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Trump trade adviser promises Dow will break 30,000 if ...

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White House trade adviser Peter Navarro predicts that the US economy will show 3% growth and the Dow will surpass 30,000 if a number of things occur, including the Federal Reserve cutting rates and Congress approving the USMCA trade deal. Navarro also defended President Donald Trump's trade war with China saying that tariffs are the only reason that Beijing is negotiating a trade deal. #PeterNavarro #Trade #CNNBusiness
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Text Comments (36)
alex (11 days ago)
20 yrs of ugliness if your not in the US. That’s the hypocrisy, that’s the global context!
Rice Family (1 month ago)
The interviewer is right that the Fed has limited ability to stimulate the economy compared to historic rates, but that's the world we live in now that everyone else in the world is at zero or negative rates. We have too much global capital chasing too few opportunities. We must increase opportunities by addressing structural problems like high regulation, high taxes/entitlements, corruption, etc. Everyone grew with free money from 2009 to 2015. Now economies have to earn investment and growth.
Rice Family (1 month ago)
It's crazy to suggest China trade negotiations is slowing the US economy. The US GDP in 2018 was $20,580 billion and China bought $126 billion from us. That's 0.6% of the US economy! How is uncertainty over 0.6% of GDP material to our growth? There isn't uncertainty if you want to invest the US. It's clearly the way to go now that everyone is waking up to the end of the China growth "miracle."
Turbo Jones (1 month ago)
Isn't this the guy who was found in Central Park with a dildo in his sock and meth in his pocket? 😁
dragondescendant1 (1 month ago)
Dow Jones would be 40000 if trump isn't the president. National debt would be a lot smaller too. America death by idiots like Peter Navarro.
Carl Millholland (1 month ago)
This is an obvious dodge. Navarro knows the Fed won’t move, and USMCA is a non-starter. So when it falls to crap they have their pre-fabricated blame.
Larry Ames (1 month ago)
Always before a calamity someone like this speaks up.
OC Vegas Property (1 month ago)
Tariffs and teumps negotiations are working. First president to have the balls to do anything.
Susan Ream (1 month ago)
I watch the stocks very closely. My names Hayden Croucher. They have went from great to terrible. DO NOT CASH IN. The spike has not came to an end or even near end.
Billy Mays (1 month ago)
Wow this guy is incredibly stupid... Go figure...
OC Vegas Property (1 month ago)
Eric Chen why stop when we profit from China? We just want a fair game. We are slowing it by tariffs until they break their cheating ways and play fair.
Eric Chen (1 month ago)
@OC Vegas Property stop trade with China then! No Chinese are taking your daughter as hostage and asked you to buy our products. You can use national security to ban Huawei, street car, bus, wind turbine, solar panels ...and Chinese companies to do business in USA, what makes you think your American companies deserve our market. No deal with China please! Stop trade right now! You are winning so bad, do it!!
OC Vegas Property (1 month ago)
@Carl Millholland rightfully so as China has been playing for fools f0r years. You'd have to be stupid to not see that.
Carl Millholland (1 month ago)
OC Vegas Property Navarro has had a hard-on for China for years, which is why Trump loves him. That doesn’t make him or Trump a genius. Lots of PhDs are stupid and many many ppl have made millions fooling people.
Kenneth Taylor (1 month ago)
The Stock market will get to 30,000 sometime in the future after you and your master drive the Dow index down to 20,000
Trade Wolf (1 month ago)
Navarro is also completely clueless, another one of Trumps puppets, keep bashing on the FED so you can keep your job, how about you look in the mirror next to Trump so you can see the #1 cause for the US Economies downfall into the recession of 2020..Thanks so much!!
Brigan (1 month ago)
@darshan ram I agree, totally clueless.
darshan ram (1 month ago)
Been waiting for the recession to occur since 2016.. You should stop being clueless man.
JoeyFiveandDimes (1 month ago)
This assclown is dumber than trump . Hard to believe . Duller than a soiled 'Depends' .
One Drone Pilot (1 month ago)
What a couple of crackheads...
Sergio Muniz (1 month ago)
Navarro is a “real douche “
HemiHead664 (1 month ago)
We've got a bunch of what ifs.
chr ber (1 month ago)
There will no stimulus in germany, merkel is unwilling to even invest in our schools or universities Its only possible if to much arabs and africans come The tax payer money will not benefit our own people, only for illegals
Senura Rajapathirana (1 month ago)
CNN you fuxking click baiting pieces of shit
Tez (1 month ago)
Doesn’t talk about how a weaker dollar would make inflation double from where it is.. falsehood
Facebook Facebook (1 month ago)
You would have to be thick to work for Trump 😆. Peter Navarro demonstrate that 🤗🤗🤗🤗
Pilfer Bean (1 month ago)
The fact is that neither Trump nor Peter Navarro have any way of knowing what the trade wars will do to the American economy, or to the American people. They simply cannot know, or predict. Trump's doing something he's always done. He's playing the big shot with other people's money. He's gambling. He's got your livelihood at a craps table. And he'll tell you that you're doing fine with the game until you've got nothing left-- and he'll be gone, completely unscathed himself-- and you'll be trying to find a way through to Friday. Because this is Trump. This is Trump distilled. He loves to do very reckless and ill-advised things that are highly speculative, largely a matter of brute force and domination, and draw tons of attention to Trump, no matter how things turn out. Remember-- Trump's said that "any press is good press". Think about that.
Marty D (1 month ago)
Some kind of deal needs to be made. End of story.
Nick L (1 month ago)
You underestimate the power of stupidity.
The Big Picture (1 month ago)
Tariffs have just cost me money as my steel costs have gone through the roof.
Bob Builder (1 month ago)
This anchor knows how to ask questions
MJTUEN (1 month ago)
Another idiot talking about intellectual property theft. Just move out of China if you will and keep all the garbage to yourself, Peter. The US is the greatest robber of the world.
xiaojie (1 month ago)
the host to the point in opening question
Steve Futterer (1 month ago)
wow, he's just pulling numbers out of his ass