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HorseFly by Workhorse - Drone Delivery Concept

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HorseFly UAV Delivery Concept Workhorse Group Inc.
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bjr816 (1 month ago)
okay so it works with the delivery man. I was about to ask what if the drone has to make multiple deliveries lol.
Gts Stg (4 months ago)
narrator drown out by background music REPLY
MrGvozdi (11 months ago)
so funny
Jean Roch (1 year ago)
So... the truck has to stand still while the drone takes off and land... and I'm guessing someone in the truck has to load it with the next parcel each time. And then you need to pay another person to remote control the drone. Exactly how is this more efficient than just getting more delivery trucks ? Also, I fly drones. Those things are quite noisy, there will be lots and lots of complaints. And then of course in urban areas you'll have to find a way to avoid tons of obstacles like power lines. And you also need to find customers who are OK with their package being dropped to the ground. And it has to be packages you don't need to sign for. And they have to be fairly lightweight (based on typical drones used for aerial video, under 5 kilos). Oh, and your drone's batteries will be dead after roughly 1,000 charge cycles : typical battery pack for a drone that size costs at least 200 dollars, even in large quantities, so if it only lasts 1,000 delivery that's another 20 cents added to your operational costs, and guess who's going to pay for that ? The customer. For the privilege of having no delivery man to complain to about the damage incurred by your parcel that has been dropped to the ground by a noisy drone. Also, within a month of delivery drones being deployed, I predict half of them will be stolen, and some douche will attach a petrol bomb to a drone, blowing up the truck once it gets back, putting an end to the whole concept. Yeah... drone delivery. Right. Catapulting packages equipped with parachutes would make way more sense. Just so I'm not accused of being a troll, here's my solution: wait for autonomous cars to be so reliable they don't need a human aboard (ten years tops) then fit the technology to your delivery truck. Then build an automated parcel dispenser in the truck. Truck drives to your home, sends you an SMS or notification, and you have 5 minutes to get outside and pick your parcel off the truck by inputting a pin number on a keypad (just so passers-by can't grab your stuff off the truck). If you aren't at the back of the truck within 5 minutes, the truck goes to the next address. You should even be able to reschedule delivery with some sort of app or website. No human in the loop eliminates human error, you could even have no human in the loop from ordering something to getting it delivered, no noisy drone, no parcels dropped, and this solution works both ways: it could also pick up stuff you're sending, weigh it, ask for credit card like an ATM to pay for postage, and even have some sort of airport scanner to make sure you're not putting a bomb in the truck. Endless possibilities, way less limiting than a drone with 5-10 minutes autonomy and tiny payload.
Jean Roch (10 months ago)
+mister t noise isn't a concern ? Really ? Clearly you've never been anywhere near one of those drones. Lots of attempts have already been made at using ducted fans on such drones. If anything, it makes everything worse : have you ever heard what a model-size ducted fan sounds like ? It's like 10 vacuum cleaners going off at the same time. And you don't even get the same amount of rotational inertia that's at the core of how these drones maneuver, which is why all multi-copters still use propellers. Hydrogen... yeah, good luck selling that when most people's only association to hydrogen is the Hindenburg disaster. Programming them is actually the easiest part out of everything you've mentioned. My advice : spend $500 on a good drone, fly it around for an afternoon, then get back to me. You're talking out of your ass right now.
mister t (10 months ago)
Noise isn't as much of a concern as efficiency in commercial aircraft but noise can be reduced dramatically. Turbofans are quieter than turboprops. It's a matter of ducting the propellers and adding sound suppression like a muffler. And drones don't necessarily have to be battery powered. Hydrogen power can decrease weight and increase flight time and is also nonpolluting. I know there are still some hurdles with the programming and liability concerns but I think this is doable with today's technology.
Jean Roch (10 months ago)
+mister t as I've mentioned, I fly drones. I'm also an engineer. There are no solutions to the problems I've mentioned short of breaking the laws of physics. Helicopters have been around for decades and there's a lot of money in making them stealthier yet they still make a lot of noise because that's what happens when you chop air repeatedly. Barring a quantum leap in battery technology, you're still limited to 5-10 minutes of flight no matter how much money you put into your batteries. Aerodynamics also dictates how much lift you get for a given propeller and motor power, so that's not going to be multiplied by two or more until we develop something like antigravity. And you still have the issues of dropping parcels, having no one to ask for a signature, idiots loading the drones with bombs, and of course outright drone theft. And now that I think of it, invasion of privacy, because who knows what the drone (and Amazon) will end-up doing with camera and sensor feeds they collect on their way to each delivery. Remember how Google cars also stole WiFi credentials everywhere they went.
mister t (10 months ago)
You have to understand that the drones you see are just toys and home-built prototypes. Every problem you mentioned is solvable. Your autonomous truck idea isn't bad for heavy objects but you also have to worry about traffic. Drones utilize unused pathways and won't congest the roads.
Rick James (1 year ago)
In my delivery area those things will get shot down before they ever get a chance to deliver anything.
Kyle Walker (10 months ago)
Ya and you'll go to
Tim Campbell (1 year ago)
Luv. the music. Hate the drone. Just one more step to the AI takeover.
Haussmann Dabo (1 year ago)
great , bravo
SMD - Smart Drone (2 years ago)
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Jawad Saleh (2 years ago)