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Ways Hitler Was Like a Teenage Girl

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He literally had a diary titled 'My Struggle'. See more http://www.collegehumor.com LIKE us on: http://www.facebook.com/collegehumor FOLLOW us on: http://www.twitter.com/collegehumor FOLLOW us on: http://www.collegehumor.tumblr.com CAST John Milhiser Pam Murphy Siobhan Thompson Cynthia Kao Katie Marovitch CREW Director - Michael Schaubach Producer - Shane Crown Writer - Siobhan Thompson and Pat Cassels Cinematography - Cooper James President of Original Content - Sam Reich Vice President of Production / Executive Producer - Spencer Griffin Executive in Charge of Production- Sam Sparks Supervising Producer - Alex Edge Production Coordinator - Francesca McLafferty 1st Assistant Camera - Chris MacDonald 2nd Assistant Camera - Loren Azlein Gaffer - Logan Fulton Key Grip - Robert Upchurch Production Sound - Chris Bennett for BoTown Sound HMU - Denise Valentine Licensing and Programming Coordinator - Theodora Hart Production Legal - Karen Segall Production Accountant - Shay Parsons Production Accountant - Chetera Bell Production Intern - Yael Egnal Assistant Editor - Spencer Kombol Editor - Michael Schaubach / Sam Geer Visual Effects & Graphics - TJ Gonzalez Post Supervisor - Stephanie Zorn Post Coordinator - Theodora Hart Head Assistant Editor - Phil Fox
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Text Comments (3384)
PandaCake (37 minutes ago)
Hitler was a FAILED vegetarian.
Steve Abnormal Rogers (2 hours ago)
Maybe Hitler was a bad person, but shit, I would like to discover supernatural with him.
Mina Monet (3 hours ago)
Legitler (4 hours ago)
Just had to click on this
wildreams (5 hours ago)
Shit, don't post videos like THIS: The triggered Alt-Rights are coming 😱 You know I'm right (look at the dislike bar).
Blossom Myers (6 hours ago)
Just because he was obsessed with his dog didn't mean he acted like a teenage girl. Anyone can be obsessed with their dog!
FluFFyBuns_Pasquel (6 hours ago)
i actually really like Hitler's artwork as an artist i use it as insperation for backgrounds am i crazy?
Yousef Albinsaad (8 hours ago)
This was all bullshit
Yousef Albinsaad (8 hours ago)
Take on up the ass
Yousef Albinsaad (8 hours ago)
Take on up the ass
already dead おかげトランスレータ (9 hours ago)
Hitler was a really good artist right?
NotRealButReal (10 hours ago)
Too bad he was Satan's nutsack.
Billyharris110 :D (Youtube channel on haitus) (10 hours ago)
"Hitler's Bunker" was the name of the room
Lily Dickson (10 hours ago)
Why did his family call him hitler that's their last name lol
Philip McMorran (10 hours ago)
Zombiepull (10 hours ago)
imagine what kind of world we could have right know if the Assholes in Vienna just would have let Hitler study fucking arts always remember the only ones to blame for WW2 is the Vienna Acadamy of Visinary Art
Mallorydmd (11 hours ago)
He thought his clique was better than everyone else... nice
Gega93 (11 hours ago)
I'd like to think teenage girls are like hitler
Snow van Night (12 hours ago)
massive mistake: "Mein Kampf" isn't "my struggle" it is "MY FIGHT" and it is not a diary it is a biography
OKman (12 hours ago)
As a german native speaker I rather would translate Mein Kampf into my fight than to my struggle.
Piper Tyke (12 hours ago)
Noice auccent, maute. Edit: I'm soory but thiis is oalso Hetaulia in a nutshell.
verxnica (13 hours ago)
Who knew that a person who burned Jewish people cared for animals so much.
Declan Adams (14 hours ago)
Welsh accent. LOL.
Synerrox เ (14 hours ago)
He also liked to start some melodrama.
piz (15 hours ago)
Tellan 123 (15 hours ago)
paperbackwriter1111 (15 hours ago)
Actually Hitler ate Leberknödel in at least the 30s.
GameSoldier_ (15 hours ago)
kinda wish you actually made the actor an actual teenage girl. Like you know give the guy a sex change operation or have him make a public statement that he was actually a woman. you know the sensible thing.
Marcus Miller (16 hours ago)
Hitler wasent a vegaterien he lied about that. i cant spell
Gamesterton (19 hours ago)
Wait if the art schools never rejected him then maybe he will never get into politics.
Hey, that's pretty good (22 hours ago)
Hitler had some fine art to be honest.
OblivionRift (22 hours ago)
remember evalion?
Poor Pogo (22 hours ago)
x x W R.I.P
AtWeekends (23 hours ago)
I really want that dude "Hitler" teen attitude to be my friend --- I mean we could talk everyday :D
the spirit wolf (1 day ago)
this to funny for me
Huskybud (1 day ago)
hey random person scrolling through the comments if you sub to me and tell me ill sub to you
OmegaEx (1 day ago)
So THAT'S what mein kampf means!
Icedude00 (1 day ago)
But if he went back in time and killed himself as a baby he would never be around to kill himself so he would be born and be able to kill home self, and this cycle would repeat forever. Just saying: is bad logic
poopleman krumpet (1 day ago)
He started the Nazi party and killed millions of Jews during the holocaust, but still cares for animals.
I could not think of a name (1 day ago)
It was an allied plan in ww2 to put estrogen in Hitler's food to turn him into a woman
KyanGamer22 (1 day ago)
lol lmao
Migeru Asdfghjk (1 day ago)
it was historicly funny
Cally (1 day ago)
Hitler was right, the holocaust didn't happen.
erick delgado (1 day ago)
would you rather kill hitler or rape hitler
Roberto Jr Antonio (1 day ago)
They got two very important but usually overlooked facts about Hitler, he's an occultist and sexually confused.
Owls (1 day ago)
he was vegan actually
Sean Markow (1 day ago)
Ways hitler was gay af.
Cat-Hat -Bag-Kill (1 day ago)
How my friends would have reacted " I wish I could travel back in time and kill myself as a baby." My friends- " lol same "
Sam Just go away (1 day ago)
He was caught eating meat on several occasion
Logan Bremer (1 day ago)
I've watched this video like 20 times
Evan DeVries (1 day ago)
The thumbnail to this video looks like it belongs to smosh
Daniel Vidal (1 day ago)
It's funny because these are all true
Torben Ploesser (1 day ago)
You need aGerman!
Torben Ploesser (1 day ago)
We love you Cathy!
Cameron Trivett (1 day ago)
Of course the dog is called blondie
noder mark (1 day ago)
the quality and hilarity of the videos has improved a lot since the start of 2017. I'm so glad remained loyal to the company and kept my subscription.
dot alladin (1 day ago)
"Travel back in time to kill myself when I was a kid" Reference to old CollegeHumor Hardly Working skit called "Killing Hitler" they fail and get beat up
Clorox Saves lives (1 day ago)
This is offensive.......... I love it
Loop Pooper (1 day ago)
whos hitler?
Edward Warrick (1 day ago)
Cynthia barely got any lines or screen time. What gives?
Mcheeso Mathematician (1 day ago)
Klara susman (1 day ago)
i have a dog named Blondi
qwert (1 day ago)
So smart
NerdyGirl3000 (1 day ago)
Holy crap he was a teenage girl
Rita Genitempo (2 days ago)
Hitler and Stalin are my OTP don't ask...
Willrocks650 (2 days ago)
Who else is watching this for the fourth time... And is Jewish 😂😂😂
GRULK (2 days ago)
Hitler did nothing wrong he was just doing a social experiment but it went wrong
Annamaria Lovett (2 days ago)
Too soon.
TheCrazyman5291 (2 days ago)
(Sees title of video) "Do I dare..."
Wulf DaWulf (2 days ago)
If Hitler didn't kill millions, he'd be pretty cool…
Zoltan Gyongyossy (2 days ago)
The real question is how was it pronouced "A-dol-f" or "Ad-olf"
B. Eder (2 days ago)
The body the Russians found was that of a woman. They thought it was a double.
B. Eder (2 days ago)
It could have been that Hitler was assinated. there were 30 attempts. At the end he was a figure head.
John Custer (2 days ago)
Do your research next time you fuckheads.
Ass Fac3 (2 days ago)
I thought the dog was going to bite his face off
EagleEye cline (2 days ago)
Did you just assume Hitler's gender
The Critic (2 days ago)
Hitler was not a vegetarian His favorite food had meat in it He lowered his meat intake As an adult due to health problems
Minty Fresh (2 days ago)
This is great.
Bob Sagit (2 days ago)
Reich? Reich? Reich. Ha
lolarose leo (2 days ago)
omg my struggle that's the best joke
Alex Wills (2 days ago)
My war not struggle
ShinraFugitives (2 days ago)
Hitler also created the very first antismoking campaign. so everyone who puts out nonsmoking ads are nazis.
Finley Castello (2 days ago)
*Did you know that the corporation that owns CollegeHumour also owns Tinder and Match.com* JUST GOOGLE "IAC Wikipedia" *SERIOUSLY.* IAC stands for InterActiveCorp.
Vorhang der Pupille (2 days ago)
I'm German and I love this
Blondegenius3 (2 days ago)
Say what you will about Regina George- at least she wasn't an anti-Semite.
Hleghe (2 days ago)
Peter McCartney (2 days ago)
Dont you mean how teenage girls are hitler....
Dannyp4ever (2 days ago)
The guy playing hitler is a great actor
Charlene Zakaras (2 days ago)
Gary Gray (2 days ago)
Doing a feminine German accent couldn't have been easy
Phantom Drags (2 days ago)
.... and this was the guy that almost took over Europe?.......
AGENT Mouldy (2 days ago)
THis is the most hilarious piece of a tiny bit controversial comedy
MASS (3 days ago)
It's crazy to think how well America's nationalized history worked on its population.
๖ۣۜGhost (3 days ago)
why does his book say "my fight" i think it soppost to say "my diary"
Yummi Gummi (3 days ago)
He was dickless as well.
Shit its Nick (3 days ago)
#1 hitler was a failed vegetarian
Farah Kandil (3 days ago)
Hitler was a failed vegetarian
Legato Darksummers (3 days ago)
If by the "supernatural", you mean religious dogma then yes he was. Hitler was a die-hard Christian. It literally said "Gott min uns" on the Nazi buckles. Translation: "God is with us".
A l i c i a V i c t o r i a (3 days ago)
I feel so bad laughing at this oml....
FrancisBacon (3 days ago)
he also murder 6 million jews so a normal girl on her monthly