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Inside The City Where Waymo Tests Self-Driving Vehicles

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In Chandler, Arizona, a suburb of Phoenix, Waymo's fleet of 600 minivans shuttling people from place to place. Ordering one feels almost exactly like calling a Lyft or Uber, except for one thing: the vans drive themselves. Alphabet's Waymo has been testing self-driving vehicles in Arizona since 2017 and we got a look at what it's like. Alphabet’s self-driving car company Waymo has built the world’s smartest vehicles with access to the world’s best artificial intelligence, but there’s one barrier that it might have underestimated: people. In the last few months, the company has gained regulatory approvals, improved its driving systems using Alphabet’a AI assets and partnered with other auto manufacturers. Its cars have driven more miles than any other company’s. But the community closest to Waymo’s main testing grounds in Phoenix, Arizona, said that the human element remains complicated, from hiring more drivers and support staff to working with city officials and emergency response staff. CNBC visited Phoenix to check out Waymo’s progress earlier this month, weeks after the company launched its first actual business, Waymo One, a commercial robotaxi service in the Phoenix area. Meanwhile, competitors like Uber, Tesla and General Motors subsidiary Cruise are all planning their own self-driving car technology in a market estimated to garner $556.67 billion by 2026. » Subscribe to CNBC: https://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBC » Subscribe to CNBC TV: https://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBCtelevision » Subscribe to CNBC Classic: https://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBCclassic About CNBC: From 'Wall Street' to 'Main Street' to award winning original documentaries and Reality TV series, CNBC has you covered. Experience special sneak peeks of your favorite shows, exclusive video and more. Connect with CNBC News Online Get the latest news: https://www.cnbc.com/ Follow CNBC on LinkedIn: https://cnb.cx/LinkedInCNBC Follow CNBC News on Facebook: https://cnb.cx/LikeCNBC Follow CNBC News on Twitter: https://cnb.cx/FollowCNBC Follow CNBC News on Instagram: https://cnb.cx/InstagramCNBC #CNBC Inside The City Where Waymo Tests Self-Driving Vehicles
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Text Comments (1070)
TEverettReynolds (1 day ago)
Are there really no emergency brakes that the passenger can use to stop the vehicle in an emergency? Those that don't know their history are doomed to repeat it... Passenger train cars all have emergency brakes that the passengers can use for good reasons...
TEverettReynolds (1 day ago)
They didn't mention the moral or ethical implications of autonomous vehicles... What is that you ask? Who decides the fate of the following situation: Child runs out from between two parked cars in a city chasing a ball... less then 10 feet in front of the autonomous vehicle... no time to stop. (happens all the time in cities all over the world) Decisions that needs to be made: 1. Slow down as much as possible and hit Child, causing injury or death. 2. Drive off to the right and hit parked car, risking injury to passenger. 3. Drive off to the left and risk injury to passenger and other driver in other lane. Today, humans make this decision in less then a second. Who decides what the autonomous car will do? The programmer? Waymo? Google? The insurance companies? Does the passenger have a say in any of this?
Stephen Clark (1 day ago)
This is going to f****** the economy
J N (21 hours ago)
Not if you vote for Andrew Yang. Undertaking the challenge of automation is what his platform is countered around.
Matthew Scheuerman (1 day ago)
"small region"...SMALL REGION? Y'all consider Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, and parts of Gilbert a SMALL REGION? Next you're going to be telling me that Texas is a "normal" size state.
Built. Not Bought. (1 day ago)
Actually teslas system is AUTO PILOT... auto pilot doesn't mean the pilot gets to leave the cockpit... in an airplane the pilot is still supposed to be paying attention, just like a tesla...
Hakuna Matata (1 day ago)
Money money money.....stop bullshiting about safety. In america everything gets changed in the name of 2 things; "in the name of safety and in the name of democracy" 🤣🤣🤣 Milions of people die from modquitos than from cars. Many more people die from pharmaceutical pills (even though a lot are rescued, but never ever mentioned how many die from pills) than from cars. Many more people die from alcohol, drugs, cigsrettes and so on... If you are that humbled with safety and future, do some research on those fields, or please mention some more the word profit profit profit!
Joe D (2 days ago)
To be “stuck in jobs delivering pizza”, thanks for making the choice for those people, im sure they will move on to be business owners... clown
Stephen Lawrence (2 days ago)
9:50 - "when autonomous vehicles are better than the 50th percentile human driver, we have an absolute resposibility to let them on to the roads" - Yes!
Shining Squirtle (6 days ago)
Robots are taking over every job and people are just sitting there letting it happen.
Trent J (8 days ago)
Kinks* you meant Kinks. Chinks is a racial slur @5:07
David Bradley (8 days ago)
woops killed some one , next day , its business as usual.
Germain Gonzalez (8 days ago)
This is not being done for safety. It’s being done for money and greed.
Germain Gonzalez (8 days ago)
Uber is not very profitable, but it creates a lot of jobs. When Uber applies self driving cars that money is gonna Stay in Uber and all the drivers are gonna go bye bye. The spread of wealth will stop and then it’s just gonna be a classic case of the rich get richer.
Germain Gonzalez (8 days ago)
It’s amazing technology, but it’s going to create a lot of suffering by killing millions of jobs.
Norton Spider (9 days ago)
I dont understand why these big brands always go after blue collar jobs self driving taxis and trucks are only going send people out of jobs and those people drive taxis is because they either didn't go to college or couldn't afford to.
Hershey Kiss (12 days ago)
Where do we get the income if computers are taking the job if we don’t have the job how do we spend the money to get the car just saying
L M (13 days ago)
Just one more reason why #yang2020 is an imperative
David Heller (13 days ago)
I want self driving deliveries!
Karthikeyan Jayachandran (14 days ago)
With self-driving cars, even Kids can be allowed to go from one place to another.
jan simonides (13 days ago)
Sure, and any criminal would be able to stop their car by siply standing in front of it.
Anthony Fig (16 days ago)
What if they run a red light who gets the ticket?
Om B (13 days ago)
They won’t . But obviously... waymo pays it .
jan simonides (16 days ago)
who pays the coffin?
Aaron Piper (16 days ago)
CNBC you can't really compare Waymo and Tesla at this point! Waymo works at level 4 but ONLY in a predefined local area, which means that if they want to expand like any business would then they have to go about the same process all over again for every different local they want to add into the network and then they have to link the locals and solve all those problems......an extremely lengthy and cost intensive process of adding new GEONET locations. Tesla works at level 2-3 nationally/internationally or at least in multiple states.....if and when they develop a level 5 the method that they are employing will allow the car to automatically drive most anywhere in the US and internationally. It might have some problems in remote areas, but the car will be more developed to handle "Unknown"/ Unmapped areas than a waymo car would be able to handle that unmapped area.
jan simonides (13 days ago)
Neither of them works without human intervention.
Aaron Piper (16 days ago)
Did google and this gentleman think that maybe the one thing that the elderly need is not just transportation but people interacting with them still to keep their mind active and healthy??????? ......fix one problem cause more! All though I do have a nano-degree in autonomous vehicle engineering I do see better applications for this technology than just driving old people around by themselves.
happios (17 days ago)
Andrew Yang 2020.
J N (20 hours ago)
#YangGang yang2020.com/policies
Truth Teller (16 days ago)
No thanks.
Jaymate (17 days ago)
Dan doesn't know anything. He makes my head hurt :<
Nathan Andrew Davis (17 days ago)
Besides possible trial & errors where the hardware and software in these self-driving cars/automobiles fails and causes accidents; there is one problem that they didn't point out in this video involving self-driving cars/automobiles that I actually worry more about than self-driving cars replacing conventional drivers (or even the possibility of an AI takeover/uprising like seen in the terminator films). And that is the factor of *hackers!* Does ANYBODY take into consideration that these autonomous vehicles are easy for hackers to target and control them for some ransom or whatever reasons to kidnap people?
Joshua B (19 days ago)
#Andrewyang he is trying to help us!
Phillip Wolf (19 days ago)
Yang gang
Obaidiah Evans (20 days ago)
Please bring this technology to Malaysia. We need it
myles adams (20 days ago)
This is all well and good but what about 20 years from now when human don't remember how to drive. What fun will be left for racers motor heads and tuners. It just seems like a boring milk toast future. I hope I'm long dead by then.
jeffc168jb (20 days ago)
Yang is right. We will lose a lot of jobs because of technology.
Joe Cochran (21 days ago)
Let's see them test at around 2am at bar close time.
J Shin (21 days ago)
Google Andrew Yang!!
CrackerJacksAeg (21 days ago)
Stepping into something of this variety begs the question: "since this isn't my property, is anyone listening (recording) what I say?"
Mel Hi (21 days ago)
I think that is usefull
Avalanche2 (21 days ago)
I feel bad for the Tesla owners who have paid 5..6... even 8 thousand dollars for "FSD" that may never get to use it unless they keep their car for a decade or more.
Scott (21 days ago)
This report doesn't talk about the potential criminal element. If someone wanted to deliver contraband, is this a tool that could help them? What about the insurance industry? How will this impact insurance and liability laws? Could this tech help terrorists?
Shehin Muhammad (22 days ago)
fake voice
Vat (22 days ago)
Yang is right vote for him NOW he has a future for us please
siKCOneVEVO (22 days ago)
They took ooouuuuuur jobbbbs
Elias Bell (22 days ago)
Sure take more jobs from people...how about spending money on something that matters like..curing cancer, helping this homeless crisis, you lazy people don’t even want to drive yourself anymore and wonder why America has a weight problem it’s dumb technology...
Elias Bell (16 days ago)
whereismycrew yo creates jobs for who? Damn sure not the communities that need it technology is to advanced for people with no long term experience in technology
whereismycrew yo (20 days ago)
To develop self driving cars they need to employ engineers and software developers. So these fields also create jobs
Emery Elliott (22 days ago)
Those things are the devil, takes away so many jobs
Warren Armstrong (23 days ago)
Meals on Wheels needs human drivers because for some people that may be their only regular human interaction. What is a driverless car gonna do if the customer is in some distress and can't get to the door? Will it sit there and honk its horn?
Jack (23 days ago)
Like truck driving, driving for Uber/Lyft will have short term high demand for drivers, but maybe in a decade or less I'm betting employed drivers will decrease drastically across the board...Many mentions about Andrew Yang and his UBI policies and talk about the 4th industrial revolution. Before you discount his ideas offhand, please do some research and look at the objective data about UBI and how it works, and how it's paid for. His book, "The War on Normal People" is a good read, plus other authors who researched about UBI. Look up Scott Santens on Twitter, who knows UBI research in and out. We can't stop this tech future, but we can learn to adapt and more importantly, benefit from these innovations.
Keem O (23 days ago)
They taking our jobs ! Deport the cars back to to Google this is #Merica (unless it's for an elderly that can't drive)
Tournel Henry (22 days ago)
They are taking crappy jobs no one wants to do and replacing them with more economically useful jobs. Face it! No one wants to be a pizza delivery guy if they have better opportunities
Harry (23 days ago)
Lmao with Chrysler, they're dead in the water. Should be with a fleet of 1994 Toyota Celicas. Oh well you tried, Waymo
Tom Wheeler (20 days ago)
You watch too much of idiot Scotty
Bailey Henderson (24 days ago)
Don't think it will happen sears and it's parts are coming back together and kmart will make the nation respect them
ruthlessluder (24 days ago)
Gosh these cars are so annoying. They drive like a robot. They make lane change like a robot. They only go the speed limit. I hate getting stuck behind one of these.
Mark NC (24 days ago)
I believe these will decrease the number of passenger vehicles needed by maybe 60+%. I believe these will reduce the amount of land and decks needed for parking by maybe 70+%. I believe this will reduce the amount of capacity needed for our public roadway systems by 60+%.
jan simonides (24 days ago)
humans are no cattle, they are individual beings with rights, freedom, they make individual decisions. You cannot handle (transport, house, feed, slaughter) people like cattle just to be more effective, environmental, sustainable. We don´t agree with that!!!
Mr Peco (25 days ago)
GamerbyDesign (25 days ago)
Yeah Waymo weathered killing somebody because the state is backing it and it probably killed some homeless person.
Nicolas Berney (25 days ago)
What's the problem with the meal delivery by a human? It's way safer to transport the human AND the meal on an autonomous car! Great jobs for teenagers. It's about time to think out of the box and imagine all the new possibilities.
Takenyao123 (25 days ago)
7:04 self driving car can kill too
Jack (23 days ago)
No doubt, but the video showed that Uber vehicle was not at fault. I'm sure statistically, autonomous vehicles will be involved in fewer accidents than human drivers.
Ford Ford (25 days ago)
Yeah Cina right..
Harvey Jennings (25 days ago)
"We will be safer with the robot" Isn't that a quote from iRobot? How did that work out for them?
DAmerica (25 days ago)
Do you want terminator ? cause that is how we get terminator
Big Joe Knows (26 days ago)
Yeah closer to the age of the terminator.👺. Geniuses is Google.😭.
Rocket Propelled (26 days ago)
Yes goldfish. Hurry to give up more freedom and control in the name of safety.
Joey T (26 days ago)
Screw this
semper malus (26 days ago)
Lee (26 days ago)
Tesla is 5 years ahead of everyone. Thumbs down. Lidar is dead
Lee (23 days ago)
jan simonides well, then that means you’re not just ignorant, you’re a moron as well.
jan simonides (23 days ago)
@Lee You are right, I have never driven nor will ever drive a Tesla even though I could afford the most expensive Tesla. I wouldn't use a Tesla even if you gave me the car for free.
Lee (23 days ago)
jan simonides you must have never driven in a Tesla😅. A car that practically drives itself through LA , and accelerates 0-60 in less than 4 seconds, and they are selling 500,000 cars a year and growing, and costs 10 dollars to fill up the tank. It’s the future bro. Or bot, whoever you are.
jan simonides (24 days ago)
Tesla is Ponzi Scheme.
santo enmascarado (26 days ago)
I see one around Kirkland, WA every day. 🤔
Tony The Driver (27 days ago)
I like driving a car, i like driving for advance auto parts. I like owning a car, i don't want to give up that freedom
Tony The Driver (26 days ago)
@Bogmire777 u never know how f up the us government can truly be
Bogmire777 (26 days ago)
The government is not going to make car ownership illegal, I also love having a car, the Tesla model of on/off autopilot is ideal because you can relax in traffic but drive when you want
Kelvin Shiang (27 days ago)
How far are we from self driving cars? Are we close or far from self driving cars by the years?
jan simonides (26 days ago)
Level5 is impossible. The computers are not able to read the driver's mind. Nor will ever be.
Robert Hansen (28 days ago)
Definitely like to see these come to Chicago. I would use it I would still also use the buses and trains just like I always would. It would certainly open up a lot more possibilities especially going to areas where there is real bad bus service and I just don't feel like using it.
Gabriel Mejia (28 days ago)
Tesla’s are still way better
jan simonides (26 days ago)
No, they are not.
Juwar1974 (28 days ago)
I can see self driving being good for the elderly and disabled, but able-bodied folks I'm not sure. Especially guys. The thrill of a vehicle is the feeling of control (to be the driver, not a mere passenger). However, it would be good if you want to sleep for long trips, but I just don't trust a robot while I sleep. Major accidents can still occur while you are asleep. And self-driving cars also need more testing for different weather conditions. Arizona is generally a dry place...no snow or rain. But what about where I live where in winter there's 9 inches of snow and rains for days in April and May?
ashu (28 days ago)
Ok so basically uber drivers will be unemployed soon
michele vitarelli (20 days ago)
Don't forget long distance truck drivers.
Matt Gamcsik (28 days ago)
So, if one of these Waymo minivans gets involved in an accident and it was the Waymo's fault, do you file a compliant with Waymo? Just curious if that were to happen.
Cesar Sojo (28 days ago)
are you kidding me. Tesla has literally more than billion miles of data from all around the world with endless variables and weather conditions. Waymo's can't even map a single city. Do you pretend them to map out the entire world let alone the US. Lidar Technology is definitely nice but not enough for real world driving
jan simonides (26 days ago)
Tesla has nothing except for an idiot called Elon Musk who believes we to live in a simulation.
chancy319 (28 days ago)
13 minute Google ad.
Dustin Vasko (28 days ago)
I can see people getting mad being on a 2-way highway road 55 mph zone doing 54.9 mph stuck behind a Waymo car. Speed limits are artificially set lower so that people drive at a reasonable speed but no one does 55 in a 55, you're at least doing 5 to 10 over! Actually driving the speed limit on a highway/interstate is like something 90 year old's do and we all know how annoying that is. Just sayin.
Willem654 (28 days ago)
When they drive here, they'll probably carry drugs, grenades and guns.
jan simonides (29 days ago)
There are too many nincompoops in the comment section. Driverless cars are BS.
jan simonides (27 days ago)
@RT J Tesla's autopilot is the world champion in decapitation of the driver.
RT J (28 days ago)
Do you also think auto pilot is BS?
drshoexu (29 days ago)
Limited to small area due to this tech is not scalable. They need HD maps for full autonomous driving.
Kofi Annan (29 days ago)
Elaine is dead. Waymo weathered that storm. Yawn.
Kofi Annan (29 days ago)
How many more must die from Waymo cars ? It's absurd
RT J (28 days ago)
How many have died?
Logan (29 days ago)
If anyone knows the answers to these question, please help. Do customers have to have a driver's license to ride in these self-driving cars? Are there age restrictions? For example, can parents put a 10-year-old child to have this self-driving car take her to her grandmother's house?
Logan (29 days ago)
One of my worries is when I'm too old to drive, who will take me to the doctor's office, this concern is solved. My next wish is robotic care giver so I can stay in my home instead of going to assistant living apartment.
Lotso The Bear (29 days ago)
Self driving vehicles will significantly improve traffic safety in the US. Annually, tens of thousands of people needlessly die or are injured because of human errors. Autonomous vehicles will bring down insurance costs.
jan simonides (26 days ago)
No proof
Jacob tech Pro (29 days ago)
Tesla #1
Pino San (29 days ago)
Andrew Yang 2020 #MATH
Daniel Filippus (29 days ago)
8:37 never seen a more nervous look at a guys face then that.
bakeee (29 days ago)
"stuck in jobs like delivering pizza." stuck? delivering pizza was what got me through college.
Andrew (29 days ago)
So they only operate in a small area and you think these are getting more data than Tesla who is all over the world? Tesla is testing out a lot more different roads, conditions etc...
Armando Anderson (29 days ago)
Elated to hear Waymo's self-driving deep-learning algorithms are focused on specific areas in the city instead of attempting to train a generic system that handles all locations/cities/states/countries. The more generic these systems become in their training, the less they can distinguish the subtle nuances and fine distinctions of each location. It's why Tesla will always have crashes until they have dedicated training to each location. So hearing Tesla claiming millions of miles of training is more alarming than comforting because it says their systems have become dangerously too generic.
Harmeet Singh (29 days ago)
These cars looks scary with all those sensor , while Tesla cars looks same as normal cars .
TwinTails (29 days ago)
Driver assist systems don't enable sleeping during commutes, watching entertainment, working, being driving home if you're too drunk to drive etc. Full Self Driving is far more freeing.
danekarl (29 days ago)
Could you imagine people not having to deal with crazy traffic and can just be on their phones / nap?
StaticTube Matic (29 days ago)
vajleexi (30 days ago)
Yes! No more road rage! No more violent vehicle confrontation! No more encountering crazy people! I'm liking this driverless vehicles.
karldettling (30 days ago)
Worst idea in the history of mankind.
George Stiller (30 days ago)
But what happens when a self-driving car interacts with other self-driving cars made by other developers? Put 30 self-driving cars made by several different manufacturers in an intersection, and in dangerous crash potentials like an interstate highway accident like a plane crash on a highway where multiple cars from multiple directions take avoidance action, and see what happens when competing computers reprogram like my GPS device does when I miss a turn. Does each computer reprogram multiple times based on the chaos and can such repetitive action overheat the computer and make it fail? In other words, put them in the worst possible situation to see what happens.
MoonMan (30 days ago)
5:45 the car was just about to turn too early lol
JakeDafox94 (30 days ago)
i hate this new tec its ONLY going to take away jobs and give few way overly payed jobs to tec guys that only press a key ...
AC (30 days ago)
...and People keeps laughing at Andrew Yang and its myth of the 4th industrial revolution! 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️
inspiration is you (30 days ago)
The only way to make it safe ..the have to build robot Who have save data about the world road map...and he doesn't connect to any server...he has developed like human to take decision base on critical situation no one can modify road and dats has saved in...self learning about roads and modification....as as long the system is connected to some server its not safe...
Mats David Ranaxe (30 days ago)
Tesla will win this because they have a million people driving with autopilot in a real traffic.
Anthony Walker (30 days ago)
I hope they automate the police force next
Kyle Dirks (30 days ago)
I'm ok with self-driving cars, as long as the state doesn't come for my license just because a self-driving car is safer. I'm a car guy, I enjoy driving, I enjoy my commute, etc. I always will. Also as long as these cars move over when a faster vehicle is approaching, that will be great.
Jesse Norwalt (30 days ago)
Waymo: we have 600 full vehicles that have autonomous technology, we are truly innovative and are worth 40 billion dollars Tesla: we have a million self driving cars on the road which right now are 6 times safer than the average driver and plan to triple production in the next couple years and are worth 40 billion 😂
jan simonides (26 days ago)
You are just repeating Musk's lies. Tesla is not safe. https://medium.com/@MidwesternHedgi/teslas-driver-fatality-rate-is-more-than-triple-that-of-luxury-cars-and-likely-even-higher-433670ddde17
drshoexu (29 days ago)
Jesse Norwalt Tesla should be worth 100 bil at least but it will fall to 20 bil before we see 100 bil unfortunately due to how many hedge fund is playing here