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10 NEW DRONE Inventions You Must See

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From a fishing drone, to a drone that can shoot balls, here are 10 NEW Drone Inventions You Must See.... SUBSCRIBE http://goo.gl/LqNRbT FREEZE HD ESPAÑOL https://goo.gl/CfgKUc ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ LINKS QUANTUM TRON TRANSITION DRONE http://bit.ly/2ein5fw, QUANTIX https://www.youtube.com/user/AeroVironmentInc/videos AIR SELFIE http://bit.ly/2gAVB7r SHIFT http://kck.st/2dnIVQj, AGUADRONE http://kck.st/2eRq3cX FLEYE http://kck.st/2e6znbw, AIROBOTICS http://www.airobotics.co.il SORA RAKU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mc5r7DVEgZc ROBOT ARM DRONE http://bit.ly/2c4MSIS WINGSLAND S6 GUN DRONE http://bit.ly/2bDCQeB , ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ATTRIBUTIONS Copyright Free Images From Pixabay - https://goo.gl/ySr45y ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CREDITS PRODUCER & WRITER Wade Hutson NARRATOR BaerTaffy https://goo.gl/dWg1cn VIDEO EDITOR Robert Jackton ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ MUSIC Summer upbeat & uplifting pop - MoodMode Audiojungle
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Text Comments (1086)
Roi Czechvala (3 days ago)
I don't care, so why must I see this?
The main cause of warps in all of reality (7 days ago)
The armed prodrone is badass!
thepretenda (7 days ago)
0:58 "SUPPLIES" LOL!!!
Wendi Eklund (16 days ago)
only golfers could come before disaster victims
AZ JAMAICA QUEENS (17 days ago)
I love it...
PARALLEL PEOPLE (23 days ago)
That arms of the drone are awesome, I like it the most...
Vegard Settli (24 days ago)
Mortimer Snurd (26 days ago)
I predict a 50% increase in shotgun sales in 2020
Mortimer Snurd (26 days ago)
Air selfie. Yes, every bar and restaurant will allow them....not
booger boogie (27 days ago)
Gryfflightningguynascar (28 days ago)
4:17 agua?
Gryfflightningguynascar (28 days ago)
how much do they cost
Arpan D'Rozario (28 days ago)
2:08 the air selfie looks like a graphics card
Vladimir Nachev (30 days ago)
Friendly familiar feel of the Half-Life 2 story
Girish Reddy (1 month ago)
A great video. Helps many to chose and get an idea. I need a Drone which can fly half a KM and need good Camera in it. Which is the best one? I need it for seeing my Agriculture land sitting at home and also please let me know does Drones need Wi-Fi to work or how does Drones work?
Sungsoo Kim (1 month ago)
Jada Speers (1 month ago)
That air selfie will never take off (pardon the pun). It's an inconvenience. There's literally a 10 step process to using it. You think people will want to do all that? To use the camera on your phone these days, you don't even need to unlock your phone. It's swipe and take photo. None of this Take out of pocket, attach to phone, go into settings and spend 10 hours there figuring out everything lol
FrosT D Tru (1 month ago)
More like air snitch Lol
Bonzo Bonzai (1 month ago)
No occusync, no deal. WIFI drones suck.
Alan Day (1 month ago)
Amazing "Human Interference" we are now problems for our own technology. These drones also only flies much much less time than the recharge time.
Wolfreespirit Rebel (1 month ago)
One of these over 10 downing st when traitor may is there, bomb
mike patterson (1 month ago)
Yea I See No Problems Here!!! Ha Ha Down South My Neighbors Will Have Fun, Target Practice! Peace
Freddie Rex Tagacay (1 month ago)
Drones flying in the sky? Wow perfect for practice shooting
Zara ZevLunden (1 month ago)
To me the best one is The ROBOT ARM DRONE. I can even see them rescuing small cats and dogs with it.
sagitariojahm (1 month ago)
Super for DRUGS SMUGGLING GREAT,BYE BYE MEXICAN BORDER WALL ,TRUMP ARE U READY😛 how tall your wall needs to be to help.😁
The Wandering Internet Wizard (1 month ago)
“Birds of prey have always had a monopoly on swooping in and grabbing something.” Who the fuck writes these scripts?
Unboxing Innovations (1 month ago)
Gun drone? That idea will evolve into something terrible
Greg Sonne (1 month ago)
why take more jobs away there are more jobs lost every day from all this crap
Karim Mifflin (1 month ago)
Gun Drone ? Really? Oooh, let me get one for my juvenile delinquent child right now !
VJ SWORD (1 month ago)
I give you "5 out of 10", only cause I'd have no use for the other five; so technically, that's a 10 rating!
Mr. Me (2 months ago)
CuriousEarthMan (2 months ago)
terminator meets imperial probe droid......
suspended suplex channel (2 months ago)
Where is Predator😂😂
UniThe G (2 months ago)
it likes you a lot and decided you are special. WATCH OUT
Mr Grumpy (2 months ago)
yeahhhh AEROBOTICS the future model of creativity xD - 1 get a thing that is more that beaten old and invented like a drone!!!! done yeahhhhh!! - 2 get another beaten down invented weell day to day stuff, psiu psiu combine them puuuuuummmm priu priu and pay badly to workers
Mr Grumpy (2 months ago)
- 3 take the ALL NEW beaten down more than invented ALL NEW INOVATEUR combination of 2 bullshit simple things and aply a stamp sayng that is for the most expencive industry avaible and there you go an ALL NEW 19 999 DOLLARS self recharjale drone xD "FOR BIG MONEY CONSTRUCTION PEOPLE ONLY !! xD LIMITED STOCK get yours now for 19 999, 99 Dollarsand receave a fantastic FREE cober cable!!
Geert Remans (2 months ago)
the wingsland has many problems with connecting and control,los of signal no good
Jonathan Frakes (2 months ago)
With the Fleye, I can make my own custom Imperial Probe Droid.
liquidbraino (2 months ago)
0:57 cocaine
Shadows (3 months ago)
2:42 those cute girls does not need that, any guy would happy take the shot for them :)
Srikanta Prasad .n (3 months ago)
Wonder full thing I like it
Tiankuo Hua (3 months ago)
There’s another drone like the AguaDrone: The Splash Drone 3.
vonshtoyven (3 months ago)
gun drone? haha so funny! now you can remotely shoot someones eye out! thats such a great prank!
vonshtoyven (3 months ago)
air selfie, cause you wanna take shitty 5mp pictures after you bought a 900$ fone? stoooooopid
Abhishek Mukherjee (4 months ago)
9:43 - "..imagine the joy of flying around your neighbourhood launching air strikes against your unsuspecting buddies...". That did not sound well. Imagine the same thing modified with an actual gun!
R W (4 months ago)
Hmmmm.....how many jobs will be lost while a few get rich. _uck drones
David Rockefeller (4 months ago)
geile scheisse!!!
Bobby Coakachee (4 months ago)
Okay I can't choose I like them all
G.C. (4 months ago)
9:06 a little spooky😂 9:38 That can fire small "harmless" projectiles into someone's eye …
open eye's (4 months ago)
The last one is scary. One day soon a humm of a drone will be the last thing we hear.
Kenneth Ferrer (4 months ago)
I bet there is a military version of the gundrone. One that actually kills a person.
The Man (4 months ago)
A pocket pistol drone?? Hmmmm Do we need to start worrying about Fly by's on top of Drive by's ??
E.M. Noah (4 months ago)
Garth Algar (4 months ago)
We already deliver emergency aid.....then destroy it
Garth Algar (4 months ago)
H20 drone born from jjrch31 lol
DemoScottGaming Lounge (4 months ago)
I feel as those that shift drone would cause carple tunnel in your thumb
Alex Rivera (4 months ago)
Our done overlords
INFINITY (4 months ago)
So the first one is basicaly a ripoff of the v-22 osprey
master taz (5 months ago)
Good idea
arthurneddysmith (5 months ago)
2:02 “Air Selfie” Jesus H. Christ, why do human beings suck so fucking much?
arthurneddysmith (5 months ago)
0:53 “With applications that include precision farming ... .” Because when I farm, I do it with precision. I send a drone to pick up each and every apple on my orchard. I also send mini predator drones to take out individual worms. Can’t work out why I’m not making a profit.
Babar Shezad (5 months ago)
The drone with arms and the last one are very amzing
Scott Askinazi (5 months ago)
Noticed that the Chinese drone comes ready to attack. Hahaha bang bang... oops your dead.
spr00sem00se (5 months ago)
"just slide your thumb into the ring" hmmmmmm
Techno Bros (5 months ago)
i like all drones thanks
qbek (5 months ago)
plz, less commercial voice I know ur probably making portfolio out of this but i don't want to feel like i'm watching an actual commercial.
Tony And Amelia (5 months ago)
Food production doesn't need to double....
Chuck J (5 months ago)
8:45 I am guessing that it will not be much longer (or perhaps has already occurred) before there is theft by criminals using drones. hmmm
Phantomthecat (5 months ago)
Sooo, nearly 2 years later, how many of these either made it to market or are still available?
tryptychUK (5 months ago)
It will only be a matter of time before people start arming these things or putting bombs on them.
Arthur Smith (5 months ago)
John Robertson (5 months ago)
Like the aqua drone, bird drone and gundrone 😀
usha m (5 months ago)
Nice drones
Sanjip Singh (5 months ago)
that fish finder, wont the fish all get scared off with the engine sound
kenneth peter oliver (5 months ago)
Sometime in the future these drones are going to be at the Carrie human beings
NotSo FatCat (6 months ago)
that last drone lol.. china reminding us to have fun .. air strikes on your neighborhood ... even if you kill one there so cheep they'll just swarm you with small gun fire
Josh Withrow (6 months ago)
Ran across this just browsing; wasn't disappointed.
Ayed MM (6 months ago)
much love
Robert B. (6 months ago)
I doubt those bar girls will know much about the air selfie without my help lol.
Jack Bisson (6 months ago)
The drones that carry medical supplies and the ones with arms for remote work are very viable solutions. I see them as having a very robust market to serve.
bAngoSkank100 (6 months ago)
Skynet is just around the corner.
Smiling Sal Sells (6 months ago)
1k comment
Made in Russia (6 months ago)
Thanks for the video! Please check out our film about drones! https://youtu.be/tqpUfkGyXBE
Jonathan Penfield (6 months ago)
Haha, golf ball delivery drone would make for great target practice! 7:30
maddog (6 months ago)
your all morons and satanic! selfies are vainity bible says have no images to worship! you know not what you do! poor stupid fools!
Fact Ckzone (7 months ago)
Drones are very practical when used properly but they have a darker side too. I'm talking about those sci-fi movies and TV shows where drones chase and kill people. Good for entertainment purposes but NOT in real life. There's a good reason why they are called cautionary tales. What's really scary is that drones come in all shapes and sizes that allows them to blend in with their surroundings which makes privacy more problematical. If they can hide anywhere we might never know if we're truly alone and not being observed. That might put a damper on some of our less harmful recreational activities that might be otherwise frowned upon by the rest of society. Let your imagination have full reign here. You know what I mean.... Finally, combine drone technology with AI (artificial intelligence) and the potential for mankind being ruled by robot overlords comes that much closer to reality. And it might start out rather innocently by allowing drones to observe prisoners, allowing them to work alongside our police and military or employing them to watch over our families and our property. We may become too reliant on them for our security and safety, so much so that they become ubiquitous. We might even stop noticing that they're hovering about, watching and waiting. Then one day, when we least suspect it, THEY TAKE OVER! OOPS!
i4Ni Management (7 months ago)
"invest in these possibly new drones" is what the video title should have said
Faoladh (7 months ago)
9:17 "Toy Gun" yeah right.
Benjamin Strom (7 months ago)
century request current employee elderly celebrity away pipe festival loyalty road marry curious.
joe Baker (7 months ago)
can we but the Ranuten Sora Raku
Schnitzel Schnizel (7 months ago)
The Drone Aerone Firefighter Drone is quite incredible to me.
neggit (7 months ago)
WW3 is going to be fucked
Toni Rosa (8 months ago)
Nice brieifing !!! Which drone type will you recommend to be used up in the mountains at 4000 or 5000 m over sea level with winds ? Thank you , Toni
TONYPARAMOTOR (8 months ago)
Jakub Baranski (8 months ago)
Maybe new part with uAvionics Tiguar S-410? (www.uavionics.com.pl)
Uhu (8 months ago)
Hi Hai (8 months ago)
Absolute quality video.
Zander Jabs (8 months ago)
Sorry idnt read other comments before i wrote mine... the comments are allien- just hole heads? Stop this chanel!
Zander Jabs (8 months ago)
3rd is one. no talk about the rest. Thanks for this! mine drone is the best. thank yo!
Marc-André Brun (9 months ago)
I can't endure this silly music; please, when you make this kind of video avoid it, it's really boring!
Bob Sullivan (9 months ago)
Hmmm? A drone that can drop 20 lbs. I wonder what a terrorist could do with that?
Bob Sullivan (9 months ago)
I'm predicting a new sport and a tremendous increase in 12 gauge shotgun ammo.