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'Lewis Hamilton uses Sebastian Vettel as distraction to sneak out of Melbourne' 25/3/18 #exclusive

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The war between Lewis Hamilton & Sebastian Vettel intensified tonight with the Mercedes driver using Ferrari's number one man as a decoy to avoid fans. Vettel arrived in a chauffered driven Alfa Romeo and pulled up at the curb to a group of fans, zipping up his suitcase in frustration. Whilst Vettel had the crowd in a buzz after his victory in the Australian Formula One Grand Prix, Hamilton and his assistant Angela Cullen tried their best to sneak into the terminal. Our cameras noticed the red Tommy Hilfiger sweater in the background and made a beeline for the celebrity speedster. We suspect the Brit and his crew were keeping watch on Vettel's Italian chariot in order to bypass any fanfare and get onto the Qatar Airways A380 jet. One lucky Brazilian pleaded with the 4 x world champion to stop for a selfie and luckily enough Hamilton obliged. he even grabbed the gent's phone and took the selfie himself. What a guy! We hope Hamilton has better luck next year and doesn't use his arch enemy Sebastian Vettel as a decoy to leave Melbourne ***footage subject to cost & copyright
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david murphy (11 days ago)
Bull shit total as always ... idiot blogger.
BERLIAN CHANNEL (1 month ago)
The Champions
Edwina G (1 month ago)
A nice guy Lewis
robin karki (1 month ago)
Lewis is so Fucking Polite to Everyone, what a racing legend you are. Never Ignore his fans SALUTE
ItzTheDude (3 months ago)
The description is BS. What rivalry? They are friends outside F1.
Leo Goria (3 months ago)
All I can say is That Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio 😍😍😍
Jaden Johnson-Ward (4 months ago)
I love Formula 1 positivity
Lee Webber (5 months ago)
What is the point in this camera man's existence?
ozzy ozzy (6 months ago)
Wow what I would give just to spend 10 mins with Lewis Hamilton , all time hero and the national hero too , British people don't know how lucky we are to have him fight on the track and give us the F1 all time best ever driver 😎 I remember his first ever race and the fight with Alonso which was nail bitting and still every season he fights is amazing to watch and I feel the ups and downs with him , thank you LH44 for making us proud 🏎🏎
Bob Boberson (6 months ago)
Uh, yeah - I didn't see the subterfuge. So this is CLICKBAIT. But still fun to see the drivers in everyday circumstances.
PennyHerbst (7 months ago)
2:58 God fuck, Lewis Hamilton!!! Stay cool Alyana, stay cool. You look good!! 2:59 Lets be professional and act as if nothing happens. 2:59 Fuck that, smile to him he sure wants you!! 3:00 Fuck my life, he didn't look at me
girlgreenivy (7 months ago)
Next time you're trying to go unnoticed, don't wear bright red
WPVG_AiiR (7 months ago)
Has Lewis got a women holding his bags. Wow that explains what type of person he is
Matthew C (7 months ago)
Lewis has got it right. Grab the phone off them and take the pic himself so he can fuck off quicker
jtjorger (7 months ago)
Leave them alone I mean they are just normal dudes try to live their life. They just happen be good at racing.
15 MOF (7 months ago)
What an insightful comment! who would worship these guys and pay them millions if we all left them alone. Or did you just want for your 15MINUTES OF FAME ?
Chris McCarthy (7 months ago)
You must have to admit, if you were them it must get frustrating just even going for a quiet walk and getting mobbed by fans all the time. We all like our space so people need to understand so do these drivers for the upcoming races ahead of them.. Ect!!
Moveover Andbark (7 months ago)
You can see Hamilton at 00:56 in the background.....title of this video is misleading....it's two guys arriving at the airport, what the fans focused on is their perogative.
Christian Noel (7 months ago)
That has to be annoying as hell!! The kids I understand but adults really should give a little space.
Saso Popovski (8 months ago)
Ke si oj za dva meseci :D
iChristopher (8 months ago)
It's settled then, they are both nice guys.
JK JK (8 months ago)
I thought Lewis had his own plane. Maybe Australia is a bit out of its range.
Lawabiding Citizen (8 months ago)
Solc3 (8 months ago)
:D lolya
Gerardo Elox (8 months ago)
I don't like Hamilton's personality but i understand why he would want to just sneak out of this. They'd be all over him if he didn't
Kelso Bradshaw (8 months ago)
is this a private plane terminal
Kelso Bradshaw (5 months ago)
15 MOF very interesting, thank you. do all drivers fly commercial for australia? how many drivers have private jets?
15 MOF (5 months ago)
Commercial. Melbourne's Int. airline terminal
15 MOF (5 months ago)
Yes, Hamilton has his own private jet which we believe is a Dassault Falcon. He uses his jet around Europe and the Americas. Jet fuel use to Australia is too costly so he opts fir first class commercial airline tickets which the team pays for.
Kelso Bradshaw (5 months ago)
15 MOF doesnt hamilton have a private jet?
15 MOF (5 months ago)
Melbourne's international terminal for commercial airliners
Patrick Star (8 months ago)
I'm sure the people with Hamilton were trying to get him to get a move on. He could be there for hours and not sign everyone's stuff. Why does everyone have to tear people apart.
loveluneo (8 months ago)
You are not my fav driver but really hats off for Lewis for being so nice to the fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
racing legend (8 months ago)
Everybody standing there like they see him all the time😮😮😮😮
Paulsen DK (8 months ago)
Anyone that can tell me where to get that Tommy Hilfiger hoodie that Lewis is wearing?
Mathew (8 months ago)
Which gates were these that he attends? You shouldn't heckle him for pictures. Life is short. He sacrifices a lot for people just for a picture that means nothing. So what if you have a picture . . . you will look at it ten times and then be done with it. Just enjoy his company in the flesh instead. That is much more worthwhile.
Kaugi KIbaara (8 months ago)
adalecarter (8 months ago)
Hamilton is way off in the distance at 55 sec into the video. Too far away to be using Vettel as a way to avoid fans. Obviously a Ferrari fanboy who just wants to hate on Hamilton. As far as taking the phone from Brazil guy to take a picture, the guy admitted he was nervously shaking and Hamilton helped him take the picture. Please stop hating so much on either driver.
Sky-view (8 months ago)
He’s a good guy that Lewis. But how quick are his hands when he’s grabbing the phones from the owners to take a selfie with them? He can make an amazing pick pocket on his side career.
Katzen jammer (8 months ago)
You have WH Smiths in Aus?
sheriff5119 (8 months ago)
Very nice video!
sheriff5119 (8 months ago)
LH is quite a guy! Like Federer, he always seems cheerful when signing autographs for fans. Vettel in contrast looks VERY glum & bored by it all.
Kanguesso Kang (8 months ago)
Wait, he doesn’t go through security checks or have to take his shoes off and all that nonsense the rest of us “common” folk have to go through? 🙄
joe coquerre (8 months ago)
Hamilton and Vettel have a lot of respect for each other,just like Senna and Prost,re-watch Prost's reaction when Ayrton hit the wall,he was livid and knew it was a bad crash,and he also was at his funerals,the press made them enemies on the track but they respected each other,remember Senna's words before the race:"we miss you Alain'......Senna needed that'battle' with Prost to be a better driver........
joe coquerre (8 months ago)
I thought these guys had private jets....????!!!
Isaac Ramon (8 months ago)
The guy telling he is from Brazil is a liar, that's not even close to a Brazilian accent, even if the guy is fluent.
MrMonne84 (8 months ago)
Heard so much about how rude, arrogant and dislikable Lewis is. Specially from fellow British. He really comes across as all of the above in this video doesn't he?
M Paul (8 months ago)
Lewis should have won that race, feel deeply sorry for him at times, hes had to put up with a lot in his time eg racial abuses, let downs, tensions etc hes definitely up there with some of the all time greats though like Schumacher & Senna. I pray he has a very successful season ahead!!
Makedon (8 months ago)
01:53 Ќе си одиш за два месеци ? хахахахаха
Warwick Bull (8 months ago)
Nice Tommy Hilfiger hoodie you have there Hamilton.
Floris Olthoff (8 months ago)
What Hoodie is Lewis wearing? Shit looks dope af!
15 MOF (8 months ago)
Tommy Hilfiger hoodie....one of his many sponsors
Alexander Eriksson (8 months ago)
wtf leave him alone, show some respect
SCAPEPILOT (8 months ago)
Clickbait Mo%$#@er
Sonu03785 (8 months ago)
Melbourne airport is really shitty where these paparazo scum can follow people inside talk about privacy infringement 😡😡
louis chim (8 months ago)
Just to point this out, for people who think Lewis have private jets. Aside from cost of long distance flight, they were going to YAS MARINA CIRCUIT for an Abu Dhabi GP event sponsored by EMIRATES so they were all sitting on the same plane (A380 First Class) to get there.
louis chim (8 months ago)
I might be wrong but I remember one of the drivers posting about it in their story before
dumaramutsi (8 months ago)
"We suspect the Brit and his crew were keeping watch on Vettel's Italian chariot in order to bypass any fanfare and get onto the Qatar Airways A380 jet." Wtf!? You should write a movie script with all this BS. The description of this video is not even funny.
Carbon (8 months ago)
For people who are confused at 0:55 you can see Hamilton jump out the car just as vettel gets swammped by fans, this vid is just shitty journos looking for a story as you can see lewis taking pics etc in the airport.
Atish Sisodia (8 months ago)
what did I just waste 3 mins on?
Fishlips (8 months ago)
MOF is an asshole.
playfast321 (8 months ago)
wait, what was the problem? hamilton not stopping to wait up for fans? the fans that showed up. got what they wanted, hamilton just has a team with him, so he probably has to catch a flight. Seb didnt. all the fans got what they wanted so i dont see the problem
yoloswaggerboy13 (8 months ago)
oh noo, were gonna see lewis wearing this tommy garments all season long, arent we?
pascal the rallyspotter (8 months ago)
Hamilton was had a more worst race dan verstappen
wt f (8 months ago)
pascal the rallyspotter (8 months ago)
StyloGames57 Your just searching for problems
pascal the rallyspotter (8 months ago)
StyloGames57 ye I now thanks a lot IT seports me
Stylo (8 months ago)
And you have worse grammar than a 3-year-old.
xlonglexis (8 months ago)
How stupid could you be. Is not as if they arrived in the same car and Lewis made Vettel to go out first and then sneak pass him.
Web crawler (8 months ago)
I remember the guy with the blue glasses and his weasel friend in the red pullover from last your. They were super annoying
Danny Morgan (8 months ago)
It was nice to see him stop for that Brazilian, he did hesitate but eventually decided to be kind, I like that.
15 MOF (8 months ago)
WE thought this the best aspect of Hamilton's departure. Very nice of Lewis
Alex Lamas (8 months ago)
Wow, Lewis and Seb are both with about $200 million each and they handle there own bags! That's refreshing to see. Plus now you know where to get a quick autograph, at the airport.
Alex Lamas (7 months ago)
If someone attacks you online the most thing you can do is respond in kind. Never attack back, instead question their behavior and let them know that kind of discourse is not okay.
Alex Lamas (7 months ago)
Thank you for your thoughtful response. I always try to have all my interactions, even if they are contrary to other opinions, to be a respectful as possible. I try not to differentiate between engaging someone online or inperson because in either circumstance there's a human being on the the other side. The computer has given us the idea that we are not people talking to other people. We have to remind each other that curtesy and respect still counts or we'll loose it forever. As an F1 fan I think it's even more important that we act in the same way as the "Gentleman Racers" we claim to admire.
bmx687 (7 months ago)
Alex Lamas was just having this conversation with a mate of mine. I feel that the internet has really calloused people when it comes to courtesy. The internet promotes the idea that people can say whatever ugly thing they want to people without having any responsibility for how ugly their actions are. It’s one reason why I don’t have a Facebook; the comments people make about others is just atrocious. Thank you for being genuine Alex... it’s very nice to see around these parts “world wide web.”
Alex Lamas (8 months ago)
l don’t appreciate crudeness or hostility of any kind on my thread. Please comment with same intelligence, humor and respect if you wish to continue. Why do you think it's okay to talk to someone like this even online? Why do you feel the need to be rude and toxic? People online seem to think it's okay to be rude and nasty from behind a computer but you'd never talk to someone like that in person would you? My hope is to point out that we need not talk to each other with hostility. It adds nothing to conversations and only creates more hostility. I hope we can all think a little before responding in such fashions. The world is toxic enough, why add to it, what do you gain? Especially as F1 fans, we should be a little better than this and set an example of how treat each other with respect.
15 MOF (8 months ago)
Thank you for watching Dutch man
Jsg Guitar (8 months ago)
já comeu o cu do Neymar kkkkkk
AutoSherlock (8 months ago)
Ush (8 months ago)
Think about it, these F1 drivers were on full intense weekend (do you know how it feel to drive 2 hours in a F1?) Go to the airport for a long haul flight and still able to do some candid autograph at the OUTSIDE of the airport... i meant, airport is a place where you just wanna go there asap, not to chill... but these guys still able to take the camera and do some selfie. A big respect for them. Do you want Hamilton or Vettel treat the fans like Justin Bieber? 10 Bodyguards, running from the car to the terminal? No right? Then don't make a shitty title video like this one. This channel is a disgrace.
Jraybay (1 month ago)
binladoo (8 months ago)
In what regard did he actually use Sebastian as distraction towards the fans? I don't get it.
CODstarFTW (8 months ago)
Look at all these typical Ferrari fans. Always hating on Hamilton for the stupidest reasons, saying he is arrogant and a loser even though he is so greatful to his team and fans every single day. He loves formula 1 just as much as us and he has been an amazing sport the past 10 years. What did he ever do to deserve the negativity from these 'ferrari' fans. Can I tell you all something? It's FERRARI that's destroying this sport, not Hamilton. FERRARI has the most money, but can't keep up with him. FERRARI doesn't want to help other teams grow in the sport. FERRARI wants to quit F1 bcoz they think the sport is shit YET THEY HAVE THE MONEY TO HELP MAKE IT BETTER. Oh and don't get me started... the DISRESPECT the Ferrari fans show to Hamilton ALL THE FUCKING TIME MAN. I love all the drivers, I love this sport, I want to make it a better place, but it's not going to get better if Ferrari is always bashing the same guy for no reason. HELP GIVE LEWIS SOME RESPECT, THE WAY HE SHOWS IT TO HIS FANS AND TEAM. STOP BEING THE PLAGUE OF THIS SPORT.
alles klar klaus (8 months ago)
platypus winning the first 2 races of the season mate. Also, to the OP: Mercedes pumped in more money than Ferrari. And Hamilton fans do hate on other drivers as well. It's called fanboys, always the same. Just like football. You're complaining and doing the same shit as them
Emeralds77 (8 months ago)
generalization is bad
Joseph Stalin (8 months ago)
Ay up bring back virgin Marussia
area 51 (8 months ago)
Ferrari driven by German not an Italian both are sulkers
Ian Nixon (8 months ago)
CODstarFTW ...couldn't have put it better.
No U (8 months ago)
mr. derp over here
Gabriel Vlad (8 months ago)
Dislike and reported for fake information.
ilugihz goy (8 months ago)
Seems Hamilton cool guy.
Louis Andrew (8 months ago)
The more Hate for LH44 the more successful he is!...... let’s go hate some more!!!
satos1 (8 months ago)
Lewis mustn't be flying first class as he is dressed in a tracksuit.
James Underhill (8 months ago)
When you're paying around £7k for a ticket on a 20 hour flight i don' think they're going to turn you down for wearing a sponsored named brand tracksuit...
Ush (8 months ago)
So you think every first class passenger must wear a tuxedo? Try to wear a Tuxedo for 20+ hours flight i dare you
AECG18 (8 months ago)
Unsubbed. Fuck U
False Gods (8 months ago)
What not, who’s arrive first at Bahrain wins?
Simon Anderson (8 months ago)
15 MOF (8 months ago)
97jag440 (8 months ago)
You can see that these guys are tired and just want to get going but it's nice to see that they still take that extra minute to sign and take some pictures for the fans.
Lexicon (8 months ago)
Andrew Reid (8 months ago)
Just all class from Hamilton and Vettel signing all those autographs and giving back to all those supporters
Project One (8 months ago)
It's a shame people still find ways to hate on them both :/
Calebfoust3443 (8 months ago)
2:42 I don't know if Lewis was slightly pissed, or something...but the way he just grabbed his phone was sooo rude. But at the end of the day the dude has a selfie with Lewis Hamilton.
Charles-Antoine Martel-Roy (8 months ago)
I live in Montreal, I see F1 drivers around almost every years and you know what, when they're not in the paddocks at Circuit G-V, I don't go and bother them. They've got really tough race weekends, sometimes they really don't get the results they wanted, why insist so much to get selfies? Just be happy you saw him, maybe grab a quick picture from a distance, but let them live their lives. No matter what anybody says, the FIRST reason why they're in F1 is because they love racing, not for fans, not for money, because if that's all they wanted, they wouldn't have worked THAT hard in lower categories to move up there.
Lexicon (8 months ago)
Yeah... totally rude, I mean his team had already shrugged the fan off, Lewis had already indicated he had no more time, yet upon hearing the guy's plea, and how far he traveled, he accommodated him and helped him despite his obvious nerves.. but according to you, he 'grabbed' his camera....dude was trying to catch a flight, should he be languid & relaxed? I wonder if commentators on these pages have ever put themselves in the shoes of the people they criticize?
Dmitriy Sizonenko (8 months ago)
I want Kimi to win this year
Erik Alvarez (8 months ago)
I know they show some hatered for eachother but like all legendary rivalries they respect eachother and years from now will be thankful they had eachother to push eachother to new heights.
Charles-Antoine Martel-Roy (8 months ago)
Like Hunt and Lauda, or Hakkinen and Schumacher or Senna and Prost. They all had the same kind of story as Hamilton and Vettel, and when they're all done racing, they'll look back and remember that except for 1 year, 2010-2017 was quite literally their era (might have to include more years soon). Rosberg had the odd victory in 2016, but other than that, there has only been these 2 winning championships.
Haiqal Zaki (8 months ago)
The F1 community is toxic, and I'm pointing towards the fanboys. Hating for stupid or no reason whatsoever. Just enjoy the race ffs!!!
Qwerty (4 months ago)
Haiqal Zaki I am a Hamilton fan but I find it disgraceful that people hate on other drivers just because of favouritism
Stephen S (8 months ago)
i think we can also point at journalists...
WWYD78 (8 months ago)
Charles-Antoine Martel-Roy There are no flaws you're just whinning and complaining, of course people can always self justify their complaints but that doesn't mean it's anything different. I was not insulting you either, I was point out the reality of complaining whinning men being very common in among the fans of F1 as it is with pop culture. Safety car situations virtual or otherwise Always have an effect on pit strategy ,And there are always winners and losers from a safety car depending on strategy and how the safety car affects said stradegy.And I'm not interested in debating this with you further, That was not the purpose of my original comments, the non complaining, optimistic men who read it will certainly understand very clearly exactly the point I was making , I did not expect that you would, nor would I expect you to Understand anything at all outside of what you already believe. Besides that you know nothing about me except that I firmly believe grown men complaining all the time is pathetic and I did not say anything about you, you said it about yourself,And I don't care how long you been watching the sport or how close you have followed it,Nor do I pride myself on being a fan of anything I simply enjoy motorsports and I've never seen one single race that led me to complain like that.
Charles-Antoine Martel-Roy (8 months ago)
Firstly, let me point out how much I laughed at your pitiful comment and attempt at hurting my masculinity. If anybody here is a new fan, it's clearly you, who defends the VSC as if it was always a variable when it was used for the first time not even 3 years ago. Unlike under a real safety car, where drivers are allowed to catch up to one another, forming a train behind the SC, which makes pitting much more of a risky gamble. On a VSC, if you have a specific gap at that moment, poof, blind luck, you'll end up ahead, because the driver is forced to maintain the Delta and can't catch up to the safety car like he normally would. They half-baked a dumb set of rules after Bianchi's accident and it's completely flawed. On my side, I clearly question what kind of a man is unable to have a civilized discussion without resorting to insults. Throughout history, men have been philosophers, kings, presidents, politicians, people who knew how to hold their own in a debate. You're just the embodiment of a 1950's playboy idiot who thinks being a man means being silent about things that they don't like. That's what women did for centuries under the oppression, not what men did. Also, pointing out flaws in a system and offering a solution to the problem isn't complaining, it's trying to fix things. Complaining is what your fat ass is doing in your comment, being hurt as the snowflake that you are because some people don't think like you. Boohoo, go cry yourself to sleep now.
WWYD78 (8 months ago)
Charles-Antoine Martel-Roy There's nothing about it that's artificial ,It's a part of the rule set ,of the many variables that can affect the outcome Safety Cars and Virtual Safety Cars are certainly one of them and has always been. The only thing new are the girly men so called fans that lways find the negative in everything they encounter in life, the same deceived and dark souls who never realize that their constant complaints say alot about them as men and nothing about the sport of F1.
spy us (8 months ago)
even off the track he is a prick
Charles-Antoine Martel-Roy (8 months ago)
So are you, but you don't have the excuse of being annoyed by paparazzis and unrelenting fans all them time, even after a long weekend of efforts that were ruined by a software mistake.
Curious Cat (8 months ago)
Corrected title: "Youtuber uses Vettel and Hamilton names in a clickbait title to get more views".
15 MOF (8 months ago)
We're glad your friends taught you to spell! stay in school mate ...
EvaFrass@me..y pree (8 months ago)
15 MOF fuck u
GLAS63 (8 months ago)
You hit the nail on the head.. I don't know about you but, I never clicked on this, it just loaded up as the next video.... smh
15 MOF (8 months ago)
Your curiosity killed the cat.
Dexter Haven (8 months ago)
Toto Wolff blames a "technical problem" for losing the race for Hamilton. No, Toto. Your decision to rely on the software. Your responsibility to check it out. Man up. You have always been a sheep in Wolff's clothing.
The Real MVP (8 months ago)
Is it me or the media always try to find a way to talk shit about successful black men/women. Saw the daily mail do a bad article about Raheem Sterling buying a cupboard from Primark, Lacazette buying food from Tesco and Lukaku going to training in a Rolls Royce Wraith.
15 MOF (8 months ago)
The video above, for racism? wow
The Real MVP (8 months ago)
I'm not saying it's racist ffs I'm just saying black people get the headlines for doing normal things whereas if this was Sebastian or Kimi you wouldn't have made the video
Hambone (8 months ago)
Why's everything got to be political now
15 MOF (8 months ago)
If you think this article is racist, you are watching the wrong video
ISLAMATRON (8 months ago)
the media are part of the white supremacist system. also they want to sell more media and in the west white supremacy is what sells so they push it in the media.
Ioannis Visvikis (8 months ago)
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Mauro Candiago (8 months ago)
fake video, fake news, fake fake fake..... everything to call the attention on inexisting facts and make only gossip
Mauro Candiago (8 months ago)
Timmy Lassie oh boy, you missed English morphology class when you were a kid.
15 MOF (8 months ago)
Thanks for watching
Timmy Lassie (8 months ago)
"inexisting"? is that a word somewhere on the planet i am not familiar with?
sergio cintra (8 months ago)
Hamilton Foi um grande fã de Senna
Paul Taylor (8 months ago)
Fuck Lewis the Americanized fool go seb
john king (8 months ago)
what happened to the blinged out private jet? doesn't it go far enough south to do australia?
15 MOF (5 months ago)
Australia is 25-30 hours by plane. Hamilton flies first class down under then onto Malaysia. Jet fuel is far too expensive to fly that distance so his tema pays for the commercial ticket
diazzsama (8 months ago)
Always use company's money as much as you can
billandyeng (8 months ago)
How do you know he's boarding a commercial flight? Large private jets use main airports all the time. In addition, whenever there's a race, F1 organiser usually secures a special zone in the airport where everyone's private jets are parked and they go through special security and customs lane. Just watch some other videos of F1 private jets departing one after another after the race.
Mael T (8 months ago)
john king He does not use it to races in australia, and asian GPs
Lucas Hassay (8 months ago)
lol doesn't he have a private jet?
Youdontknoww Me (6 months ago)
Lol what a fail your comment was
sandy carter (7 months ago)
It lands at an airport not a motorway
Stephen S (8 months ago)
you still have to pass security if you land at a major airport.
Lyle Clarke (8 months ago)
So where do you think he'd park it, in a multi storey?
15 MOF (8 months ago)
Yes. But for fuel cos t reasons, first class is the better option across continents to Australia
MiguelMpower (8 months ago)
When you make a woman carry your bags that says a lot
Neemeka Agu nwosu (8 months ago)
MiguelMpower blah blah blah
DarkStryder360 (8 months ago)
It ain't the 1940's any more mate.
godfrey cadogan (8 months ago)
You plank lol
mr.Rager (8 months ago)
That is Hamiltons PR Manager and she is carrying her own bags.
Cletus Spuckler (8 months ago)
The woman is carrying *HER OWN* bags. The big fella with glasses is the one carrying Lewis' baggage. The fact you let your *mindless hate* for Lewis blind you says a lot about you. Next time watch the video properly before spewing hate.
vuifatt chong (8 months ago)
This is the first round, there have more and more to race, I don't thing so ferrari is good, 4 years, I saw it no further action required
MaFd0n (8 months ago)
what is this paparazzi shiat im watching
Gonzo GB87 (8 months ago)
15 MOF No it was shite.
Heel Race Driver (8 months ago)
15 MOF (8 months ago)
Enjoy our video.
Heel Race Driver (8 months ago)
Don't even go there with Hamilton haters. It's not like he's the only one who gets followed around by people like them.
Mr. Wonderful (8 months ago)
It's just Hamilton's haters nitpicking anything they can with their little paws to make Lewis look bad.
Joshy Rocks (8 months ago)
If you not blind you can see how haas team F1, provoqued a virtual safety car for make Win ferrari,this is the new order in the world MA-FIA
splash (8 months ago)
1greenMitsi Ya, doesnt work like that... Maybe in a movie! 🤣
1greenMitsi (8 months ago)
splash EXACTLY HAAS got the Ferrari memo...and so did you :))))))))) THE WHEEL CAME OFF PS. NO ENGINE FAILURE Regards Ferrari
splash (8 months ago)
1greenMitsi Lmfao There were no engine failures on either Haas cars when they pulled off! Wanna come up with some other idiotic conspiracy theory on how Ferrari sabotaged the wheel guns and mechanics who couldn't put the wheels on properly? You should stop commenting on shit you know nothing about!
Clutch (8 months ago)
1greenMitsi It's really amazing that retards like you exist in this world. There aren't any words to describe how dumb you are. You're one of the greatest idiots ever.
David D ELI (8 months ago)
TheFikri136 you think this is going to the final race I don't think so Mercedes will win this by Mexico I believe I could be wrong This defeat isn't like last year when Ferrari won on pace this was luck the same kind of luck Hamilton had in Spain last year
ka. 472 (8 months ago)
And i didn't like the way he grabbed his phone like that.
ISLAMATRON (8 months ago)
antoine mebarki white supremacy is why, they are infected with white supremacy, it is a mental disease.
ka. 472 (8 months ago)
antoine mebarki i would criticize anybody, it's not about Hamilton.
ka. 472 (8 months ago)
xlonglexis don't be stupid, i don't like how the comments escalated this far, i like Hamilton btw.
xlonglexis (8 months ago)
antoine mebarki simple, because he is successful and he is black so they can't take it.
antoine mebarki (8 months ago)
ka. 472 I mean why do people feel the need to criticise Hamilton no matter what he does ?
ka. 472 (8 months ago)
I don't think they depart together, makes no sense.
TheJokerit19 (8 months ago)
ANONYM #LM10 I've never seen them in the same place, so I doubt it was any different this time around either.
ANONYM #LM10 (8 months ago)
WTF if they need to come back to europe from australia, they have to take probably a flight to dubai or doha first and from there to London/Frankfurt. So it's likely that they were in the same plane. Seb said once, if the flight connection to a country is great, the f1 drivers take commercial flights like every other person aswell.
TheJokerit19 (8 months ago)
+Naut Assendelft No, they don't share the same destination as they reside in different countries.
Basel Kader (8 months ago)
ka. 472 these are formula 1 drivers. Not football teams. And a private jet usually doesn't have the same range as a commercial airliner like an Airbus A380. They most likely will not sit side by side on the flight anyway.
ka. 472 (8 months ago)
Naut Assendelft well they are rivals, from a different team, and I do believe each one has his own private jet, so..
AvGeek NZ (8 months ago)
Clickbait title false information
AvGeek NZ (8 months ago)
15 MOF 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
15 MOF (8 months ago)
Thanks for the response. Best you rest up in your arm chair so you can critique those or us on the front line who witness see the real story
John Cunningham (8 months ago)
Every cliche possible..........earings, nose diamond and of course ink splattered neck. Sad.
John Cunningham (8 months ago)
John Cunningham (8 months ago)
Clearly you are not burdened with good taste are you ?
John Cunningham (8 months ago)
I don't care EXCEPT if I am forced to look at his BAD TASTE.
John Cunningham (8 months ago)
Racist much ?
John Cunningham (8 months ago)
so that would be another "Black man" with a WHITE MOTHER, just like Mr. Obama, yes ?
H White (8 months ago)
"The war between Lewis Hamilton & Sebastian Vettel intensified tonight with the Mercedes driver using Ferrari's number one man as a decoy to avoid fans." "We hope Hamilton has better luck next year and doesn't use his arch enemy Sebastian Vettel as a decoy to leave Melbourne" What sort of bs description is this? The worst type of media = the one that tries to cause drama where there isnt any.
Thoughtful Thoughts (1 month ago)
Frodaxx (1 month ago)
This uploader is such a dumbass lol and look at his fucking clickbait.
15 MOF (5 months ago)
thanks for watching
15 MOF (5 months ago)
Thanks for watching
15 MOF (5 months ago)
Thanks for your feedback. We didn't see you in Melbourne. Maybe next year