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UPS That's Logistics

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UPS That's Logistics 2011 Ogilvy music by www.frisbienyc.com
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Text Comments (23)
gotMLK7 (1 year ago)
I'm glad I found this, because I always combined the original song and this song into one and was wondering if I was just crazy for randomly adding the word "logistics" to a song about pizza pie.
Brown Royal (2 years ago)
I remember the actress at 0:20, she was on All My Children in the 90's, she liked the character Derick a lot.
Kevin Reynolds (5 years ago)
after being stuck on hold listening to this song for 40 minutes you want damage something.
badger4382 (5 years ago)
@Kevin Reynolds Sorry, Kevin...!  I did not intend to offend you at all with my comments...!!!  I just know UPS and as far as for my experience with them, they have always be on time and responsive.  You are a nice gentleman...  My most sincere apologies to you if my comments were too rough.  And, I do NOT work for them (UPS) or own shares from their company.  Again, my most sincere apologies to you... 
Kevin Reynolds (5 years ago)
@badger4382 If you really believe your comments, You'd post with your real name. Tell me how much do you get paid to counter negative comments?
badger4382 (5 years ago)
Don't be a lousy and sarcastic clown, Kevin...  UPS is an "always / reliable / honest / clean and on-time air carrier", hands down...!  I wish I could say the same things about this "United Airlines Corp.", a cheap... REALLY CHEAP and sub-standard / third-world air carrier! The commercial is GOOD, and the actresses and actors + the music and the urgent matter-subjects they show are just A-OK to me!
KoverpI (6 years ago)
No shit man
Enlightened Penguin (6 years ago)
Logistics- When the parts for the line come precisely on time. A continuous link that is always in sync.
The6thSimpson (7 years ago)
Google is a good friend of yours.
VioletTrauma (7 years ago)
No problem
Lightning2659 (7 years ago)
Thumbs up if this song is stuck in your head!!!
VioletTrauma (7 years ago)
joshmp21 (7 years ago)
the bass is a killerr
Aziemut (7 years ago)
@insert8name5here oh dude you made my day. nuff said.
VioletTrauma (8 years ago)
@1983bleach its fun to make fun of. ;D thats what i do. but hey UPS pays the bills :>
VioletTrauma (8 years ago)
@duffen n.n yay for having a job at UPS~ <3 Revenue Recovery Clerk ;P
VioletTrauma (8 years ago)
@insert8name5here Logistics the planning, implementation, and coordination of the details of a business or other operation.
Fan Made Videos (8 years ago)
what an insult to the original song and Dean Martin
djsux0rz69 (8 years ago)
hate this commercial so much... !!! AHHHH+
adriandegar (8 years ago)
Ear rape much?
rmholt1 (8 years ago)
Why the heck cant I find the male singer version -
Liam Johansson (8 years ago)
I just love it.
Valar Morghulis (8 years ago)
Cant stand this.... Commercial makes no sense. Just has an asian girl running around with a box.