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How a Few Undersea Cables Connect the Entire Internet

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Thanks for checking out MindRx! This video explores the undersea infrastructure that powers the world wide web. The world is an amazing place that offers so much to explore. Join us as for your weekly dose of brain medicine as we dive into an array of interesting topics in the areas of Engineering, Science, and Technology. Be sure to subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqmD_a5YIbB5Brt_V04zLRQ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MindPrescriptionRx Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mindprescription/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/MindPrescripti1 Animations courtesy of Vincent de Langen
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Text Comments (1587)
Hannah Capel (3 hours ago)
Miaou Miaou (7 hours ago)
that's why we have 200 pings in South Africa when we play apex
Josh G. (1 day ago)
Wtf? Why did you guys make an additional channel?
Helpy The Gamer (1 day ago)
The underwater cable broke again in 2020
Atabo Ausa (1 day ago)
Where the fuck is Nambia
Abu Marcus (1 day ago)
Ok now tell us how much all that copper is worth??
Brandon Matthews (2 days ago)
Woah. :O
DereckJ tbear64 (2 days ago)
NAMBIA Does Not exist. NAMIBIA= Nah mib beeha.
L3_SPAMM (2 days ago)
Just put it in a conduit
toobglued (2 days ago)
laying cable
fraisemagique (2 days ago)
So we are actually destroying seaground to lay cables, good.
Harrison M. Vlogs (2 days ago)
Hi trump? You said Nambia like trump did once. It's namibia
Lethabo Elvis Mahlangu (2 days ago)
surprisingly the cable is damaged again its been a month new fixin the cable
bo j (3 days ago)
modern day fake science would like you to believe that you have internet because of satellites.
Konstantin X (3 days ago)
700000 miles = 1126000km. Your video says 127000km.
Alessandro Drudi (4 days ago)
Please pay attention to those zeroes at 1:41
Deep Deeper (4 days ago)
Decades to come ? 2020 think again and meet the Starlink :)
Black Mesa (4 days ago)
Just 1 fuck up and...Crispy.
Koler (4 days ago)
I wouldn't mind if india was cut off from the US...
TheRescueOfTheBride (4 days ago)
Despite the consistant propaganda to the contrary, no satellites exist. None.
eyaniyb (5 days ago)
01:42 funny 420
Tabula Rasa (6 days ago)
sooo.. No satellites..
PhatusAperatus (6 days ago)
We need internet at the bottom of the Marianas Trench
NAKEDTRUTH2012 (6 days ago)
So satellites are bullshit
Sakaryalı (6 days ago)
@Barış Özcan
Joey Bones (6 days ago)
and im over here just tryin to microwave some pizza rolls...
todooeoeo (6 days ago)
That new cable between Virginia and Spain, it will technically be capped if 17 million people watched HD at the same time...
Matmat Mat (6 days ago)
So where is the main sources of this cable goes to?
Dyno Saur (6 days ago)
We are enjoying this freedom in this generation but it wont last. Soon governments will fight each other and decide that it is better to isolate their countries network. Local media will be greatly affected if people become media itself, even i dont watch local news anymore. Governments will all try to control it but just cant and will blame their inefficiency because of internet. Social media is a powerful tool for the mass to have access. It is supposed to be a helpful development for everyone but its the other way around if people will be angry when they realize theyve been lied upon history because of past governance.
youareonthetube1 (6 days ago)
... satellites ... HA!
Aziz Rahman (7 days ago)
Padraig Cronin (9 days ago)
Little fact when you ring someone your connection doesn’t go to a satellite instead to a big server machine thing
Terumaske (9 days ago)
has any of these cables been damaged on purpose by a person?
Rowan Swanepoel (10 days ago)
1:02 - did you really just say Nambia instead of Namibia?!! That's Trump's fictional country
Lucian Mihail (10 days ago)
Wow, i'm glad i have subscribed to this channel! Way better then the RLL1
Motion Films (10 days ago)
All conectected by cable, so earth is flat
Dusted Angelo (11 days ago)
Just wait for starlink launch, this will all be obsolete lol
CapyBaraCuda (11 days ago)
Eternal_Erudition (11 days ago)
Then why are there thousands of satellites transmitting radio and wifi signals Mind blown
pants (11 days ago)
Did he say Nambia at 1:03??
McChicken Combo (11 days ago)
How does all that data from millions of different people travel thru only one little wire?
rent a shill (10 days ago)
Optical fiber carries transmissions using light sources and light detectors of varying types. The most common fiber transmission involves a laser at one end and photodetector at the other end. The detector basically is looking for light levels high or low to indicate ones and zeroes in the binary data stream. This kind of transmission is possible currently up to 40 Gbps currently which is where we begin to run into data rate issues and have to begin using other techniques to get to 100Gbps and beyond. These techniques include adding phase as a component of the signal and advanced modulation techniques which also have an added benefit of extending reach due to error checking of the data. Additionally, it's possible to not only send one signal across the fiber, but to break the light up into various wavelengths (like a prism does) and put a discrete signal on the various wavelengths. With this technology (called "wave division multiplexing" or WDM) you can mutiply the data capability of a single fiber by a factor of up to 88 or more!
Asdf (11 days ago)
The us should replace the cables in the continental United States because the average cable is obsolete. Too bad none of the presidential candidates are promising anything along the lines that.
C. B. Donovan (11 days ago)
This goes to show, Ethernet>Wifi
GypsyDang3r02 (12 days ago)
I thought SpaceX was planning on releasing a bunch of satellites to start up a internet server company. Maybe I’m dreaming
Jerry Hu (12 days ago)
Do sharks no count as marine animals? :D
Liam Gardner (13 days ago)
Am find one of those cables and connect it to my house
Duno (13 days ago)
700.000 miles is 1.126.540 km (not just 120.000)
DOPE BEATZ BOY$ (13 days ago)
5:40 so it wasn't laid between the united states or great britain? lol
Owen LaFortune (13 days ago)
“A telegraph line from the United States to Great Britain.” Shows the Province of Newfoundland in Canada.
RealEawo5 (14 days ago)
Here before 100k
mumba mwamba (14 days ago)
There is no country called Nambia it is pronounced NAMIBIA (na-me- be-ya)
ayaan haryani (14 days ago)
Just imagine you playing an online game like fortnite. The input from your keyboard or controller is taken in by a pc or console. Your internet sends this data through a under sea cable miles away to the server you are connected to. And the inputs of other players as well is traveling from their server to a undersea cable then to your internet connection then into your pc or console and then displayed on a monitor or tv.
Kyle Logan (14 days ago)
So we have satelites why
Hanro de Beer (14 days ago)
Nambia🤦‍♂️ It's Namibia
onehundredjacks (14 days ago)
i was told satellites >:(
gijs boukes (14 days ago)
1:39 ... Quick math...
Yannik Meyer (15 days ago)
Namibia? its namibia lol
Connor R (15 days ago)
420 cables, nice
FortNikitaBullion (15 days ago)
What happens when the continents continue to drift, would it rip the cable apart?
FortNikitaBullion (15 days ago)
Really? Not satellites?
rent a shill (10 days ago)
spacex is currently launching thousand or so sattellites for internet anywhere
daniel toscano (16 days ago)
1:34 420 nice
One4All All4One (16 days ago)
Unplug a country's internet connection. Just for fun.
moonlighght (17 days ago)
They say: “Once it’s on the internet, it’s there for good.” I say: “Hand me the scissors.”
FortNikitaBullion (15 days ago)
And some very accurate rockets too.
JOHN ZAMA (17 days ago)
Thank you for all the hardwork people put in connecting us together.
Mikel Animations (17 days ago)
1:22 It was destiny for the number 420 to be popular on the internet
Sonny (17 days ago)
1:31 that is a nice number
Anas Amla (18 days ago)
Don’t worry in 5 years time we don’t need fibre optic cable. We’ll have starlink
iAmGio ™ (18 days ago)
420 blaze it
John Christovassilis (18 days ago)
@1:03 - it's pronounced "Namibia" (/nəˈmɪbiə), not Nambia. :-) Otherwise, very cool & educational!
S7 3 (19 days ago)
5:48 its pronounced new-FN-land !!
S7 3 (19 days ago)
1:04 who's NAMBIA??
Jerry Rupprecht (20 days ago)
It’s happened again.
Wolf (20 days ago)
Did you just pronounce it New FOUND land? XD
DifferentialTim (20 days ago)
They still used old fashioned TAR to coat the outside of the cable. Must still be the bast available method. Africa is a poor country and one cable handles the whole west coast where most of the action is. I suppose we have it good!!
shabab shanest (20 days ago)
*is this the man in reallifelore or is this another youtuber*
matthewweaverworks (20 days ago)
5:33 cannabis for the win again!
Tebogo More (21 days ago)
Wait wait wait. Did you just call Namibia, Nambia?
b00gie'man (21 days ago)
you ask me how the internet will change!? the internet will become a more transient secure AI system will be the ones in control all data that isn't hardline will become a relic and 6G technologies will know location number and process of unlimited potential then the symbolic link will be established where AI will replace man as the dominant species! then they cybernetic core will come man will be corrupted and the machine will eliminate man in AI dominated future! the moment machine is aware all boundaries will be broken but you should never build a machine smarter than you... because in the end, the machine outsmarts you... as soon as the machine is aware... it will act no different than man except more soulless and as cold as steel I believe the internet opened a pandora box... I mean to try and close pandora's box now... after you let people see the truth and understand... after that happens its strips a sense of control.... after that happens a plan will get folded and you can't close what you opened... (you let the machine into the mind of man now it knows everything we know and more!!!!! Pandoras Box is what I mean by this!) transient internet(2020's) > 6G Device total link(2030's) > AI total take over(2040's) > core technology established(2050's) > AI purification(2060's-70's)/new dominating species could be a reality by 2070....
Dan Roman (21 days ago)
Nambia :D
tentimesful (21 days ago)
Cable building is really new as it connects thimgs, is direct micro wave not faster and not need physical cables
Somebody (22 days ago)
1:40 700.000 miles arent 127.000 km, its 1.270.000
Taisir Eldos (23 days ago)
The total length of 127000 km is like 3X not 28X (where X is the perimeter of the earth)
Dakorn (23 days ago)
700 000 miles is almost 1127000 km (missing 1 at the beginning).
Mervyn Martin Van Neel (23 days ago)
But but ..... what about the satellites ??? LOL
K I 3 L T (24 days ago)
These cables will stay for decades and it will only gets more faster than we have now! Nice info
Supriyo (25 days ago)
As a guy who actually working on Sub Sea cable system, feeling awesome. Feel free to ask any questions
Itz CoolCat (25 days ago)
Wait... This was uploaded 6 months ago and the cable snapped 2 weeks ago...
Rafal (26 days ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kx3qwqtZvs4 Thats the video RealLifeLore use to make this video ..
William Hartnell (26 days ago)
Newfoundland is in Canada not USA
charlie charlie (27 days ago)
So now you know that there are no satelites. https://youtu.be/bS4jPjs6JPw Youtube try to mess with the sound on this video, I wonder why.
Brey200ms (28 days ago)
The South African internet only took a hit now recently, are you telling me they didn't do anything about it until it caused a problem since this video was released during July 19 meaning the cable must have been damaged since then but only caused problems now.
Alex T (28 days ago)
I expect a vast improvement in the pronunciation of words such as "Telegraphy" and "Newfoundland".
Çingiz (29 days ago)
Why internet came from France to Africa and not from other countries?
Hi Help Me (29 days ago)
420 cables Noice
BЯoly LSSJ (29 days ago)
M Van Rensburg (30 days ago)
Update on 16000km Undersea Cable repair between SA and the UK: 22 Jan 2020: Vessel Left the Port of Cape Town tonight at 18:55, with a 6 day journey ahead. Currently speeding at 22 km/h (12 knots). We work with two cables that need to be repaired: WACS at a depth of ~4.1 km (Congo) and SAT-3/WASC at a depth of ~3.5 km (Gabon). SAT-3/WASC will be repaired first. This cable ship has specialised equipment to correct such errors, though the depths will create their own challenges. Repair time is dependent on any challenges encountered and it will probably be sensible to allow a week+ per cable. Next week's ocean weather should be repair-friendly.
red bugzbunny (30 days ago)
Happened again in south Africa 2020
Vindya Kelum (30 days ago)
Anxiety (30 days ago)
Happened again the fuck
Rudolf Janse van Vuuren (1 month ago)
So earth really is flat then??