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Bunkie prefab cabin uses joinery & assembly of furniture design

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Furniture designer Evan Bare wanted to create a cabin that could be built like a piece of furniture. Architectural designer Nathan Buhler had a design for a “bunkie” (the name for a small sleeping cabin in part of Ontario, Canada) that was radical in its use of all glass for two of the walls. Bare came up with a plan to use joinery techniques he’d developed for furniture design to create a flat-pack, prefab cabin whose CNC-cut plywood pieces can be assembled with simple tools and practical step-by-step instructions. The Bunkie Company cabins can be put together by anyone with some construction experience, though Bare says most clients prefer the turn-key option. http://www.thebunkie.com Bunkie designers Nathan Buhler and Jorge Torres http://bldgworkshop.ca/ On *faircompanies https://faircompanies.com/videos/bunkie-prefab-cabin-uses-joinery-assembly-of-furniture-design/
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JMK (6 hours ago)
Absolutely love the look of these but without running water, a toilet. shower and a small kitchen, you might as well just go camping IMO.
sfbuck415 (5 days ago)
no shower, forget about it. do you want to cram your body into that small space after hiking around outdoors without being able to take a shower?
Jodi johnny (5 days ago)
U make my thoughts come 2 life.
Linda Deneher (6 days ago)
I call those a shed with a bed. It wouldn't qualify for an occupancy permit where I live
vali audet (6 days ago)
What is interior wall?
Maxwell Channon (6 days ago)
This is egregiously small
maboh (12 days ago)
maboh (7 days ago)
@Marie D ども。日系の方でしょうか?意味はわかります。bathとtoiletは別建物ですね?建物自体は素敵です。
Marie D (7 days ago)
この大きさのおかげでトイレとか備えられません。政府で特別の許可を得るのは必要です。そして高い手続きのでそんなことを除きます。別のビルにはトイレとかあります。 (下手な日本語ですいません)
auzio (18 days ago)
I read Junkie Rehab...
Apricot Blossom (23 days ago)
This would be great as part of a hotel or an unconventional accommodation where you can separate larger space for meals and small bathrooms next to the units. Would love something like this in complete nature like in Finland
Wooplot (23 days ago)
it just needs a toilet and kitchenette.
DIY Solar Homestead (23 days ago)
Mike M (23 days ago)
I would like to know more about the "no permit" part. Can you place one on vacant land?
L Abell (24 days ago)
A. Sontoloyo (27 days ago)
I think this prefab cabin might suitable for "just-in-case" you need extra bedroom for any visiting relatives/friends that need to stay overnight at your place. So, at least they can sleep inside this cabin at your backyard.
Akribelasurfacing (27 days ago)
It’s exactly what we’ve been planning right down to the pod of homes with central facilities. We’ll be in touch for sure! Fantastic!!
Vera Swift (28 days ago)
not ok. bathroom outside somewhere? not for me.
Parodi Costumi (29 days ago)
It is possible to buy it if we live in southamerica?
Daniella Thoelen (1 month ago)
sorry to say but the prizes are way too much. All it is is a bedroom after all. Then you also have to think about the foundation cost, delivery cost, assembly cost... For those prizes I can have a tiny home WITH kitchen and bathroom on wheels (NOT a mobile home/trailer) that I can take anywhere!
the way (1 month ago)
the elite are brainwashing you..wake up...
Swamp Hawk (1 month ago)
Norman Lorrain (1 month ago)
This with the service building would be a good solution for low income housing.
Fred (1 month ago)
Lets see big ass bed and no place to take a dump or a wiz. Hmmm. So he talks for 16 minutes about how neet his shed with a big bed is and how it bypasses codes. LOL That's because its a shed! With nothing but a big bed in it, LOL. Now excuse me while I take a healthy in the bushes. More importantly, congrats on reaching a million subscribers. You have done alot of walking those sandals to get here.
Diana Ashton (1 month ago)
If there is no center pod where are bathroom facilities. Seems as though it is permanent camping which means one would bring water and a cooking stove. A bit like having a permanent tent. Pluses and minuses. A bit small for my tastes. Would prefer to have built in compost potty and some kitchen.
Patrick Saunders (1 month ago)
Umm naaw. No kitchenette or bathroom. Ummmm naw
Samtagri (2 months ago)
Once the bed is up, what can you do with the place??? It is just empty.
Samtagri (2 months ago)
“A ton of functionality”.... like what??
Shawn Bechard (2 months ago)
WAAAAY OVER PRICED! The premier is not worth $53,000 plus tax and shipping, (plus more if you want the available add on options.) So tired of tiny house companies, micro home companies and prefabs, going for way more than the work or material value! Nathan, stop being like the other greedy housing oligopolies who destroyed our housing market, with marked up prices. Tired of our elitist class system. Everyone deserves to call somewhere home, without feeling indebted and ripped off.
Shawn Bechard (2 months ago)
@Big Guy Over profit is the ugliness of free market capitalism and a great example of our parasitic system. There are so many rules in place to build on your own property now, plus the vacant lots and land are also over priced. Over profit is NOT okay.
Big Guy (2 months ago)
So go build something similar and sell it for half the price. That's the beauty of capitalism. If someone is overcharging for what they make someone else can make something better/cheaper and put the other company out of business.
ItzAn Opinion (2 months ago)
A little too small for my liking! I'd need at least a small bathroom/shower...even if it was a 'wet bath'... However, his shop and how things are being built is phenomenal! I'd love to see a cross between his wood-working and that of say a shipping container be mashed together! :-)
crutksdub (2 months ago)
What blends Architecture and Furniture....office cubicle systems! As an office Furniture installer I am constantly involved in building Cubicles, workstations and wall to ceiling systems. It’s a whole lot of computer designed systems, space planning and prefab panel systems joined by different methods depending on the manufacturer. Puzzle like nature, interlocking, and overall methods of precision joining, is a fundamental part of assembling these systems. I love seeing these concepts used in engineering tiny livable spaces!
Rebecca Carlson (2 months ago)
The Bunkie is awesome! I could see lots of these in the USA being utilized where housing is needed desperately. Thanks!
Evgeny TV (2 months ago)
super home
Myla Belle (2 months ago)
I love this.. I would love to have one of these off grid.
no (2 months ago)
I feel so secure knowing that anything can break through the glass front at night.
Pavlo Hanjkulytch (2 months ago)
Doc Holliday (2 months ago)
no toilet?
Ola Nordmann (2 months ago)
I want to interlock 2 of them
PalemoonTwilight (2 months ago)
I noticed a missed opportunity. No skylight.
Albert Koks (2 months ago)
Супер!! Браво!!
sailmonkey flying (2 months ago)
Another favorite tiny house.
Dillon Compton (2 months ago)
Where’s the toilet
N S (2 months ago)
Cindy Leeger (2 months ago)
Where is the compressor for the mini split?
Jay Kerr (2 months ago)
Another great video and in my neck of the woods! I love these videos.
douglas wittnebel (2 months ago)
I do like what I see.  I found one of these units up in Sonoma and was very intrigued.
Matt Kelly (2 months ago)
Great Teal Insight!
Harvey Morgan (2 months ago)
I like this, but I feel like building something yourself is probably better. I do not think putting up a simple structure is so tough. I get that it is modular but most people aren't going to plan to move them, and you could use screws and do changes and additions yourself. Good for him if he can sell these to people who do not want to do that themsleves though. The people buying these things are probably working professionals looking for a getaway cottage. I am more looking for a primary home.
Adam Zarate (2 months ago)
The Japanese use a similar technique building and renovation with no nails on just slide in place and it works for em
Наталья Хороших (2 months ago)
How is the screen supposed to prevent bugs from getting in if the window near the door is open for ventilation and fresh air?
денис баженов (2 months ago)
If you glue them, you can't disassemble it if needed. (
Hazen Krieg (2 months ago)
My favorite thing about this video is you can truly hear his passion for this type of architecture.
Maureen K (2 months ago)
happykt (2 months ago)
These cost $24K to $54K Canadian. Wow. EXPENSIVE
Víðarr Kerr (2 months ago)
@Harvey Morgan I still think building houses (tiny houses?) on barges is the way to go if you live anywhere near water. With a decent size barge, you could even grow a vegetable garden and trees.
Harvey Morgan (2 months ago)
It is pretty nuts isn't it. I think small homes will be a necessity and not a city person weekend getaway eventually, so at least people are getting used to the idea. There will be a gap between the real estate crash and now where people will need places to live that are not apartments or renting crappy houses.
Víðarr Kerr (2 months ago)
You could buy a real house on the ocean in Brazil for that amount of money.
Greg Popovich (2 months ago)
your videos are the type of videos that i would send to aliens
Rashad Glover (2 months ago)
Tubelite windows!
Rashad Glover (2 months ago)
Neuro Pulse (2 months ago)
I love it and I want one!!!
Linda N (2 months ago)
Brad Randel (2 months ago)
Congratulations 1 million subscribers your work is outstanding thank you so much I share it with a lot of people bless you🦋🕊🌷
Wwvidas Viliuxs (2 months ago)
This home for a good dog or normal person.
cassandra johnson (2 months ago)
Where’s the toilet?
Gwelf Cosmos (2 months ago)
I LOVE it! But where do I pee at night? ;P
Gwelf Cosmos (2 months ago)
Sharing this room would be limiting... Ok, I'd walk 50 meters lol - I'd probably accidentally kick that pot in the morning
Big Guy (2 months ago)
Chamber pot.
Hazen Krieg (2 months ago)
Gwelf Cosmos this would most likely use an outhouse about 50m from the structure.
Tone Zone Studios (2 months ago)
I'd be down to have one of these and also deploy a campervan and outdoor grill for a tiny little woods base camp
highpeak skier (2 months ago)
very nice but nothing new. SIPs is a better more efficient method. Quite pricey.
siffis100 (2 months ago)
Where do you poop?
Timothy Archer (2 months ago)
Kirsten, congratulations for having reached 1,000,000 subscribers! That's wonderful. All of the time and dedication that you've put into developing your channel, is beginning to pay off! So happy for you. 🙂
K. A. Davison (2 months ago)
Go to their website, checkout the pricing and then decide. I'd say put the money in a travel trailer. At minimum you'll be cooking and have a toilet before going to bed. Sorry, but this is a glorified shed.
papermason (2 months ago)
I don't think tiny homes are allowed in Muskoka, bunkies are the Muskoka version.
chroma (2 months ago)
The utility of a Murphy bed seems limited when there's nothing in its place when folded up. Two twin bunks would have left more usable living room making for a more functional home.
Kate Fisk (2 months ago)
Or a single bed with the slats interlocking so that it pulls out to a double, spare mattress on top to form a seating area too?
Nucu Pânzaru (2 months ago)
Bad jock! 👎
Filip Dąbrowski (2 months ago)
How about full sized houses done like that? ;-)
HAVE A LAUGH (2 months ago)
They don't follow international building code which has been adopted by almost every municipality in America. It may be strong but glue and staples is not going to satisfy code anywhere.
Miguel Gandara - Astrologia (2 months ago)
What’s the name of the tool that appear on 7:00 ;) thanks!
Burnell Vassar MD (2 months ago)
What about using recycled plastic units, like lego and this design, to build houses in earthquake and tsunami zones so that the parts could be easily reconstructed after being disrupted?
李惊浪 (2 months ago)
bh p (2 months ago)
No kitchen, no bath; what's the point?! 😂
HAVE A LAUGH (2 months ago)
Its just intended to be an extra bedrrom on site with a main house for guests
Bill Forse (2 months ago)
Heat thru windows
Dante Allen (2 months ago)
Instead of this crap you might as well make yourself a hut out of tree branches, the purposes it serves are about the same, but the environmental footprint would be way smaller and it would be much easier to discard. Such a waste of nice land on what is practically an upgraded prison cell and even those have a toilet...
Wai Chan (2 months ago)
No kitchen 🤔⋯⋯is ok but where is toilet ?
HAVE A LAUGH (2 months ago)
@Bluezorestt in the main house or outhouse
Bluezorestt (2 months ago)
Wai Chan Go do ur business outside obviously.
gary lawrence (2 months ago)
Jim Fabian (2 months ago)
I can’t explain why exactly, but just saying your full name makes me smile, every time.
Brad Cozine (2 months ago)
A "bunkie" is slang for a cell mate in prison... DON'T ask me how I know that.
Mo Poppins (25 days ago)
So is a cellie.
Your Mom (29 days ago)
Anyone who has been in jail over a week knows this and if your in jail you are awaiting trial and you can't pay your bond. It doesn't mean your guilty of anything except having no money and no rich friends.
Brad Cozine (2 months ago)
@Albertras Well, because back a few years ago I... hold up, wait a sec! I ain't falling for that! Almost got me... touche!
Albertras (2 months ago)
How do you know that?
ΜΙΧΑΛΗΣ ΜΑΚΡΗΣ (2 months ago)
living like {mouse}.... is a new style???? and what about shower and w.c.?? like dog under a tree??
IyaEarthseeds (2 months ago)
Where's a bathroom?
Berke (2 months ago)
Imagine using something like this for each room of your house with each interconnected by an open air space or porch etc. Could be a cool way to get past the laws without sacrificing square footage
WindSolarHydroHuman (2 months ago)
I thought about the same concept
Sid Smith (2 months ago)
Really like those chairs.
greatboniwanker (2 months ago)
Love this concept!
James Braithwaite (2 months ago)
Célio Firmo (2 months ago)
Mrs. Enys (2 months ago)
I love the bathroom and little kitchenette!
Char Horst (2 months ago)
How much?
Terry Lee (2 months ago)
How much?
phillip mccrevice (2 months ago)
23,000 to 53.000 for plywood and steel..........NOPE
Harvey Morgan (2 months ago)
Ppl in cities have a warped sense of value tbh
John Shore (2 months ago)
4:46 Mk1 Honda Insight 👍 A car that can get 100+ mpg 20 years ago.
afendi ujud (2 months ago)
Dislike Queen bed/bug
Stacy Hackney (2 months ago)
beverly a (2 months ago)
people are getting sick and tired of high electricity bills etc and starting to realize you dont need an oversized home you are working most of the month just for it to go to the mort
John Coyne (2 months ago)
love the big shower
Mattie Kingori (2 months ago)
These would be great at a hotel, campground or low income housing for single folks.
Shawn Bechard (2 months ago)
Maybe if the lower the price by 70%.
roger taggert (2 months ago)
Michelle P (2 months ago)
I wonder how strong exactly. Would it stand up to tornado/ or hurricane winds as well as earthquakes? This is why codes exist, for safety. So would these be safe to ship to locations where these natural events are prevalent?
Sleeping Beauty (2 months ago)
Murphy should have been couch bed combo
john butterworth (2 months ago)
On the bottom side of the bed board, a folding table and two chairs could fold down for a dining room.
JMK (6 hours ago)
Yes, I've seen Murphy beds like that and it is such a clever use of furniture because in this one there is no table or anywhere to sit other than outside.
epSos.de (2 months ago)
*Nice and simple.* 4 of those in the circle and we got a house :-) Wiki House has the same design for the people who want to make it themselves !