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PT Walkley - Sanitarium - Music Video

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Music video for 'Sanitarium', from the album 'Mr. Macy Wakes Alone' by PT Walkley. animator: robert wallace http://www.oddballpictures.com/ character designs: dino alberto http://www.anidlerobot.com/ background designs: paul zdanowicz http://pzdesigns.carbonmade.com/ prop designs: kelly jones http://www.jellikonez.com/ michelle palumbo http://hamletmachine.deviantart.com/ directed by an idle robot http://www.anidlerobot.com/ Visit PT's website - http://www.ptwalkley.com Visit his MySpace page - http://myspace.com/ptwalkley
Category: Music
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Text Comments (6)
Shake342 (9 years ago)
How is he not famus already?
boywithcamera7 (10 years ago)
its our job as youtubers to spread them! send this to friends!
Aidan Sadowski (10 years ago)
I love this song. I really hope this band makes it big, they are amazing.
Alana Flores (10 years ago)
Love it! the music and the video are creative :P the nurse reminds me of the witch
Joseph Michael (10 years ago)
Don't ever sell out
walkerblu (10 years ago)
i love this and audrey macy. gonna try to make it to see PT and the gang live in Philly tonight