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Ups or Fedex which company is better for you

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Please watch: "Welding a weiner roaster, You could win one, Watch now" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8HtVmrC0P8 --~-- This video is about Ups or Fedex which company is better for you, Put your answer in the comment below. Ups or Fedex both have there pros and cons not every company is perfect, So let everyone know your views, I know I missed alot of things I just didn't want to make the video to long, Help me get 10k views on this video in a wk!!! Share it up
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Dc shoes Skater (4 days ago)
Post mates vs Uber eats
stress67 (6 days ago)
Full time driver 12 years I make 25 years when I turn 46 years old so it’s a big advantage for me oh and I’m located in NYC way to much over time 60 hrs
Dogwood (23 days ago)
If you have used both FedEx and UPS you know UPS is the winner, hands down. FedEx drivers are contractors not employees. On many occasions these drivers have left packages outside my business worth THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS with foot traffic and cars going by. Not even a delivery notice! They once left a $2,000 item in the back of a pickup outside my business without knowing who owned that pickup!!!!!! My complaints have fallen on deaf ears at FedEx. They have no intentions of reprimanding their drivers instead they prefer to pay a claim. Obviously, they care more about their drivers than their customers. FedEx SUCKS!!! No wonder they have comments turned off on their channel.
William Spence (27 days ago)
Philippians 4:19 that's a great verse .also ups pays better but I did fedex for 8 years I would do multiple routes a week and I was lucky enough to make 1000 to 1200 every week I did have to work 5 days a week and 6 during peak season and it did cut into family time some but probably not as much as ups so I feel your pain.
Maynard's View (26 days ago)
Phil 4:19, I can do all things thru Christ which strengthens me
John Hernandez (1 month ago)
I really don't know but I want money, but I do need time for my Gym. I really do
Alex Veglia (2 months ago)
Lmao the job sucks no matter what company. 200 stops a day and get hit with a $1100/w salary fucking trash
Tony Montana (2 months ago)
If you like to work like a dog then UPS is for you.
Julius Adams (2 months ago)
I'm getting ready to become a real actor real soon in motion Pictures
Julius Adams (2 months ago)
My ultimate job is to become an actor so I can make real money I'm talking Millions of dollars
Julius Adams (2 months ago)
BTW UPS does hire drivers from off the street when I started with UPS back in 1999 I was hired as a driver from straight off the street never work inside the Hub sometimes UPS hire straight up drivers only you just have to look online and see when they aren't looking for drivers this time of the year season though they will hire you as a driver straight off the street
Julius Adams (2 months ago)
UPS in Pennsylvania is so prejudiced and racial because I was called the N word and they fired me
Julius Adams (2 months ago)
@Suburban Waste I believe that or you just didn't care
Suburban Waste (2 months ago)
Julius Adams weak union presence
Julius Adams (2 months ago)
UPS drivers do make average $96,000 a year but FedEx drivers I don't think they make 43,000 I think they make more than that for their class A CDL drivers they're up there at least 70,000
BlownMiataGuy (3 months ago)
Celtic Hero (3 months ago)
FedEx Amazons side bitch.
Charly Brown (3 months ago)
Fedex puts as much hours as ups and get paid way less
Terrence Spencer (3 months ago)
Money and benefits UPS Big money Package car driver and Feeder Driver, Ass kicked no benefits Fed Ex ground Decent money and benefits Fed Ex Express Your best move is to get your CDL with all endorsements and go Fed Ex Freight or UPS Feeder Driver
SHANE FISCHER (3 months ago)
Shoutout to UPS ONT AIRPORT.
justinnate82 (3 months ago)
I heard that if you get into just one accident as a driver at UPS, your fault or not, you’re canned
jason Crespo (2 months ago)
justinnate82 only during your 30 day probation period. You are in the union after that. Very hard to loose your job unless you are stealing.
Randy Farrell (3 months ago)
HA! UPS drivers have no life... Became an OTR truck driver for a few years and then get back to me about "no life". In your bed every night, dinner with your family, and your own damn shower...that IS a life...that's a life of a responsible ADULT working HARD for their family. Better yet join the military and get deployed overseas... No home life...LMAO funny one there!
Patrik Novák (3 months ago)
Susan Montgomery (3 months ago)
My husband drives /works for Fedex and is making 98,000 a year and we don't have union dues
vontae wilson (3 months ago)
actually Greyhound package express is really great. i haven't had no problems with my package.
Fredrcg (4 months ago)
Having a life balance is important to me. I would hate to get home exhausted just to get ready for bed and repeat the same process again. A day wasted just making money. These companies should consider having 10 hour shifts 4 days work and 3 days off. I really think employees will work harder knowing they have 3 days off.
Elijah Leonatti (4 months ago)
I work for Fedex because it is nice and not as shitty as ups
victor mendiola (4 months ago)
Bro I’m about to get hired at UPS and you have me fucked up
carson 310 (4 months ago)
I left FedEx and now I been a driver for 4 years as a ups driver and I love it and your wrong I do get alot of family time. But FedEx is good to start and get experience then that's when you go to the winning team ups. I love it never leaving I get to provide for my family and vacation time is great cause now I can afford to go to Hawaii without worrying how much money I can spend I love it..
carson 310 (1 month ago)
@Alex Kerr yeah you going to have to put in atleast 15 to 20 years as a driver to get your own route. Because anyone starting out and who been their the past 5 years all are cut driver's so you got to do multiple routes in a week.
Alex Kerr (1 month ago)
To also add... the more years you put in UPS... the better routes you also may get due to your seniority.
David Pelayo (4 months ago)
That's what I'm talking about! UPS for life
Leonel Bulfeda (5 months ago)
i work for ups at santa barbara CA and this center gets not support from the company we have been running on 10 people for months because the company put us on a hiring freeze after we have lost half our staff we need support
Yogi B (5 months ago)
This isnt necessarily true. Ive been with fedex for a little under a year but i make about 1300 a week. Also there is a difference between working for fedex express and FedEx ground. Fedex ground is dealing with contractors. Where fedex express is directly dealing with FedEx
Yogi B (5 months ago)
And when you work for a contractor your pay is negotiable, business routes are bulkier stops but you get a set amount every week no matter how many stops or packages you deliver. Home delivery gets paid PER STOP not by the hour, if you want to get more packages and deliver them you can be out there all night but at the same time no matter who you work for, you can only drive but so many hours in accordance to DOT ( department of transportation) atleast in the state of Maryland. And l can be wrong, but last I checked the Express drivers start at $15 here.
Boogs114 (5 months ago)
Maynard, u forgot something: there are multiple entities: FedEx Ground, FedEx Express & FedEx Freight, all have different pay/workload... AND, in NYC (all 5 boroughs), UPS Does hire drivers from outside. I was offered 2 driving jobs with UPS this summer, but i turned them down (various reasons).
Justin Amazing (6 months ago)
I work for FedEx and I love it I am a package Handler and I make 13 an hour, 15 an hour overtime and 18 an hour holidays. I bring home 2800 a month,
Kingdavid78250 (25 days ago)
It’s a partime I’ll take it
Kyle Abbott (25 days ago)
Kingdavid78250 lol you are getting ripped off. I would never do any job for 14$ an hour 😂😂
Kingdavid78250 (26 days ago)
Well I just got hired here in San Antonio Texas and I’ll be making 14.05 a hour so he’s right
Kyle Abbott (1 month ago)
Erica Avellanet I make 150$ a day as a driver plus bonuses for hitting marks. Tell me how a package handler makes that much a day?
Erica Avellanet (1 month ago)
@Kyle Abbott it's right, I've round up $13 yearly is $27,040.
O So Sharp (6 months ago)
I just got hired at Ups , I’m 42 years old and I’m ready to work and provide for my family with a better opportunity and consistent pay
Mike CMW (6 months ago)
Which shipper does Jesus use?
Fred Y (6 months ago)
Thanks for the great info! What about the other way around? If I want to start out at UPS 1st making tons of money, pay off all my debt, then transfer to FedEx.
Eric O (3 months ago)
You won't leave UPS if you get hired. The money is too good.
out of the loop (7 months ago)
I work at fx and make 60 k year avg 50-54 week
Raymond Lopez (7 months ago)
Fedex Freight driver, home every weekend, about 50 hrs a week. Paid weekly, roughly gross 1600 a week, only been with company for 1.5 years. First year 62k, looking to clear 70k easy this year, my third year ill easily clear 80k.
Shawn Miller (1 month ago)
Ups feeder driver makes around 120 to 135k
Grant Dornheggen (7 months ago)
As fedex driver this bullshit FedEx driver dose not get shit we work for contractors not fedex so they can give what ever they want which mean they don’t have to pay for medical etc. if I could I would go to ups in a heart beat least then I would get payed by the hour lol.
Maynard's View (7 months ago)
I am not a driver for fedex
Andrea Laughlin (7 months ago)
Ups pays package handlers min wage in CA that is $12 an hour they actually post $11.50 plus u pay union dues. FedEx starts at $14.50 plus shift differential, and pay increases after 30 and 90 days. They also offer lots of room for advancement. My friend's daughter started as a package handler and I'd now making almost $17 an hour after 6 months moving to different area of the warehouse. My brother worked for Ups not much if any pay increase after 3 years. I see all the jobs paying well over $20 an hour through Fedex. Ups nada.
Maynard's View (7 months ago)
If you stay as a package handler at ups you must put in the years before seeing the pay go up there is no top out pay as a package handler, And honestly drivers is where its at you can make 96k after 4yrs at ups
lombardo141 (7 months ago)
UPS it is. 👀
Jose Camacho (7 months ago)
I currently work at Fed Ex as s package handler making 13.75 an hour. Fed Ex allows me to work extra hours a week as opposed to the usual 20 hours. So, I average around 36 hours a week. I used to work at UPS as a pre-loader, I gotta say the pay was laughable, only making 12 an hour, terrible.. I worked more for less pay. I highly recommend anyone to work for Fed Ex, there's tons of job openings available at the hub as well
RANDY LEWIS (4 months ago)
Aulrone (8 months ago)
43k a year? Dude that's like 3500 a month or like 750 a week. That's what an entry FedEx driver makes. After a year or so you make about 4000 minimum up to 4800 if you're not a VC. That's 48k to 55k a year. As a sub VC you can expect 65k and about 80k as a VC. Time? Depends on luck and your route. As a FedEx driver I work 8am to 6pm an average if I run my ass. UPS cant be much worse.
Donald J. Trump (8 months ago)
Bro I been at fedex for only 4 years and cleared 50k. I’m not even topped out yet. There’s couriers that make over 90k also and a very few that clear 100k. You got that part wrong. And just something people might not know, we at fedex show up to work earlier than ups and have to load our freight then go deliver it. Ups shows up around 9am and their trucks already have been loaded. And no one I know at fedex wants to work at UPS. You think we want to give up our AC’s?
Shawn Miller (17 days ago)
Lol ups u can retire at 25 years at any age let's the fedex do that
MalcolmComedyTV (17 days ago)
Donald J. Trump Yep Couriers got good AC yup.
Shawn Miller (1 month ago)
Ups driver after 4 years makes 40.52 hr and we alot of vacation time fedex cant touch that
John C (6 months ago)
Point in question here, there’s a large pay scale diff between the 2. UPS even hires at 3 dollars more hourly startling rate
sliccflip (6 months ago)
50k? That's how much our rookie driver makes their first year.
Brian Jr Spero (8 months ago)
James Quinn (5 months ago)
Brian Jr Spero ups is better
shakysworld10 (9 months ago)
Oh and UPS pays for my insurance for me, my wife and daughter till she’s 26, 100 PERCENT! How much is that added to my salary? And after you acquire lots of seniority you can bid on a route that gets you home at a much more decent time but your gonna have to pay your dues! I know because I went from getting home between 7 and 9 pm to being home by 6 on a daily basis. Those routes exists but it took me 25 years to get one!! Good luck and good video, pretty accurate in my opinion.
Carlos Martinez (9 months ago)
My brother works feeder at UPS Grande Vista in Los Angeles. 10 years ago when my dad had dementia, my brother and his wife had my dad sign over all of his properties to themselves. My kids and I are about to become homeless because my brother and his wife took out a $350,000 loan on this house and never paid it back. My father bought this home in 1957 and this home was intended to be sold after his death and the funds distributed to my sister and brothers, and myself. New owner says that we have until June 6, 2019, to get out.
loren L (3 months ago)
Get a lawyer dummy
yomamapkme (9 months ago)
Oh so that why 2-3 days ground shipping for FedEx takes 5 days to get to the destination. Lazy fucks, I need my laptop to get repair already and they are wasting time having that shit sit in the same place for 2 days smfh. At least UPS don’t waste time like trash fuck FedEx does. I wish Lenovo company can have a UPS shipping option instead of FedEx, those cheap fucks smfh.
Full Sender (9 months ago)
I have orientation for FedEx ground here in Mccook IL (Southwest suburb of Chicago) and I'm starting off at $14.50
M Morales (9 months ago)
Go to either of their Freight divisions if you want to drive. I was at FedEx Ground driving for 2 years and it was exhausting both mentally and physically. Worked in secret to get into FedEx Freight driver apprentice programs and boy what a difference this is! I'll stay here till the end 👌👌👌
Josh Brenner (11 months ago)
FedEx pays better but UPS treats its employees better
Maynard's View (11 months ago)
Ups pays way better then fedex maybe not at first but in the long run fedex drivers dont make close to what ups drivers make
ANTHONY BRETT (1 year ago)
UPS...Just a better company.
Michael Shoulders (6 months ago)
Worked for both and found fedex to be by far the better company. Not a driver, work in aircraft maintenance. UPS is just playing airline compared to fedex.
Abel Reyes (1 year ago)
You should do CDL Ups vs FedEx
Richard Bauch (3 months ago)
Abel Reyes yes I am a CDL at FedEx
Clarence Jones (1 year ago)
Great video I am a FedEx driver I do 120 stops by 2pm than go home. usually about 800-1200 a week. No benefits but I can find my own. I would love to work for ups, but he's right they hire within and at ups they do more stops. I am happy that's all that matters. Oh and ups gets good trucks too. Let's be serious here we all work together. I praise and waive at all ups, and USPS drivers as they do the same for me. We are different companies with the same objective, customer satisfaction. Have a good evening.
༼grim༽ (4 months ago)
@Boogs114 yea he kinda started the sentence off by saying that
Boogs114 (5 months ago)
Clarence Jones no benefits!? Im guessing ur with FedEx Ground...
Volcano 301 (1 year ago)
I never liked UPS. I worked there for 3 days last summer and then quit because it was frustrating. I never got the vibe I had a chance to make something of myself there, hence I felt I was wasting my time. This past spring, I started at FedEx Ground, because I applied for the first FedEx job I saw, and got it. I quit that, as well, after 3 weeks. I’ve now been working out of Boston Logan Airport for FedEx EXPRESS for the past 7 months, and I love it. Ask a lot of questions, get a lot of answers. I recently applied to drive tractor-trailers, and should be getting a call about the training soon (they pay for the CDL training). UPS and FedEx Ground gave me the same feeling, but Express has been great for me.
Sunny Daze (1 year ago)
Right on! But now I need to find a video about SHIPPING PACKAGES. You know, to figure out WHICH COMPANY IS BETTER FOR ME.
Greg Noble (1 year ago)
Forgot to mention that ups drivers can be on the 9.5 list and that fed ex workers get flight benefits
Coyle Phouth (1 year ago)
Louisville Hub is pretty decent compared to other hubs. I love ups, But fedex without a doubt is all about the family no question about that
Maynard's View (1 year ago)
You got that right
EvilPhilProductions (1 year ago)
I work at UPS as a package handler it's alright I guess but it does get stressful. The pay is way too low tho it's only 11 an hour that's so lowww..
Kevin Nathaniel (4 months ago)
Chris Diaz what state r u in
Chris Diaz (4 months ago)
I’m getting 15
Kevin Nathaniel (6 months ago)
EvilPhilProductions ikr lol
Sinister Rc 's (1 year ago)
I work as a fedex ground driver ..I work for a contractor and not actually for fedex .. 130-140 stops a day including pickups .... just cleared $51,000 in 2018 ... not sure how u havent found anyone who makes more then what u said
loren L (3 months ago)
Come to express. Well take you tomorrow
Carlin Adams (1 year ago)
I for ups in Philadelphia work for ups because benefit and money that got me a package handler and i want to move up in the company love this jobs
Rick Rodz (1 year ago)
At the airport hub? How many hours do we get per week ?how much per hour do they start as package handler?
Brainwashed Commercialized Hip-hop Is Dead (1 year ago)
Do you know if UPS will rehire if you just walk out and quit?
Zach Schory (1 year ago)
@Brainwashed Commercialized Hip-hop Is Dead as long as you have a decent work history you should be fine. good luck.
Brainwashed Commercialized Hip-hop Is Dead (1 year ago)
Yeah, one of the reasons I quit because of the overworking. Thanks for your insight, FedEx here I come! I hope! Lol. Peace.
Zach Schory (1 year ago)
@Brainwashed Commercialized Hip-hop Is Dead You can always try. But I have heard they don't usually rehire people who have quit. they keep it on record. I would try fedex or even try amazon delivery driver in your area. UPS will work you like a slave man for $10 hourly. The money is good for being a driver at UPS but let me tell you being a driver isn't a cake walk. It's hard as hell being in a box with no AC.
Brainwashed Commercialized Hip-hop Is Dead (1 year ago)
Zach Schory Thank you for answering my question, much appreciated. Is that list forever or does it have a time limit? If you know? I quit like that 2 years ago, and I really regret it.
Zach Schory (1 year ago)
they will put you on the do not hire list.
Zach Wachs (1 year ago)
You can't put a price on work life balance. But that's my personal opinion i know the UPS guys here might think differently but that's why we have FedEx guys and UPS guys.
David (1 year ago)
If you want to have easier days and make less money go FedEx. If you want to work like a dog all day but make better money. Go ups
Zach Wachs (3 months ago)
@Derek Lowd 9 months later i leave trucking for a job as a UPS driver Derek. You were right ! UPS only hires people who proved they have what it takes to go full time.
Rene Aranda (5 months ago)
I been doing amazon delivering for 2 years .... last 5 months been getting out and heading to UPS Monday- Friday..... total beating on the body. Waiting for driver position to open. (Combo , 22.4, FT)
Brad Boisvert (5 months ago)
@kelvin cabrera yes we do
kelvin cabrera (5 months ago)
Ups Drivers make tons of overtime after 8 hrs
toyoscio (6 months ago)
@Derek Lowd Lol that's cause so many are leaving
jonathan stoecker (1 year ago)
Danny Sandefur (1 year ago)
Yo Maynard. I was driver for FedEx for 17 years and as you know now a PT supervisor for UPS. You have your companies mixed up. You are explaining the FedEx Ground drivers. They have 0 benefits. The benefits for the FedEx Express drivers are the same as UPS drivers. When I quit FedEx Express in 2012, even in the lower payscale of Billings, I made $60,000. I know the Ground drivers make considerably less. You are right about the family time differences.
Zach Wachs (1 year ago)
. FedEx express and ground suck a bowl of dicks my friend. I'm getting my CDL from C.R. England and I'm going to make real money. Food for thought.
BlkBowHntr 00 (1 year ago)
Just did an interview here in Florida, and it was explained just like Danny said. They offer weekly pay between $120-$160, with no 401K, or any other benefits.
Zach Wachs (1 year ago)
Correct danny i started with ground then i ran for the hills to get a FedEx express job. Express has great pay and really great benefits. All i got with ground was a weakly salary and zero benefits.
Langit (1 year ago)
UPS because it's 7 miles away from my house.
Maynard's View (1 year ago)
Thats awesome I know some subscribers they are 45mins away
Jon Farrar (1 year ago)
Did you just work in the hub? If so what made you not want to become a driver? Just curious. I work for the freight division
Calvin Hill (1 year ago)
Ups because of the benefits
jason bennefield (1 year ago)
I'm a feeder driver at ups and make a very good living well beyond what top pay us at fedex and only work 50 hours a week. And your comment about having to work for years as a package handler before you become a driver us not true in many states anymore. At my facility we have hired over 20 drivers off of the street to be a feeder driver in the last year.
loren L (3 months ago)
I dont know if you guys may way more. Top pay for driver Is 34.10 in LA market. Health insurance you got us beat. But as we beat you guys for aircraft mech pay. 66.42
Brad Boisvert (9 months ago)
💯% true I got hired off the street driving for ups and am wanting to get into feeders as soon as possible
MemphisMike (1 year ago)
UPS driver 36 yrs. ill take the $$ and benefits in my hot tin can truck over AC in vehicle anyday!
George Forbes (1 month ago)
I couldnt agree more.Been with Ups 14yrs,driving for 2.Im at 81 k this yr and 2 more weeks left in the yr. Rather work like a mule and provide a better living and more to save than worry about easier working environment, meaning less volume and A/c.Ive work multiple jobs to pay bills ,sometime even sacrificing to starve in early years just to make it through. And you have people on videos commenting on how hard it is. Lmao!
MemphisMike (1 year ago)
I stand to gross $2500 first week of Peak at Brown 😊
John Melon (1 year ago)
Workin like a husky in Alaska for crumbs-Ups package handler.
Cap'n Jack (1 year ago)
I've had the privilege of working for both as a tractor trailer driver. Working comparable hours I made 75k with F and 95k for U. U has better pay and benefits but F has much better working conditions. If you can handle the stress go with U if you want a more laid back work environment go with F.
Brian E (1 year ago)
Its a hundred times easier to sit through these videos without the yelling
Reality Rare (3 months ago)
It’s just energy he talks about jobs clearly gets people motivation through information
Justin Amazing (6 months ago)
His yell sounds like a guy whose a meth head
Fred Y (6 months ago)
LOL. It's called enthusiasm.
lombardo141 (7 months ago)
Brian E not yelling. He is a level 2 communicator.
D Smooth (1 year ago)
I'm a UPS driver for Compton and i get home at a decent time sometimes before 5pm or 7pm nothing to crazy which still leaves time for family. Now that its peak season I'm getting home before 8pm they put out more routes cause they want the drivers in by 7 so atleast they work with us 👍 We also work Saturdays for peak but its super light i got home at 4pm last Saturday i cant complain I've been with the company for 10 years and through all the bs in the warehouse i can honestly say i love my job and company
David Pelayo (4 months ago)
How long does it take to get a route In the Compton hub?
carson 310 (4 months ago)
Ups for life bro.
D Smooth (1 year ago)
@Pat Fitzgerald That's what its all about 👍
Pat Fitzgerald (1 year ago)
My uncle worked for UPS for most of his career. Moved up in the company through his career and retired very wealthy.
James unknown (1 year ago)
SHILA FNU (1 year ago)
I am working for ups i love to work for at all my live
budda man (1 year ago)
I work for Ups$$$$$ what’s A Family???haha I like money
budda man (1 year ago)
budda man (1 year ago)
I do have two kids during peak season you don’t see that much at all
Matt Cola (1 year ago)
Maynard Particial services is the best !
Tin Man (1 year ago)
Great video thank you.
Alex (1 year ago)
Is there any shortcuts for becoming a UPS driver?
Lino Zovich (6 months ago)
Alex when they call you after you apply, tell them right away you wanna be a supervisor. They will, off the record, make life easier. Then, once you have “made book” , tell them you have to give it serious thought because you like driving and they will get the hint. There’s no way they can get rid of you after that (unless you do something REALLY stupid). Play the game and make system work for you!
Zach Wachs (1 year ago)
J V (1 year ago)
Location is honestly the biggest factor. I became a full time cover after 2.5 yrs. Which is pretty dang good. Volunteer to drive for peak season and ask for the manifest of the area you'll be learning. Go out on your own time and learn the route before they even take you on the road. If you find that you're unable to learn the route stop by stop, then get accustomed to the area and look for landmarks you can remember. (That's how I've learned 6 routes in a year.) Make friends. Seriously. Your coworkers will have your back when you need help. They'll show you tricks and tips on how to do your job better, faster and most importantly safer. Anyways, best of luck to you and I hope some of this helped.
Rumeel12708 (1 year ago)
Yuppp it depends which hub you work at, here in SoCal UPS hub its a minimum of 5 years to become a driver, but my cousin in Wisconsin told me he became a driver in less than a year. So the hub location changes things drastically.
Rumeel12708 (1 year ago)
He also told me that their required pph when he was a loader was at 150 and here for us its 350(packages per hour)
-d i- (1 year ago)
Sorry for the wall-o-text but here is my expanded view... Started Peak season 2017 and they picked me up as permanent at peak end and been brown since. I’m an active teamster voter thanks to you and Tyler often holding contract discussions with many senior drivers which has given me amazing insight. I honestly feel broken and used at my hub. We’ve been told for 2 years now we will move into a new facility and nothing has happened... 45% of our supers and flex supers are younger that 22yo with no experience and have been given little to no training which further widens the rift between management and dockworker. My co-workers are 2nd to none and I’ve often found myself staying, helping them because we all feel like we are in the grind together and not many places can offer that. When I see or have worked in proximity with FedEx helpers for peak they always look well trained, best equipment, prim ‘n proper, and well rested... Walk to the UPS offload section of our stop and my guys look like what’s left after a street brawl in street clothes, ready for a bar fight... scrappy as all to be damned. At UPS you are viewed as part of an algorithm and not much else where I’m at. Mistakes are repeatedly made despite the same outcome by supers leaving package handlers frustrated. The common coping mechanism is complaining. Despite all those things I wear my UPS shirt with pride because I earned it. I didn’t give up and by sticking with it I have something in me that I thought was gone for so long and I’m still younger guy! I have to wait 12 months since perm status to get insurance as they fire and hire you the same day if you started in peak season and are kept on after perk.. The National contract hasn’t helped at all and until it kicks in I’m uninsured because of the failure in leadership at the higher levels of contract negotiations. I just hope I don’t get the flue this season. Not because of health but sadly because of the out of pocket cost I will be facing which is sad. I have been going to school outside of peak season and I’m just not sure about going driver. The benefits are amazing but my body is already starting to break down. I’m a bulk van loader for a heavy equipment company route at my UPS hub so I deal with nothing but pallet loading when I’m not pulled to help co workers. With all that said. A super slow day feels like what a normal work schedule should be and the bad days honestly feel abusive in many regards leading to me witnessing others receive wicked injuries followed with grievances being filed and listening to the commonly asked phrase.... “why do they keep doing this to us.” In private I’d love to tell you more over beer or coffee on coms. Be safe this season everybody!
Maynard's View (1 year ago)
-d i- Wow I love it when people take out time out of their day to text this message this is valuable information and thank you so much for sharing play subscribe
Isaiah too Lit (1 year ago)
Bro you’ve been grinding on YouTube for a while! Motivated me to do the same🔥 keep it up.
Maynard's View (1 year ago)
Isaiah too Lit Hey I appreciate that message man much love thank you merry Christmas
Hugo Lizardi (1 year ago)
As a package handler, choose the location closest to you. If you’re barely making over minimum wage (in California) don’t go out of your way. Location is key
AsHellBored (1 year ago)
bah ha ha ha. All these years I have been saying UPS is run by Christ supremacists. Here is a UPS kiss ass sup with a bible verse in his video. Whiten those teeth buddy, and keep burning crosses on no Christians lawns.
Brandon Settgast (1 year ago)
That was the most unbiased, informative video I have ever seen. My opinion, start at FedEx, then bring your experience to UPS. Many people are turned away at FedEx because of previous involvement in a union. We have a saying at my facility, "UPS will spend three weeks training you, and the rest of your career trying to fire you!"
Joshua Hollenbeck (3 months ago)
You were taken advantage of because you were a good worker. Period.
Mr ChichMagnett (4 months ago)
Boogs114 they kept rerouting you cause you had low seniority. The whole company is based off seniority. Seems like you were a new driver with no seniority. But that’s where ups shines. The first few years is trash. I’d say the first 4 years. But after that the company gets better and better the longer you’re there. Eventually you’ll have the easy route that EVERYONE wants and get to choose any days you want off but it takes time to reach that point.
Boogs114 (8 months ago)
I was with UPS for 1mo, then resigned... they kept rerouting me to help other senior drivers while i was a trainee & had to pick up my daughter. 1/2 year later got hired at FedEx during peak season for 1mo, it was easy, both jobs in Brooklyn/Queens-NYC.
Boogs114 (8 months ago)
I was with UPS for 1mo, then resigned... they kept rerouting me to help other senior drivers while i was a trainee & had to pick up my daughter. 1/2 year later got hired at FedEx during peak season for 1mo, it was easy, both jobs in Brooklyn/Queens-NYC.
daniel mcknight (1 year ago)
Just Que (4 months ago)
Fedex SUCKS 👎🏽 I worked there for 6.5 years...time wasted but I moved on 🤷🏽‍♂️
Shawn Miller (1 year ago)
daniel mcknight lol
Mojo Niro (1 year ago)
I like UPS. But Fedex has its plus’s too.
manuel bueno (1 year ago)
Maynard you made very good pro's and con's for both sides. Being a package car driver for 33 years and on the same route for my last 25 years. I was able to get to know the Fedex drivers and get their insights. When your young it's to see the future no crystal ball. So I say if you work at one or the other and you plan on staying there make the job work for you ! Take advantages of ALL they have to offer ! Here is a side story . After being retired for two months my son asked me at the dinner table " Dad what's the best thing you like about retirement " ? My answer was "This ! Being able to sit down with the family at the dinner table every night and talk about our day ".
Maynard's View (1 year ago)
I love your answer Thank you for sharing
King Kirby (1 year ago)
Hey, um, what's a pension? What's 401k? I've never heard of these things..
Divad Cur (1 year ago)
@King Kirby, A lot of jobs won't tell you if you don't ask, you SHOULDN'T have to ask if they are worth working for. MOST jobs have the two you mention and other jobs offer a LOT more benefits than others. Just ASK, it won't hurt.
Maynard's View (1 year ago)
I ll make a video on that
manuel bueno (1 year ago)
Well my pension and 401(K) combined right now is 13% higher that UPS drivers top pay.