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Ways Hitler Was Like a Teenage Girl

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He literally had a diary titled 'My Struggle'. See more http://www.collegehumor.com LIKE us on: http://www.facebook.com/collegehumor FOLLOW us on: http://www.twitter.com/collegehumor FOLLOW us on: http://www.collegehumor.tumblr.com CAST John Milhiser Pam Murphy Siobhan Thompson Cynthia Kao Katie Marovitch CREW Director - Michael Schaubach Producer - Shane Crown Writer - Siobhan Thompson and Pat Cassels Cinematography - Cooper James President of Original Content - Sam Reich Vice President of Production / Executive Producer - Spencer Griffin Executive in Charge of Production- Sam Sparks Supervising Producer - Alex Edge Production Coordinator - Francesca McLafferty 1st Assistant Camera - Chris MacDonald 2nd Assistant Camera - Loren Azlein Gaffer - Logan Fulton Key Grip - Robert Upchurch Production Sound - Chris Bennett for BoTown Sound HMU - Denise Valentine Licensing and Programming Coordinator - Theodora Hart Production Legal - Karen Segall Production Accountant - Shay Parsons Production Accountant - Chetera Bell Production Intern - Yael Egnal Assistant Editor - Spencer Kombol Editor - Michael Schaubach / Sam Geer Visual Effects & Graphics - TJ Gonzalez Post Supervisor - Stephanie Zorn Post Coordinator - Theodora Hart Head Assistant Editor - Phil Fox
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Text Comments (5408)
Darth golden freddy Gaming (13 hours ago)
Sharon Sheetal (17 hours ago)
This video showed me how similar I am to Hitler 😓😓😓
Ramen Chill (20 hours ago)
Hitler being the literal definition of teenage girl at this point
sammy mc'stabby (1 day ago)
Why was this on my recommended!?!?
Ze _Jeff (1 day ago)
The thing is, writing a book about how you're better than everyone and you wanna change the world is only teenage girl-ish if you don't actually kill millions of people doing it. But like....he's a vegetarian?
PhanTrashNumberOne (1 day ago)
I thought hitlers art was actually pretty good, i saw it in my pre AP world history class and if only he had been accepted into the art school he wanted to be in the holocaust never would have happened. he was great at painting landscapes and scenery but it "lacked emotion" don't yell at me I don't support hitler but fr google some of his art pieces his art was nice doesn't mean hes better for it.
wanderlustwarrior (2 days ago)
Trapp should have been Fegelein.
IExist (2 days ago)
I've never understood his policies. So he thinks that all other races than the aryan race should be eradicated over time. But he was a jew, and he chose himself as a leader. So, he says that the aryan race is superior But he chose to be a leader himself, even though he wasn't aryan So he's saying that he, as a non-aryan, was superior to the aryan people? Isn't this kind of counterintuitive?
Karsen Kosse (3 days ago)
Mein Kamf
Twinity Bell (3 days ago)
Mein Kramfp
mlg Freimanis (3 days ago)
mlg Freimanis (3 days ago)
Sub to me plz
kadija Pennywise (4 days ago)
His voice is so cuteee😂😂😂😂
kadija Pennywise (4 days ago)
I'm a vegetarian*😂😂😂
VR Ready (5 days ago)
Tamii Leiva (5 days ago)
Few of those are actual teenage girl things but this was still hilarious
XxCanadian CottonXx (6 days ago)
" Butt fucker "
Christiana Restucci (6 days ago)
i loved this sketch, it was really funny, but if im being honest it kind of makes hitler seem really funny and relatable when really the holocaust was and still is a touchy subject that should not be joked about like this. again, great video, i just dont think that there is anything that will change the way i feel about this
Becky Boo (8 days ago)
Okay but I actually relate a lot with hitler
Elise Johnston (9 days ago)
HITLER WASNT ACTUALLY VEGETARIAN, and he didn't love animals. He literally had slaughterhouses for animals in the concentration camps and his favourite food was liver dumplings.
eilii (9 days ago)
such a buttfucker
Nom du Clavier (9 days ago)
Don't teen girls get enough shit
Pearl Lily (10 days ago)
More like sheldon to me
Animations 2.0 (10 days ago)
Connor Jones (11 days ago)
“Her” room had a sign on the door that said “hitlers bunker”
Music Person (11 days ago)
Hitler is the perfect example of a maverick (and I'm not talking about Logan Paul's bullshit) an unorthodox or independent-minded person.
His Honer, Special Council Covfefe Chocker (13 days ago)
Every alt right'er ever.
JAMES666 GAMING (13 days ago)
Blondi! 😂
Penguin247 (13 days ago)
im hitler without the death and psychopathic tendances
Harvarian Wonder (14 days ago)
Hitlers art is actually really good
gojira fan (14 days ago)
This is so accurate
Geek Beyond Belief (14 days ago)
Ohhh ma gloooob
Swukelz _TY (15 days ago)
little do you know, Hitler killed his dog so that the soviets wont torture her
Victuuri x Malec shipper Anime otaku! (15 days ago)
Anonymous is a legion (15 days ago)
He fucking sounds italian more than german srsly
Sarah Arara (16 days ago)
why do i relate too Hitler?? please someone answer me... i swear im not a Nazi!...
Clare (16 days ago)
Klara (16 days ago)
blondi was later kiloled with a cyanide pill the day hitler killed him self
Kenza Smouni (17 days ago)
Kenza Smouni (17 days ago)
Meghan Bean (18 days ago)
Negasonic teenage warhead (18 days ago)
I love this guy 😂
Jasper Pottier (18 days ago)
Why didn’t they call him Adolf, especially his brother
Tesseract 14 (18 days ago)
Idk I thought his art was pretty damn good
Anna K (19 days ago)
Why are they not calling him Adolf?
QuickSpringNate (19 days ago)
Such a buttfucker
The People's Republic of Utah (19 days ago)
Took a look at Hitler's art, and I wasn't all that impressed. It was just okay in my opinion, as something about the constantly undefined shapes bothered me. But then again, I'm not really an art person when it comes to paintings, so take my opinion with a grain of salt.
Tiff (20 days ago)
Hitler wasn’t a vegetarian, it was something his publicist person made up. He commented multiple times on his favourite food being duck
hi bud (20 days ago)
He sounds like me
Sirus Fischbacher (20 days ago)
Mein Kampf is better translated as my fight or battle, that was a bit of a weak joke.
Patrick I Am (21 days ago)
Who's the guest here??
firestar fan (21 days ago)
World war 2 hitler:a horrible man who killed thousands because of their religion and caused ww2 Present hitler:a man with a high pitched voice who has become a complete laughing stock
Blank God (21 days ago)
Get out XD
savage dragon (21 days ago)
I'm not mad at Hitler anymore
Sophia Grace (23 days ago)
Hitler was actually considered an amazing artist, but he specialized in the classical style (the same style Napoleon is usually depicted in). Unfortunately.... there was a rise in an art called dadaism at the time, and universities tried to stay "current" by widely accepting dadaism. Because of his anger for the style, much of the art was destroyed along with other things the regime saw as improper. History!
Anime God (23 days ago)
Such a butt fucker XD honestly I love you guys
Ignored (24 days ago)
blondi was a german shepherd
Ianis Gigel (24 days ago)
Hitler did nothing wrong in his childhood.
Chad Everett Jr (25 days ago)
Why are they calling him by his last name? Does seriously no one know his 1st name?
FoxyPirateFox9054 (25 days ago)
Thanks Mrs. Hitler.
Project Kordamye (25 days ago)
College Humor hit the nail on the head here lol Anyhow, it is often believed that Hitler would have pursued art if he were accepted into art school, this one minor detail would have changed history, however it is debatable whether or not someone would have acted in his stead, much of which would amount to a conspiracy theory but interesting none the less so long as the data at least seems to support such.
Anime POPZ29 (25 days ago)
Bill Denbrough (26 days ago)
Actually I've seen some paintings from Hitler and I think he's a Amazing at Painting and I know other people have there own opinions on his art work but mine is he was great at it
Not Caz’s Mom (26 days ago)
This is comedy gold
Jakob Robberstad Sandnes (26 days ago)
This is so good, yet so controversial.
Saro Nabaz (26 days ago)
Today teenage girls and Hitler are the same. Actually all girls are the same as hitler
Brobow 2 (27 days ago)
Yes hitler say that
That Poodle Cooper Videos (27 days ago)
I like Hitler kinda now.
klarinett ensemble (28 days ago)
The name of his book was "Mein Kampf". That doesnt is "my Struggle" but "My Battle"
comic lizard (28 days ago)
Spirats, will I ever be famouus :0
Kerem (29 days ago)
He wasnt given up on the church but cool
Laura Kneißl (29 days ago)
Eh.. he actually was an amazing artist thou.. he should have taking that road instead of killing millions of people... stupid fu**
Veronica Garrett (30 days ago)
Hitler wasn’t vegetarian tho. That is false
James (30 days ago)
Mein Kampf
Sam FITZPATRICK (30 days ago)
I did not even bang zo get in any vay
Henkek sitting in air (1 month ago)
Google hitler x stalin. You’ll be glad
Svendsberget 71 (1 month ago)
i like balls
Svendsberget 71 (1 month ago)
girls thinks that they are worse than everybody
THE HEAT SOURCE (1 month ago)
Im using him to get to poland XD. True
Ajani Brunner (1 month ago)
Everytime he yelled I died
sandra puga (1 month ago)
What a butt-fucker lol!😂
Stone Island - 1M (1 month ago)
My struggle was mein kampf hmm such a diary
2Pac Avalley (1 month ago)
do you say obsessed all the time to make it sound, so that people wont feel empathy for him? Wtf?
Atlas Blitz (1 month ago)
Mein kampf diary 😂😂
Ethan Bondick (1 month ago)
Zoie Haney (1 month ago)
"Butt fucker"💀💀💀um what
Eric Cartman (1 month ago)
Mr Branch (1 month ago)
What a buttfucker
Anna Junga (1 month ago)
That scream before the ouiji board😂
Abnoja Young (1 month ago)
Hitler also shot Blondi in a murder-suicide along with his whole family.
Al (1 month ago)
"Will I be famous" YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW GIRL "He's such a buttfock" < got me good
Damian9303 (1 month ago)
Now that's pretty gay
shipmaster (1 month ago)
I mean when hitler said he wanted to kill himself I mean they are in Hitler's bunker
charles manson (1 month ago)
Occasionally these old videos pop up and i come back to the easier timed
Eyepatch Neko (1 month ago)
low spec (1 month ago)
Hitler is supernatural
low spec (1 month ago)
enter the null (1 month ago)
i just though of something that would be better than killing hilter before he gain power. that we can do is tell hitler that he is going to be in powers before he is in power and tell him the atrositys he will commit and that he should not do them and do the complete oposite of the bad things he did in ww2 maybe that would stop a lot of bad things from happening
Jsoldit 525 (1 month ago)
481morda (1 month ago)
How did this not cause a controversy
DMS Dana (1 month ago)
481morda Who would possibly defend HITLER? 😆