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UPS Delivery: Port St. Lucie Florida 12/6/2017

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Clearly our UPS delivery man doesn't quite grasp the concept of handle with care.
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Text Comments (11)
BEARDED APE (5 days ago)
Yeah they don’t care - I’ve gotten so many things broken in transit from them it’s not even funny
Wigwam (5 days ago)
You shouldnt do anything with someones package you dont want recorded. Id say around half the houses have surveillance doorbells now. Anything worth doing is worth doing well.
James Shoppell (5 days ago)
good job getting that guy fired you piece of shit. There is a thing called bubble rap guy. Think about it, all the packages that are packed and sent over seas. Do you not think that someone has thrown ur fragile package? maybe you're the one that's fragile?
Deus Nihil (4 days ago)
You're a fucking idiot.
Joe Peal (5 days ago)
That's a driver helper AKA a "jumper" They only move the box from the truck to the door to speed up the delivery process. They are also seasonal workers, UPS doesn't use them all year round.
Razster (5 days ago)
TheTruthQuest123 (5 days ago)
Hes black Also, this is also a result of rich Ceo Ups cunts not wanting to pay their workers a good wage while giving them LESS work hours.. not 80 a week If you need someone to work 80 a week. then hire 3 people to work in 3 shifts.. not putting 89 hours on one man
Deanester (5 days ago)
calm the fuck down you're not that important. why don't you just chill the fuck out
Jorge Noriega (5 days ago)
what...? It's not like shipping is free.... You pay for shipping, you should have your item shipped...not thrown.
chris (5 days ago)
You're making us Redditors look bad, fuck boy.
Great Scott (5 days ago)
I for one think he's important as fuck, so back off buddy