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Amazon vs. UPS

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I caught this footage on our Nest cam while expecting a package from Amazon, so naturally, why not turn it in to a fake commercial. Like they say, timing is everything.
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Paul V. (15 days ago)
Paul V. (15 days ago)
They throwing shit in this video
Anselmo Flores (28 days ago)
I work for fedex express and what I see from amazon drivers here is exactly what the ups guy did. Throw packages. They even leave packages in the rain! I take my time to wrap the packages in plastic that fedex provides us and i see ups do the same. The amazon drivers could give a shit about your packages, but maybe it's because I live in the bay area?
klazzikk (1 month ago)
Meanwhile Amazon is still paying UPS to throw that same package, how ironic.
Geronimo Tanto (2 months ago)
Amazon delivery driver poops in street, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t7646MddF00
Suburban Waste (2 months ago)
Amazon drivers are non union scabs!! Youll be gone tmrw bud!
Robert matheny (5 months ago)
I get UPS shipments at least twice a month. I’m amazed on how many damaged packages I get. And when they have a part time delivery guy verses the normal driver they throw my packages from the middle of the yard or continue to deliver them to my neighbor. Sad they have one job and can’t even do the simplest of tasks.
Illucion1988 (5 months ago)
No need to throw packages , i just hand them to the customer and they throw them for me.
gethialday420 (6 months ago)
It was probaly 100 degrees out and 1 guy was more fatigued and tired because they dont have a/c
Dirk Diggler (6 months ago)
Crazy seeing how ups drivers make double what amazon drivers make plus they have the better benifits.
Chris Martin (7 months ago)
They guy got laid off (walked-off) today. no 3-points of contact getting off the truck, and tossing that pac.
Serhat AKDİŞ (7 months ago)
If I make this job, Boss sacks me. I started work UPS two weeks ago in Turkey.
Billy JoeBob (7 months ago)
Now show the video where the amazon driver takes a dump at the end of the driveway
Lacombe57 (7 months ago)
Wow! UPS just did a commercial form Amazon Prime.
Nick (7 months ago)
Package probably spent more time airborne than on the ground while being sorted and people bitch when their package gets tossed 4 yards Now go buy a Ring™ from Amazon™ on Prime™ Day because they don't throw your packages and their warehouse employees aren't worked like horses.
bojan (7 months ago)
That boy said yeet
Nate Miller (7 months ago)
This is an Amazon prime day ad...
Big City Dreams ENT. (7 months ago)
Actually it wasn't. Just a funny thing I caught on our cam.
MultiGamerClub (7 months ago)
Hi from reddit!
Brandon Lazaro (7 months ago)
The drivers don't throw your shit but that's what happens in the warehouse! Throw it into a tote, someone jams it in a bin, someone else throws it back in a tote, it gets thrown into a box & then thrown into a truck. I stopped purchasing things from Amazon after seeing what happens to the stuff they ship... I'm shocked everyone doesn't get broken items all the time. Nobody has time to be nice to the stuff... Gotta make those rates & that means the stuff is thrown pretty much the entire process until it arrives at your door!
Jared Yea boy (27 days ago)
You not wrong I work at a warehouse and I see this everyday
Nix (7 months ago)
uh, most of the time, merchants already know about how hard their stuff could be thrown around, so I'm sure some places even go as far as to do research with their product being dropped alone. Fall off shelves, broken plates, etc.
J White (7 months ago)
THE HIDDEN TRUTH NOT TOLD HERE: Amazon gets the right address about 70% of the time, UPS almost 100%...I have have so many "delivered" notices by Amazon only to open the door and no package..I just have to walk to the next building to pick them up.
micpango (7 months ago)
Well Amazon gets air-conditioning cars so
Illucion1988 (5 months ago)
I drive for Amazon and yes they have ac, but those prime vans are Mercedes sprinters and they auto shut off if you leave the vehicle with it on and it gets hot as hell. We do drive rental vans too though that dont do that and are much nicer in hot weather.
micpango (6 months ago)
125, 275 is nothing and getting done at 730 is too late for us. Air condition helps with fatigue and excessive sweating that leads to dehydration. The amount of weight they move is not even comparable to FedEx or UPS.
Tim Prather jr (6 months ago)
Exactly how does air conditioning help when your in your van less than 1 minute between stops?..... When a UPS, FED-EX, or whatever delivery company you wanna name, does 125 stops, 275 packages in DOWNTOWN high-rises, but doesn't get loaded til 10 a.m. , gets to first delivery at 11 a.m. , and still gets done with ALL the business stops, and the residential by 7:30 p.m.......We will talk about getting those brown shirts some AC.
r Ochoa (7 months ago)
UPS workers are protected by the union...some do not care even if you are filming ....I used to manage a facility shipping around 3 million dollars worth of electronics per day and they will throw the packages on the warehouse dock like they were worthless...not all do the same... and they work under pressure with time,,, not blaming all drivers
Ben Gallaty (7 months ago)
It's the exact opposite in our neighborhood. I know the UPS guy because he takes the time to say hi. Every day we have a new Amazon driver, most are good, some demolish our packages in some sort of cage match it seems. FedEx isn't worth calling a delivery company.
Reazon54ATX (7 months ago)
It would be funnier if it wasn't so true but its still hilarious
thatepicwizardguy (7 months ago)
pretty fucking funny. thanks for my first big laugh of the day
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