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Things Customers Say To Delivery Drivers When They Are Delivering

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Things Customers Say To Delivery Drivers When They Are Delivering Here are a few things customers actually say to delivery drivings when they are trying to deliver packages to their homes. If you enjoy this video smash that LIKE and SUBSCRIBE button! CTHOMPSON CLAN! INSTAGRAM -https://www.instagram.com/cthompson1135/ TWITTER -https://twitter.com/CThompson1135 SNAPCHAT - CTHOMPSON1135
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Text Comments (39)
Losing To Win (8 months ago)
“What is it?” Looks like a brown box to me...
Jaybhoopin410 (8 months ago)
Lls. Hell yea they b saying all that shit 🤪😂😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️#FedexLife
William G (8 months ago)
I love when random people flag me down in the street and tell me they have a package that has to get picked up and you ask them if they already printed a label, then you go outta your way cuz you’re a nice guy and get there and their package either has no label or it’s express and you can’t even take it
Jose Ruiz-Romero (9 months ago)
Jose Ruiz Romero
Chris Berry (10 months ago)
When does the mail run? Can you hook up my new cable box? Let me tell you all about my latest life tragedy... Can you wait a moment for me to tape the box? (10 minutes later...) Isn't Chewy the greatest? (That one could lead to a beating.) Didja hear FedEx and UPS merged? (You know the punch line.) Bet you guys make a lot of money. Bet you're loving that overtime. My dog won't bite. (It's got teeth, doesn't it?)
Be No (11 months ago)
"What is it?" Don't know don't care.
CThompsonTv (11 months ago)
Alpha Saiyan (1 year ago)
*"I just had open heart surgery can you carry that over here"*
fasting_fool (1 year ago)
Why i don't ring or knock on doors unless it's a sig lol.. but my favorite is what do you got? I say, I got a box lol
AGENT 6 (1 year ago)
Hannah Dowaliby (4 months ago)
Michael Evans (1 year ago)
I love the ones when I've delivered to porch, walking back to truck, customer comes out looks at box and yells, "Do I need to sign for this?"
David Rockrsz (1 year ago)
Michael Evans and what about when they don't have to sign for that and you don't release it ahhh
wantsanewvehicle (1 year ago)
So..I live in a fairly small town (6k people so maybe there are 2 or 3 trucks driving around every day). I also work during the day, and nobody else is home/awake. If I'm expecting a package (site says it's out for delivery) that needs signed for (sometimes even if it doesn't), and I find a driver around town (I also have a driving job) I'll ask them if I can just get the package then. Is that really frowned upon? It's helping both of us out..no? (They don't have to come back the next day, and they don't even have to come to my house the first day to find I am not there).
wantsanewvehicle (1 year ago)
whocareslol222222 (1 year ago)
i don't mind when people do this. usually ends up saving time especially if you know nobody will be home and i'll have to do a second attempt.
wantsanewvehicle (1 year ago)
well, the local fedex hub (?) is 25 miles away..and I've contacted them before and if I were to go pick it up then I'd have to wait an extra day because it's already on the truck and it's not like they are going to go take it off after it's already on there. I don't even know where there is a fedex office location? I don't order a lot of stuff online but when I do it comes ups usually and most of it doesn't need signed for (I did have tires come one time that did, and being the size and signature needed I just told them I'd pick them up [also 25 miles away] and they were fine with that) otherwise I just drive by my house as often as I can hoping I find them there, the package there, or try to find the driver around town somewhere. I've only found the driver around and asked them a couple times (if the item is really large, needs signed for, or real valuable [usually needs signed for anyways]) and they have never seemed to mind that I bothered them. I mean it's not like I flag them down while they are driving, I always do it when they stop at a business or something.
RTM Dustin (1 year ago)
wantsanewvehicle if you’re not gonna be home, download and print a SRA form on the FedEx website and leave that on your door
Randy Robinson (1 year ago)
I would frown upon it, there’s no way to know for sure which truck your package is on. You could simply contact fed ex and pick it up yourself or have it delivered to a fed ex office location for you to pick up.
Gina Williams (1 year ago)
Why can’t you take my UPS package It’s in a FedEx box😕 And have you heard that FedEx & UPS are merging 🙄😤
thola thola's world (1 year ago)
Nice shade
Nick B (1 year ago)
Walked into a business today who is not a scheduled pickup they had 20 boxes that they wanted me to take I was like I'm busy making deliveries right now you're going to have to call that in and pay for a pickup. Or you can take it over to the UPS store which is in the same parking lot as you ..couldn't believe it.
Nick B (1 year ago)
Funny shit... I tell him straight up you have to sign for the package before you open it because it's not your package until you sign for it.
XxTragicEndings- (1 year ago)
Are you guys aloud to take ups packages! In my head I’m jus like how stupid can you be
BenIzJammin (1 year ago)
The one I got the most was always "Do I have to sign for that"?
XxTragicEndings- (1 year ago)
Do you mind waiting like 20 mins we tryna get some more boxes out... They literally be talking like they the only pickup I have
David Birdsong (1 year ago)
I actually didn't mind giving people directions on how to get somewhere. 99% of the time I knew where they were trying to go cuz I went down that street every day and it felt good to help someone else.
LexIS250 (1 year ago)
annoying ass customers 🤦🏼‍♂️ haha thats so true !
CThompsonTv (1 year ago)
Randy Robinson (1 year ago)
Or random people who stop you and ask if you have a package for them. Oh wait I have a pickup for you! And it has a UPS tag. I need to open this up and inspect it for damage before I can accept it.
CThompsonTv (1 year ago)
Gotten that one so many times!
Matthew Allred (1 year ago)
I’ll only sign it if it’s a million dollars hahaha. So old.......so old
CThompsonTv (1 year ago)
All good ones
Curtis Shaw (1 year ago)
Call tags for Direct TV satellite dishes are the WORST! 🤬🤬🤬
Omar Naranjo (1 year ago)
ive had a few not too bad
CThompsonTv (1 year ago)
Not sure if I've had any of those for direct tv
Scott D (1 year ago)
Jeebus All of my favorites are uploading on the same night! So many choices !! 😬 keep up the good work #CTHOMPSONCLAN
DEE SMITH (1 year ago)
LOL LOL love ur skits bro!
CThompsonTv (1 year ago)
Thanks! Appreciate you watching