Somali Kid (1 day ago)
+Foreign Foamer You won what? the retard awards, maybe?  There isn't any way to tell who has liked what comment, this is youtube not fagbook.
Foreign Foamer (1 day ago)
+Somali Kid You liked your own comment. I basically won already.
Somali Kid (1 day ago)
You're very welcome to come here and try
inyourgenes (5 days ago)
Should test nuclear weapons in Somalia.
AQOON GUUD (3 days ago)
And by the way STFU.
AQOON GUUD (3 days ago)
Test it in your mother house mfcker, u people r coming to our see and then crying. U all need a milk.
Huw Penson (5 days ago)
what foreign country dumped the toxic waste in the water ?
Jim lastname (3 days ago)
Huw Penson - Well, one things for sure, it wasn't the Somali's
Gary Ri (5 days ago)
If I give you a one fish then you eat it but In other hand if I give you a hook you can catch as many fish as you want
Scott Stevenson (5 days ago)
Where the banana
technical triangle (5 days ago)
It was only and only the Indian Navy that could reduce the pirate threats in the Indian Ocean but you're fuckin Britishers can never acknowledge us
John Wilson (5 days ago)
Any scumbag somali pirate should have his throat cut on site.kill every pirate you catch.
Wildlands1 (5 days ago)
You forgot to mention Somalia is a MUSLIM "shithole" country where young girls get their clits cut off and worship a prophet who married a 6 year old and had many sex slaves. ISLAM is the problem.
abdu aziz abdu rahman (5 days ago)
Why don't you show us how you make money fishing and dumping the pollution in our see?
niceuser1234 (5 days ago)
This Video is sponsored by - i thought you were gonna say Somalian Pirates lol.
jonis jebisow (5 days ago)
20 cents per day!! not level enough to compete with 50 cent!!
thomas archer (5 days ago)
They're just good capitalists
thomas archer (2 days ago)
+Happy Native American Viking Cowboy it sort of is, anarcho-capitalism at its finest
Happy Native American Viking Cowboy (3 days ago)
That's not capitalism
KMT15 (5 days ago)
Give opportunities to them? Lol how about just eliminate them
KMT15 (5 days ago)
For $8.3B you can have quite an arsenal
What can be done ? Dont dumb toxic waste in the somali sea nor steal thier fish. You western peoples are hypocrites
Ehouse 29 (5 days ago)
Kinda like welfare but they actually have to do something
Nick Sazlan (6 days ago)
Plot Twist: Somalian chased away pirates, in return accused as pirate.
Robert OHagan (6 days ago)
First they attack outside their own waters. Secondly are you seriously telling me that getting a guy a job that pays $10 a day if he's lucky guy or a share of 174 million is going to work. It hasn't worked in the drug trade. These are just violent people.
Darbi Darood (6 days ago)
Since my country is in a dire condition and our government was and still is weak, Western world have seen this as a great opportunity to dump nuclear waste in the seas. The coastal population gotten horribly ill and young children suffered the most. And people wonder why piracy in my country. These ships are suffering the consequences.
Darbi Darood (5 days ago)
Oh please, you obviously care enough to reply, and an easier solution is to put down that damn device and save everyone the trouble of reading your idiocy.. like dude, you got so much hate it’s ridiculous.
Pizza Parker (5 days ago)
Your should know third world countries are a burden to the world and no one cares. An easy solution would be to stop reproducing so they can all die out and so all the big companies won't have to worry about losing money. Their lives are worthless and they only take, like parasites, so it is okay to dump waste into their seas. Think of the waste as a reminder of their place in the world, TRASH!!
Just Dab (7 days ago)
India and Russian Navy fuck them up
Promothash Boruah (7 days ago)
Good knowledge shared. Hope things improve.
Idlan Heat (7 days ago)
I watched Paskal before this video LOL
Jesús Ledesma (8 days ago)
I love your videos 💜, please in spanish language 😉👍
Edward Snowden (8 days ago)
And where is the fucking hypocritic democracy spreading USA all these 30 years of the civil war? Nowhere! There is nothing of value to steal in Somalia, so the poor bastards are left alone in their misery. On top of that, the wealthy corporations illegally fish in their seas, while the mafia dumps nuclear and other extremely toxic waste in their waters for a fraction of the cost.
Team shubka (8 days ago)
That man sitting in the class in 3.14 min is not somali dude, he looks like Nigerian but not somali coz I'm Somali and I know my people
Tup (8 days ago)
All your Ship are belong to us
J J (8 days ago)
Why does the international community not come together to wage a war and destroy all the pirates establishments of Somalia ?
Black man with a plan (6 days ago)
Why not wage war against the illegal fishing and toxic waste dumping in Somalia first?
MOHAMMED Yusouf (6 days ago)
They will rape your mother may be
Kush Manjrekar (7 days ago)
RIGHT!! I was thinking the same! Maybe just nip all those pirates with bullets!
Nicholas Parker (8 days ago)
Shooting the pirates will help!
Nicholas Parker (8 days ago)
Time to drop a nuke on Somalia
Is regret a sin? Damn (7 days ago)
w-why? There is a reason why they do this. Thousands of innocent people dies in Somalia and you're smart ass who lives as a spoiled in some rich country are like let's nuke them instead of helping them?
Bilenaire (9 days ago)
Skillshare bs, you ever been to Somalia? I don't think so, so stop making videos of places you never been to.
Raju Kumaran (9 days ago)
Wow this how Chinese pirates in Guangzhou and Yiwu also make money
Adrian Nalundasan (9 days ago)
F**k! I should have seen this video long time ago. I’m in high school for ten years now trying to complete but until now there’s no progress. Hang on Somali boys, I’m on my way.
Xkismayo Boy Hashi (9 days ago)
Somali exports livestock fish large farm this Story is fake
15 Km (9 days ago)
How Somali pirates protect their country from foreign ships 🇸🇴🇸🇴
PapaBigNoseShekel (9 days ago)
Wakanda is within reach
sudhangshu pal (10 days ago)
Free loader pigs . Kill them on sight
njz Updates (10 days ago)
So this is how british pirates devastated rich country like India from 1600s to 1900 when Bharat(india) constituted 25% of world trade to 1% in 1900s.
tooltalk (10 days ago)
the video should start from the reign of General Ziad and how socialism destroyed Somalia in the 70's. The country never recovered from the failure.
clapotis (11 days ago)
It's One Piece in real life
SA SHA (11 days ago)
Somali pirates told Chinese tourists that the fish in the sea had been caught by other countries, and they could not survive to become pirates. When they became pirates, no other countries dared to go fishing, and their fishermen could make a living as before. These fishermen thanked the pirates very much.
Kuziai (11 days ago)
First people that came to somialia +50 degrees, no water oh this is nice we gonna live here
Quirky TV (12 days ago)
Nice Video Presentation.. Which software did you use to make the video?
Pepi Os (12 days ago)
Steeling shit duhh
Desert Vox (12 days ago)
*The REAL PIRATES are the US imperialists and their European neo-colonialist counterparts* who have dumped TONS OF NUCLEAR WASTE MATERIALS in Somali waters. They are the colonialists that caused problems there to begin with, just so they can steal their resources. So, *STOP WITH THE PROPAGANDA ALREADY.*
piyush gupta (12 days ago)
Roses are red , Voilets are blue, I am Somalia pirate , so wrong are you !
Mr sadiq (13 days ago)
I, m sonalian boY and we fucking all Cristian 🖕🏾🖕🏾
B Roli (13 days ago)
What happens to the people caught on the ship?
cyber punk (13 days ago)
So why are guns not allowed on the ship so they can protect themselves?
David Liu (6 days ago)
Costs a lot to buy them. Costs a lot to train people for them. Probably would make the pirates more aggressive...
The Trollminator T-1000 (13 days ago)
"still shorter than Titanic"? fucking horrible, lay off the gay jokes kid, you don't got it
OG K (13 days ago)
come on man is this a joke fam, i am black british but i know what somalis look like, why is there stock footage of random bantus/west african, not all black people look the same uno, somalis are cushitic and have rich history, they look more like mixed african ethnic groups such as afro caribbeans or sudanese arabs but have slightly bigger foreheads, nice long curly hair and more slender noses, yes there are bantus in somalia but the have been there so that even they have some somali features
OG K (13 days ago)
Somalis are one tribe as well but eve amongst their clans there so much diversity in how they look if dont believe google search it or reach out to your local abdi
OG K (13 days ago)
Other than that good vid tho
Nika kakhetelidze (13 days ago)
That idea about real solution is wise and humanic, good video
Dark-Lord Savage (14 days ago)
Listen guys Somalia is a great place to live and don't everything you heard in Social media. Last year I have been there but sometimes you heard bomb attacks and it's like normal LOL 😂
Beezle Da Warlock (14 days ago)
Fuck then. Bunch of Neanderthal fuckheads.
Wendell Thomson (14 days ago)
They make money by teaching people how to raid a ship in Skillshare.
Din Zaf (15 days ago)
It’s not Singapore strait that the ship passes through,its strait of malacca that those ships go through and the straits of malacca is under malaysia and belongs to malaysia NOT Singapore
muumin Ali (15 days ago)
No one is talking about dumping toxics and ilegal fishing as if that's not a crime
muumin Ali (1 day ago)
+coffeegirl1 u may need to search alot ...
coffeegirl1 (4 days ago)
Who is dumping toxics?
daLi demo (15 days ago)
when i realize how miserable people there and how broke their country i feel good for them stealing some ships lol
ellie,muffasa and others (13 days ago)
western company destroyed their livelihood by dumping waste in their sea which resulted in killing all fish . also there is colonial destruction of 400 year
Hussein Ali (15 days ago)
Why on earth is he showing west African people? Does he truly think that somalis are no different than the rest of Africa? Their blood is so ancient that when they take dna tests, around 50% says unassigned! Many people say logically that they’ve mixed with Eurasians and Persians! But quite a few professors have said that it’s the opposite, rather than mixing, they are the root of both sides of the earth!
Faisalyare (15 days ago)
I am somalia my country best africa
Just Jacob (16 days ago)
7:22 "And many shippers now hire private security companies..." Yeah... Sure... Look how does that poor man hold the rifle... You don't wanna see that piture one second later...
Abdi Rashiid (16 days ago)
Somalia has a right to STOP all Inlegel forigain ships Somalia is alloways for Somali people
Ibrahim Abdi Ahmed (16 days ago)
somali like isaara
_-*Headphone Gaming*-_ (16 days ago)
I live in a island in malaysia called penang. I saw one pirate... *_He said Arrrr... His name is Sparrow... He said to me_*
Sossa Montana (16 days ago)
We Somalis are tough people and we are not Africans 😜
GLOWBOYS (15 days ago)
Sossa Montana Yes we are, why are some Somalis so ignorant to the fact that we’re black and African 🤷🏾‍♂️
Sam Aka Vlogs (16 days ago)
hire a soldier team and take it with you inside the ship, also ship companies should engineer the ships so the buyers can add machine guns and canons if they wish. problem solved. I mean how much money do these carriers move and they can't afford a competent security.
Ravi A (16 days ago)
How Pirates transfer cash from the hijacked ship at Port to Somaliya ?
Raman Sahota (17 days ago)
Yes, to stop losing money to Somalian pirates we just need to entirely rebuild Somalia. So much money saved!
Jingo McFeirson (16 days ago)
Or stop dumping toxic waste in their water and over fishing it
Matthew McPeek (18 days ago)
How do you make money by being blown out of the water?
Pink Minded (18 days ago)
Somalian pirates hijack ships not to steal it but to get in prison. If you're in Somalia you'd rather want to go to a foreign jail. It would be a huge lifestyle upgrade
Samatar Dawlad (17 days ago)
you are a liar no body like to be in prison
Muhsin 0113 (18 days ago)
Who else was lost throughout the whole video?