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Pikmi Pops Jelly Dreams Slumber Party In Real Life 24 Hour Camping Game Master Top Secret Spy Toy

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Pikmi Pops Jelly Dreams Slumber Party In Real Life 24 Hour Camping Challenge Game Master Top Secret Spy Toy Today the sassy kids receive a mystery box from Moose toys. The mystery box has the all new Pikmi Pops Jelly Dreams toys. The game master sends in this top secret spy toy. Daisy and Briar Rose do the 24 hour challenge. The girls camp for 24 hours and have a Pikmi Pop Jelly Dreams Slumber party in real life. This is a famThe Pikmi Pops Jelly Dreams are going on sale December 1. Pikmi Pops Jelly Dreams gifted by Moose toys. We are a fun loving YouTube family. Be part of the sassy squad Merch http://bit.ly/TheSassyKidsMerch Please subscribe to our channels http://bit.ly/thesassykids http://bit.ly/funtasticfamily http://bit.ly/PrincessBriarRose Find pictures, updates, and more about the sassy kids Instagram http://bit.ly/thesassykidsInstagram MUSICAL.LY @thesassykids We are a family fun kids channel that loves to play games,challenges, skit, and toys. Daisy and Briar Rose love to make videos and share their day with you along with mom and dad. Everyone loves to play hello neighbor, make slime, playing with lol surprise dolls, hatchimals, rainbocorns, pikmi flip, fingerlings toys, challenges toy review and more! #moosetoys #gamemaster
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