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FS2004 - I'm The Problem (Pacific Southwest Airlines Flight 1771)

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Please support this channel by following me on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/allecibay Pacific Southwest Airlines Flight 1771 was a scheduled flight from Los Angeles, California, to San Francisco. On December 7, 1987, the British Aerospace 146-200A, registration N350PS, serving the flight crashed in Cayucos, California, as a result of a murder–suicide by one of the passengers. All 43 passengers and crew aboard the plane died, five of whom, including the two pilots, were presumably shot dead before the plane crashed. The man who caused the crash, David A. Burke, was a former employee of USAir, the parent company of Pacific Southwest Airlines. Credits go to Mayday (Air Crash Investigation, Air Emergency, Air Disasters in other places) for the video clips of the crash and aftermath! Music: Comedy Is Over Artist: Dalo Vian Listen to the entire music here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xno-_WagH34 Follow me on: https://www.facebook.com/allec.ibay
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VTPSTTU (10 hours ago)
For generations, Americans have been programmed to sit quietly and wait for "proper authorities" to handle acts of violence by worthless people. Burke was clearly a worthless person. In many ways, I don't blame the passengers for sitting still when they've been programmed that way by society's influencers, but a time has come when we must admit that those influencers were wrong. The odds of surviving any situation like this are small regardless of what one does. Passivity is a death trip. Pacifism is a death trip. When this guy started shooting his boss, maybe he was going to be satisfied only with shooting his boss, but maybe he wasn't. At that moment, no one can really know the odds either way. The danger is terrible, but the right response is hard to decide. Maybe he would stop shooting, but maybe he wouldn't. When he started moving towards the cockpit with the gun as the flight attendant went into the cockpit, the odds that he was finished killing are very low. At that point, he might do something deliberate to kill the rest of the passengers or he might damage the plane beyond recovery by shooting. At that point, the odds of survival are higher if people take action. He was turning his back to the rest of the passengers as he walked forward. If several of them had attacked him from behind, they might have stopped him. At that time, one of them could have had a small pocket knife that might have been enough to cut Burke's throat. They had a chance to save themselves by attacking him then. Even if one or two passengers had been shot in the struggle, the likelihood of their dying before getting medical attention was no greater than the likelihood of their dying if Burke continued to act without resistance. Suggesting that people should act against someone in this situation is not asking that people sacrifice themselves. Suggesting that people should act is asking that they consider the probabilities and act on the probability that is highest for survival. We don't know whether Burke had more bullets, but nothing in the story suggests that he did. He had six shots, and he used his last shot to kill the last man with a chance to save the plane and passengers. If resistance from the other passengers had been enough to make him spend another bullet or two, he may have run out of bullets before being able to destroy the plane. Once again, a sober analysis of probabilities suggests that resistance is better than passivity.
r71oats6 (14 hours ago)
Other than if Bruce Lee were a passenger, the only thing that might have prevented that is a good guy with a gun (which is what a Sky Marshal is).
J.D. Saldivar (15 hours ago)
Hey!! The black guy looks like Lamont from Sanford and son.....what a fukked up individual. If you are guilty?? Man up and take your punishment! All this cuz this guy was nothing but a common thief. JD/82nd 🇺🇸
Yoma Sane (1 day ago)
Waytago, D. A.Burke. You HAD to screw up the sweet deal for your former fellow employees because you couldn't keep your hand out of the till. And when you get caught you felt entitled to ''leniency''... for what reason? And you decided forty two innocent people had to die because you were lousy at being a thief?
Titus Tucker (1 day ago)
Here's a man with a reasonably decent job if done the way it's supposed to will give him many years of a good income plus retirement benefits, yet he absolutely can't operate without stealing something (for $69 he risk losing his job and livelihood), THEN gets angry and blames others when caught (didn't your Mama teach you stealing is Wrong) . -- Man Up dic*heads and take responsibility for your actions, it's no ones fault but your own.
bbybyrd (1 day ago)
Great Video!!
Kashaslove (1 day ago)
Liberty Rising (1 day ago)
Burke was a fuckng piece of shit. I hope he and his entire family rot in hell.
Michelle L (2 days ago)
The hiring of air marshals and arming of pilots did not happen until after the 9/11 attacks. It really had nothing to do with this incident.
bbybyrd (1 day ago)
The main lesson of this crash was the turning in of all credentials and not bypassing security but it did start the conversation about arming pilots and air marshals.
Cat Mac (2 days ago)
OMG! What a bastard to commit mass murder!!
Railroad Million (3 days ago)
I'm wondering why you still using flight simulator 2004? There's newer versions.
Ephesians 2:8 (3 days ago)
Pants full
Davis Butler (3 days ago)
0:06 Max Volume With Headphones That Are Also Full Volume.
Some One (4 days ago)
Son of a bitch
awsome killer (4 days ago)
lol tailstrike at 1:01
spongebob squarepants (4 days ago)
I’m the problem
catothewiser (5 days ago)
Looks funny to see 4 engines on a plane that size.
VRotate (5 days ago)
If only it were an Airbus. Pitch protection may have given them enough time to fight back
Peter Vicovan (5 days ago)
hey can you please do british airways flight 9
Boffis123 (6 days ago)
Do five amazing facts about Finnair.
Vincent Wright (6 days ago)
Been waiting for this. Nice video!
what's up (6 days ago)
damn psycho bastard
Aswin Anil (6 days ago)
Hey Allec what's your opinion on the recent crash in Nepal? Can we expect a video on that once the investigation is done?
Kevin John (6 days ago)
So sick of the 6.5% being responsible for over 55% of murder in this country - savages one and all.
bbybyrd (14 hours ago)
Yeah them darn white people (I'm white btw)
Elisabeth Goodman (6 days ago)
Hi! Alec! I am a big fan of yours and I want to know how you make your videos! Will you teach me?
Air Travel12 (6 days ago)
tripleheshy (6 days ago)
Nigga can't help but steal. Must have been that "institutionalized racism" that caused it.
JayStarzz (7 days ago)
Some evil shit, I hope dude is burning in hell
Fernando Kaiser (7 days ago)
Allahu akbar?
Blues Player (7 days ago)
Strange seeing a shoulder winged commercial jet.
Kashmira khan (7 days ago)
Awesome as always
Comments (7 days ago)
If the passengers rushed him after he shot the first person, several would probably die or be wounded, but the other 30 people would survive. But I guess it's hard to pull together such courage at the moment. It was all too late very quickly.
bbybyrd (9 hours ago)
Exactly. Especially after 9/11 because we all know its just not the people on the plane that will die but a large number of people on the ground. Back in the 1970s and 80s it was all about hijacking and hostage taking.
Comments (23 hours ago)
While we are talking fantasy, Burke's manager when given the note could have immediately recognized what was happening, and come after Burke to wrestle him down, or wait besides the lavatory and jump on him when he came out. In that case, fewer if any people would die. I suppose something like that wouldn't come to mind in the 1980s, but in today's airlines situation, a threatening note like that would be taken very seriously and the perpetrator would be immediately "secured", and the plane would make an emergency landing and met by a SWAT team, as a matter of policy.
bbybyrd (1 day ago)
When the pilots were shot, the plane was doomed. It took only a few minutes between Burke shooting Thompson to when he shot the pilots.
Pan Am Forever (7 days ago)
May Burke Rot in hell for killing evrbody
Pan Am Forever (2 days ago)
Pan Am Forever (7 days ago)
nick wilson (7 days ago)
Americas answer to guns....MORE guns! Will they ever learn?
my vids are trash (7 days ago)
For some reason, the psa ones are really sad. All the other ones are fun the watch. Great job though, especially with the sound effects.
Gunaddict 999 (7 days ago)
It's dumb that all PSA employees got a free pass from airport security
Alex Garcia (7 days ago)
Why dont you switch to fs11
Hugo Girod (7 days ago)
Pulling 3 geez on rotation haha
bbybyrd (1 day ago)
If i remember the Air Crash Investagation, the plane reached 5 gs before crashing.
Keisha Denise (7 days ago)
You produce amazing videos. You tell the whole story with vivid animation. Thank you for the work you do.
RACER MUKHERJEE (8 days ago)
Will you please please please sub me? I am short of subs.
RACER MUKHERJEE (7 days ago)
WildGurgs36 rang the bell me also
WildGurgs36 (7 days ago)
Already did! And rang the bell!
RACER MUKHERJEE (7 days ago)
WildGurgs36 please sub please. Everyone is desperate to get a sub. You also.
WildGurgs36 (7 days ago)
LOL what do I have to lose? By the time you read this, it will be done Add-on: I clicked the bell also. Upload something soon! :D
RACER MUKHERJEE (7 days ago)
WildGurgs36 ok then. You sub me I will sub you. Simple.
trogdoar149 (8 days ago)
You should do Comair Flight 5191. I was in Lexington when it happened, pretty crazy.
Emre Güney (8 days ago)
Burke you are a BASTARD 😡
TheSuperDiamondMinecart // SabitTSDM (8 days ago)
Yesterday US-Bangla Airlines BS211 crashed. you should make a video about it
Gruxxan (8 days ago)
can you do a reconstruction of the Martinair Flight 495 crash at faro, portugal in dec 1992 please?
kim wasserman (8 days ago)
Look at this little planeand what it did crashing into the earth...... NOW look at Shanksville. Nough said
Robert E. Lee (8 days ago)
You should do the U-2 spy plane incident!
Breaking news !! (8 days ago)
Do China Airlines flight 611
Smk Ishtiak (8 days ago)
Please upload a video on US Bangla plane crash in Kathmandu, Nepal (12 March 2018)
Dark (8 days ago)
There is a new crashes. Before US Bangla Flight 211, Crashed at Kathmandu, Nepal. The title is Underneath incident.
Davemac1116 (9 days ago)
So Burke went from being a petty thieving cunt to an evil narcissistic mass murderer of 37 innocent passengers and 5 crew members, in addition to himself.
Zimraan AKA The Badass Guy (9 days ago)
A us Bangla plane crashed in nepal Make a video of it.
Get Whatever you want (9 days ago)
Do the us bangla airlines crash in nepal (trivuban international airport)
john miller (9 days ago)
Dam 🤨
jam jam (9 days ago)
Hey man can you PLEASE do the Lynyrd Skynyrd 1977 CV-240 crash it would make an excellent video for an excellent band
Finn Rudebeck (9 days ago)
You forgot to mention that the plane broke the speed of sound during the dive
abelucious (10 days ago)
This story can't but make me think about the gun control issue we're having today , this criminal didn't even buy a gun , he borrowed a revolver that only fits 6 or 7 bulitts , not an AR-15 , and was still able to kill 40 some people ,
FerociousXXXWarrior (10 days ago)
Wow security was awful back then
nicolas0065 (10 days ago)
***** ***** **** ******* !!
Cedric Zheng (10 days ago)
Allec I give you suggestion: Garuda Indonesia flight 152
Darius Burke (10 days ago)
My uncle’s name is David A Burke .... weird 😒
Aviation Spirit (10 days ago)
Tbh, this could be a plane crash action movie
Maryam Bibi (10 days ago)
teel6060 (10 days ago)
I remember this, I was working for Piedmont Airlines at the time in Dallas. We were very sorry to be taken over by USAir.
Gatsby Neptune (10 days ago)
Allec don't put pictures of the people, haha. its sort of morbid. its not like im going to stop watcnhing your videos, they are great but idk creeps me out jaja
Simply aviation Infinite flight (10 days ago)
after plane crash, i see a gun
Simply aviation Infinite flight (10 days ago)
cool cockpit from british aerospace
Werewolf (10 days ago)
kramden (10 days ago)
such a waste of lives....The passengers didn't do anything to Burke, yet he killed them as well...
hankdieselify (10 days ago)
What a coward piece of shit, stealing multiple times, gets caught for one and gets fired then kills a plane full of people. What a fucking douchebag.
ID’s Aviation (10 days ago)
Lamia crash
gabyu (10 days ago)
Trump's reaction to this news: "I think all pilots should carry guns onboard. Actually it's not enough, they should carry grenades as well"
iamihop (6 days ago)
I'm seeing dollar signs, here. First Class + tickets give you ring-side seats to the Pilot Smackdown.
jovanalsti (6 days ago)
Yes, but the cockpit doesn't provide enough space for a regulation UFC match. Perhaps future airliners should be designed with this in mind.
iamihop (7 days ago)
How long do you think it takes for the pilot who snaps to execute the copilot if he has a gun? I'd much rather have my pilots duke it out UFC-style.
jovanalsti (8 days ago)
Yes, pilots can snap. That's why you arm the copilot too. They can spend the flight watching each other out of the corner of their eye just in case one of them gets a funny idea. And if they both snap, there's always the head flight attendant with a Kalishnokov to keep them in line.
iamihop (8 days ago)
There's a reason all flights have copilots, and that pilots are not allowed to leave only one person in the cockpit. I don't trust pilots not to snap. I don't trust them not to be overwhelmed and lose control of the gun. On most flights, that gun would be the only weapon on the entire plane, making them even more of a target than they otherwise would be. Most people who have actually studied this question have concluded that the risks of arming pilots outweigh the rewards. Guns are just dangerous to have around. For every gun owner who defends himself with his weapon, more than 130 people are killed by the guns in their own home. e.g. https://scholar.smu.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?referer=https://www.google.com/&httpsredir=1&article=1680&context=jalc
Flight Sim Vids (10 days ago)
Yes! Thank you so much Allec! I’ve been waiting for this! And you finally did it! This crashed near my town, so I wanted to see you reenact it, thanks! You deserve more credit than this
Jim Peterson (10 days ago)
Allec: your films have always been interesting, entertaining, and extremely well done. But this one... this one was spellbinding, literally spellbinding. The quality of your storytelling has now risen to, or surpassed, that of Hollywood's best known, and most highly compensated production companies. I can only hope that you not only continue to produce films of this caliber and that your talent and abilities continue to grow... but that you soon begin to be rightfully and justly compensated for your work. I wish you all the best! -Jim Peterson
Allec Joshua Ibay (10 days ago)
I appreciate this :)
Grant Christensen (10 days ago)
Yet more proof that blacks are the scourge of the planet and human race.
bbybyrd (14 hours ago)
omg. I didn't know Tim McVeigh, Dylan Roof, and Eric Rudolph was black./s White males are a menace to society.
AggieGal711 (6 days ago)
Right, because all terrorists are black. Give me a break...
Walter La Rue (10 days ago)
oh shit, that co worker who lent the pistol to this criminal is liable as an accessory for everything...all Federal charges... Most likely you will find that co worker in jail...And the criminal in the pit of hell, being tormented for the rest of time, forever...you sinner, you..
Rob M (10 days ago)
One of the flight attendants on this flight was a trainee just about ready to graduate from flight attendant training. A young lady in her early 20s.
Hector Zambrano (10 days ago)
School shooting happened recently (Florida). And now, there was an air shooting?? The goddamn US politicians should've changed the gun laws ages ago!!
geraldrob5150 (10 days ago)
This shooting on the aircraft is not a recent event. It happened 31 years ago.
Chuck Wagon (10 days ago)
Good one! You should do the Lynyrd Skynyrd crash.
Slide First (10 days ago)
johnny6148 (10 days ago)
needed money for crack
Jimmy Barr (10 days ago)
Movie material.
stitch16261 (10 days ago)
Frank Epps (10 days ago)
We need gun control.
WildGurgs36 (10 days ago)
Only at places like airports where it's actually feasible. Pilots at the end had guns with them because a good guy with a gun (cop or otherwise) is the best defense against any bad guy.
Felipe Cardoza (10 days ago)
Goddamnit, another horrible story with a plane with a smile. I'm not trying to make light of it, but this isn't the first tragedy where the airliner has a smile painted on it.
IllO Str8 (10 days ago)
Burke was a selfish ignorant fool none of those people needed to die
boobam (11 days ago)
Busta Nuts (11 days ago)
Good shit. I came on impact
Haris H (11 days ago)
After this crash, they should've have the doors that they had after 9/11 to prevent breaching.
Shania Rover (11 days ago)
This could not have been any more like a movie. What's with this Burke's real life dialogues? This was so sad to watch.
Armando Silvier (11 days ago)
This is still how many African or Caribbean blacks decide to solve problems today: through violence and murder. Those who attack me for being racist, need to learn how to read: the numbers don't lie and they tell us that seventy percent of black men injured or killed in the US today, every day, are killed or maimed by black men. When Burke finally comes out of hellfire and torment, only to face Jesus Christ at the Final Judgement, and be sent back into Hell for eternity, i m sure he will deeply regret what he did that day as "woefully evil and unforgiveably selfish." But it will be too late, then.
ChicagoMel23 (9 days ago)
SlimeBuildingBlocks Yes he is very real.
SlimeBuildingBlocks (11 days ago)
Armando Silvier god ain’t real
Mohammed Ayoub NEGGAZ (11 days ago)
USA never changed ... Sir: A shooting happened in a plane! All passengers died. President: Well. I guess we have to equip pilots with firearms. Sir: A shooting happened in a school. President: Standard procedure officer ... with teachers. I dont know what's wrong with this country. But I'm faaar safer in Europe.
iamihop (9 days ago)
It's very, very expensive to give everyone what he wants, haha. But I know what you mean. There's no way to fix our course as long as government is more responsive to Google than to a poor kid in a run-down neighborhood. You said one thing that I completely disagree with you on: "You eliminated racism." While it's great to hear that you weren't discriminated against while you were here, we are VERY far from eliminating racism. I'm not even sure it's possible, frankly. There's racial bias all over the place, in every direction. You know what's funny, though? In many parts of this country, people would hate me more than they would hate you, even though I'm white...because I'm an atheist. As much as they fear Muslims, they fear me even more ;-)
Mohammed Ayoub NEGGAZ (9 days ago)
The US get to the top by giving eveyone what he wants. You eliminated racism. As a muslim I've been there without ANYONE making a comment or anything about me, even though my name says a lot. However, the financial elite is a double edged sword. Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Gun sellers (Smith & Wesson). If these guys stays where they are, it will be SO hard to please the people WHILST pleasing these elites. You cannot preserve citizen's privacy if you still have Facebook. I wish you get a good president that can fix this. I will realy miss the Universities there if I get banned ;)
iamihop (9 days ago)
Mohammad, it is true that I don't put myself in situations where I would encounter guns. I think that of my 20 closest friends, only one owns a gun - and he's in the Air Force. I've lived in Washington, DC, and Los Angeles, but I played it safe. I know my personal experience doesn't negate the tens of thousands of gun deaths every year! My point is that it's entirely possible for most people to completely avoid guns, even in this country, if they're able to be careful (this requires resources _and_ knowledge). I think you've hit on a much more fundamental problem with this country, which is the growing inequality in opportunities. I completely agree - the US will not be the greatest country for long (if it even still is), unless we start learning from other countries. Most gun deaths in the US are gang-related, domestic violence, or suicides - all of which are strongly influenced by not having enough money or opportunities. My higher education (BA, BS, and MS) was almost free for me, because I went to public universities, my family didn't have much money, and I was a very good student. But it should be free for everyone, full stop!
Mohammed Ayoub NEGGAZ (9 days ago)
+imaihop You have a very good point. But you can clearly see this culture in the US. I spent 3 months in the University of Clifornia, Irvine. In some places, I almost got involved in gun-related "situations". The 103% guns per capita is not a factor to ignore. America IS the greatest country (without considering unions and alliances), but this is going to change. Especially if the US keep selling guns to people who can never afford education. IMO this is the key issue since Germany have guns allowed but I never ever seen or heared something because education is free even in the most perstegious dutch university.
gomphrena (9 days ago)
Of course you are. Since the antichrist will likely rise from Europe, it will be convenient for you.
ismael maldonado (11 days ago)
Sad plane
RexLamby 858 (11 days ago)
Keep up the good work Alec , your videos are always a hit!
utubewillyman (11 days ago)
That's right, kill 42 innocent people because someone correctly identified you as a thief. His twisted idea of "justice" I suppose. I hope there's a hell.
『Boeing757Devorian Gaming』 (11 days ago)
Very Nice Video Allec. 👍 Why dont you check out my X Plane 10 British Airways 38 video? I also need help on that. Anyways, here is the name: XP10 Mobile - Losing Power over London (British Airways Flight 38) And also, can you tell me how to put captions into the video?
paul dow (11 days ago)
Guess no one ever heard of a disgruntled former employee before. How about a disgruntled armed piolet.?
Hayden Loffarelli (11 days ago)
I was still sleeping 😌
Lucas Gonzalez (11 days ago)
1:03 tailstrike
Jorge (11 days ago)
If it was an Airbus it will stop the dive, jump seat the killer through the air and land itself in the destination airport.
Chiefsss Chiefsss (11 days ago)
I’ve always been very fascinated with PSA flight 1771 since it first happened I don’t know why I just have been