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Save The World by P.T Walkley

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Save The World by P.T Walkley. As featured in the trailer for 'Nice Guy Johnny'
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Text Comments (18)
Joshua Baldwin (2 years ago)
Most of the comments are 6 years and 7 years old it hits you deep 😂 well the song was amazing so was the movie it's one of my all time favorites even though it's not that popular or successful but for me it is
angel angel (2 years ago)
sonunda buldum be
SiDzinhu (5 years ago)
Julia (8 years ago)
@Raidenfenix its such a good movie , ive already seen it twice and yeah i heard this song in the trailer but i didnt know what it was called , so i went searching for it .. lol xD
thebehzat (8 years ago)
@Crimsonphilosophy kind of reminds me of the song.. "somebody that I used to know" by Elliot Smith
Charlotte Irvine (8 years ago)
this is lyrically flawless
Chy Hayes (9 years ago)
Same here... Saw the Trailer and was instantly drawn to the words and melody... you aiight w/me PT ..just how i am feeling...i wont give up..(It was the summer of '07 when found out there was heaven in your heart) classic. :)
walkerblu (9 years ago)
Check out the live version... PT Walkley Live from his living room!
Crimsonphilosophy (9 years ago)
pretty much elliot smith
AWonderVenus (9 years ago)
Awwwwwww. I like this very much. Makes my heart feel nice. :) Thanks for the beautiful song.
mitch456 (9 years ago)
@joelherrey agreed, looking for this song in tabs. please help
Lily Brennessel (9 years ago)
AHHH maybe the best song in the world my brother showed it to me <3 amazing lyrics
Joel Herrey (9 years ago)
Does anyone know where I can find the chords/tabs for this? :/
Justine Racho (9 years ago)
great song! where can i get it?
Raidenfenix (9 years ago)
So I saw this Trailer for the movie called "Nice Guy Johnny"...............
Mike Gearson (9 years ago)
i just love this song! :D
bj quirante (9 years ago)
lol.. 2nd to comment..
Alexandra Isaacs (9 years ago)
in love with this song.