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For copyright matters please contact us at: Copymanager.mn@gmail.com BRAIN TIME ► https://goo.gl/tTWgH2 1. PowerWheels F150 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lc8j30dU9EQ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6GCOKEiKEHxZZz1ZE13Isw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fpVeejDGTOQ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcj4TuaP3w6gQ9-mCuhVlpA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7wN4JUiIBB8 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfs-OYME92FTFE1YcJPeD1w 2. Toyota Camatte https://youtu.be/4uXSG5AWZNs https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5G0T_tlPj0aCHMi-ihvfiw https://youtu.be/NaZ0q4UJ3ao https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVAFAVDJrSU1qCHP321HVVA 3. Mini Volkswagen Beetle Herbie https://youtu.be/td1lbaHStHA https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWYuQ9_2boHBxm59n6lSzDA 4. Mercedes Benz Kid https://youtu.be/iaPMm39AZfM https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIs5Qw2ZolxlbgXlvu1sIgw 5. Mini McLaren P1 https://youtu.be/Bo8EkDteEQE https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMv7DQlLPJLyOXPdDRbSfWg https://youtu.be/lT4hbdJElWM https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiWQ5eQPkw2BX2L4jeHKEVQ https://youtu.be/-8ZVwvskdJk https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiWQ5eQPkw2BX2L4jeHKEVQ 6. Mini truck https://youtu.be/qgCaTp2RHrs https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZmz4r4rHW_sr_X9P1Xi4bA https://youtu.be/DoOmLuFnpi4 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZmz4r4rHW_sr_X9P1Xi4bA 7. Tesla Model S for Kids https://youtu.be/inVHdtXkoR0 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwxTMfymq6Pi2qu_1gRmzvQ
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Text Comments (2269)
Nyambe Glen (23 hours ago)
That damn 18 wheel 😍😍
chris yes (1 day ago)
Nah I'll just buy a car
muwonge eddie (1 day ago)
Nahiyan (1 day ago)
What's the intro music name?
Saud (4 days ago)
This is Freddy (5 days ago)
I like how most of them wore sunglasses while driving
Ari Maxine (7 days ago)
Yeah it is just trying to make us jealous
MAE GAME (7 days ago)
How nice toy cars 🚗 🚙 🚘
Potato (10 days ago)
i haz the first model of a ford raptor power wheels not the exactly first one like EX: 1-50000 the the first kind.
Yusuf Acemoğlu (10 days ago)
The age of 13 is the worst age. You know why.
Calebs Greatest Video Channel (11 days ago)
This Video is stupid it's Like they're just Showing off.
patrick fisher (13 days ago)
I want the Volkswagen Beetle her because I know it's an automatic
Jacqueline Kendrick (15 days ago)
cars zzzzzzz
Andres Bolvito (15 days ago)
He calls it Tezla😂
ChristopherR753 Michael (20 days ago)
The into:Bay bay bay bay bay bay bay bay bay bay bay bay bay bay bay bay Babe:am I a joke to you??
Suzanne Russell (21 days ago)
ill like one please
Rawiri Pickering (21 days ago)
Matt25 (21 days ago)
I call the ford f150 Fisho
um hi (22 days ago)
I feel like that truck is like 700 dollars o.o (Not the first truck)
InfernoBall The Gamer (23 days ago)
We need a 9 year old one :(
vooytasat (24 days ago)
cool .Its my litle car :)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pArE3TwkPAw
scarlettsgarage1 (24 days ago)
Here's 9 kids cars we made :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l5e563nClA4
Banana Syrup!!!! (25 days ago)
You can make better if you put your mind to it
JAN GOMEZ 831 (25 days ago)
I want the china car why dont they bring it to the united states
Shimeih (26 days ago)
I'm a grown up. No kids or plan to.. but I'm watching this at 3 am wishing I was a rich kid 😂😂
Its Espy (26 days ago)
Everyone watched this video for the memories
CleanMotorSport RacingAssociation (28 days ago)
I’m not even kidding I would go back in time if it means a young me gets to experience this all over again 😂
XtremeWolf Gaming (28 days ago)
When I get 600$, I’m buying that last one and I’m off to Pennsylvania
Toast Man (28 days ago)
Nah I still like my dads golf cart more
Middle Schooler (29 days ago)
Bruh my uncle being a adult Mexican male he bought the blue ford 1-50 and they added a real car battery to it and now it runs super fast
The silent Unknown galaxy (1 month ago)
I’m 10 still trying to convince my mom to get me one of these But she said “but your too big son!”
sameercoolboy ware (1 month ago)
I'm a car lover to I know alot of them
mike peugeot (1 month ago)
I can already drive but I really want that truck!!! 😃
CrazyAnimating Series (1 month ago)
When i was 4 i had a mini Audi Coupe lol
Toyota Camatte car *apparently common in Japan*
Ethan Ferris (1 month ago)
My parents bought me a Jeep power wheels I tried driving it then I stopped when I heard my dad scream WTF CHILD? YOU JUST RAN OVER MY FOOT I'm like, in my defense you never thought me how to drive IM ONLY 6
Mr.ArtsyFartsy (1 month ago)
The problem for me is... I'm not a kid
Zedeye (1 month ago)
K parents get your kids a small gas dirtbike like a Honda crf50 or a used go kart don't waste your money on these your kids will lose interest in them and they will break down really quickly. It's never a good idea to get a electric motorized vehicle designed specifically for small children there usually made really cheaply and way overpriced. I'm saving you time and money. most of these are painfully slow and anything electric is going to be A LOT less reliable than a gas vehicle I can't stress that enough. I actually have a Honda crf50 and it was made in 2005 and it still runs beautifully the same goes for go karts and your kids will grow into them and be able to ride them for the next 10 years or so before you would want to either upgrade or sell it
Zedeye (1 month ago)
K parents just get your kids a small gas dirtbike like a Honda crf50 or something don't waste your money on these your kids will lose interest in them and they will break down really quickly like geez
Itz_gray_ 2019 (1 month ago)
Itz_gray_ 2019 (1 month ago)
That Toyota Camatte is cooler than the new Supra
Martha Hull (1 month ago)
My mom gave me a peace of trash and sed not t have to much fun I hope I’m adopted
The Big shrek boy (1 month ago)
Martha Hull you literally copied a comment but "put gave me a piece of trash" think of your own comments
evelyne lam (1 month ago)
Hn, Stuttgart rgyf5u5tcchohtyc
Jose Vera (1 month ago)
Prototype Power Wheels. Man those kids are lucky.
Itz_gray_ 2019 (1 month ago)
Jose Vera awww I wish I was little again. I had a power wheels ATV Kawasaki but I always wanted a “Car”
Planet of Kids (1 month ago)
Gibbons 07 (1 month ago)
5 32 the wheels are cambered lol
tjikana tsipa (1 month ago)
My mom game me choclate and told me not to get toklamzy
Rms Mauertania (1 month ago)
Gn Sahani (1 month ago)
Very good
Ethan Spang (1 month ago)
whare do you by them
Vong Hawj (1 month ago)
Well I always want a Buggati and A lambo kid car
Aaron McGill (1 month ago)
So want ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm all hahahaha
Yumei (1 month ago)
they look like RC cars from a view far away
Mr me (1 month ago)
The Great Mooble (1 month ago)
Power wheels
Brodie Bieber (1 month ago)
They should give the Tesla one to you for free if you buy a tesla 😂
Jeffrey Eng (1 month ago)
Shanay Dawg (1 month ago)
I had an F150
Billy Holland (1 month ago)
May Caganda (1 month ago)
I love it
Evans (1 month ago)
Whatttttttttttttttt first week of the day and it was a nice weekend to get my car off and it is a good thing for you guys and you can get your a friend to get your a car car for your a friend of town you guys are so much better and you we can not get to get your a friend to your car so I wanna was the way you guys are and you guys and you can always come and I play with your friend you can not be so nice and I wanna was a nice and sub day and you we got a good car so you can go to the best of me and I get you a lot and more I love it and you we can do that we love to see him play it is the car you can do that and 👇🏻
Alfredo Leyva (1 month ago)
Meme review why are you driving why are you driving 1:14
Stick Dude (1 month ago)
Stick Dude (1 month ago)
4:30 car maybe 11 years old can ride
Stick Dude (1 month ago)
I wish they had cars for 11 year olds like me those are small
Stick Dude (1 month ago)
@Error code 39151 You and me both brother
Error code 39151 (1 month ago)
Stick Dude saaaame ://
William Ball (1 month ago)
Tell us how much is the mini truck
scarlettsgarage1 (1 month ago)
I'm building a v12 from 12x honda gx25cc engines for my daughters Ferrari Go Kart : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FK7FLd02e94
costy iuly (1 month ago)
We're can I get this fancy sport car with chrome alloys for my son, on e Bay I didn't find a real one...
Maimoona Shahnaz (1 month ago)
What is the price of the Herbie mini Volkswagen Beetle ?
Adriano Lacerda Assis Moreira (1 month ago)
about 3875 dollars
Banana Man (1 month ago)
Ur boi Ninja (1 month ago)
This how to pull up to a party lol
Simon Živković (1 month ago)
O shit
Aaron Meyers (1 month ago)
there is a Bugatti Chiron for kids it looks exactly like the real car only costs $15,000 to $25,000
Car Toys (1 month ago)
I like
LifeOfSteven (2 months ago)
0:28 I had but threw away bc I got too big 😭🤭
larishisha lyngdoh lyngdoh (2 months ago)
jing ibn
GAMER ROB (2 months ago)
I want a nissan gtr
Evan greenherb (2 months ago)
Me: maybe I can start saving money guy speaking: 4-6 years of age... me: 😟😔😣😖😢😭
Dark_King Kam (2 months ago)
I just want the truck on the thumbnail
Emilia Nalowa (2 months ago)
This cars are sick☺😊😀😁
Vanior (2 months ago)
I've never seen cars like this before
mihaela vilceanu (2 months ago)
Cool! I wish I had the Herbie because we can't get the Cammate because we need to go to Tokyo but I have no idea which store to go to!!!!!
The Real Jaxson (2 months ago)
I heard if tesla but not Tezla
B jannu (2 months ago)
Turbo jannu
Veronica Williams (2 months ago)
7:15 I low key need dis
Holy-Terrorist (2 months ago)
Henry Bebb (2 months ago)
Gimme one im9 #cars
BestiesPlayzRoblox Gameplays & Series xD (2 months ago)
I want this more than anything :o
Meme Gaming Channel (2 months ago)
I want the mini truck lol
SneakAttack Savages (2 months ago)
My dad threw in my pool lol🤪
Djé Laff (2 months ago)
Tesla top !
Efteling Fan33 (2 months ago)
Always Wanted To Have A Truck Like That
Sergio Jimenez (2 months ago)
Sperman die
Andrea Riethmüller (2 months ago)
Tasha Riley (2 months ago)
I wish my brother can get one from you
Sherita Jackson (2 months ago)
Spence Twins (2 months ago)
Wow a toy car with chamber
Wei Liu (2 months ago)
my mom likes the science and stuff i learn
juanita martinez (2 months ago)
Unboxinganime (2 months ago)
That intro tho