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A morning at UPS

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A vid I made before the holidays. For those who wondered how it happens. I no longer work there. I was going to make another vid related to "Jumping" but I managed to keep too busy to do that.
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Bad Andy (6 months ago)
Shawty got them apple bottom jeans son
Maciek S (1 year ago)
Sadly you dont have a video of trailer being loaded up. That is the hardest job you can do there
farmrrick (2 years ago)
When you hear people bitching about the job just remember that everyone bitches very few quit , especially full time. A good company to work for, been part time for 22 + years.
Dale olson (2 years ago)
Music sucks
utbr01 (2 years ago)
PenguinOntheRoad :D (2 years ago)
This hub seems decent. the one I worked at lived throwing packages and even gave away contents of boxes that came open. never shipping ups again. I've seen how they treat your stuff.
Anonymous XOX (3 years ago)
I wish I could post a pic of the TV that they destroyed I will never again go threw UPS for anything to deliver. my TV is shattered and it was a gift for my 6 year old son today.
Koontah Kentay (3 years ago)
you couldn't pay me enough to work for ups or FedEx it suck ass
James D (3 years ago)
What is the song that starts at 3:50?
Vicki Roffe (3 years ago)
Just1MorePerson1 (4 years ago)
i wanna work here for my first job but they arent hiring for twilight right now
cognitivenicnac (4 years ago)
This is for any UPSers out there. I just had an interview went ok I guess .how long will i know before i got the job or not.
cognitivenicnac (4 years ago)
+Ty Siharat No. Despite UPS having a large turnover they have a supply of willing workers to meet the demand. If I were you don't wait for their call and look somewhere else. Anyway that is what I did.
cognitivenicnac (4 years ago)
No. Despite UPS having a large turnover they have a supply of willing workers to meet the demand. If I were you don't wait for their call and look somewhere else. Anyway that is what I did.
Ty Siharat (4 years ago)
So did you get hired yet?!.. I would like to know b/c I got interview too, but it's been 3 weeks now still no calls from them. my online application saying active, but that doesn't mean anything.
Robert Kinoy (4 years ago)
Whether or not UPS is a good work environment ALL hinges on the quality of your supervisor. If your supervisor is awful, then you might as well quit, because he or she will make your life effing miserable. If you have a good supervisor, then it can make the job at least bearable. Don't be afraid to quit if you feel like you can't hack it either, your HR person expects half of new hires to quit because it is in essence, a shitty job. It's also extremely important to get enough sleep, because being sleep deprived can make the job impossible. And in my opinion, sunrise shift is the best to work because the warehouse hasn't heated up.
travis walden (5 years ago)
your hub/center looks so much fun to work in, i also love how the belt is moving at a pace where the loaders have enough time to pick off their packages, walk em to the truck, load em and walk back out to the belt w/o missing the next package. the belts in our building move way too fast for even the splitters to keep up with and management doesnt seem to understand that.
Koontah Kentay (3 years ago)
holiday rush it's much faster
Randy Fields (5 years ago)
Hey man.im a newly promoted driver in northern California.you still at ups? It takes a certain type of person to take the abuse lol, I love it tho haha.im also a model railroader lol funny to see you are also.
budharvesting (5 years ago)
its a remix of - All I Know- Orielle
startreking (5 years ago)
Try NYK in Sumner as a temp for at least 24 months. Then come back and tell met that.
Elisabeth M (5 years ago)
ups are the best ever for shipping
GrimValeria (5 years ago)
gotta love those drop frames. SOOOOOOOOOO fucking gay.
alex gonzalez (5 years ago)
i work at the mesa hub in arizona as a pre loader, demanding tough job buy very rewarding
spellititti (5 years ago)
Kleines Rechenbeispiel: Ab dem zweitem Jahr 14,86€ + 3,74€ Nachtzulage macht bei 4,25 Std Twilight von 17-21.15 Uhr und 22 Arbeitstagen durchschnittlich 1100€ netto, in der Midnight wären es bei 5 Std knapp 1600€ netto.
spellititti (5 years ago)
Mit anderen Worten: Die Midnight-Schicht ist eine wahre Goldgrube für Leute ohne Ausbildung. 13€ + 3,20€ Nachtzulage, also 16,20€ pro Stunde - und das nur als Einstieg. Und hinzu kommt, dass die Midnight die längste Schicht ist (rund 5 Std), während die Twilight nur noch rund 4 Std hat aufgrund der neuen Daylight-Schicht und die Feiertage in der Midnight nicht immer gelten.
spellititti (5 years ago)
In Nürnberg sind 13 Euro pro Stunde das Einstiegsgehalt, Nachtzuschlag liegt bei 3,20 Euro als Einstieg.
ahsoely saef (5 years ago)
LOL man I must say this comment is priceless it's true tho man I was lazy as the fuck until I started to work for UPS I get so much god damn workout it's crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
iliatha4 (5 years ago)
best way to look @ this job! ,D
iliatha4 (5 years ago)
blödsinn. auch nach 10 jahren preload bekommt man inkl Nachtzuschlag 13,xx€/std. Nur urlaubstage werden mit dem Alter mehr.
Jonathan Volkmer (1 year ago)
iliatha4 kommt darauf an wo du Arbeitest
suicidesucks08 (5 years ago)
Tiny Hub
SocraticMind89 (5 years ago)
differnt currency i guess, didnt the euro cost more than the us dollar at one point? im their my 5th year and i get paid 14.67 in american currency, not that much :/
spellititti (5 years ago)
Why does UPS pay in US so bad? In Germany you get 13 Euro (17 dollar) per hour in the first three months and then it´s slowly climbing. I get currently 19 dollar (second year).
ccbnx (5 years ago)
breezo1407 (6 years ago)
Is preloaded the best shift/easiest?
the90salways (6 years ago)
Slave labor.
Supreme Being (6 years ago)
Awesome screamo way better than the original crapola
dskiller666 (6 years ago)
hell yes!!! thats my story too. irregs for 5 years (most by myself) and now driving.
Kayla Haysley (6 years ago)
That why we have 6 sided checks for.
Kayla Haysley (6 years ago)
you obviously didnt work in WorldPort because you wont be getting through with a camera. You wont even have time to think about missing with one.
s jones (6 years ago)
I would never do this work for $8.50 an hour again. I have been at UPS for 16 years and make over $23.00 an hour on the preload. Back in the mid nineties our raises were much better. This less than a dollar a year raise sucks!
budharvesting (6 years ago)
We didnt get 53's in that much. If we had 3 people in there maybe 30 depending on the belt. Hey man, thats 4 sets of rollers, could take 30 min just to find the last set of rollers and a stand that wasnt AFU.
budharvesting (6 years ago)
Its a workout that you get paid for. Thats how I looked at it.
budharvesting (6 years ago)
Didnt sneak, I was just too busy to walk around with it while the belt was running.
budharvesting (6 years ago)
I busted alot when I was new. Most of the time towards the end, the boxes that opened on me were not packed correctly to begin with.
budharvesting (6 years ago)
If it was by the box I would be a millionare !
budharvesting (6 years ago)
Started at 8.50 in 2006, 4 years later I had my benefits and makin 13.75. We all stayed for the benefits !!!
budharvesting (6 years ago)
This was not a air hub. Im sure they run the dogs thru once in awhile.
McNabbulous (6 years ago)
I used to load the truck bound for the Meadowlands on night sort in Harrisburg. It took a lot of Hunter Douglass that jammed the chutes. I had to break the jams myself. The asshole sorter used to yell at me to load faster. I would yell back to him, "I am loading as fast as I want to!" He thought he was King of the Belt, but he learned quick not to fuck with me.
SnarfSquared (6 years ago)
HAHAHAHAHAHA What a SKETCHY fuckin question. Please don't blow us up Ahmed our job sucks enough as it is.
Ava k SirousLiz (6 years ago)
how about a 53 footer? 30 min for a z is a great time if your cracked out. It's all about numbers they don't care about you + don't you get paid hourly? eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeraaaiig double hernia here i coooome
VegasRandy (6 years ago)
Do dogs sniffing the packages before they go on the planes?
Mslewenski89 (6 years ago)
I take my time loading I work according to how they pay me lol
stengy18 (6 years ago)
This is nothing compared to a night shift at WorldPort in Louisville. The volume per night is usually around 1,000,000 and can easily double during peak.
maconly2005 (6 years ago)
Time to start signing that bid list buddy
buz zee (6 years ago)
UPS.... the only company where the inmates run like hell..... and, management eat their own.... the "preload" aka "the BusterBrownShuffle".... damn, those snottynose, pimple face supervisors....
Timothy Brewer (6 years ago)
Unloading is for pussy's
b00mcherryb0mb (6 years ago)
Do you people get paid by the hour, or by the box?
golfmaniac007 (6 years ago)
wow 30 mins. how many package items did you bust?
solgabert (6 years ago)
Did you sneak a camera in or what? Security not too tight that morning, eh? :P
Nicholas Sumlar (6 years ago)
i work at a hub..do they start package handlers out at 8.50/hr?
Masta Huey (6 years ago)
looks like a fun job lol
phatphred (6 years ago)
I miss working at UPS, it kept me in shape. A demanding job, but a rewarding one.
lakersfan 24 (6 years ago)
i take my time unloading
Maxwell Miller (6 years ago)
@budharvesting LOL.. I hear ya man. Same here when I am feeling good there isn't anything slowing me down. Break comes and if I don't get my ear chewed out then I get the silent treatment. How do you like the job? and what area of the country do you work at?
budharvesting (6 years ago)
@mvaughnm86 30min is crazy fast.. I was fast but had to set up rollers and wait for my spa person to quit bs ing with other peeps. The per loaders hated it when I was feeling good and moving boxes quickly. They would sometimes cuss at me at break time LOL
donkslayer82 (6 years ago)
@samsiteone its not ups' fault moron!!!its the shippers fault dipshit....why dont u drive to wear your fat lazy ass buys it online and pick it up yourself....WE bust our asses everyday for FAT FUCKS like you so FUCK OFF
jujumistress (7 years ago)
What's the name of the last song in this video?
Maxwell Miller (7 years ago)
@intelinsid3 just work at a pace that is good for you and give a good effort.. screw the sups that are bitching..bitch right back at um..your working your ass off..you dont need to take that from them.. if your in the union the only way you can get fired is pretty much stealing..
Maxwell Miller (7 years ago)
I can unload a trailer in 30 mins by myself.. been unloading trailers/ scanning for 4 years on the pre-load..
Brandon Butcher (7 years ago)
@mrhamtyler1 starting out at my hub pay is 8.50! it has been since 1985, the recycle rate is ridiculous. but I have done evening shift for 2 years now and I am at 11.00
3153dee (7 years ago)
@RRyyNNee the first song is actually called Get Low by Brokencyde
lynnsbomb (7 years ago)
top pay and top of the line, second to none benefits...... only problem is the forced labor camp attitudes of the sups...
MOPARMAN (8 years ago)
@upsed1 Well my supervisors try to cut back on man hours so instead of us running the sort with 6 people, we run with 4. Picking off my truck, smbdy elses and loading mines is not fun lol. We constantly get backed up and have to turn off the belt
Icarus333 (8 years ago)
How does ups handle fragile stuff? such ass, Hd Tv`s and things that can break easily if not handled with care.
MOPARMAN (8 years ago)
Is pre loading easier than loading? i currently load, that shit sucks
Joe Kuta (8 years ago)
Joe Kuta (8 years ago)
Miguel Rivera (8 years ago)
i work in the orlando hub in florida and i have had friends talk that they hard workers and i got 3 of them in and one of them quit 2 days into real training haha he was like i cant belive they put me to unload 2 trucks
Glenn Brown (8 years ago)
lmao at 2:26 you see the dude flip over a busted box in order to let it pass on by XD and this actually happens a lot. I work at UPS during twilight and sooo many people bust the box cuz they throw it so they flip it over and let the sort isle fuck with it lmfao
candkath (8 years ago)
whats with the crappy music?
Nathan Piatt (8 years ago)
which UPS is this one it looks confusing as fuck i work preload and sometmes hub in Corpus Christi
Noel Santos (8 years ago)
Preload gets the job done! They're the muscle shift that gets the package cars out the door!
4krush (8 years ago)
@likeisaidimTEXAN You are right. I love it when seasonal helpers jump on the package car with you and think that they're going to just ride all day. The best job on the pre-load is in the feeder.
Shank Montgomery (8 years ago)
i've been working for browntown's louisville air hub for 9 years and spent 8 of those sorting in the hectic ass secondary but now i work in irregs and be on chill mode all night and i'm loving it
lvsonerocks (8 years ago)
@likeisaidimTEXAN how many hrs do you get and how much is the pay...im very intrested.I live in lower south texas (Rio Grande Valley)and i want to do this.
gothicangelred (8 years ago)
UPS it sucks And will always suck .Your system sucks , your carriers suck, your handling system sucks .
JessHow (8 years ago)
3:09 - Those have to be my favorite trucks to be on the unload for...don't have to worry about dragging in those dumb rollers and load stands!
Michael Conrad Pawelski (8 years ago)
@ReluctantZer0 "I dont care just put in the truck and get off the CLOCK
Eastrid Wolfwood (8 years ago)
That's lame we got cages to load our trucks for preload you guys are lucky. lol
Unkle Fritz (8 years ago)
wheres my package?! hurry up! lol
Ricky Metalhead (8 years ago)
Coincidence? I think not!
Ricky Metalhead (8 years ago)
@2andFoh I just got threatened with suspension for misloads. The thing that fucking pisses me off is my part time sup trying to get me to misload by throwing the wrong packages in the wrong stacks. He'll tell me to hit up bulk when I'm clean and when I go I see him sorting out my slide so "I won't get backed up" but he's really just "salting" me. If I don't catch them when I get back he writes me up for it. He was salting me almost everyday. This week and he's on vacation and I got no misloads.
Gaming with Lalo (8 years ago)
@ricky4502 Good shit. I just got "promoted" to 4 cars. Stack+Misload = Suspended for a week. Fuck this company.
Ricky Metalhead (8 years ago)
@2andFoh I used to have 3 cars that got around that amount. Now I have 3 cars that get anywhere from the 800's to the 1200's, but usually it's just over 1000. I really fucking hate it. It's mostly because of one truck that gets filled front to back due to 1 heavy stop.
noefl187 (8 years ago)
@RRyyNNee it's flo ridas low covered by brokencyde
travis walden (8 years ago)
cool video man, i work preload down here in south fl (miami), your building looks pretty big? do you guys have a box line? i think ours is the smallest probably in south fl if not all of FL. most days we dont even peak over 25k....no more than 30k during peak.
Kevin Rose (8 years ago)
What's the second song?
Gaming with Lalo (8 years ago)
Wow you guys still have rollers? We just got a new conveyor belt making a total of 5 for the unload....we still have two broken ones that are never gonna get replaced. Don't forget, NO STACKING, every package goes in the car. That shit pisses me off. I have a 3 car set with 7-800 pieces a day. I stack that shit till I have a club house
Nullveer (8 years ago)
shitty ass music haha
kdog (8 years ago)
shit, how is preload a lil bit easier?
kdog (8 years ago)
you aint lyen, if you look the film is sped up.. and the belts moving like a damn snaiL!! the hells goin on there >;O
wingking077 (9 years ago)
fstz pkgz hahaha
innHD (9 years ago)
Touch the package