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Brexit: How did we get here?

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Our political editor Gary Gibbon tracks the history of Brexit from the 2016 referendum to the proposed withdrawal deal the government is now touting. (Subscribe: https://bit.ly/C4_News_Subscribe) ------- Watch more of our explainer series here - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list... Get more news at our site - https://www.channel4.com/news/ Follow us: Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Channel4News/ Twitter - https://twitter.com/Channel4News
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Text Comments (888)
Zyri acus (1 month ago)
From here in Germany the UK comes very close to be just another version of Humpty Dumpty.
Charles Jaja-Sackey (1 month ago)
At the end of the day, Brexit is about Sovereignty vs Market Access (Economy). Everyone is always ready scream about what they don’t like about Brexit, but don’t really want to face the hard tradeoffs they’ll have to make. By and by, if you want sovereignty, you will inevitably lose market access and come to terms with a diminished/suboptimal economy. If you want market access and an optimal economy, you would have to surrender some degree of sovereignty. We must come to terms with this reality. And unless we do, we’ll continue to dance around this and kick the van down the road. Eventually we must decide.
KENNY GILL (6 months ago)
We want independence so we can vote you devil worshippers out
Cyd Oman (9 months ago)
What is the financial gain to be obtained by the Financial Services sector of the UK by trade with third world countries in Africa, South America, Southeastern Asia, the Middle East and the numerous quasi-soverign "Stans" of the now defunct USSR once Brexit takes place? Does the EU have substantial controls over financial services offered to these areas that protect against criminal profiteering? Are there groups within the UK, or affiliated with the UK which want looser control over money laundering, profiteering, corrupt practices, criminal gangs - obtained through a detached UK - that would otherwise be prohibited under EU membership? Are there groups in the UK driving the break up of the EU-UK partnership - using abstract concepts of autonomy, sovereignty, border control, immigration as a mask for some other goal? Remember how the Great Recession was created by the unregulated banking industry? The selling of hedge funds which had bogus ratings of value had delivered huge profits for a while. But eventually consumers started to pick more carefully. This led to inventing an insurance business to allow hedge funds to continue to be sold. When the worthless hedge funds became unsellable, even with insurance, the insurance claims started to roll in. There was insufficient money reserves in the businesses that had created or purchased worthless hedge funds and sold them with insurance contracts they could not cover and the whole scheme collapsed. Investment banks in the US are not considered regulated financial entities. There were few laws in place that protected the consumer from being sold "investment products". Afterwards the controls that were put into place often had more to do with how the US government would unwind bsnkruptcies of unregulated banks. There were a few requirements added to limit the selling of financial products to some pension plans and some requirements for clear warnings the funds were not insured by the US Government, but basically unregulated investment banks are considered more like a casino visit than a savings account. Financial services are a great incubator of corruption. Often the corruption escapes detection, allowing the criminals to exit well before the crime is realized. Is Brexit going to allow a looser control over financial services than the EU now allows? There must be some bigger reason for Brexit than just the ones called for publicly. The sheer danger of a No Deal Brexit should have everyone in a high State of concern. Why isn't this in evidence across all components of the people and businesses of the UK?
john Thatcher (10 months ago)
It's simple how we got here it's by f#####g about for 2 years in an attempt to cheat the leave vote out of a clear win . Wto asap
tony roberts (10 months ago)
UK voters totally misled by Boris and his bullsh*t . Let the people vote now the truth can be seen. Eu best reformed from inside.
Mj Jones (10 months ago)
The answer to your headline is we voted to leave . what don't you understand about that !
Laurence von Winkenburger (10 months ago)
Really I understand that ordinary people might have been mislead , but the complete ignorance and failure to grasp the basic , logical difficulties of Brexit by Tory MPs is astonishing. It won't end well.
Brendan Williams (10 months ago)
We got here when the House of Lords voted against the second home rule bill to give the whole of Ireland some autonomy. But who knows any history of what led up to the struggles ?
Laurence von Winkenburger (10 months ago)
Very few outside Ireland.
bobby zee (10 months ago)
kick this woman out she is useless
Paul Harris (10 months ago)
WTO rules.
LPc Slush (10 months ago)
Women aint no better than men lol. Look at cameron n this shite
Hayley Johnson (10 months ago)
This should start in 79 when the destruction of our real economy began
myneymo77 (10 months ago)
The world is watching you guys, leaving EU will stop for sure all those peoples who wants come in the country who colonised them in the past :)
7rob27 (10 months ago)
What do the Brexit people expect? Leaving the house and taking the TV and half of the furniture?
7rob27 (10 months ago)
Mark A. Cassar Well, it's not a marriage, it's a membership. If you don't wanna pay for it, good for you. You can leave. But as non member you should have zero expectation about the remaining members giving you a break because of the "good old times". That's not how memberships work.
Mark A. Cassar (10 months ago)
That's what divorce means.
Taint ABird (10 months ago)
They reckon the TV and furniture belong to them, because the won WW2 and once had an empire which they miss.
Dan Sharov (10 months ago)
You can't trust English people.
myneymo77 (10 months ago)
Ask aboriginal of Australia what they think about it
Stephen Lediard (10 months ago)
And just one more comment. Why didn't the government ask the EU bureaucrats for an estimate of how much it would cost for the UK to leave the EU and what exactly it would involve, before the referendum? And, don't give the excuse that everyone thought the UK would remain.
Taint ABird (10 months ago)
@ Stepehn Lediard Because they didn't have a plan. Is it not obvious? They didn't have a plan because they didn't actually expect to win.
Stephen Lediard (10 months ago)
I would also like to add that the UK was never a convinced EU member. If the UK had made more effort to make the EU work better then I think we would be in different situation to what we have now - and that is a very big mess. The moral of this whole episode is - never go into something with half a heart.
Taint ABird (10 months ago)
@ Stephen Lediard Oh dear. That does not inspire confidence in Brexit, does it.
Stephen Lediard (10 months ago)
It's a great shame that there was a referendum. The UK should have worked within the EU to get what it wanted. With almost 50% wanting to remain, it really has split the country and perhaps the UK. It has also made, literally, millions of people unsure of their futures and this has all hung on a black / white referendum that did not go, in a convincing manner, in any particular direction.
toonmag50 (10 months ago)
My investment portfolio is down by £10,000 since June. Unfortunately I am patriotic and only invest in the UK. Pro rata all these rich bastards who are brexit must be down millions. Oh the humanity.
googlemaps7 (10 months ago)
I really don't understand what Great Britain is trying to achieve with their Brexit .... I mean, they will probably get more sovereignty but besides that? I'm not really informed about the start of Brexit and the first referendum but wasn't it so that most of the people who voted didn't even know what Brexit was or what it meant? As soon as I heard about the decission I was speechless, because the EU-market is one of the greatest things for europe and especially for an island nation such as GB. On the one hand I feel pity for the british citizen who voted against Brexit but on the other hand I think that the people who voted for the Brexit wihtout even informing properly about it deserve the bad looking future. In the end I think they got their because of two main reasons for the Brexit were the believe that GB still is a "big power" and should receive special treatment by the members of the EU while not having to follow the rules if possible, for example using their own currency instead of the euro. But this is more an assumption by me than an actual fact :D. The second reason i came up with is the poor informing over the topic or blindly believing some politicans who were blaming GB problems on the EU instead of trying to actually fix them. So if somebody who is for the Brexit could explain to me why and what the Brexit will supposingly do in your opinion I would be thankful. Furthermore if someone agrees with me but has more facts or possible corrections I would be happy to hear them as well ... wish you best luck with Brexit :D
goharik jones (10 months ago)
Absolutely discusting, I can not listen to it any more, can not believe what's gone on its making me so angry don't want to hear it any more, I'm done with Brexit.
Fusilier Thresher (10 months ago)
Australia, Canada, New Zealand. Our Kin are out there in the wider world, we should be with them not the EU. No longer subjects but equal partners in a CANZUK alliance. You can see today the British Identity being traded for a generalized European one, this is possibly the only chance we can preserve our union of great britain and northern ireland and have a real impact outside boosting other economies and not just the one closed market we find ourselves in the EU, Raising our GDP by $2000 and those we wish to partner with, this isnt about reliving past legacies but forging new ones. Think Big, Be Brave and Embrace Opportunity.
Taint ABird (10 months ago)
All of these countries will prioritize their trade deals with the EU over a trade deal with the UK. In any case, trade deals with of these countries together will not even replace the value of the trade you will lose with the Irish. By leaving the SM and CU you will be effectively putting a trade barrier between yourselves and Ireland. In economics, gravity applies: you trade more with those closest to you because the return is higher.
Barbara Weaver (10 months ago)
'No future in England's dreaming' John Lydon Plus ça change....😔
Mahfuz Munir Khan PT (10 months ago)
should never have joined the EUSSR, its killed the fishing industry
Jan van Coppenhagen (10 months ago)
I thought Brexit would be Britain exiting the EU. Now they are crying because the EU does not want to let them keep being part of some of the EU aspects? You are negotiating what you want to keep in the EU? Brexiting some details and negotiation not to Brexit others. I hope there is no deal, it would be what people thought they wanted and would make for entertaining videos.
gof mjhhytgr (10 months ago)
Having posted and monitored comments on the British mainstream media outlets on Youtube for many months, I'm now totally convinced, that they employ a mechanism of eradication of all opposition to their point of view.
M R (10 months ago)
I don't see how you can be - based on the comments here alone.
redhot663 (10 months ago)
Maybe Theresa May purposely made a deal that no one would agree with so that there is a second referendum and we end up remaining. After all, she did vote remain in the first place. Maybe shes smarter than she looks.
Mike Reger (10 months ago)
How did we get here? Theresa May’s treachery. As soon as she unleashed Chequers it was clear that she had no intention of Britain leaving the EU, she went around her own Brexit Secretary’s back, betrayed her party, her people and her country. Biggest liar and traitor since Tony Blair. She should have been binned the day after Chequers, and every day she remains PM is another day too long.
Jan van Coppenhagen (10 months ago)
Brexit: How did we get here? 1 People are stupid. 2 People are petty. 3 People are proud. This happens all over the world.
luke33luke (10 months ago)
4:28 you can see the Red Box of Theresa May in tatters..... a symbol of britain
Austin Lee (10 months ago)
Down fall of United Kingdom Started from Brexit.. Country fall for one reason.(Brexit) . Scotland Gets Ready for the second Referendum.. Leave United Kingdom, Govern Yourselves..
Dwayne Watts (10 months ago)
No deal is better than this deal.
Leigh Chapman (10 months ago)
Dwayne Watts The current deal is waaaaay better than this deal or no deal.
Dwayne Watts (10 months ago)
This is further proof that democracy in the uk has nearly gone. Tereasa may has betrayed the people of britain and i consider her to be a traitor and for the only benefit of the rich and the personal gains of politicians we have been sold out for greed of the elite.
Kay Em (10 months ago)
Many Leavers have now become Remainers, or think it just wasn't worth it.
Jari Sanou (10 months ago)
Apart from every argument for and against Brexit, there were and still are, fundamental unaddressed aspects to the whole membership referendum of 2016, namely: 1: Constitutional amendments require more than a simple majority. Why this larger majority? Because these are laws that influence the most laws in the country, affecting the most people. In the case of a Brexit, this would have an even bigger impact (none knows how big, which is even more frightening) than one constitutional amendment, which is why the referendum should've been AT LEAST 2/3 MAJORITY, for it to justify taking a major turn towards Brexit after being in the EU for over 40 years. 2: The referendum was set to have zero, ZERO, legal power; it was just an opinion poll, (partially) to see whether the government had to push harder to renegotiate the asylum system for the entire EU. Fundamentally, there is no justification for Brexit to happen the way it has, whether you're a Leaver or a Remainer. You fundamentally don't make decisions with this large an impact based on an opinion poll with a simple fucking majority.
Joseph Maxwell (10 months ago)
Theresa May is a robust political animal. Despite calamitous failures in her judgement, calling a general election then losing her majority and now this toilet paper EU deal with its forever backstop agreement enslaving the UK forever. A slime ball operator, of that you can be sure!😎
Martyntd5 (10 months ago)
The choice between a really bad deal and a no deal brexit was the only choice that was ever available. That has been the situation from day one. The idea of a so-called 'soft' brexit, is and has always been a complete nonsense. If that reality had been recognised straight away, we would have had 2 years to prepare for a WTO/Canada+ brexit. Instead, the WHOLE of Westminster has spent that last 2 years squabbling over fantasy a la carte brexit choices that were never on the menu and for that, I dont just blame the PM, but the whole of the political classes.
R Borat (10 months ago)
Fix your horrible tooth
Amar K (10 months ago)
The Tories worrying about their party more then their country.
rufanuf1 (10 months ago)
A myriad of silly comments below. A few objective ones. Brexit happened because of at best the incompetence of politicians both sides of the channel, and at worse thru decades of outright abuse of positions of power by politicians on both sides of the channel. Channel 4 News itself is a great example of the depth of the deep state that has taken root in our democracy there tentacles have a grasp on all kinds of media outlets. Ollie Robbins and others have stopped taking their instruction from our ministers and instead are advising them on what suits the establishment, and our ministers have stopped listening to their constituencies and instead are just following a "career" path, they are no longer public servants. Democracy has broken down, and unless we leave completely REGARDLESS of economics, then the UK really does have a bleak future.
Andrew Oliver (10 months ago)
Politicians should wear the sponsorship deals of their backers on their clothes, like F1 drivers. (I can't remember who proposed this) See who gains.
Ali Al-Mahdi (10 months ago)
When empires fall, this is what you get, a bunch of retreating, paranoid, guilty and self-confining cowards whom are too scared to face the world and its judgment.
Anssi Myllymäki (10 months ago)
Would you like some tea with your full retardness GB?
A Dezentje (10 months ago)
Breaking up a mariage in good harmony is not possible.
Anotherthez (10 months ago)
Oh England, you'll be dancing on your own - and you can't dance apparently...
ecasx (10 months ago)
Give us the Brexit the people voted for not this so called may sell out deal no one voted for .
Handsoff (10 months ago)
I blame it on Ronnie Pickering
Sheeple are Lame (10 months ago)
Repulse theMonkey (10 months ago)
How did we get here? By the Spineless Tories putting a Remainer in charge of Brexit, then not having the backbone to boot her out the instant it became clear she was betraying her country.
Andrew Oliver (10 months ago)
Party First. Career second. Country somewhere.
ewan (10 months ago)
“HE voted brexit” Only a racist has the belief that a black person cannot be racist. Sad..
Derek Tomlinson (10 months ago)
Where May got everything wrong was right at the beginning, she tried to negotiate when she should have concentrated on no deal and all the options that goes with it. She should have just let the EU make offers and done no negotiations. If they made a good offer things may have gone better. Negotiating with no negotiation skills is never a good option.
Chris Bell (10 months ago)
Paedophile Edward Heath started the lies and decipt, and our paedophile enabling parliament have continued with the propaganda.
Mr. Max (10 months ago)
Channel 4, BBC and SKYNEWS👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎Stop paying TV LICENCE!
M R (10 months ago)
That sounds like a Putinbot in action.
Derek Ward (10 months ago)
Deepstate controlled UK has problems. .
M R (10 months ago)
That sounds like a Putinbot in action.
Ralf Rath (10 months ago)
The USA will not pay our Brexit dreams - Trump has said.😃😃🤣🤔
SALZOPYRIN (10 months ago)
Theresa May, appears oblivious to her rock-bottom popularity and reportedly believes that more of her dire ‘leadership’ is what the British people want. So when did the UK discard democracy and become a dictatorial tyrannical government? Megalomaniacs with nation-killing policies.The British GOVERNMENT are no longer fit for purpose. Toxic May has to be congratulated .the Conservative behavior is sedition. A vote for a Conservative is a vote to destroy England The Gov. is so far gone.British intelligence now officially a by-word for organized crime .Protests and elections will not do it alone,..I fear that Violence is the only way to take back your country...I really hate saying this...But Look...has anything gotten better? Its Worse...The Corrupt Gov. and The Corrupt Police..will just Bully people harder.The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it. These days, the worst traitors in the realm sit in the House of Commons. Our MPs are the worst they have ever been in history.
SwordOfTheMorning (10 months ago)
how did we get here...? well, because posh egotistical toffs are in power...?
Spiritual Anarchist (10 months ago)
Brexit Is like leaving the pack, & suddenly be surprised the wolves turn on you....
Villainofthepiste (10 months ago)
It was a disgrace then and it's a disgrace now!!! We voted OUT- Democracy is dead!!!
Chris 3396 (10 months ago)
Brexit morons😂
Marcs Reid (10 months ago)
The Irish border situation is over inflated? Put a border up there and see what happens lol
John Hodgson (10 months ago)
We went to the EU cap in hand and asked if we could control our own borders and make our own laws they said Nooo book you if you don't like it leave .Then we had a referendum but it was all lies ,an EU army that will never happen they are lying to you ,we have no intention of letting Turkey join you won't be flooded with economic migration more lies .so let's not just see the one point of view .
Didier Lemoine (10 months ago)
Do not panic, France will never let british starving as u r our descendant !
Albert Pike (10 months ago)
France will be wiped off the map in the next war.
Lesley Seville (10 months ago)
They haven't got a brain between them and who told Tony Blare he could go and work at the EU I,m voting out because that man started a war. . I will never vote Labour again
Britbong (10 months ago)
With a referendum vote. If you don't know that by now I worry for you.
Leigh Chapman (10 months ago)
EG:UK A vote which was only advisory and never legally binding .... 🤦‍♂️
Didier Lemoine (10 months ago)
New referendum soon ? Remainers will need to beat the 17.4 million of the brexiters !
Albert Pike (10 months ago)
It is not a game.
MrRRHHMM (10 months ago)
MAY has totally ''Lost The Plot''... the house will vote this non-deal down and out... its Dead in the Water... Italy will be next, then Hungary,in time France and Germany, Greece and the Czechs.. so it really doesn't matter if Mays ''sell out'' non brexit deal goes thru or not... but the damage she has done to the trust the British people give their politicians is irrevocable....
Albert Pike (10 months ago)
@Didier Lemoine Intelligent people who love freedom want to leave the EU. Only low grade morons who enjoy slavery want to be part of the dictatorship. You are a coward and will end up at an EU firing squad.
Didier Lemoine (10 months ago)
but no one wants to leave EU so keep dreaming and britain out now !
LOBO NEGRO (10 months ago)
Brexit🇬🇧 was a mistake. The people demand a second referendum.
Leigh Chapman (10 months ago)
Didier Lemoine According to the latest government poll .... remain already has a 10 point lead over leave, so the 17.4 million is now quite a lot less and that number will continue to fall.
Mr Hanky-panky (10 months ago)
Brexit is happening, nothing can stop it now.
M R (10 months ago)
@Didier Lemoine "yes u will need to beat the 17.4 millions brexiters !" There aren't 17.4 million of them now.
Didier Lemoine (10 months ago)
yes u will need to beat the 17.4 millions brexiters !
Richard Driveways (10 months ago)
These are troubling times, when you cannot trust your elected members
Dissonantia Cognitiva (10 months ago)
We got here driven by a backstabber who wants to sell the UK's independence for a measly 15% of UK exports.... And I speak as European in the UK, let's do no deal, if the UK doesn't want me they can kick me out
Frankly Frank (10 months ago)
"You got here because you never came to terms with winning the war and losing an empire; Germany and the liberated nations of Europe grew prosperous while the UK almost went bankrupt. Brexit is the politics of self-pity." Taint ABird Excellent! On the Spot. Just one clarification. The UK did not won the war, the US and the Soviets did. The UK role can be compared with the Oscars nominations " And nominees as for Best Supporting Actor we have France and The United Kingdom"
Buzz (10 months ago)
How did we get here!!! 2yrs of lies!!!!!
MegaBoeboe (10 months ago)
Answer: Hubris.
Adan Sugal (10 months ago)
as a black person... this is the greatest white country on the planet... but brexit is their downfall
Albert Pike (10 months ago)
You don't understand European history or the debt-based monetary slave system. Most people don't understand it so don't worry.
declan finn (10 months ago)
What a mess , a defeat, what an own goal.Farage , Johnson, -Mogg need to be put in the village stocks and taste some rotten British vegetables.Brexitears indeed.
Andrew Oliver (10 months ago)
Johnson needs a bendy banana
Wat ching u (10 months ago)
Stop whining Remoaners. The people voted to leave in a referendum. That's the end of it! :-D
Marek Mazur (10 months ago)
Come on Brits, why not end this Brexit nonsense and have a second referendum, let's foreget it ever happened and go back to being friends again. Far better to be in the EU, with all its ills and to try to reform it from inside, with the help of other euro-realist countries like us Poles.
Albert Pike (10 months ago)
@Marek Mazur I have never been a slave and have been lucky enough not to ever have a job that I hate. It is sad that most people are slaves but they enjoy their servitude and are not intelligent to be aware. The EU are moving towards war with Russia and my sources told me yesterday this could happen as soon as next year and definitely before 2020. The British people must not take part in this EU war and they have to make sure the government understands that they not comply. I am sorry that you will be in the middle of this war but you seem to support the EU Reich and life usually gives you what you ask for, even if you do it unwittingly.
Marek Mazur (10 months ago)
the EU is like that job you hate and always say you're going to leave, and when you finally do and start another, you wish you'd never left. If course the EU in its present shape is a neo-Marxist soft dictatorship, but there is growing awareness and opposition to it in the central/eastern memberstates, what we want is to be in Europe that cooperates together but also protects its countries' identities and tradition, which actually was once the very foundations of the EU . If there's enough of us in Europe we will be and we are becoming a force to be reckoned with. It's a great shame you decided to leave as you have been one of the more influential countries, and a balancing power to some of the crazier Eurocrats' crackpot ideas, without a major player like Britain it's going to be much harder now.
Albert Pike (10 months ago)
@Didier Lemoine You don't know anything about the EU or the fact the the Royal families are behind the new EU slave system.
Didier Lemoine (10 months ago)
@Albert Pike EU is the most democratic area in te world, when still hv unelected queen and lords !
Rich William (10 months ago)
Why equate leaving the E.U. with not being friends?
gof mjhhytgr (10 months ago)
The British establishment's Brexit policy has been clear from the very start, dilly-dally as long as possible, come up with a plan that's acceptable to none, and then push for a second referendum, that'll be rigged for remain. All those who believe in democracy should unite, take to the streets, and be prepared to fight for their birth right.
Suzy Siviter (10 months ago)
I think that was a fair summary my dear fellow.
Darren Lawson (10 months ago)
It's like my Mother, 'I'm innocent, what are you on about?' Making a mess of leaving the EU was all an accident like eveything else, it would even be clever if the media would stay tf out of it and stop winding everyone up. The moment that the plan shifted was the moment that we voted out of the EU, had we not we'd be moving towards horrific ID cards and joining the Euro Dollar. It was clever though, I think Mr. Boris Johnson might even have been in on it.
Albert Pike (10 months ago)
Well spotted, I know that Boris is employed by the EU as is Farage. It is all a pantomime for people of low intellect.
Agatha Joanna (10 months ago)
What kind of People’s choice was that anyways, if the referendum outcome was closer to the sampling margin of error than to an actual choice pro-Brexit? Do you think British economy and production is strong enough to uphold the international competition? Really? 😂 What if USA would finally stopped helping UK financially and would signed the new treaties? What if Australia would finally set itself free from your ‘dominance’? UK is not the colonial empire anymore, you seem to keep forgetting it.
Agatha Joanna (10 months ago)
Hog Wash which part is not true? That the Brexit deal was advertised by the traitor Farage for Russian oligarchs money and British People will loose on it? True, UK would probably get rid of EU ‘citizens’ sucking on social benefits, few dozens pounds gained per year/ one household, and at the same time will loose much more on trade, services exchange, currency exchange and so on...How can you be so sure that there is enough gold to back up British pound in the National Treasury?
Hog Wash (10 months ago)
Actually, not entirely true.
Thewatcheronthewall (10 months ago)
What a vile woman, how can she look at herself in the mirror with what she's done.
Jay Jay (10 months ago)
MegaBoeboe I think it’s you remoaners that are brainwashed into thinking that the EU is some socialist paradise
Didier Lemoine (10 months ago)
@Thewatcheronthewall yes a european legion !
Thewatcheronthewall (10 months ago)
@MegaBoeboe brainwashed, well I could say the same to you doesn't get us anywhere. So should we from here on never implement a democratic vote? Anyone would think we're under arrest with how hard it is to leave, it was so easy to join in 1972. So are you for the EU Army ? Merkel and Macron are pushing for? That politicians 2 years ago said would never happen.
MegaBoeboe (10 months ago)
Cleaning up the mess you brainwashed leavers created in the first place?
Martin Decamerone (10 months ago)
U had the biggest growth in the G7 in the EU, now u r at the bottom. Is that what they promised?
b tuber (10 months ago)
Craig Brexit (10 months ago)
Proud to be British I'm not ashamed of British history It's OK to be White I believe in our country, and i believe in Brexit WTO is the real Brexit option Competitive and opportunistic Brits united against persecution of those who doubt and ridicule those of a difference of opinion Pro-free speech, "Hate Speech" laws are not freedom
Phil Haji-Michael (10 months ago)
Time to move on from “believing” and start doing. What are you going to DO to make it a success? What is your solution for Northern Island? Name a single trade deal that will be better for uk buisness than staying in the EU? Name one law you will be free of or freedom you will gain by leaving? Tick tock. Time to start doing not dreaming.
Albert Pike (10 months ago)
@Alfa&Omega 00000 British empire and EU empire has the same owners. You are not very bright and easily conned.
Alfa&Omega 00000 (10 months ago)
@Jay Jay EU is democratic,unlike the crime syndicate called British empire
Alfa&Omega 00000 (10 months ago)
@Albert Pike EU IS Europe. UK is not Britain
a niu (10 months ago)
@Jay Jay .Well said. But do not forget you are the one who first talk about the tyranny . Not me! Btw, the Chagos people still cannot return to their land after having deported in the 60's by the Brits .Pure Brits tyranny !
Stephen Bingham (10 months ago)
The key event was the 2017 General Election - The People voted to remove the Government’s majority. It is delusional to expect a minority government to be able to deliver something as economically painful and controversial as Brexit. The sooner responsible politicians recognise that reality and hit the emergency stop the better.
Netty Voyager (10 months ago)
the world is now a fire sale
Albert Pike (10 months ago)
Rothschild owns every country in the EU and views Britain as the top prize. That is why they are desperate to stop any real Brexit.
Netty Voyager (10 months ago)
10 years give or take :(
Netty Voyager (10 months ago)
why do we want out ? because japan killed the planet our race is dieing its a silent death welcome to the end of days ( just stock up on iodine it helps but it will not cure you you can get a lot done before the end
Didier Lemoine (10 months ago)
with Brexit, Britain will be vassal for ever to Europ or US !
Tim Colivet (10 months ago)
This government is a joke!
MegaBoeboe (10 months ago)
So much better than Brussels, right?
pega1 ag (10 months ago)
She should be struck of parliament and then sued along with mcfay and put away for murder I don't no how she has the ordasaty to go to church and pray hipacrit
Leigh Chapman (10 months ago)
pega1 ag Please first learn to write correct English before spouting bullshit .... 🤦‍♂️
John von Horn (10 months ago)
Whatever anyone's views on Brexit, we voted to leave and had a real opportunity to do something with that. That opportunity has now been squandered and we've ended up with a half-assed, compromised mess that no one is really happy with.Britain doing what it does best, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory and failing. The British detest success.
Hog Wash (10 months ago)
It's called modesty. And despite everything, we will win through ... like we always have done and always will do.
kevin parker (10 months ago)
I have never before felt such ill will against any human in my life, Theresa May must be the most hated person in the UK.
kevin parker (10 months ago)
@Didier Lemoine Keep her winkle, you are welcome too the cowardly liar ....birds of, as they say.
kevin parker (10 months ago)
@Hog Wash They are all the same, untrustworthy liars, quite happily string the lot up.
Hog Wash (10 months ago)
You're welcome to her Didier. What's the earliest you can take her? @Didier Lemoine
Hog Wash (10 months ago)
...after Tony Blair obviously.
Didier Lemoine (10 months ago)
she will be welcome to south of France as UK got the brexit illness !
Charlie Brand (10 months ago)
We got here because politicians do what they want and not what the people voted for. (Right or wrong).🇬🇧
playgrrrr (10 months ago)
How did we get here? Political opportunists blaming the EU for policies that they've always had full control over. And bigoted people falling for it.
California Dreamin' (10 months ago)
I'm only one minute into this video.....it says it all...THE CONSERVATIVES DON'T THINK....I didn't say it...THEY DID. God help us
California Dreamin' (10 months ago)
Salterino Kripperino Let's stick to the mess these inbred politicians are causing in the UK thankyou.
Kanetsugu Naoe (10 months ago)
She is out of her depth. The men who she had to negotiate with in the EU never took her seriously...
Rich William (10 months ago)
Perhaps; I suspect that it's out-and-out collusion. She and most British parliamentarians are bought and paid for. Nor are British politicians the only ones.
No Troll (10 months ago)
Not learning any foreign languages, re-running war movies all the time and delusions of a "past golden era" that never really existed got the majority of Britons here. The occasional stints into socialism (I don't mean Blair here) in the forties to seventies helped sliding the slope a bit faster...
erzan (10 months ago)
*A new deal needs a new referendum.*