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Shocking Magician Took Amanda's Bra!!!

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Text Comments (6965)
William Murphy (12 hours ago)
Simon needs to get over himself.
تعرف 1 (16 hours ago)
تحياتي للجميع أدعوكم للأنضمام إلى هذه القناة للهجرة واللجوء إلى كندا
Wall Cutter (22 hours ago)
Is this is in the UK? All the judges are English.
Ron We (1 day ago)
How stupid can u be....a joke....now saggy....
GunsOfMassEffect (2 days ago)
I think he was really good, it's hard to find someone with two talents rolled into one, the timing is everything for both.
Sofyan Redfield (2 days ago)
Gho5tSpartan26 Yt (3 days ago)
He lives like Fix it Felix
Vulprex (5 days ago)
So is simon there to judge them on their performance or.. Be a dick? He's like the gordon ramsey of this show except he has nothing going for him other than hes british, and he's a dick.
Asukal (6 days ago)
Big Brain Time!
Dusan Zachar (7 days ago)
Amanda’s underwear please
Frances Margaret Jonson (7 days ago)
Heeey 6 of hearts in my mind toooooo
Nagesha Mother (7 days ago)
No good
Mihir Kulkarni (9 days ago)
We all know why we came here😏
Jay Arya (9 days ago)
What is with all these indonesian cards? Or is that malaysian?
Aniket Patil (11 days ago)
rizze (17 days ago)
Amanda is such a good sport, that's why she always gets picked 🤣
Alldin Pratama (18 days ago)
3:10 that is why u come here
300M views (19 days ago)
Oski Haddad (22 days ago)
Oski Haddad (22 days ago)
Tjendra Djaja kusbandi (22 days ago)
Maaf mungkin ini informasih saja,bahwa ini adalah ilmu bukan sulap karena sudah ada lama sekali,karena ada yg melakukannya 40 thn lalu sebetulnya tidak boleh dipamerkan.
JunKeyZ GaminG (23 days ago)
Big cards:-hehe boy Small cards:-am I joke to u
claudionor almeida (23 days ago)
Estou no Brasil mas queria saber se está loira quer casar comigo. Sou apaixonado por ela,por favor casa comigo vc é a mulher mais linda do mundo
Gautam Chopra (24 days ago)
I remembered Kazuma from konosuba.
Squaqy (24 days ago)
Big brain time
فوفا كازادو (25 days ago)
Him and Lioz Shem tov
Gaming FREAK (26 days ago)
He lowkey looks like Orange Cassidy..
Jeanne Marie (29 days ago)
How did he know her card??
Saktea13 (1 month ago)
David:he just got 4 yeses Me:he don't get golden buzzer
pelin (1 month ago)
Simon’s SO rude gosh!!
Marc Ludford (1 month ago)
Simon is right the magic was rubbish
koller poller (1 month ago)
These are so fake and lame. And most of you idiots eat it up.
Fuady Syukur (1 month ago)
Rambo? Is that u?
beewok fpv (1 month ago)
Who is he?...
Blue Foxy Gamer 34 (1 month ago)
Jason Moose (1 month ago)
I need this guy for parties lol
MPlain (1 month ago)
i'd take it too. :).
Dennis Smock (1 month ago)
That was all rehearsed. Fake!!
Jack Pirelli (1 month ago)
I would watch more of these talent shows If it wasn’t for those two idiots backstage , so annoying 😡
K- Addiction (1 month ago)
Plot twist: it's his bra
Michael Sailors (2 months ago)
Imagine being entertained by this garbage.
Gordon Scott (2 months ago)
Not the most astounding magic, but definitely very funny act. Of course the judges were playing along it seems with somewhat scripted questions.
Ayush Mittal (2 months ago)
Johan Larsson (2 months ago)
Well, its not as impressive when it people are obviously in on it
Bětka Kopková (2 months ago)
bustin nuts (2 months ago)
Gimbazan Sumiou (2 months ago)
She isnt wearing a bra
Ryen Boi (3 months ago)
2:19 now that is what you call big brain
उत्तिष्ठ भारत (3 months ago)
SiMoN and AnU MaLiK are two motherfuckers in tHe HisToRy of JudGeS....
syair dadakan bae sing playing guitar (3 months ago)
Adriana Hill (3 months ago)
What is the piano music at the end?
nutt nutt (3 months ago)
Amanda has crunchy pantys di u know how magic man did u eat nutts to find undergarments
Satria Tama (3 months ago)
I like it
Harindran Nair (3 months ago)
Syawal Faqky (3 months ago)
EAT ************ SLEEP REPEAT (3 months ago)
sees title instantly clicks
Always Right (3 months ago)
2:24 that's i would call a very big brain
Fikah Cista (3 months ago)
Wee kebanyakan yg liat videos ini orng 62
GamingBoi (3 months ago)
2:10 ya this is big brain time
Gatau ahh mungkin ipung (3 months ago)
Warga +62 adalah warga wani ngeyel
Novus (3 months ago)
Roses are red, violets are blue, i came for the title, and so did you.
Leli Malihah (3 months ago)
Wooowww 59juta view dapet adsense banyakk niihhh... 😱😱😱😱
AR GAMING (3 months ago)
4:31 hemat kuota bayar pake like...
J.ORIA.s Gloria (3 months ago)
Saya nyusulllll People +62
154290 Marks (3 months ago)
Hope you enjoy
154290 Marks (3 months ago)
I don't know if it came through on the video or not where I sit it looks like the Phoenix Rising From the Ashes
AlpinSlee Yt official (3 months ago)
Warga +62 gays
Imall CHNL (4 months ago)
Rendy s (4 months ago)
Wow Kawasan +62
az0970449 (4 months ago)
If she would let me take her bra off I would be tossing diamond rings at her !!
Debi Maulana (4 months ago)
Warga 62+
Jend Men (4 months ago)
بندن ديرا (4 months ago)
I bet it smells like Duck's cage
HDC Entertainment (4 months ago)
Magicians humoris
Towel Paper (4 months ago)
xca Indo (4 months ago)
2019 like
Philippe durrer (4 months ago)
Did he give it back ? XD
Rath BQ (4 months ago)
you idiot he dint
SiNews (4 months ago)
Hahaha biasa
Pat (4 months ago)
magician: steals a bra simon: you should perform at kid's parties
Andi Kencono (4 months ago)
Coba kecepatanya di bikin 0,25x kelihatan triknya😂
Dolanan Bonsai (4 months ago)
kaum +62 pada kesini .kita gruduk londho londho iki....
Manoj Sahu (4 months ago)
So amazing
john andrew (4 months ago)
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PANCA SARAGIH (4 months ago)
Very good
Lee Phan (4 months ago)
Micheal Jackson fan (4 months ago)
This is 100+
Always New (4 months ago)
3:20 what?
Akash Bava (4 months ago)
3:00 what is this music called?
Team Buxton Vlog USA (4 months ago)
Thank you for sharing your video.. here to send you love and support.. stay connected
Rendi yoga pratama (4 months ago)
Jawa timur Ra oleh kalah mana suaranya
Ankush Dev (4 months ago)
Cheap stunt
Fahad Althani (4 months ago)
You are not funny
Emulator ka baap (4 months ago)
Simon was right, the magic was pretty ordinary
Rohmad Romli (4 months ago)
pieter kasihiuw (4 months ago)
Rahmat pamilu Pamilu (4 months ago)
Bule 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
High Pressure (4 months ago)
What better than eating a manderine...eating Amanda out...I'll see myself out....
Jaka Uyhe74 (4 months ago)
Siapa yang hadir dari negara +62.. Like jika asli warga +62
Riski Gamers ID (4 months ago)
Subscreb canel saya guys hehehe bantu saya sampai 1k