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Benji Hughes - Waiting For An Invitation [LYRICS]

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Dalszöveg / Lyrics: Lady so black Like a million cemetery lawns I don't even try anymore Keeping up with the headstones Maybe I've been waiting too long, too long For somebody to throw my kinda party And I know, I'm too old Stadiums cry Go on wait until your band gets back together Don't you think it's probably time you sit and write your fans an apology letter Maybe you've been waiting too long, too long For somebody to throw your kinda party And you're old, you're too old If you're waiting for an invitation You're gonna wait a long time Wait a long time, wait a long time If you're looking for an invitation It's never gonna come, it's never gonna come You're never gonna get one Lovers they try, they try to whip the stars into compliance Careful, don't you pull too hard Don't want to knock the planets out of alignment Maybe you've been waiting too long, too long For somebody to show to the party And you're old, you're too old If you're waiting for an invitation You're gonna wait a long time Wait a long time, wait a long time If you're looking for an invitation It's never gonna come, it's never gonna come You're never gonna get one If you're waiting for an invitation You're gonna wait a long time Wait a long time, wait a long time, wait a long time, you're gonna wait a long time, wait a long time, wait a long time, wait a long time, you're gonna wait a long time, wait a long time, wait a long time, wait a long time, you're gonna wait a long time, you're gonna wait a long time
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Text Comments (250)
Umar Abdurrahim (1 month ago)
i'd like this song to be soundtrack of my life
Political Memes (1 month ago)
God dammit Stella
dreams crusher (2 months ago)
HIMYM has made me cry so many times, what a good ass show
Defuse2k (3 months ago)
geebers beebers (4 months ago)
love he amount of people here from How I Met Your Mother
DaX (4 months ago)
This song was litterally made for that moment. It’s also basically “wait for it” the song
Max Greenberg (5 months ago)
Because of HIMYM, this song makes me wanna cry when I hear it
jackie q (5 months ago)
"If only I'd understood what the real story was..."
revanfilms (6 months ago)
Denisa Tulvan (7 months ago)
I love how everyone comments quotes from that episode of HIMYM. Love you guys♡
Denisa Tulvan (6 months ago)
@NIKEIL Pal see you there =)))
NIKEIL Pal (6 months ago)
Denisa Tulvan alright
Denisa Tulvan (6 months ago)
@NIKEIL Pal I actually like it, especially the fact that it's raining so often and it's not too cold or too warm. Yes, I have instagram. You can find me exactly like here but no space between the names
NIKEIL Pal (6 months ago)
Denisa Tulvan ah it’s ok over here but the weather won’t make its mind and if you want to continue talking do you have any social media like snapchat or Instagram?
Denisa Tulvan (6 months ago)
@NIKEIL Pal wow, really? That's really cool =))). Oh god, I LOVE your country. Like, I dream of living there at least 2 times a day. Okay, I'll stop fangirling =))). Aaaaand, I think that if we want to continue talking, we should find another way cause it's getting weird to talk through comments on this beautiful song =))))))
martijn van wingerden (7 months ago)
Im scared to watch the end of this serie, cuz i think im gonna cry very hard.
Lomesh Agrawal (7 months ago)
A friend of a friend introduced me to this song and I use to play it on repeat. Heard the same on HIMYM almost 4 years later and I was reminded of her, god I hope you’re doing well my friend.
Justin Awesome (8 months ago)
Thumbs up if How I Met Your Mother brought you here.
vanshiKa (10 months ago)
Ted should've simply followed the Platinum rule
vanshiKa (10 months ago)
But Ted did invite Robin to his marriage when he married Tracey
Ahmed jazz (11 months ago)
Stella, you bitch
K52 Biethel (11 months ago)
I’ve cried in that episode
zzio- 109 (1 year ago)
Stella is a bitch
ricevvv (1 year ago)
"If only Id've understood what the real story was."
Fake Name (1 year ago)
daz daz (1 year ago)
how i met your mother <3
VIRENDER SHARMA (1 year ago)
My only favourite show, guys please suggest similar sitcoms or movies or what ever, should be closely related. thnks
spade (1 year ago)
So, in HIMYM, this song is for Tony...
Ömer Kahraman (1 year ago)
Eyşan stella
Grace Kathryn (1 year ago)
I'm here because of HIMYM. Having watched the show, I think this song is all about the danger of living passively, to which I can most definitely relate. P.s. tears for Ted :'(
DARSHAN Narayan (1 year ago)
2018 and still waiting for invitation.
_Nika _ (1 year ago)
What about 2019? Still waiting?
🌑 N E R Ø 🌙 (1 year ago)
Just finished the last episode and I don't know what to say .. I've got an empty hole in my chest rn
zacharie garondo (1 year ago)
This song is legend.... wait for it.... still waiting.... keep waiting because your gonna wait a longtime dairyyyyy !!!
LibertarianJD (1 year ago)
Barney walking around reading the note...
LiquidSwordzCx (1 year ago)
I think Andy milonakis brought me here
Zeynep B (1 year ago)
Stella, you are such a bitch.
Wyatt Barkley (1 year ago)
This is my cousin!!!!!😁😁😁
danny (1 year ago)
fuck you, Stella
Miguel Angel Suarez Reyes (2 years ago)
Me encanta .....
Konstantin K (2 years ago)
Stella could and should have been their mother, I liked Stella right up until then :)
ece sokmen (1 year ago)
Konstantin K nooo she was just the worst person for ted after jeanette
Old School Radical Gamer Dude (2 years ago)
He says "Ladies roll by" not "Lady so black".
Denny D.ILLEST (2 years ago)
i love the emotion in this guys voice , this what it sounds like when your waiting for that one special girl to make your life worth living or waiting to fit in this strange world.and "its never gonna come"
Doga Singi (2 years ago)
4x5 :((((
Handy Andu (2 years ago)
Sad Teddy Westside :(
ece sokmen (1 year ago)
Andreas Lõvi that look on ted s face when he was reading the letter just gives me the chills
SI So (2 years ago)
Don't get married. Look,you're rushing into this. It's like you're trying to skip ahead to the end of the book. Ted, you're the most romantic guy I know. You You stole a blue French horn for me. You tried to make it rain. - I did make it rain. - It was a coincidence. But after all that, this is how your great romantic quest comes to an end? You're just disappearing into someone else's wedding, someone else's house, someone else's life without a second thought. That's not the amazing ending that you deserve. That's not Ted Mosby.
joko susilo (1 month ago)
What a line!
Fake Name (1 year ago)
She spoke facts tho
Zara Pav (1 year ago)
Terakera H. (2 years ago)
The first time i heard this song, i was going through a deep depression... i got so hopeless and lost all my wills.. but losing hope was the better thing ever happened to me. We dont have to wait, we have to do. We just have to live fearless, focused and always do the best. Those who hope, fear. Also, it is never late to try, we can catch up
Mr. Bluesman (1 year ago)
Jake Hu3zoid preach
dic dic (2 years ago)
stella pü
EpicMoviez (2 years ago)
"I was too distracted to see the picture forming roght in front of me." HIMYM= best soundtrack in history
Künstlerin-DAB1995 (2 years ago)
A gorgeous song from a brilliant episode of "How I Met Your Mother". Amazing.
Katia Claro (2 years ago)
Who is Stella??
ece sokmen (1 year ago)
It is from a TV show called How ı met your mother you should watch it but stella is just a bitch and comes in season 3 sooo just watch it but you wont like stella be ready for it and dont read the comments because there are lots of spoilers
Mattheus Neves (2 years ago)
Katia Claro Se for Brasileira - Assista How I Met Your Mother para saber
Probably (2 years ago)
I wish i could've been around to watch the first couple of episodes on tv, i was born when this show started.
Probably (2 years ago)
One of my earliest memories was sitting down on a little patch of carpet in my living room when i was about 3 or 4 and watching an episode of himym. Himym is not the best show for children, but damn is it amazing
luigy Villarroel (2 years ago)
like si estas aquí por ''how i met your mother''
HAZZA MALIK (2 years ago)
fuck you stella
vivek deore (2 years ago)
just nailed it... what a song!! bravo Listening it again and again
Daniel D. de Lima (2 years ago)
You don't do that to someone, Stella.
ece sokmen (1 year ago)
And they even made a movie about poor ted stella was just a bitch
Mattheus Neves (2 years ago)
Daniel Lima Stella não vale nada
Angel Guevarra (3 years ago)
HIMYM :') miss you so badly J.A.F.C hope we'll be together again
SMOOTUBE (3 years ago)
This song hurts alot when you feel you dont use any second on earth for the best
Emman Pilapil (3 years ago)
was this song played on the episode when ted was left at the altar?
Daniel Ramirez (2 years ago)
All the world
Justin Awesome (2 years ago)
@Emman Pilapil Yes when Ted was left at the altar this was the song. It started playing half way though the song though.
Elie Tannous (3 years ago)
this is it
Japjit Singh N. (3 years ago)
the next episode where he is to confront Stella only to realise she had a happy family with her ex-husband and daughter
Regina Phalange (3 years ago)
i don't know but this song reminds me of bobby from it's kind of a funny story...
Ceren TAŞCI (3 years ago)
Well considering that HIMYM always gonna be my favourite tv show , crying in this song doesn't seem like a bad idea😶
Justin Awesome (2 years ago)
HIMYM is my favorite show also I watched the show three times its amazing.
Elie Tannous (3 years ago)
Ceren TAŞCI same
Jiaqi Zhu (3 years ago)
Seriously kids, never invite an ex to your wedding.
Shaftell (3 years ago)
My favourite part of the episode was seeing Robin's reaction on the ferry. Pure shock and disgust.
joko susilo (1 month ago)
Every Bob saget line with melodramatic song are legendary. I am rewatch every time just to hear Bob Saget voice
Nathanial Jones (2 years ago)
Plus as Ted says "seriously kids, never invite an ex to your wedding", it's just so... Perfect
thewrightbro (3 years ago)
mine toooo! it was so damn awesome
Prateesh bubby (3 years ago)
Cecilio Duarte (3 years ago)
If only I'd understood what the real story was...
Yuri Danylko (1 year ago)
OzTheWizardOfPorn I don't see any ""
OzTheWizardOfPorn (3 years ago)
it's a quote
Muaz Rozlan (3 years ago)
Which part you didn't understand?
Jency Vinu (3 years ago)
I effin love it that everybody (at least as much as I've seen) is here because of HIMYM
kara s (3 years ago)
+Jency Vinu that icon tho
Katherine Marmolejo (3 years ago)
Make me cry :'( "wait a long time" FUCK!
Shivam Sharma (3 years ago)
"If you're waiting for an invitation, you're gonna wait a long time, wait a long time, wait a long time"
Duygu (3 years ago)
i hate stella
Kevin Carranza (1 year ago)
ece sokmen (1 year ago)
il Garrett me too
DyingLight (3 years ago)
such a good song
Danny RM (3 years ago)
Poor Ted :(
Kevin Carranza (1 year ago)
He suffer so much:(
Josh (4 years ago)
Whenever I listen to songs from HIMYM it reminds me of how good the show is and makes me want to watch it again
keith sanchez (7 days ago)
First watched in 2009 and followed from then on til the end. My girlfriend is watching for the first time. I’m so jealous of her lol. She just saw slap bet for the first time and she just met robin sparkles.
Bankz (2 years ago)
+BaconMan ..? Except for the fact that she doesn't, though, so.
Justin Awesome (2 years ago)
@Josh watch it again I watched the show three times I am watching it again for the fourth time now.
BaconMan (3 years ago)
She looks like a man.
Coreycc (3 years ago)
It is! A brilliant show that is very addictive. Plus I have the biggest crush on Cobie Smulders
JackSubscribe (4 years ago)
Loving the HIMYM quotes you beautiful people are sharing
John Yaacoub (4 years ago)
Stella Sucks
ece sokmen (1 year ago)
John Yaacoub the worst after jeanette
Giorgio Piedade Ferrari (4 years ago)
"Seriously kids, never invite an ex to your wedding"
Dave (2 months ago)
Except that he met Tracy on his ex's wedding.
kerdja youcef (2 months ago)
Bad day for ted
Аляксей (10 months ago)
Yes man
Daniel Joaquin Cañaveral Aguilar (1 year ago)
yet she die! so not so perfect! haahhahah (bad joke) xD
Daniel Joaquin Cañaveral Aguilar (1 year ago)
@drfruitsalad True history! jaja
Boukdir ilhame (4 years ago)
I actually know this beautiful song thank to himym, and I agree, I hate Stella too ! But It was the right thing to do, ted deserved better !
ece sokmen (1 year ago)
Boukdir ilhame ı hate stella too and by the way the guy who she cheated ted with was just eww ted was way better than that idiot
Amandine Pf. (4 years ago)
Does ANYONE knew this song out of HIMYM ? :D haha (not my case :3 )
renato salas (4 years ago)
Grande Ted
Jacob Jakubec (4 years ago)
i just watched the spisode when stella left Ted, its pretty funny how everybody hates her :D :D :D lol
Táiron Amaral (4 years ago)
Fucking Stella! :(
Kevin Mangion (4 years ago)
Thing is......she is supposed to be with JD 
Blade Hawkins (7 months ago)
Kevin Mangion stupid elliot
Tom H (5 years ago)
"Kids, you may think that your only choices are to swallow your anger or throw it in someone’s face. But there is a third option: you can just let it go. And only when you do that is it really gone, and you can move forward."
Deadly Assassin9 (1 year ago)
Man I’m crying I basically grew up with that show
Not YouTube Algorithm (1 year ago)
Well yeah unless they make a movie about you making you look bad. In that case ted should've sued their ass for defamation.
Anthony Garcia (3 years ago)
my favorite quote from Ted...
Amandine Pf. (4 years ago)
So beautiful :')
FullGames. (5 years ago)
László Szücs (4 years ago)
,,l,, :D
Googaify (5 years ago)
I hated Stella from the beginning. I actually liked her after she left him at the altar. She saved his life^^ She was boring, annoying and she just wasn't right for Ted. And he was stupid with this whole "will you marry me" thing. too soon and it wasn't true love 
Julia Souza (23 days ago)
She didn't like Star Wars, that was enough ...
TheBigDip (3 months ago)
Googaify at least I wasn’t the only one
ece sokmen (1 year ago)
Stella was just a bitch
ece sokmen (1 year ago)
TheNobleipman ı thought ı was the only one who thought that hahahah
TheNobleipman (2 years ago)
I never liked her laugh... But that's just me haha
LF Gamer (5 years ago)
the bass of this music is awesome..
Yuri Danylko (2 years ago)
LF Gamer I was just thinking that lol
Doug Parreira (5 years ago)
Lionel Messi (5 years ago)
HIMYM... <3 such a sad moment. Poor ted fuck you Stella!!!
lisicka11 (5 years ago)
what a song
Sophie stinson (5 years ago)
the lyrics is a bit funny and a bit sab but its True
maryam carymi (5 years ago)
I fucking hate Stella.
Faye (5 years ago)
took me 5 hours to find this song! but it was worth it.
Deadly Assassin9 (1 year ago)
Took me a couple of years I rewatched all the episodes and I try to find it on Instagram (I’m stupid) and somone brought me here and I’m forever greatful for it
JimmyB C (3 years ago)
Use Tunefind.. Type in the season and episode.. It's a website
Den Crj (3 years ago)
+Edne Alvarez lol
Edne Alvarez (3 years ago)
+Randalf The Grey There's Shazam
Downskirtfunk (4 years ago)
did you ever find it? the website was tunefind
Aidan Damo (5 years ago)
HIMYM. 1 of the top saddest points of the show. Really sad. Poor Ted
morgan Lem (8 months ago)
I thought the saddest part was when barney left his dads house with the basketball hoop
ab cd (1 year ago)
I saw that today, it hurt man
ece sokmen (1 year ago)
When robin didnt break up with kevin and marshall s dad died and when lily went to san francisco they were the saddest parts
Mazen Amr (2 years ago)
What about that time when Barney left Nora for Robin and she decided to stay with Kevin?
Matthew Bridgen (5 years ago)
It's so weird, songs from himym always only have himym comments :)
OzTheWizardOfPorn (3 years ago)
I think thats because himym introduces people to barely popular but great songs!
Wellington Soares (5 years ago)
how i met your mother come me to here !
Chris Vatalaro (5 years ago)
Thank you himym and shazam
joko susilo (1 month ago)
Is that Shazam the music app. OMG is Such a thing a back years ago
Simply Bradley (2 months ago)
JimmyB C Shazam is quicker
Not YouTube Algorithm (1 year ago)
Thank you himym and brain for choosing the most word that was said in this song.
JimmyB C (3 years ago)
Use Tunefind... Type in the season and episode and u will find the song
Isaiah Bareng (5 years ago)
Its kinda about a band breaking up.... ironically mine is..
DontHaveAnyUsername (5 years ago)
I love How I Met Your Mother :)
RdokGaming (5 years ago)
fuck you stella :'(
Volcom2712 (6 years ago)
Stella is a bitch!:(
Justin Awesome (3 years ago)
@Pedro Cancelinha Yeah the movie he made out of Ted made Ted look like a asshole. Stella was crazy. Josh though the guy who plays Ted loves the girl who plays Stella. Tony is a asshole big time he and Stella fucked up the wedding and it was worse when the movie was showed.
Pedro Cancelinha (3 years ago)
Justin Taylor the movie?
Justin Awesome (3 years ago)
@Volcom2712 I hated what Tony did to Ted latter on in the show.
Pedro Cancelinha (3 years ago)
If ted married Stella the story was a crap
Eric Badoni (4 years ago)
Seriously, that character annoyed the crap out of me. Always walking out over dumb arguments, and only took one visit from her ex to have her running back to him.
jérémy Andreoli (6 years ago)
how i meet your mother rpz
maexndermeister (6 years ago)
Fuck off HIMYM!  i love this Track.......
the doom (3 years ago)
+Alan Sun what did himym do to you*
Alan Sun (6 years ago)
what did HIMYM did you you? huh?
Marongin Sophie (6 years ago)
How i met your motter then wait wait shazam !!!!
Rafa Muñoz (6 years ago)
Ibrahim swagg (6 years ago)
Im gonna keep Teds word in mind "never invite a ex on ur wedding
ece sokmen (1 year ago)
But he invited robin to his wedding
MrAnJiLr (6 years ago)
true story
Adrian Lopez (6 years ago)
Pobre ted
Mattheus Neves (2 years ago)
Adrian Lopez Ele não merecia isso