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FS2004 - I'm The Problem (Pacific Southwest Airlines Flight 1771)

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Please support this channel by following me on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/allecibay Pacific Southwest Airlines Flight 1771 was a scheduled flight from Los Angeles, California, to San Francisco. On December 7, 1987, the British Aerospace 146-200A, registration N350PS, serving the flight crashed in Cayucos, California, as a result of a murder–suicide by one of the passengers. All 43 passengers and crew aboard the plane died, five of whom, including the two pilots, were presumably shot dead before the plane crashed. The man who caused the crash, David A. Burke, was a former employee of USAir, the parent company of Pacific Southwest Airlines. Credits go to Mayday (Air Crash Investigation, Air Emergency, Air Disasters in other places) for the video clips of the crash and aftermath! Music: Comedy Is Over Artist: Dalo Vian Listen to the entire music here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xno-_WagH34 Follow me on: https://www.facebook.com/allec.ibay
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Text Comments (725)
Karen J (1 day ago)
I can't believe I've never heard of this incident. Shouldn't it be infamous? But those people didn't die in vain because we are ALL safer today.
Deanna Hendrickson (4 days ago)
J (4 days ago)
This is why you fight. Always fight. Never surrender, never be safe. Always fight back.
NormalPerson (4 days ago)
*Gets fired for theft* *_Decides to kill 42 people because of one guy_*
1wannabee1 (5 days ago)
(it just HAD to be a black fella huh) Grrrr
rlr50 (7 days ago)
Never, never, never lend anyone one of your  firearms. In most states the law says  you will be responsible for anything that happens with that firearm.
Offskew (10 days ago)
A Relative working that day at SFO = the flights dest...has Never set foot on a US Airways plane again
kased on (10 days ago)
Burke was a hero he never hesitate to shoot if he's been fuck with, innocent got in hes way they gotta catch a real flight with to unknown graves ...
Thunder (11 days ago)
The passengers were behind him when he shot the flight attendant and did not attack. Lesson learned. If someone goes crazy on an airplane YOU gotta get him now!
Paiiin In The Butt (12 days ago)
Eric Wood (12 days ago)
Fuck this piece of shit fucking piece of fucking of murderous shit. Rest in peace to all else :(
Tyrone Taylor (13 days ago)
I would quit if I were one of those accident/incident investigators. Jesus Christ.
Tyrone Taylor (13 days ago)
Horror. :O Plane hit so hard it didn't even explode, not fiery explode, I mean. Total obliteration. Fuck the guy who did this.
Jaleel Sobers (13 days ago)
With all that debris there from a small-ish type of plane it makes me wonder why the same amount of debris wasn't found in shanksville. And this plane even broke the sound barrier before impact
Darcy Black (13 days ago)
So 38 passengers just sat reading their newspaper while that was going on. Why the heck didn’t they use their sheer amount of number 38 against one man to bring him down? For real he wouldn’t have gone no further than the manager he shot and never as far as every pilot!
Peyton Bell (13 days ago)
A very good friend of mine was friends with Davis Burke. They worked at the airlines together.
Peyton Bell (7 days ago)
+Christopher Pullen hey man, i feel you, i had NOTHING to do with it.😂 its weird bcuz a yr ago him & i were @ a pub & he started telling me about it. I never even knew about it before that.
Christopher Pullen (7 days ago)
Does he know where Burke's grave is? I'd love to piss on it.
Stuart Miller (14 days ago)
Sounds like a quote from a bad movie to me. Was it made into a mov... but of course it was. I smell BS. Why are people unable to smell BS when it's in their faces?
Michael Bullington (14 days ago)
What I term "suicide, mode 2": person committing suicide is going down and taking others with him.
onwiththeaction59 (15 days ago)
The 9-11 conspiracy believers should all look at the debris field from this crash. There’s not a lot of recognizable aircraft parts.
S W ToDi (16 days ago)
American NEGRO!
aaa aaa (16 days ago)
If everyone on the plane died, how did they know that all of this happened? Like yeah they might’ve put together the pieces of who made all of that happen but how did they know what was written on the bag and stuff? I would assume that the plane caught on fire after crashing?
Muse Russell23 (16 days ago)
Are you fucking kidding me? So he just walked on board with a loaded gun because they decided that people that work there don't have to be searched/go through security like every other passenger does? Am I missing something here?
Muse Russell23 (16 days ago)
Leniency for your family? How do you think you killing 40 odd people including yourself is going to be a better scenario for your family than just losing a job?
Ronbo710 (17 days ago)
I live near Stockton. They ain't got shit to smile about.
solomon Bc (18 days ago)
This was a warning of things to come. Bulletproof, unbreachable cabin doors, TSA, and armed pilots. As for Mr. Burke, lets not forget, there are evil people in this world.
Arif Rus (18 days ago)
Raharu (18 days ago)
How did they know about the written note and the conversations that was exchanged?
Debi Congram (20 days ago)
Just a wonderful guy. Think of all the people who would feel sorry for him getting convicted.
Problematic White Knight (22 days ago)
Burke dindu nuffin
Larry John (23 days ago)
Play at the fastest speed possible to avoid falling asleep.
Whitpusmc (24 days ago)
Wow what a horrible human being
Robert Hamilton (24 days ago)
Another facking nagger thug.
Ba A (24 days ago)
Amazingly the note written by Burke survived the fiery and explosive impact of the plane into the ground and that is why we're able to read it later. I mean how else would we know what he wrote.
joco2k (25 days ago)
I’m a bit surprised Burke’s photo was even shown with this clip, lest the NAACP scream “discrimination!” 😱 Where was the Southern Poverty Law Center when you need them?!
Greg Blesch (25 days ago)
No spear ??!
Hoppe’s 9 (25 days ago)
If you are old school Fort Benning you should carry any weapon on flights to kill retards that want to kill you.
Spaghetti Man (27 days ago)
it's a revolver, he can only take out so many people, why did everyone just let this happen? I would rather die in the sky by bullet than by nosedive any day.
SirStoneyOfBow (27 days ago)
Terrifying ordeal for the passengers alive and conscious as it headed to the ground at supersonic speed(around 770mph). The impact was so great, most of the human remains were unidentifiable. Awful way to go.
Ted Kier (29 days ago)
thank you Allec. It's sort of ironical that since my grandmother passed her estate to me not 50 miles from this crash in 2012 ive experienced theft, embezzlement,assault,more theft, many problems with Law Enforcement Agencies related to theft. I've had to buy two stolen watercolors back from city of monterey for a five figure sum. legal fees were five figures too. another time a man walked in,stole the Conn silver flatware collection. as i was dripping with water nude from shower. i back tracked to get a billy club.the man had fled.Monterey County Sheriff have refused to help..w/ anything. i recognized the man who took a hundred years of alder-Conn family flatwear collections.. this area breeds theft.
gunsaway1 (30 days ago)
I remember this scumbag killing these people. I was at Piedmont. Glad he was a USAir employee and not a Piedmont employee.
Brain tumor (30 days ago)
Is the problem the security check or the fact that the gun was so easy to get
Laquinton Wagner (30 days ago)
Burke didnt have clearance actually. An article written the day before the 38 liability cases filed by victims families was to be decided states that the coworker who gave burke the gun got it thru for him. Burke had to go thru the detectors like a normal passenger due to no longwr working for the airline. The coworker gave him the gun after burke cleared the detector. https://www.nytimes.com/1989/06/28/us/38-families-settle-cases-in-87-plane-crash.html
Crystal Meyers (1 month ago)
There's a special place in hell for people like Burke, and other pilots who kill innocents just because they hate life. People that didn't even know them or their situation
Kevin Wiltshire (1 month ago)
I've never seen a plane like that in the states
DFW Boxing is Back (1 month ago)
Geez. What a horrible story.
Jorge Callico (1 month ago)
52% of all murders in the USA are committed by black people. Yet they represent only 12% of the overall population. Want to know WHY so much discrimination exists? Because blacks HAVE A WELL DESERVED BAD REPUTATION. They also deserve to receive discrimination. Always playing the race card, killing their own kind. Pathetic losers. No wonder they can't find jobs. They don't deserve employment. You can't trust most of them.
rvnmedic1968 (1 month ago)
Bastard. That's a hate crime if I ever saw one. OT: notice the impact zone and then compare to Shanksville 9/11 nose dive. No debris at all...
matualonso (1 month ago)
A guy uses a gun to kill people So the airline give guns to marshal and pilots. The classic solution in the States.
Steven C (1 month ago)
F U David. You selfish bastard. You killed innocent people because you are a coward. $69 dollars? You were a damn pilot. You make enough to have $69 on you at all times. You ad to go and steal it. Then kill people because of your own damn fault.
Barb Hell (1 month ago)
Jungy Brungen (1 month ago)
My pops was talking about this flight today and rather than watching the Smithsonian I watched this. Thanks for savin an hour of my time and getting right to the important details :)
angelamermaid (1 month ago)
The video is well done. The story of what happened is awful.
Centurion Rog (1 month ago)
I heard the plane went supersonic in the dive - from FDR info - what total horror for those passengers.
DCussen (1 month ago)
He will rightfully burn in Hell
opugilist (1 month ago)
What are the odds that on 9/11/2001, that none of the four separate - experienced and mostly ex-military - pilots and crew managed to squak, hit a button for hijack (without being subject to an extremely competent military operation)?
RedneckSpaceMan (1 month ago)
This Burke guy was a yellow coward and a mass-murderer.
LightingMC (1 month ago)
I wish there was a flight sim where u could create ur own worlds and ur own airports.
Rocket Mann (1 month ago)
rt ws (1 month ago)
I wonder what all the 9/11 "Where's the plane?!" nutjobs would think about this video. Plane basically disintegrated on impact.
Garuda 001 (1 month ago)
The plane still smiles :)
Blasko xx (1 month ago)
That's the way to go... I mean ahh how sad for the people I never knew.
Sid Hayes (1 month ago)
This is among the worst of these videos I have seen. I really hate that bastard.
NaldoGamer370 (1 month ago)
O mesmo avião que levava a chapecoense caiu em 2016
Fruitzy (1 month ago)
Fucker on a brittish plane should be the title
Brent Ferrell (1 month ago)
Hands up Burke, don’t shoot yo!
Imua Imua (1 month ago)
Wow that was really sad.
Bob Bastion (1 month ago)
All this because he didn't think there should be reprisals for thieving? If that's not an entitlement mentality, there's no such thing. What a POS.
Ajay Johal (1 month ago)
So the manager who he hated he gives an easy death by shooting him, the innocent passengers he makes suffer by nosediving the plane. What a waste of life.
John Kugelfischer (1 month ago)
So THAT'S what a plane looks like that flies into the ground. Why's the memorial spot in Shanksville, PA not look like that?
goodwilj (1 month ago)
I know what everyone is thinking. I will stop there.
toober (1 month ago)
Yet another Affirmative Action success story... tragic.
J H (1 month ago)
Black dude murders a plane full of white people and the story gets little media coverage. Could you imagine if the roles were reversed and this happened today? The liberal media would be in such a frenzy they wouldn't be able to cover anything else for the next 14 years. Allec, great video as always. That BAE had to have been full of fuel. Not to be morbid, but a rather large fireball would have been appropriate in your animation. That plane hit the ground at approx 770mph (right around the speed of sound), many passengers were never identified since they were essentially disintegrated.
Top Time! (1 month ago)
Why didn’t the plane prevented the dive and consequently the crash??
mr_talkative1 (2 months ago)
If only that flight attendant hadn't entered the cockpit.
I have no YouTube Channel (2 months ago)
It's sad you pilot did your best RIP pilots and passengers
I have no YouTube Channel (2 months ago)
You Burke idiot I hate you bruke
Krzyzstof Polecat (2 months ago)
I find the videos with sad losers who have no qualms about taking people down with them hard to watch.
Melissa Leon (2 months ago)
I was shocked the whole time watching this video
Carol Morris (2 months ago)
Trumps answer to everything. Give guns and granades to pilots.Give guns to teachers. Perhaps babies born in the USA should receive gun licences and not birth certificates .RIP Trump go back to watching cowboy movies.
Becky Lawler (2 months ago)
Who lived to tell this story? Did the barf bag survive the crash? The barf bag is the only way they could have pieced this together.
Allec Joshua Ibay (2 months ago)
Becky Lawler yes it survived. It was light enough to have been blown away by the wind following the impact and just shortly before the fireball
Zách TheGreat (2 months ago)
Anybody else mentally note the fact that the weapon was a revolver and he most likely used every round right down to the very last one ?
Susan Fagan (2 months ago)
100% airlines fault .. letting that twat bypass security and Not taking his credentials.. he's a fucking loonytoon and The airport/airline aided and abetted .. hope they were sued To fuck .. RIP decent people .. as for that pos who's only good for procreation and stealing .. rot in hell ..
Susan Fagan (2 months ago)
Selfish human beings make me sick .. enjoy HELL 🔥
Katashuggapeth Pant Factory (2 months ago)
Little angel dindu nuffin
Gaz 20 (2 months ago)
What happens when an air Marshall goes rogue? Typical American response to a problem throw guns at it.
RedneckSpaceMan (2 months ago)
Air Travel has been ruined by ASSHOLES!!! That's what these people are. Hijack planes, fly them into buildings or just crash them like this case. Hijacker suicide, Pilot suicide. Other assholes get on planes, get drunk and get belligerent and just act like dickheads with no regard for others.
Kim and Luke BG (2 months ago)
Frustrating and sad. Cowardice asshole.
Joe Joe johnson (2 months ago)
Very good narratives upgrade to new fs
Liz Wynaco (2 months ago)
Good video. How are all these details known if the whole plane and everybody on board were pulverized?
Dave Hughes Farm (2 months ago)
This African't let the devil over come him....In a pretty serious way..I sometimes wonder how Burke likes it in hell being sodomized by a stinking demon...
0 Error. (2 months ago)
A revolver has 6 bullets. If the passengers rushed the attacker, a maximum of 6 would of died. Then the pilots can land the plane safely.
Aron Que Marr (2 months ago)
When it said something about 69$, I knew this incident was familiar. I'd read about the same incident in the Terry Deary book, True Disaster Stories.
Deric Gregory (2 months ago)
Obviously the guy was a full blown sociopath. The same lack of conscience that allowed him to steal also allowed him to commit mass murder. Punishing innocent lives because HE screwed up his own life. Pathetic.
Pablito Bass (2 months ago)
I see negligence at its best from the airline in that tragedy ☹️
Ron Wilson (2 months ago)
*Q: "Enjoyed the video"?...….A: "You're kidding, right?*
Emilthehun (2 months ago)
What a selfish cunt. Killing his ex boss is one thing , but taking down a plane full of people is just stupid.
jake fiscus (2 months ago)
Whats your favorite horrible plane crash?
d winston (2 months ago)
A coward and a thief.👎
Bit Coin (2 months ago)
Some pilots are now also equipped with firearms? That's a very bad idea.
d hart (2 months ago)
Allec  Joshua Bay   Curious as to how did you know that the events played out as you posted them in the video??  Is this a best guess scenario since there were no survivors to tell the story ??