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How YOU can land a passenger aircraft! 12 steps

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What if a Passenger was the ONLY one left to land the plane? Could a passenger theoretically do it, without ANY previous knowledge or training? In todays Special video, I will go through the required steps that will have to be taken in the cockpit in order to set the aircraft up for a safe auto-land. There will be around 20 different individual steps that needs to be taken and none of them can be omitted or done in the wrong order. This all depends on the passenger getting into contact with Air Traffic Control and being reasonably close to a suitable runway. If you want to download this video and keep in your phone or mobile device, you can do so inside the Mentour Aviation app. To Download the app, use the following links: 👇🏻 📲IOS: https://appstore.com/mentouraviation 📲Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.teamta.mentouraviation To join my Patreon crew, and support my channel, use this link: 📲https://www.patreon.com/mentourpilot To follow my life on Instagram, use the following link: 📲https://www.instagram.com/mentour_pilot
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Text Comments (3386)
Richard Oberle (4 hours ago)
Way easy once you made contact with tower on the radio... just talk to anyone on radio to get emergency frequency
totalbottle (4 hours ago)
there should be one button for this: passenger landing button :D
Graham Ball (5 hours ago)
Great video, and merry Christmas.
Chicken Coop (8 hours ago)
Would need some valium first.
Rik Richter (11 hours ago)
@ 28:59 i hear this loud imaginary applause and cheering from the cabin ...... and then i woke up..
Mathew 6 (13 hours ago)
What’s more important, studying for an exam or learning how to land passenger aircraft? I know my decision.😂
Marcus Sundbom (13 hours ago)
DanTuber (15 hours ago)
possible but highly unrealistic
Aman Mishra (18 hours ago)
Anybody here from airplane mode
TODOR brassmonger Official ft. cloudance (20 hours ago)
What if we crash before the and of entire video.
Goodi2shooz (22 hours ago)
That was probably one of the most interesting things I've ever seen. This is truly a great video
Jim Bateman (1 day ago)
Only one logical question I have. What if the cockpit door is locked, with nobody inside? Will the AP still land the plane, or do we all just pray? Not trying to be smart. But today. All cockpit doors need to be opened from Inside.Right?
Angel Gonzalez Salazar (1 day ago)
This is amazing!
Amnesia Haze (1 day ago)
I can do it in 1 step. 1) Push yoke or joystick fully forward Like people always say a good landing is one you can walk away from, so I'll consider my tactic just a bad landing. But a landing nevertheless. GGEZ
Keith Bradley (1 day ago)
Very well done and informative thanks
Phil Moore (1 day ago)
how fantastic - tkssssssssssssssssssssss
joneric29 (1 day ago)
yup i can im on flight simulator different scenarios and situations. after i work i go on my pc and do the stimulation :)
Ghost Lantern (1 day ago)
It is possible with the help of someone over the radio who is familiar with the flight controls and instruments (or type rated on the aircraft) but it will be very very difficult. Even for someone who just finished type rating in a simulator, you get nervous on your first actual landing. What more for someone who has no idea what all the instruments are showing.
Florian Walter (1 day ago)
Now after watching this Video, I'm really looking Forward getting into this emergency situation
(((Only_ZuuL))) (1 day ago)
can the plane be descending and turning at the same time? or do you have to descend first, then commence turning?
Hung Nguyen (1 day ago)
It's 4:AM and i don't know why i'm here to learn how to save an aircraft.
420steamboat (1 day ago)
liked for pronouncing "Alt Hld" with and without the o
Marcos Torrani (2 days ago)
Awesome video. Thank you so much for this.
Dwayne Rose (2 days ago)
So I land it safely and everyone is a safe. Waiting at the luggage carousel only to discover that my luggage never made the flight. ☹️
Dr Gunsmith (2 days ago)
This once happened to someone in a private small plane, he landed it in the dark too 🙏
Dr Gunsmith (2 days ago)
But where did they disappear...did the aliens 👽 beam them up Scotty style. 😂
Kenneth Darby (2 days ago)
Hold on, this says 12 Steps and he said 20 Steps. Are 8 of them optional?
Kenneth Darby (2 days ago)
I believe I have watched enough Episodes of Airplane Repo to do this.. Wait, maybe I should watch a few of those guys from Corporate Pilot Life so I can use terms like Nut Cracker and 3 Green / No Reds. lol
Akio Miyamoto II (2 days ago)
Commercial shipping. "Lets just give everything channels and keep it as simple as possible" Aircraft "After completing step 35 you can now begin to transmit"
Danny Kubayi (2 days ago)
I really enjoyed watching this video.Thanks Mentor
Sam Bonz (2 days ago)
Nice video. Hope I never need this information.
Alejandro Galbe (2 days ago)
4:25 VHF2 - INOP: End of lesson, pray!
merc340sr (2 days ago)
Love your videos! You have watching too many movies!...loll....
Meinfred (2 days ago)
I like the UI. No menu navigation, no touchscreens. Why do we have to deal with that nonsense in most cars? Yes, I'm first and foremost looking at you, Tesla.
Misu Satriyo (2 days ago)
ATC: Now, listen carefully... Me: No, YOU listen to me. I will require you to hold my beer.
Ohmz27 (2 days ago)
I've got plenty of experience landing my jet, it pretty much lands itself really, and take-offs are wayyyyy harder. If there's any rain then my plane ain't going nowhere. Shame it can't go much past 10m either, and being able to ride it would be nice too, but models with those features are a bit more expensive, and not 100% necessary if you ask me.
Anvilshock (2 days ago)
"Define 'land'." – Jebedia Kerman
SCORN (2 days ago)
dont forget Set at transponder 7700.
Paul Alford (2 days ago)
This is all well and good, but with both pilots incapacitated how do you think you're going to get into the cockpit? It is locked, and entry from outside is not possible. Unless of course there is a secret entry procedure that the cabin crew know about. But given the Air Berlin disaster in the Alps, I think not. So sit back, drink all the in-flight alcohol and wait for it, in a panic...
RU Still There (2 days ago)
Good bye world I am about to drop dead from a heart attack...bugger how do I get into the cockpit.
Mike Destiny (2 days ago)
Thats sad... I pilots license, but was unable to work out the frequency's, shows overcomplicated radio stacks that to novice is like looking at a language one cant understand how so called aircraft disaster films lack any fact. One of these is "snakes on a plane" who a passenger only flying on consoles flew a 747 on a straight course just holding the yoke. 🙄🙄
commonconservative (2 days ago)
I need to adjust the seat first, we are all going to die
yakuza01 (2 days ago)
I am sure there are good reasons why this is not done but wouldn't it be helpful for the control tower to have some sort of video feed to the control panel? That would basically cut out valuable time spent on describing things over the radio. It could be a camera put away, turned off, somewhere in the cockpit, and in cases like this, turn it on and mount it somewhere once you have established radio communication with the control tower.
Jerry K (3 days ago)
So in the event that the pilot and first officer both had the fish. Yeah....i rocked microsoft's flight simulator game for about a week 20 years ago. I just crashed 50% of the time. Batter up!
Geraldine Hill (3 days ago)
Seems like a lot to remember tho
Geraldine Hill (3 days ago)
Piece o piss!
Geraldine Hill (3 days ago)
This is lunacy
Ron Stone (3 days ago)
28:55 ATC: "Mentour 360 heavy, excellent job, wonderful landing." Me: "Thanks, bring me some brown pants, please." Alternate scenario: "Can anyone here fly a plane?" Me: "No, but I once stayed at a Holiday Inn Express."
scott thoburn (3 days ago)
Hey, how about a small video screen in the cockpit, under the screen in big letters it says " IF YOU ARE A PASSENGER AND YOU ARE THE ONLY LEFT TO LAND THE PLANE PLEASE PRESS THIS BUTTON" and this Youtube video plays?
Alexander Hall (3 days ago)
I loved that . Thank you. I love flying, I flew to New York in March on a 767 I love long hall flights more than short hall. I am going to try to get the mentor app.
M J (3 days ago)
So...I'm gonna die at step one because that radio basically looks like a plate of electronic spaghetti.
Paul Stubbs (3 days ago)
Great video. Really enjoyed it.
Martin Huyton (3 days ago)
What a complete waste of time this video is, with respect to It enabling Joe Public to fly this aircraft type in the event of an emergency. Even if you watch this now and find yourself on a pilotless plane this evening, how many people would remember how to use the comms radio, nevermind remember the emergency frequency. I think Mr Mentour pilot is just showing off because he can. The lesson he's just given probably took him months to learn. So remember, next time you're on a plane and both pilots die, when you've finished shitting your pants cos you can't figure out how to use the radio, sit down and take a deep breath.
sherry hodges (3 days ago)
Why not have a separate emergency screen that shows a picture of each step in order- once the passenger completes one step, it moves to the next step in progression. Video gives audible instruction and written instruction. When one step is completed, then screen moves to next instruction. You need simple bold instructions. Do the folllowing: 1, then 2. Then 3. And have a back arrow in case they need to look at the previous instruction. If it can do all those things on auto pilot, they can construct a braking system too. Should be able to make it easy for the assembler. The landing strip should have a sensor running the length that calculates the landing speed and automatically brakes.
Brett Youngster (3 days ago)
"... and THIS IS CRUCIAL guys..." as if everything else is not that important.
Ben Cristofani (3 days ago)
First THREE MINUTES of this video are THE MOST IMPORTANT. The air traffic controllers will tell you EVERYTHING you need to know, but they can only do so if you establish a connection!1!
Phil Moore (1 day ago)
he said the headset worked, at the beginning, so if you said 'help' i'm sure the instructions wld be relayed to adjust the frequency
Nathan JB8 (3 days ago)
:flight person: dose any on this plane know how to fly a 737 Me:i DO I DO I done it before Flight person: ...
Nathan JB8 (3 days ago)
Give me a Cessna I know how to fly that (I really do)
Dwight Clough (3 days ago)
The scariest part, in my mind, is just figuring out the radio. I wasn't real clear from the video how to transmit, and what to press or unpress once you're finished talking in order to hear a response. Once you can talk to someone, then they can help you figure things out.
The Desert Lounge (4 days ago)
I made that braking mistake once.
Khadijah Brown (4 days ago)
I used to use Flight Sim a lot, but now it is too hard to do.
Speedbird (4 days ago)
You really want a medal for doing this video! potentially saving hundreds of lives, you info and tutorials are amazing but this is so responsible it needs recognition on a grand scale!!
StreetDogSteve (4 days ago)
I've played War Thunder. I got this.
Lisa S (4 days ago)
The average person would be to panicked to successfully do all these thousand steps...crash!
Greg Landry (4 days ago)
when they interrogate you at the inquiry.Just tell them "me no know ,me no tell,me push button and she go like hell"!!
football2018 ball (4 days ago)
First step : Move the dead captain and pilot away from their seat. This is the hardest part.
Marcin Kowalski (4 days ago)
Me on final: "This is Bob from 737 with a dead pilots, I think I'm getting the hang of it, requesting TOUCH&GO landing"
Mike Oxhuuj (4 days ago)
Msg from the tower " press the button labelled guide line£ Passenger pilot P/P "Ok" "What next man? " CT £Now pull the lever labelled Auto Land on the right below the panel" P/P "s'cool man I got it and pulled it " CT "Next use the radio and call Myday Mayday, Mayday" P/P "I think this station is real cool man I guess that must be Frank Zapper and Hendricks playing their piece man and it is so fu***** cool" CT "WTF are you talking about …? " P/P "wait on man my fat boys gone out and so I gotta fire it up so be cool cos it's a party fat boy. Snuff snuff snuff that's got it man" CT " WTF is happening?"" P/P " Its a really cool mix from a Tibetan village in the Himalayas man and it sure make you hallucinate a lot man" P?P " there's a lot of fluffy stuff out there and I can see green sh&t through it how f***g cool is that man?". CT "What is your altitude ?" P/P " high man, very high" CT "It seems my radio is faulty I'll get an engineer to fix it I maybe about 30 minutes and he will fix it and I'll get back to you" P/P Sounds good too me man Snuuuuuf" CT" Goodbye Tango, Mango Fandango It's been nice talking to you" P/P "Back at you man" P/P " This is ir Commodore Percival Arkwright signing off" CT " Oh fu** what a sh*t day I have had"
David DeMaria (4 days ago)
Looks fun. All I need is to wait for a flight that sees all pilots rendered incapacitated. Heres hoping!
pamula wallace (4 days ago)
Thank you for the video me. At 8.30am crash course how to pilot a passenger plane..... To add to cv.. 😂🌹✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️
Emmanuel K-ci (4 days ago)
The control tower should be able to land the plane without you touching anything or even talking to them.
leigh pierce (2 days ago)
oh yeah, and how is that done?
Owen100 Ivarsson (4 days ago)
Where are you from mentour
David Wang (4 days ago)
I feel like Im a first officer now. Hold my beer.
Simon Russell (4 days ago)
We would run out of gas before I figure out the radio buttons .......
panteradime5150 (5 days ago)
Can I switch to max rudder at 180?
Here to help (5 days ago)
Mind if I fly over my house and tip the wings to my neighbor friends first?....otherwise ...I got this.
Hubjeep (5 days ago)
24:40 Remember??? It's gonna be a constant... "Is this right? Is this right? Is this right?" From me! :D
Mark 777Mark (5 days ago)
Surely you’d pull a quick loop to loop before landing.
ZIGSVIDS (5 days ago)
Except you can't get into the cockpit.
Cafe Laddy (5 days ago)
it would help if there was a checklist downloadable :-)
Cafe Laddy (5 days ago)
headline says 12 steps yet he describes it as 20 steps.... no wonder the plane would crash
Jens Langer (5 days ago)
Nobody is becoming a pilot by watching this video, but despite that it is a great video. Point is, you need the guts to save yourself and the others by having the courage to interact with the aircraft system. Most important message of the video: It is possible. Once you are able to communicate with traffic control, you are probably fine, if you are able to stay calm and follow instruction. I will get the checklist and keep it in my phone. Thanks for the video.
Kraven (5 days ago)
Where's that map? your phone has a nice google map on it, why not put one in a plane? Just for this situation. Make it a little more user friendly and simple, in the case of an emergency. maybe throw in a PS4 controller.
ATS3788 (5 days ago)
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020
Leo Kool (5 days ago)
At what moment did you tell the aircraft where to land?
flo richi (5 days ago)
So if you switch from Intercom to Radio Transmit you don't need the PTT button on the yoke?
Mick O'Halloran (5 days ago)
Small error Peter - you advised that the rudder pedals control direction in the same manner as a toy car which you steer with your feet. The aircraft rudder pedals actually work in the reverse of that. Toy car: push right to steer left. Aircraft rudder: push left to steer left. Apart from that - as usual a great video ! Cheers. Mick OH
rwnordmark (5 days ago)
I really liked this video Petter or Peter. I will watch it again the next time I fly somewhere.
Robert Thomas (6 days ago)
A bit surprising. I'd think you'd want them to be in the left seat. That's where I'm comfortable. Not sure what I'd do in the right seat. Ever do a barrel roll in an airliner?
Jake Werecat (6 days ago)
One thing came to my mind, I know it doesn't really matter when doing an auto-land, but why have you chosen the right seat?
Dean Kuga (6 days ago)
Airliner cockpit doors are always locked and impenetrable so you'd never make it into the cockpit in the first place. This video is completely pointless unless captain is willing to share how to get into the lock cockpit...
Andra Thomas (6 days ago)
Wonderful job explaining things and talking us through the process. Really great video.
David Lloyd-Jones (6 days ago)
This is vitally important information: the Rapture may happen any day, and at least one or two airline captains are Christians. If the crew are Raptured and you aren't, this is the information you will need...
David Lloyd-Jones (2 days ago)
@commonconservative Hunh? I thought Trump had told us we were at peak tribulation, and all the rest of his guys, the Axis of Liberty University and such, were telling us this was End Times. What am I missing?
commonconservative (2 days ago)
You have a whole bunch of tribulation before that happens.
Daniel Hall (6 days ago)
This is great! Thank you for this.
Joe Kohan (6 days ago)
When I fly and I step foot from the gangway to the aircraft, I will inform the lead flight attendant of my skills. This way in case it is needed, there is no reason to concern passengers. They are generally very grateful to have that information for Just in Case. Even if not required for crew assist or PIC, I have Emergency Medical knowledge to assist or take charge of a Medical Issue with passengers or Crew. Once the aircraft is safely on the ground, Emergency Personnel will be prepared to take over. Landing this aircraft theoretically should not be a problem for someone with practical familiarization with controls and communications skills.I Love the presentation of this video, and the way Mentour Pilot so calmly gave.
mach smith (6 days ago)
next to impossible! foolish...
Andrei Timbota Belin (7 days ago)
I think it's possible with the right METAR and aproach pattern if the person in command has some basic flight knowledge. something like Kai Tak and crosswind nfw
Miquel Graell (7 days ago)
Nobody: YouTube recommendations: hey wanna know how to land a plane?
Steve SR (7 days ago)
Hello Mentor, does the rules allow the increase of V2...?
Jon Boy (7 days ago)
WHAT button do you release to hear atc?