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Boring Beer for Boring People | CH Shorts

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Category: Comedy
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Text Comments (1568)
bubble Tea (11 minutes ago)
It’s literally Whiteclaw
Donovan B (17 hours ago)
I imagine the libertarian party as being the most interesting party lol. Lots of coke, hookers, and free trade.
Savanna Pierce (2 days ago)
I’m a 13 year old and my dream is to be an accountant this is what I’m headed for isn’t it
chase does stuff (4 days ago)
Are too insecure to make up an original joke and risk being rejected? Try boring comment, and just quote a line from the video in an attempt to get likes. The ironic part is I stole this comment
Fae-Adventures (5 days ago)
I feel so attacked....
Anandi Ganguly (21 days ago)
Just.. get a Breezer?
Isael Bateman (29 days ago)
As a spanish person. I cannot even fathom this existing.
David Johnston (1 month ago)
Wow that got pointed
Kaede Sakura (1 month ago)
Is there an alcohol free version too? I seriously need one were thats written tiny enough so I can pretend to people my age I wasn't scared to death by the thought of doing something mildly embarressing like misusing a word while drunk. I already want to kill myself If that happens in normal situations and I don't wanna screw up more than that
Blueberry shortcake (1 month ago)
I feel... attacked?
Exstreamise (1 month ago)
Did nobody notice how Raph kept switching from glass to bottle?
glorfac (1 month ago)
Yea but... Libertarianism DOES make sense.
Thug Rose (2 months ago)
Libertarianism to its max is a lack of a governmental body, so it’s anarchism, but people towards the libertarian part of the political spectrum believe in a smaller government, ie less taxes, less social programs
Donovan B (17 hours ago)
Thug Rose you just made me boring
Ymi_Yugy (2 months ago)
Hey index funds are not boring :)
Bethany Bee (2 months ago)
I feel personally attacked 😂😂
Jonas Trosch (2 months ago)
Literally all beer is for boring people
Judith Van Der Lee (3 months ago)
Thats Amstel 😂
Sienna Ross (3 months ago)
B**ch, when beer tastes like fruit it's rotten fruit. And it's about twice the price and never on sale. Also, my credit score is more important to me than all my relationships. Except my cat, who I would absolutely drink rotten-fruit beer to impress.
Aland Gomez (4 months ago)
Libertarianism makes sense to you. Got me to chuckle.
The Damn Beast (4 months ago)
Man, that final shot with the stale-ass beer is gross.
Thomas Labat (4 months ago)
Honestly, I didn't see what "libertarianism makes sense to you" had to do with all the rest. Kinda ruined it for me.
becca k (4 months ago)
Thomas Labat that's real
Thomas Labat (4 months ago)
​@becca k OK, that's fair. Still disagree and think it's the least accurate observation in that video, but I can see why it could eventually apply to the type of people described here, yeah.
becca k (4 months ago)
Thomas Labat it's because libertarianism is the political philosophy for someone who capitalism is working out pretty ok for, they are probably a white dude in the US, they have a pretty good job, a nice car, a decent credit score, "office buds" they go have a drink with, and the only thing they care about is clinging on to that identity without introspection or critical thought.
Nathan Eaton-Benterud (4 months ago)
Beer was already for boring people
Jeongki Kim (4 months ago)
why is this channel attacking me from all sides
religiousabuse (4 months ago)
so budwiser/budlight basicly?
Hadi hadi (5 months ago)
So..what is the point of comedy? Is this satire? Parody? Or there is a message in this sketch? Are they said that people must drunk to become not boring or people who cant drink alcohol is boring or? Or they said we dont need to fake it if we cant drink beer?
Hoff1282 (5 months ago)
This went a really weird direction.
Calvin Maynard (5 months ago)
Ok the libertarian dig didn’t make sense? Not sure how that one connected, given that we’re all alcoholics who believe drugs should be legal
Loki X (5 months ago)
Why the personal attack on libertarianism?
Lam Đinh (6 months ago)
I feel like this sketch attacked my personally.
Vernon Hector (6 months ago)
lol amstel
Bryan Cheong (6 months ago)
The joke's on you because I'm so boring I don't go out for beers in the first place
Aiden McKnight (6 months ago)
The only thing I disagree with in here is that libertarianism is not weird. It is. But everything else is basically me
Chill Bill (6 months ago)
But libertarianism makes sense
Marley (6 months ago)
as an Australian that shittily poured beer hurt my very soul
Michelle Castillo (6 months ago)
“You live a life based on fear” hahahahaha omfg brutal
UnderPuppy88 (6 months ago)
i dont care what people think of me. beer is expensive. ill take water please
Corey (6 months ago)
That ending though.
MeAsIAm (6 months ago)
This hits too close to the heart
Wrspite (6 months ago)
Even these people are funnier than me :|
Nudedragon (7 months ago)
hey leaving your roomates notes about cleaning is critical if you don't want to constantly be cleaning after them. Of course, kicking down their door and throwing their dirty dishes at them is more effective, but the police are all like "assault with a deadly weapon" if there's any knives in that pile...
Simeon Longhway (7 months ago)
This may be the best Bud Light commercial I’ve seen
Mikael Nevear (7 months ago)
Why mix politics into this?
OneTwentyOver80 (7 months ago)
You got me. Damn it. But I tip.
Jimmy M (7 months ago)
Some of these descriptions describe me. I don't talk to my neighbors, and I have index funds. What do I do? And what type of beer am I supposed to drink? I don't like all those weird tasting craft beers with weird aftertastes. I want something smooth, but dark, and good alcohol content. I often drink Modelo Negra or Newcastle Brown Ale. When those are unavailable a Heiney is alright.
Michael Osborne (7 months ago)
But in the US your options are i) some low calorie/alcohol garbage, ii) some mass market filth designed to be as bland as possible for broadest possible appeal, or iii) some kind of craft filth that goes right to the other end of the spectrum with too much hops and probably some other flavour turned up to 11 and no balance. One of the few things I really don't miss from living in the US.
crazykenna (7 months ago)
This is oddly mean spirited and I don’t understand what this has to do with beer? What is the POINT of this sketch?
Bernard Feng (7 months ago)
"Libertarianism makes sense to you." Somebody got butthurt debating a libertarian.....
weckar (7 months ago)
So.... Why did they use the Amstel logo?
Still Just-Me (8 months ago)
2:02 "brewed in ohio"
Geekyblacksheep (8 months ago)
This looks like that one Two Hats or whatever beer I tried.
Jen Mishelin (9 months ago)
So what if people are boring, if they like being like that it's perfectly fine.
Cooper Wilkinson (9 months ago)
The beer they're advertising: Miller Lite. HEYOOO!
Silly Silentfilms (9 months ago)
Give me a job
Cameron Tungate (9 months ago)
I love how no one has noticed this a direct colour scheme copy as Amstel beer.
Manuel Peralta (9 months ago)
Its funny how Raphael is drinking a glass of beer then a bottle of beer
Olivia Abifarin (9 months ago)
Andrew Imm (9 months ago)
Of course Libertarians don't tip
Pie Pierrot (9 months ago)
Ouch, too close to home, CH. XD It is true though, unfortunately, we are often ruled by others' expectations of us and not sticking out too much. It's the society we live in that needs to change. I personally don't like the taste of alcohol and I don't fancy getting drunk anyway (plus I'm taking medication so I probably shouldn't drink too much though a little is okay) but I get self-conscious because of all the people who do like and drink alcohol. And sadly people will chide you over it, wondering if you're some snob or uber religious person or some shit like that when really you just don't like alcohol. They'll try to pester you into it, too, get you to drink, and you might not get invited out to places as much because they think you won't be any fun or won't want to go (in the case of going to bars.) It's really dumb.
Air Gin (9 months ago)
BROKE Liberal Arts students with Worthless Degrees Passive Aggressively hating on people with money...? Is that what this is? hahaha Nobody that has money buys boring beer. I don't know anyone like this.
torrid saber (9 months ago)
It got kind of salty in the end, a little too obvious that whoever wrote the narrators script just has spite for people who are just responsible.
Something_to_appease_Google (9 months ago)
I never understood why people drink beer. If you want to get drunk just go with liquor. All alcoholic beverages taste like shit so at least liquor gets you drunk faster so you don't have to endure the suffering of tasting something as foul as beer.
supernpstr (9 months ago)
They didnt tip - ROFL
SpookCanNot (10 months ago)
if i'm underage can I drink boring beer?
Dimitar Tomov (10 months ago)
So misguided video it killed the joke about boring beer....
Hue Lu (10 months ago)
when I meet boring people, I go monotone...
Corbin Davies (10 months ago)
Maybe boring to stupid people
absourate (10 months ago)
Holy shit, that's scathing.
Noah Carter (10 months ago)
Afrotaku 02 (10 months ago)
I just came to have a good time and I'm honestly feeling so attacked right now
Zarcon (10 months ago)
Thought the overall bit was funny, but why the random shade for libertarians? Huh. Wait, do liberals hate libertarians and not just conservatives? I'm confused now.
Zu Nobi (10 months ago)
Looks like the Amstel Malta logo.
Dylan Shiflet (10 months ago)
What’s wrong with libertarianism
SaffreBlue (10 months ago)
I have an unhealthy crush on Ally.
John Read-Jones (10 months ago)
... I always have boiled eggs and I love them... :(
Laila Terrell (10 months ago)
i got a bud light ad for this vid lmao
Yasuo Logitech (10 months ago)
This video is being a bit uncomfortably relatable :)
Luke Brunner (10 months ago)
this was just mean
Sweet Broth (10 months ago)
I got a lite beer commercial before this
luke McEllin (10 months ago)
I miss old ch
Dewayne C (10 months ago)
Why I don't understand why people drink Budweiser and other such piss, it barely even tastes like beer, or like anything at all lol.
Dank Memez (10 months ago)
Lmao I just got a bud light ad
Ramsher Felix (10 months ago)
A real "boring beer" adcplayed immediately after this. What kinda simulation is this??
Elliot W (10 months ago)
Why are so many libertarians offended in the comments? I see some good in libertarianism but I actually can see what they mean. Perhaps they see libertarians boring cause its a complex ideaology that is widely argued about? Its not an ideaology that you can easily deny fully. Left and right has holes while libertarians has aspects of both so theres way more to it. Explaining libertarianism is not easy to do cause its so debated over since its one of the closest ideaologies to centrism. The fact that so many complain just about that part does in fact make libertarians look bland and overly egoistic which is also what the video subtly pointed out. It was subtle blows perhaps not need yes, but it was one or two lines. Get over yourselves. The more you complain the more you prove them right.
ANigerianPrince (10 months ago)
Whoa... the Audi joke came from nowhere.
Oopss7 (10 months ago)
Beer tastes like piss
2380knight (10 months ago)
Got a beer ad and just laughed
Inisa Jefferson (10 months ago)
Why she slam that glass on the table so hard? 🤣
MR Farina (10 months ago)
I don't get what's insulting about being a libertarian haha
Jet C (10 months ago)
"Brewed in Ohio" LOL
Artur Holavin (10 months ago)
Living in America always made me wonder about that tip thing. Just crazy: they made my goodwill in some inexplicable obligation. Also, libertarian thing was odd: I strongly disagree with libertarian ideas, they are morally doubtful and often ineffective, but they DO make sense.
Xeno Entertainment (10 months ago)
Lol "Libertarianism makes sense to you" Like suddenly it's so hard to understand freedom of speech and the right to bare arms..And do whatever you want as long as it doesn't hurt anybody...How is that something so aweful?
ledzeppeman (10 months ago)
You guys used to be funny. I know I'm only one person, but you guys changed, and not for the better. This is the 3rd or 4th video in a row that had no jokes, nothing funny or likable about it. I mean, what was that preachy "don't drive stoned" skit? It's like you guys don't even get that some people require cannabis to function normally. Not for any one sketch, but because you guys stopped making jokes, I'm out. I can't watch any more of these god awful 3 minute videos expecting a punchline. Get your shit together and make something funny or you'll lose more long time followers.
Biao Wang (10 months ago)
Are you so unoriginal you need to support big goverment and not study an interesting concept that legalized weed?
Gracey Shaw (10 months ago)
Uh oh guys I think I'm boring (but at least I tip well)
BetaMax46 (10 months ago)
I stopped watching at the misuse of "begs the question."
jakob shlapnick (10 months ago)
you know what? i'm not afraid of being a boring person! not everyone can do it...
Michael Lee (10 months ago)
Thanks for the existential crisis
vawa-ID (10 months ago)
adam said no tip
Shawn Romwell (10 months ago)
I've liked the new style over the past month, it's like a new breath of fresh air into the channel.
Drakan R (10 months ago)
I'd legit buy this