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James Veitch Is A Terrible Roommate - CONAN on TBS

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When James' roommates offered him storage space in their shared bathroom, they had no idea how passionate he was about rubber ducks. More CONAN @ http://teamcoco.com/video Team Coco is the official YouTube channel of late night host Conan O'Brien, CONAN on TBS & TeamCoco.com. Subscribe now to be updated on the latest videos: http://bit.ly/W5wt5D For Full Episodes of CONAN on TBS, visit http://teamcoco.com/video Get Social With Team Coco: On Facebook: ‪https://www.facebook.com/TeamCoco‬ On Google+: https://plus.google.com/+TeamCoco/ On Twitter: http://twitter.com/TeamCoco On Tumblr: http://teamcoco.tumblr.com On YouTube: http://youtube.com/teamcoco Follow Conan O'Brien on Twitter: http://twitter.com/ConanOBrien
Category: Comedy
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Text Comments (12039)
Wolfgang R. (4 hours ago)
I hate people buying lots of placstic just for fun.
Wk Pictures (8 hours ago)
They’re epic
Wk Pictures (8 hours ago)
I have bought my own100 rubber ducks
S S (16 hours ago)
Pretty sure this guy has to pay to get paid
Zebra Roll (17 hours ago)
The kind of roommate I'm gonna be someday
Michuwulle Confusion (20 hours ago)
The sixth time I’m watching this, and it’s just as funny as the first time
Graylen Snider (22 hours ago)
This dude is an actual genius
Neko cat (1 day ago)
This is my fith time watching this..
x TheEvilRaven x (1 day ago)
I’m worried about going into my bathroom now...
Лю Дик (1 day ago)
Ethang (1 day ago)
The ducks sacrificed some toothpaste in a ritual 😂 i cant
Ria Chen (1 day ago)
Pine Tree (1 day ago)
Kokichi in a good mood with a roommate be like:
Peter Formaini (2 days ago)
“You spotted that loophole a lot faster than she did...” ROTFLMAO. I would love to live with this guy. Fantastic sense of humor.
Boston Terrier Service Dog (2 days ago)
I am watching this at 2 in the morning and I am trying so hard not to laugh. I'm squeaking. I'm a rubber duck now. This is my life.
Nathan Riesenburger (2 days ago)
I was watching this late at night and it was so hard not to laugh
Cass DoesCrafts&Art (3 days ago)
I keep coming back to this video because this man is so funny xD
Galih Rivky (3 days ago)
What type of phone that can hold 100% at 4pm?
Phoenix Fire cat (3 days ago)
If he was my flatmate I would buy him more ducks just see what he would do
hilham 89 (3 days ago)
This man has the mind that anything a person says there is always a loophole found. I seen exactly where this was going yet I still could not stop laughing. I think I have found someone on YouTube that I can't stop watching the videos.....
Aste (3 days ago)
This video made my siblings give me 50 rubber ducks for christmas last year. Now one year later I am the proud owner of 70+ rubber ducks...💛 I could not be happier!💛 #teamducks
Korrie Harmon Schaeffer (4 days ago)
Midnight Neon Noise (4 days ago)
this is the best video i have ever seen and i need more of it
King Kingsson (4 days ago)
Pastel Marshmallows (4 days ago)
today, January 13, is national rubber duck day. I like legit HAD to watch this today😆
Astronaut (4 days ago)
*Pikachu Imperial Army wants to know your duck armys location*
n•i•k•o •c•h•a•n• (5 days ago)
When i saw the BIG DUCK I died
HBADGER (5 days ago)
What was the song used during the buying more ducks scene and the giant duck scenes?
Zinnanime (5 days ago)
Random observation: he had 100% battery for the screenshots
Account An0nymous (5 days ago)
This dude didn’t even need to talk for that last bit. The legend
Ship Sinker (5 days ago)
This is my favorite video on YouTube only because of the ducks
Egany (5 days ago)
Wow yee the new Donald duck movie looks great
Reme Stevens (6 days ago)
I would have loved this guy as a roomate i would be helping him with this
Felix Mcturk (6 days ago)
its twiskey (6 days ago)
I first thought he would actually get a real duck instead but that's brilliant 😂
Cassandra Killion (6 days ago)
The legions of ducks are coming for you
Aditya Singh (6 days ago)
Amazingly funny 🦆
Dawn Harper (6 days ago)
"I don't have any toiletries." -James Veitch
armorhide406 (3 days ago)
I heard "many" first go around
Christopher Keller (6 days ago)
This guy is like a british woody allen
Dinosaur Rawl (6 days ago)
This is the 10th time I’ve watched this, but the first time I wonder: why does he not have any toiletries?
Abrahim Javed (6 days ago)
Love how he doesn't actually finish a punchline. He says like one word of it and we fill in the blanks.
tinbanger66 (6 days ago)
So how many pink flamingos are you buying?
Indira Narayan (6 days ago)
*_Holy music intensifies_*
Rajeev Hansda (7 days ago)
I think I've heard all those jokes before Someone stole it or you did.
Jayson (7 days ago)
His Ted talks where he replies to spam email are LEGEND
The Octopus Gamer (7 days ago)
He kinda sounds like Tom Holland.
Laura M (7 days ago)
this is my fav video on youtube
Taylor Tanner (7 days ago)
I wish he had continued to document himself scamming the scammers. I would have loved to see him work on "the fake IRS/ pay or be issued an arrest warrant scam." I bet he would cause them a proper cluster f@$k.
BlacK (7 days ago)
When youtube recommends you videos with James Veitch and you just can't stop watching :())))))
Taylor Tanner (7 days ago)
Are you stuck on scamalot , too?
The Z show (7 days ago)
I don’t care what happens I want this man as my roommate
chantel anderson (7 days ago)
Pepole who owe me money For drugs I sold them Seems legit
chantel anderson (7 days ago)
Why is this something my freking friend jacky would do 😂😂😂
Caiter bunch (7 days ago)
There's so much stuttering, like he's trying to defend himself during interrogation or something. What on earth lololol
Robin Baurley (7 days ago)
It’s the duck story, pt 6
BlackTheDarkOne Blaydoe (8 days ago)
I ❤ ducks
Bestcool5 (8 days ago)
Mad lad
Angelina : (8 days ago)
Why...why is there a door in your bathroom?
Alericthegreat (8 days ago)
Is this really a bad roommate. This sounds like the best roommate
Katie Song (8 days ago)
Crazy Dice (8 days ago)
Now THIS is comedy!
Filip Wolffs (8 days ago)
The kind of man who can only prompt one response: "Why."
Box Girl (8 days ago)
*i aspire to be this kinda person*
XxPeppermintSweetheartsxX (8 days ago)
This man is chaotic neutral. (Copped)
Lily Melvin (8 days ago)
I would love him as a flatmate, I love ducks and it would be so funny for me and I would collect the ducks and make scenes too
saskia 80 (8 days ago)
• Dåwn • (8 days ago)
Guess you could say she was *quacking* about the ducks.
IRTehDar (9 days ago)
Thats it im going on ebay to buy ducks
The WiZZiE (9 days ago)
What’s the music name when he do the big ducks reveal?
Jhonny Lee (9 days ago)
this is exactly my kind of humor
Sabrina Claridge (9 days ago)
am I the only one who realized that he says that he doesnt have ToiLEtries!?!? 1:36
Mayonnaise Rat (9 days ago)
He should’ve gotten rubber ducks but painted as a goose/swan.
Rat Goddess (9 days ago)
I’ve been binging all the videos he’s made
Andrew (9 days ago)
4:11 giant ducks?
GTW (9 days ago)
I wish I'd invested in rubber ducks before James Veitch pranked his roommate!
Zia Watcher (9 days ago)
This video helped me find out you can get 1000 mini rubber ducks for $114 on eBay..
Jenai Harris (9 days ago)
Aaron Long (9 days ago)
He is a human elf on the shelf
Joanne Shin (9 days ago)
I love that jack the duck could still fit on the "raft" if rose the duck just freaking moved a little bit
Tyna Stevens (9 days ago)
I wouldn't be mad if he was my roommate. I'd be eager to see how he arranged them different each time
Dom s (10 days ago)
I know it's fake. But still funny
Jaimison Chaney (10 days ago)
This would so be me as a roommate.😂
SX-Nova (10 days ago)
This is hillarious
Amy Jefferis (10 days ago)
I actually pissed myself laughing
J P (10 days ago)
James veitch, the only human able to make something great that ends with a dad joke
Abi Nor-Mac (10 days ago)
Clean and funny humour
resplndnt (10 days ago)
This guy would get along well with the io team in charge of hitmsn
Leon Marsden (10 days ago)
rondovk (10 days ago)
This is so fkn bad lmao
Borrit (11 days ago)
China: How many ducks would you like? James: Yes.
Waffles (10 days ago)
xdddddddddddd nice!! how did you come up with that one???
hardcore adam (11 days ago)
I made my day with this it was so funny
Wereig Cool (11 days ago)
I think I cried a tad
KCs Funhouse (12 days ago)
This makes me appreciate rubber ducks so much more!! 🤣😂🤣😂 he must be the best flat mate ever!
Alonso Martii (12 days ago)
Can he be our flatmate haha
GraveSky (12 days ago)
Quit recommending me this vid... I already watch and like it.. and no im not gonna sub
Joanna Twiselton Jones (12 days ago)
My name is Freya too 😂
Isis Ryan (12 days ago)
This is a metaphor for god watching over human kind.
verdatum (12 days ago)
This is like the 9th damned time I've watched this thing. I cannot get enough of it.
Nubia Rao (12 days ago)
I love this guy !!!! 🤣
Shooting Star (12 days ago)
Wait hold... We’re forgetting something about the video... James, you don’t have toiletries?!
Raye J (13 days ago)
Honestly, I'd love this. If my roommate did this I'd start creating other scenes. I'd get some acrylic paint and put costumes on them. Maybe make some little props.