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Goodbye neighbours

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Goodbye neighbours is a fast growing screening plant that can grow up to 2 metres a year in perfect growing conditions, exclusively available at Tim's Garden Centre in 200mm pots. We can deliver them to your door, all along the east coast of Australia - see our web site for details, www.timsgardencentre.com.au .It is only available in Australia. Look fot the Goodbye Neighbours label. It's got my ugly face on it. Contact us office@timsgardencentre.com.au
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Text Comments (255)
Percy Phelps (9 days ago)
What kind of soil do they enjoy Tim? I have horrible compacted clay
is it necc for ligustrum vulgare to do all this?...i was told to do this..For best results, please follow the instructions in the order provided. Scarify: Soak in water 24 Hours Stratify: Cold 90 days, 40 Degrees F in a Moist Medium. Germination: Sow 1/4” Deep
is it necc for ligustrum vulgare to do all this?...i was told to do this..For best results, please follow the instructions in the order provided. Scarify: Soak in water 24 Hours Stratify: Cold 90 days, 40 Degrees F in a Moist Medium. Germination: Sow 1/4” Deep
schneil (1 month ago)
2m a year! So you'll be trimming the hedge every weekend?
6 of 10 (2 months ago)
can you deliver to uk
6 of 10 (2 months ago)
i laughed when i see this title lovely neat garden tho
Cwsing 7 (3 months ago)
Need to get a good size land and a few good bye neighbours
Ticky Tocky (3 months ago)
I just use Italian cypress and top them at 6 feet once a year.
yuehh tewbb (3 months ago)
My neighbors are very nice, but the house abuts a road, and putting a thick hedge there improves the value of the house by about $40,000 and the planting costs only $5000 with about $300 a year in trimming expenses. Noise protection is one of the most worthwhile things you can do for your home, it's as important as a roof that doesn't leak.
Star Wars x EXO Collab (3 months ago)
Do you guys have international shipping ???
Star Wars x EXO Collab (3 months ago)
Where I can buy it? Can you give us the name?
Joe smith (4 months ago)
My neighbors suck...well his wife sucks other guys cocks
Jim The Human (5 months ago)
Protection from his neighbors?! Hahaha
Almighty Yak (5 months ago)
Now your neighbors can spy on you with their drone, so your hedge is worthless. lol
S Na (5 months ago)
Almighty Yak or hidden surveillance cameras. It seems illegal to me and could very well be considered stalking and harrassment.
S Lane (5 months ago)
In U.S. try Privet or Laurel.
Internet Critic (5 months ago)
What type of bush this is? You guys dont ship to the US. Thanks.
parales03 (5 months ago)
Darnnnn!!! I live in Texas. USA. That sucks!!
The Harmonic Reactor (5 months ago)
Please give us the name of the plant? Not what you named it. I leave in USA do you cell the seeds ??
Noëlle Acton (6 months ago)
hi, I live in the Netherlands and could use this hedge, whats the name of the shrub?
nmjabour (6 months ago)
what is the genus and species name?
Rashid Ali (6 months ago)
Thanks for you about it
kristjan pirc (7 months ago)
If you hate hedges
maria perez (7 months ago)
Where can I buy them at tho?
marbbridges (7 months ago)
The goodbye neighbors plant do they do good in shade I have a lot of trees
Beethoven Deguzman (7 months ago)
In the philippines we use 6 feet hollow blocks with concrete fence and barbed wire on top to keep everything out.. its not the nosy vecinos that we hate but felons... the fence is the most important thing no need for guns in most cases..
Jerry Lee Kersey (7 months ago)
Beethoven Deguzman ----paint it all green to confuse the crooks and the birds lol
Morgan Smart-Viccars (7 months ago)
Thought this was a suicide video, I’m reporting this video for having a misleading title.
Eli Wilkinson (7 months ago)
I'd trust you to trim my bush ;) xxx
splash (6 months ago)
Oh Eli... Behave 😂🤣
Janette Francis (8 months ago)
I planted 4 some years ago purchased from my local Bog W garden centre, (reputable source) they failed to grow. Planted other types of bush from cuttings nearby, they thrive, but the Tim's brand of Goodbye Neighbour has totally failed to thrive in southern Adelaide Australia.
Big Gus (9 months ago)
Use scientific names please!
Ngoc Ha 886. (10 months ago)
A supernatural base of Bonsai Tran Cuong (Vietnam) http://yt3.piee.pw/BYQN6
Julio Gonzo (10 months ago)
Make sure if you live on a corner, to plant this right on the corner so nobody can see traffic coming. Might take a few years, but you'll get a new car stuffed through your wall!
Michael Exman (1 year ago)
I love it
47 Ag Studios (1 year ago)
liked and subscribed!
Grant Piper (1 year ago)
I love a trimmed bush. I dont like a scruffy nor wide bush
Sri V (1 year ago)
If you lived in the NOrth East US, the deer would have a field day.
charis128 (1 year ago)
This is a tropical plant. In the US, it’s zone 11. Grows in San Marino, California & New Orleans, Louisiana under the name Acmena Smithii
Tianyi Zhang (1 year ago)
I need this good by neighbor.
John Richard (1 year ago)
That guy iS a dwarf ballerina apple tree
Alt Fit (1 year ago)
The title - Exactly what I want to achieve!!
Lawn mower man (1 year ago)
Neighbor sprays weed killer on the bush
Christian Eidsmoe (1 year ago)
funny, spelled nayboors, but spoken as naybuz
ObiJuan Kenobi (1 year ago)
The actual name of the bush is “Imgrowingthishedgecauseyoureanoseybitch”
Lodewijck (1 year ago)
Excellent tip! Does it also erase annoying screaming coming from your neighbors?
RedtigerRage 624 (1 year ago)
Maaaan stfu
Black Sunshine (1 year ago)
I will take 50 please. I was quoted $3000-3200 to fence in 1/2 my yard. I'm fortunate my 2 neighbors have fences but $3000- Are they for real? This has to be cheaper and way nicer in my opinion
SonicIce (1 year ago)
Can they grow in Ohio?? An can you ship??? As well how many would I need for 30 ft? An how far apart do you plant them?
I like apples I like apples (1 year ago)
Yea fuck that I don’t want birds all over the property
better than fence - like it
Gordon Pilcher (1 year ago)
Whar family is hedge part of?
old bladder Horn (1 year ago)
how far do you have to plant these away from your property line so as to not trespass onto your neighbour's land and how often will you need to trim them . maybe a nice dry stone wall would be an attractive alternative that you both could admire. you and your neighbours , you might even get too talking to each other. even become neighbourly a place to chat get to know each other.
spectrumlocalb191 (1 year ago)
Ristube (1 year ago)
Do you know if this species is available in the United States? If so, are they named the same? Thank you.
Crimson B Retrograde (1 year ago)
I'm tying to figure out why is he calling these hedges goodbye neighbors they have a name. That's like calling your dog "Entertains children." "You deserve a steak, entertains children"
Eric Brand (1 year ago)
These plants are crap, always full of scale and sooty mould. Trust me i bought 20 of them
timmo491 (1 year ago)
Why do you need protection from your neighbours? Weird.
Chrome Chromosome (1 year ago)
timmo491 Maybe they are homicidal maniacs like mine are.
Dan F (1 year ago)
I have 50 of them planted along my boundary. Put them in a soil that was custom mixed to my land. They grow soooooo slow it's not funny.
Dorothy Cordes (1 year ago)
How high are they now, Daniel?
Femineity (1 year ago)
Geezz how I wish you're garden center was here in the States! I really need the Goodbye neighbours plants badly!
rookiewidowmaker (1 year ago)
Are they good in 4 seasons ?
rookiewidowmaker (1 year ago)
Are they planted single row or are they doubled. Thanks
Fredd (1 year ago)
This book really helps me a lot. Check it if you want: https://www.amazon.com/Let-Your-Garden-Peace-Simple-ebook/dp/B07C1CGQ2Z/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1523290089&sr=8-1&keywords=let+your+garden+be+in+peace&dpID=51YQblc6NML&preST=_SY445_QL70_&dpSrc=srch
The Crystal Hound (1 year ago)
Beautiful 💗
Katherine Canon (1 year ago)
Darn I'm not in Australia anymore mine Texas bring it here lol.
James (1 year ago)
Miiii Gaaahden
nuMissmatic (1 year ago)
How do you trim the hedge on the other side? Do you ask your neighbors to allow you over everytime it needs hedging? Do they trim it? Do you put the hedge further inward, so that you can walk on what is legally your territory to trim your hedge? Or maybe you hire someone that your neighbor agrees to come trim? I would love to plant one of these on my yard, but don't really have any experience as to how these work.
Tony Robinson (1 year ago)
Tell 'em the price Tim.
l\ (1 year ago)
If you don't want to be constantly pruning your privacy hedge, plant a metal cyclone fence with reed fencing attached to the front or back.
McCuneWindandSolar (1 year ago)
its be cool to have this in my yard, in the us but I guess it be to cold in the winter. love the hedge.
zondaintheair (1 year ago)
... and when you get a bit older and not so mobile. Hey Presto , you have a hundred foot tall hedge. Happy retirement.
Abbje56 (1 year ago)
looks like privet to me. And its on every street here
yousef Lafi (1 year ago)
How i get seeds of this because i live in Kuwait
Darin- USMC B- 85-93 (1 year ago)
With such rapid growth , don't you have to trim, several times a year?
New Generation (1 year ago)
Can they be shipped the the usa
Raohul Nunn (1 year ago)
That plant is called *EUGINIA*
grumpy old fart (1 year ago)
I tried to plant a hemp fence, but that didn't work too well. Kids kept picking the leaves off.
Liberty Patriot (1 year ago)
We want a...Shrubberry..!
S M (1 year ago)
What is the USA equivalent to this hedge?
BRAVOZULU DWEST boathouse (1 year ago)
those bloody tories next door make me sick I CAN'T LOOK at those pathetic wanker TORIES
Beth Mor (1 year ago)
Muito bonito tenho ela vermelho dar ano todo
Beth Mor (1 year ago)
Lindo amo
bite me (1 year ago)
Hi tim im n penrith how can i contact you?
MatC1978 (2 years ago)
I fucking hate neighbours, and home and away too, haha. isn't it called privet? It looks like what we have on council estates in the UK, looks better trimmed but the lazy trouble causing pricks can't be arsed. And I grew my evergreen hedge for ten years then my neighbour without asking cut 2 feet off the top then made out I had the problem when I asked him what he was doing, what an asshole, I trimmed it every year and only just done it when he vandalised it You would not have believed his attitude, he said he don't need to ask permission. But all that he chopped off was on my property. I could easily live without neighbours.
STFC_64 (2 years ago)
you are master (2 years ago)
Hi Tim from tim's garden centre have you got some timber so I can hide my timberlands in timberland, Tim u seem dim and slim maybe u should go for a swim with a tin then you could win some rim belonging to him who Goes by the name of Jim you broke his hymn in the gym with Tim and his forelimb
Aldo Overcomer (2 years ago)
I need this tree!!
J.R. whitehead (2 years ago)
can podocarpus seeds be stored? if so, how?
Journeyman (2 years ago)
Man those are really nice, I would love to have these in the US... Thumbs up Sir!
Brandon Greenleaf (2 years ago)
I don't know why but the Aussie accent is irritating.
Kath Jacquier (11 months ago)
So what’s wrong with a Aussie accent?
Rain Coast (2 years ago)
Sorry, not valid. Plant and grow a hawthorn hedge. Just be careful pruning it! Absolutely nobody, or anything walks through it.
Mr. Theodore (2 years ago)
Can this plant grow in New York City, and where can I get it?
Paula Dimicello (2 years ago)
wow beautiful
Manne Farms (2 years ago)
Is it available in India ?
Kiz Saroi (2 years ago)
This is amazing be brilliant . Hate seeing my neighbours mushes absolutely hell they are will have a look into these look great!!
Pennie (2 years ago)
Hi Tim! Great video! I am wondering, since I am Swedish but now live in the US, is this the same as the LillyPilly Hedge? It's just as thick and with berries but I have seen that it can turn a bit reddish or copper colored, maybe in the fall? Thank you!! :)
Nexus (1 year ago)
Jeff Bennett Holly, Hawthorne, Berberis, pyracanthas are your friends ;)
Jeff Bennett (2 years ago)
It should have some pricklies as well. I like those bushes for a defense as well..
nipzilla (2 years ago)
I planted poison ivy and poison oaks, Boston ivy, along with oleanders, on the edge of my property here in California. I don't have a nosy neighbors problem anymore.
marbbridges (7 months ago)
Poison ivy that's a good idea I wish I thought of that years ago
Joe A (11 months ago)
aquapros916 (1 year ago)
Lmao! The deadly cocktail!
Wiesbadengera M (1 year ago)
nipzilla brillamt...
Nexus (1 year ago)
nipzilla Lol...since they cut down a two sides of hedging and two trees in my garden, resorting to Paulownia I hope. Broken my back replanting hedges. And leaving nettles to party on the edges 😅
Andree Zeitoun (2 years ago)
how yo help the leyladi from brown
Subscribe to this channel (2 years ago)
could you just say what the plant is actually called. not everybody lives in Campbell town
spectrumlocalb191 (1 year ago)
antananarivo201 (1 year ago)
Hey! I live in Campbelltown! :-)
Rumpole Del Bailey (2 years ago)
Spot on. He's trying to corner the market.
Ras6200 (2 years ago)
I wonder if these are available in the UK. My neighbours are lovely but like many uk townies they are building like crazy. So it's more a case of wanting to say "Goodbye neighbour's buildings" and hello green again.
Miss Kim (1 year ago)
Townies sure do know how to ruin the scenery in a flash. They move to the country for its quaintness and quiet, and then bring the town mentality and arrogance with them to wreck it all...
carlamarlan (2 years ago)
Hi Tim, We are planning to plants those in our garden, but we realised that we have only 30 cms of soil and under that is just rocks. How deep this plants need to root properly. Thanks.
Sojo R (3 years ago)
Why are neighbors so nosey anyways? Goodbye neighbors sounds like the plant for me.. Dont get me wrong, i like my neighbors, but i dont want to live with them... lolo
Buddy Phelps (3 years ago)
where can you buy this for the USA i am in zone 7 in the usa, is it avalable here thanks bpnc108@att.net