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COCONUT OPENING - The Best Coconut Technique - jak najlepiej otworzyć kokos

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How to crack open a fresh coconut quickly and easily with tools that everybody owns. Coconut keeped in one piece whole. How to Open Coconut and Remove from shell. Najlepszy i najskuteczniejszy film instruktażowy jak poradzić sobie z kokosem. Postępując według tego filmu unikniemy kłopotów oraz utraty cennego mleczka. Otwieranie kokosa. One piece coconut
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Text Comments (438)
syed hasan (3 days ago)
Very Nice Video 👍👍
Inna Kobylkina (9 days ago)
Umer Umer (11 days ago)
thank you my friend for an easiest way. appreciate
Precious Reading (12 days ago)
Very good.
tony wright (15 days ago)
Thanks for sharing. Great that there is no dialogue.
Busra Dikyar (16 days ago)
Çok profosyonel👏👏👏👏👏👏
Andras Lorinczy (24 days ago)
you are the best! cheers!
Marin Šuta (24 days ago)
please just close ur eyes and listen
Mahadev J (29 days ago)
Excellent idea and easy also.. great job Sir super thank you very much
Hughes Semu (1 month ago)
is that Thor's hammer?
Blissful Yogini (1 month ago)
“Manifest the power of changing your past!” https://youtu.be/nmy3tUGj4rw
Sally Animations (1 month ago)
1:24 It legit looks like a potato
Krishnamoorthyvaradarajan Varadarajan (1 month ago)
Hey....don't you have anything else better to do.....killing time
Sharif Rahim (1 month ago)
after 10 videos i find yours, it looks easy let me try now
Yummy Street Food BD (1 month ago)
niha sharma (1 month ago)
Rest is fine, but why did you peeler the black outer skin off. It has so many nutrients
jayaraj Purandare (1 month ago)
Good Technique
rans471 (2 months ago)
Where can someone find a peeler like that?
Kyzor-Sosay jp (1 month ago)
rans471 Amazon
rashid ahmad (2 months ago)
All are experts!
hansuntfranz (2 months ago)
You are the boss! I happened to have bought two coconuts today. Because my way is dangerous (with a knife) I looked for a better way to open these things and found your vid and your method looked much safer. Both my coconuts came out perfectly like yours did. I didn't have the same hammer as you so I used the claw end of a carpenter's hammer and it worked just fine. When I cut the top off the coconut to expose the milk, I drank it right from the "bowl" that the meat created. Three minutes later I had the shell off. Over the years I was hesitant with buying coconuts because of all the work and danger it was to pry the meat from the shell with a knife. Thank you sir for this! Will be buying more coconuts now. I just need to find a better potato peeler than the one I have now and I'll be cooking with gas!
Shashi Moghe (2 months ago)
बहुत आसान तरीका धन्यवाद शुभकामना
Mirza Khan (2 months ago)
very nice
Bharat Patel (3 months ago)
m-murali Murali (3 months ago)
in my house they open coconut just hitting on the slap edge they dont need so many hammers and knife etc.,
Baba Lim (1 month ago)
Just about to say best technique. What a laugh. We do it in a few seconds.
My Username is Pointlessly Long and Intimidating (4 months ago)
epic coconut.
Darshan Kaur (4 months ago)
Waao nice
akhi khatun (4 months ago)
Technical Artist (4 months ago)
letitia (4 months ago)
Of all the methods out there, yours is the best. Freezing it, the flavor us cut in half. Heating it, as someone told me...neeeeehh and other methods don't convince me.
1957Anwar (4 months ago)
why trim/peel off the brown skin ??!! it is nutritious too..
Muhammad Naeem (4 months ago)
soooper very easy
Milton Tapper (4 months ago)
Don’t matter what you do it all depends on the type of coconut some time it works some time it don’t
Radhakrishnan K (5 months ago)
Being South Indian .. I felt wow .. but one this I can teach my kids is .. never open coconut like this.. it’s very simple all we need to hit hard on the line opposite to the soft eye.. and then save the coconut water and scrap coconut using coconut scrapper. All these best for your style of opening..
doz christy (5 months ago)
0:04 AHAHAHAHAHA!!! THATS THE LOUSIEST WAY I'VE SEEN OPENING A COCONUT 😂😅 Besides,ur coconut is tiny & old...thats no longer healthy 😣 its hard & tasteless ...also, i'll buy u 20 more FRESH & GREEN coconut if u can do that to a ripe 1....not that matured u r showing 😆🇵🇭
akshay koul (5 months ago)
Jar was very small for the river of coconut water.
assassinlexx (5 months ago)
If it was anything less , it dusty inside
Pillip Wright Wright (5 months ago)
Rekha's Cookbook (5 months ago)
Awesome method, but for this method, coconut must be very matured..
Diana Brunner (5 months ago)
Did you know that 55 people die a year from falling coconuts
Rama Rao (4 months ago)
Diana Brunner (5 months ago)
What did the coconut do to you
Bandisi Mamba (5 months ago)
ElaineMozzatoVillela (6 months ago)
Name of your peeler ❓❓
ElaineMozzatoVillela (6 months ago)
PLEASE ❗️ Where dos you buy this peeler❓❓❓ Nice video.
ElaineMozzatoVillela (6 months ago)
FullHdNature Thank you
FullHdNature (6 months ago)
JASS GILL USA (6 months ago)
Super video
VivHealthLife (6 months ago)
Really good one, I have a different. Thanks for showing
Joe N5000 (6 months ago)
Amazing method
TV (6 months ago)
WOW!! That is the best technique!!!
rosa pa (6 months ago)
Michelle Gouda (6 months ago)
In our day to break a coconut. Ut coconut in strong paper bag and wack it on floor and couple off time. Job done.
Michelle Gouda (6 months ago)
Why peel coconut that's roughage.. 4.5 taps needed or you will bruise the flesh.
Carla Vela (6 months ago)
Wow....lo intentaré ☺ 😊 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Sandi Doty (6 months ago)
I good video! I can do this. Thank you.
perla51 (6 months ago)
Fantastic job!!!!!
daniel marian (6 months ago)
A ajuns Carmen Avram să se priceapă "și) la agricultură. Sictir.
Tunu Tunu (6 months ago)
but think i cant do this
Badboyifier (6 months ago)
i bet it took 20 coconuts not to get it to break up into parts
Vidya Krishnamoorthy (6 months ago)
பாவம் தேங்காய்
chombie hello (6 months ago)
like his scraper👍
Rambabu Petta (7 months ago)
DjGETZBEATS (7 months ago)
Your a Master
Burn it Down (7 months ago)
That coconut is different from our Kingdom
Burn it Down (7 months ago)
@robinsss I live in assam India
robinsss (7 months ago)
which kingdom do you live in?
মুন পুতুল (7 months ago)
Kev Kev (7 months ago)
This does not work for all types of coconuts. There are other types that are far more difficult handle.
TRiGONA iTAMA (7 months ago)
brilliant' thanks for sharing some ideas sir :)
Sulekha 1a (8 months ago)
Bahut badiya 👍👍
Mohibullah Shakil (8 months ago)
Super trick
doc (8 months ago)
Bad idea to peel the cocnut. Major nutrients are in that part.
Vera Lúcia Da Costa (8 months ago)
Like! 👍👍
Terrane W (9 months ago)
You make it look so easy. I saw someone freeze it first & they still struggled to the shell off🤔
P1NG P1NG (11 days ago)
Terrane W but if they “freeze” the coconut wont the juice freeze too...?
Salim Nadvi (10 months ago)
😀😀😀എന്തിനാ ഒരു തേങ്ങ പൊതിക്കാൻ ഇത്രയൊക്കെ പ്രയാസപ്പെടുന്നത്. കേരളത്തിൽ വന്നാൽ നല്ല മെഷീൻ വാങ്ങാൻ കിട്ടും. വന്ന് വാങ്ങി പൊയ്ക്കോളൂ.😆😆😆
Jayasree Nair (4 months ago)
ഒരു വെട്ടുകത്തി മതി...
Earth plaster of paris (10 months ago)
Today is Sunday am sleeping pllz stop this thk thk thk
Diara D (10 months ago)
There are no coconuts in our country. I have never tasted it
Ario Barzan (10 months ago)
Janet Clayton (10 months ago)
What kind of peeler is he using? I would love to have one.
Sparky Runner (10 months ago)
What a waste of time ! We take our coconuts up to the fifth floor of the building then I throw them out down to the cement parking lot down below my friends pick up the pieces and we have them for lunch takes 3 minutes for the entire operation an the cement parking lot has a nice coconut smell from the coconut juice ! You must be very careful not to drop them on the boss's car Cus he says bad things in Chinese which I cannot translate here for round eyed funny looking people !!!!
Harry Jagernauth (10 months ago)
Laji koi no para shi nagama choi. Thanks
Gopal Kumar (11 months ago)
Y r u removing skin on coconut
Jane Taylor (11 months ago)
Bust the shell in half and stick it in the microwave for 3 minutes and...Walla...it comes out easily.
VinegreT (1 year ago)
georgio jansen (1 year ago)
if i had a hammer
fawaz Abdallah (1 year ago)
lmwrt (1 year ago)
I use this way but first I take the water out. Good video and awesome technique.
Nusrath Nusrath (1 year ago)
Very useful & nice video
Saroj Kurlawala (1 year ago)
Is this a special peelar?
Vũ Bùi (1 year ago)
It is very very old coconut
jaber bahija (1 year ago)
Gardening With Pleasure (1 year ago)
Waow amazing idea
BJ G (1 year ago)
My husband would kill me for waking him up!🤭
Mahomed Ismail Saib (5 months ago)
, -THREElatest
Gamez AION (1 year ago)
aight lemme get the chop board to peel the coconut.
BHAVIK PATEL (1 year ago)
Good job
深海鯊魚 (1 year ago)
乾淨俐落,利害 !
Nikhil Justin (1 year ago)
This is a silly way to open a coconut. In India, we open with one bang, and then collect the coconut water and later trim the inside with a blade. That give more surface area and flavors than this technique. Even kids do it in India. You don't need a Harvard degree and casuals for that
Maytham Tammar (1 year ago)
Still, long steps!!!!
Anjana Sharma (1 year ago)
Good but why did you take out outer cover, Brown one.
adam edoo (1 year ago)
dont wear glove!!!!nobody comp.....
Jai Khodiyar maa (1 year ago)
SilkySlim (1 year ago)
Best technique I've seen so far !!
live tik tok officeil (1 year ago)
DarkEnvy12 (1 year ago)
why tf do u guys call the white shit that we eat meat? wtf lul
Serhan Bhuiya (1 year ago)
good idea
Julie Singpho (1 year ago)
I like your cutting style