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FS2004 - Cutting Corners (Alaska Airlines Flight 261)

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Please support this channel by following me on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/allecibay Alaska Airlines Flight 261 was a scheduled international passenger flight on January 31, 2000, from Lic. Gustavo Díaz Ordaz International Airport in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico, to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport in Seattle, Washington, United States, with an intermediate stop at San Francisco International Airport in San Francisco, California. The aircraft, a McDonnell Douglas MD-83, crashed into the Pacific Ocean about 2.7 miles (4.3 km) north of Anacapa Island, California, after suffering a catastrophic loss of pitch control. The crash killed everyone aboard: two pilots, three cabin crew members, and 83 passengers. Music: The Only Light Is Gone Artist: Dalo Vian Listen to the entire music here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YvwiGXWIx9o Follow me on: https://www.facebook.com/allec.ibay
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Text Comments (435)
Karen J (2 days ago)
Another question, why can military aircraft fly inverted but passenger aircraft cannot?
Allec Joshua Ibay (2 days ago)
Passenger aircraft can fly inverted. They just dont do it.
Karen J (2 days ago)
Maybe show what/ where a horizontal stabilizer is, because I didn't know. Probably lots of other non-experts on here as well...
Julie Hanson (5 days ago)
God rest their souls.
BrokenTree Usauka (13 days ago)
Alaska Airlines should have been sued into oblivion after this crash. I worked with one of the people killed in this crash and the grief we all felt was a heavy burden. I would never fly this airline again.
milcoll73 (14 days ago)
why is alaska airlines even still in business? i hope a lot of people went to jail over this. flat out murder!!
Anthony Luisi (15 days ago)
The Angry Hippie (15 days ago)
These videos are so depressing :( . But, well made.
Grand PaPa (15 days ago)
Cynthia Otey died on this flight.
Anonymous Anonymous (15 days ago)
8 fucking years after they knew they killed all these people they left those planes in the air,someone should've gone to prison for this
Ronbo710 (17 days ago)
God damn that's nauseating.
John Pixelty (17 days ago)
McDonnell Douglas sucks
Ted Kier (18 days ago)
"just help me! Once we get the speed slowed maybe we'll be ok!" that one line gets me. at that point Captain knew there was very real chance they'd all perish, he knew that it wasn't their fault, and there wasn't a damn thing they could do about it! hard to listen to. thank you, allec
Nik Demopoulos (19 days ago)
Alaska Airlines should have been shut down after this!!
WA9KZY (19 days ago)
The pilots sure met their fate with courage and calmness.
Ally's Truth (19 days ago)
My dear friend Toni Chaote and daughter Jaclyn were on this flight. 2 decades later and it hurts as much as the day it happened. RIP Toni & Jaclyn
Indrid_Cold (20 days ago)
Notice there is no mention of the company executives who went to jail. That's because NONE OF THEM DID! American corporations have a license to KILL.
Rolla4Beauty (21 days ago)
if the plane didn't become inverted, would there have been survivors had the plane hit the water on its belly?
Colleen (22 days ago)
Htf do these people live with themselves? Killers
Nexus (22 days ago)
Haunting and heartbreaking. The audios from the pilots and other planes brings the reality. Couldn’t help but cry. They tried so hard. For those other plane pilots, it must have been awful to watch, and I imagine it was fairly clear there’d be no survivors. Terrifying for the poor passengers on that flight and the others still in the air. My heart goes out to them. God bless them all, rest in peace 😔🙏 You can’t cut corners in areas of industry like this. Bastards, what were they thinking, the top bosses. Thank you for bringing us this video
Todd Willis (22 days ago)
Brave pilots saved the lives on the ground. rahimhu Allah.
Charles Ferer (22 days ago)
This airline should not still be in business, mngment should be in prison.
InabilityToBeBrief (24 days ago)
Sorry, but that’s a case of multiple murders in my opinion. All involved should be in prison 25 years minimum.
Minecraft master (24 days ago)
12:13 this is so stupid cuz it is not supposed to explode especially if it hits water
Tabris69 (25 days ago)
Another MD-80 Failed jackscrew... I'll never get on one of those death traps again.
MR intel (28 days ago)
This was clearly criminal. What happened to those responsible?
Donna Dolores Ross (29 days ago)
So sad. When I see things like this, glad that my days with an airline were NOT with Alaska Airlines.
Alan Peters (29 days ago)
NEVER a fan of stabilizers much prefer elevators just to much that can go wrong with elevators you at least have a chance but stabilizers, just no good
thomas fritz (30 days ago)
Now that they bought Virgin Atlantic airlines from Branson it makes them a major competition in the airline biz.
Allec Joshua Ibay (30 days ago)
They actually bought Virgin America, which comprises of entirely A320 family aircraft.
tester android (30 days ago)
The airline executives should have been hanged for this.
K G (1 month ago)
I only fly Alaska Airlines 😐
life is to short (1 month ago)
Wow how sad can that be. Something so simple and cheap brought that plane down along with a very fine captain with an incredible amount of flight hours. .. along with his co-pilot
Mike M (1 month ago)
What a BS story! Alaska used a different grease approved my Douglas!!!!! The problem the tube the grease couldn't pass a 90-degree angle a foot or so pass the grease fitting. All this was approved by the FAA and Douglas. Alaska is the finest​ and safest airline around, period!! A while back a Southwest 737 blew an engine, everybody knew about an issue way before the accident. Alaska was one of the few who corrected the problem way before an FAA order.
Susan Fagan (1 month ago)
Shame on the ground control . Their deaths are on you !! RIP X
Galactic Defender (1 month ago)
I got an ANA airlines ad before watching this
LIGO (1 month ago)
One lubricated pinion cost so may lives.
marz mabitad (1 month ago)
Brave..salute to this men.
marz mabitad (1 month ago)
Brave..salute to this men.
Airplane Mode (1 month ago)
But how did the plane get into the inverted position? The pilots had such great control of the plane moments before.
Mark Simonds (1 month ago)
And that is why I’ll never fly Alaska
Tracey (1 month ago)
Profits over people.
ronald davis (1 month ago)
They fought that bitch all the way down
Ray's Dad (1 month ago)
Screw Alaska Airlines. They didn't want to do maintenance, didn't wan't to divert, from the transcript it didn't sound like their engineers were doing much to help the pilots in real time. It sounds like negligent homicide to me.
martin duffy (1 month ago)
Respect to the pilots and crew and remembrance of all passengers aboard RIP
Barbara Dyson (1 month ago)
so why weren't the ceo and his crew not charged with fraud and sent to prison for cutting corners and the famiilies not compensated with LARGE amounts of money.STINKS
Orlando S (1 month ago)
is it just me or does ATC/maintenance seem like they couldnt give less of a crap
Alexander Gorbatschow (1 month ago)
Screw that screw!
Code3Forever (1 month ago)
In the name of saving maintenance payroll, they cost so many people their lives. Many were their own employees. I remember this well and will never fly Alaska Airlines. The terror those people on board had to feel and the pilots up front who could see in front of them, knew it was the end. By not flying over the land, they saved others from death too! Great Job on this video.
Les B (1 month ago)
Wondering, now with the advantage of full rundown of problem on the craft, was there anything crew could have done to save the day? Maybe ditch in the ocean before tail section broke?
Nabeel Musa (1 month ago)
You said all passengers on board were killed rights?? Then how the captains were awarded golden medals 🏅 for heroism??
The random person. (1 month ago)
Captains can be awarded medals post-mortem
A D (1 month ago)
Here's what happen to mechanism https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bk-Dk_9mi8s this is a 737 jackscrew in action, it operates for trim only. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rxPa9A-k2xY Alaska Air simple didn't grease it enough. Hindsight is always 20/20 but if the pilots left the trim alone initially, they may have been able to land, but they had no way of knowing the exact failure. Pilots are taught when something breaks in some situations it's better to leave it alone and land, but it all depends what and how bad it failed.
Nancy Burgio (1 month ago)
Very sad
daBomb1968 (2 months ago)
rusty threadworn jackscrew, amazing pilots though.
Royal3Cheez (2 months ago)
To bad they didn't have Denzel up there
Goytá F. Villela Jr. (2 months ago)
Very well done, except that it wasn't "minutes later" (after takeoff) that the accident happened. The plane was flying between the coast of Ventura County in California and the Channel Islands (as correctly shown in the background of the simulation), already in U.S. airspace. That's more than 2 hours of flight from Puerto Vallarta.
Pisey Etti (2 months ago)
My heart goes out to all passengers and the brave pilots... and y’all fucking engineers and maintenance needs to get ur shit together!!!!
Victor Grasscourt (2 months ago)
Did anyone go to jail over the falsified maintenance records?
Mit Seraffej (2 months ago)
Unfortunately airlines all around the globe are still maximising profits at the expense of safety. The main area that they do this is crew duty times. Ie. the harder you work the crew the less crew you need. In the past state regulatory bodies prescribed maximum duty times. Not any more. Airline the world round now dictate the flight and duty times. To satisfy the regulatory bodies airlines have approved fatigue risk management programmes. My experience of these is they are merely window dressing. Ultimately the need for airlines to cut costs is driven by the expectation of the traveling public of cheap airfares. The old adage “you get what you pay for” has never been more applicable.
goodwilj (2 months ago)
I hope the families of the victims sued Alaska Airlines into oblivion
goodwilj (2 months ago)
Man it sure seems like a lot of plane accidents occurred with MD planes.
Maddie Rose (2 months ago)
that's crazy how this happened on the day i was born!
John Mooradian (2 months ago)
The individuals, who decided to cut corners should have been charged with manslaughter!! Assholes!
Brent Ray (2 months ago)
Lost friends and co-workers in this tragedy. Years may have past, but they are not forgotten.
Timoteus Bygdås (3 months ago)
A woman stuck in the desk cargo and fell and lost her leg inside the seats
Liza Tanzawa (3 months ago)
Alaska Airlines should have had a corporate death penalty. I bet the CEO got a nice bonus, for his cost cutting, the year of the crash
Quantum Drew (3 months ago)
On the plus side, those crack maintenance workers saved Alaska $1 in jack screw grease. The accountants were ecstatic up to the crash, and then the insurance paid the remainder.
lee x (1 month ago)
ytlongbeach think it's little bit more time to get to it, notjust the grease it self (they also dubbed the servicing time between greasing the screw so there was a high risk that they would not grease it up over 3-4 service intervals witch is what happened on this plane they said they had done it when they had not)
Reginald Pierre (3 months ago)
no help from ground, that is surprising me. even if it would quiet impossible to land this plane safely with the jammed stabilizer but I don't feel ground wanted to support. they left them alone with the souls and the airplane. that is bad. And the worst is ALASKA airline maintenance issue!!!!
Liberty Rising (3 months ago)
Why the fuck is Jerry Garcias face on the tail of that aircraft?
CJCryer Buzz (3 months ago)
This is a perfect example of a non frivolous lawsuit. Alaska should have been sued out if existence.
hrgiyzueghe (3 months ago)
Bad maintenance, falsified documents, complaining about the schedule and delays instead of providing help to the pilots. I'm really surprised how this criminal airline is still flying today.
Abbet John Galarpe (3 months ago)
They should practice the saftey.If they dont,they will die.Cebu pacific has only few crashes,but for Air Asia,none.Also Philippine Airlines none.
Demelo F (3 months ago)
Those pilots were such heroes. They did everything humanely possible, including getting out over the ocean to prevent more loss of life. They fought with everything they had ALL the way to the end. How sad that it was laziness on the part of Alaska Airlines that caused this to happen. Rest in peace, everyone who was on that plane ❤💔❤
Jupiter 🌎 (3 months ago)
Welp never flying with Alaska airlines ever again....
MarshalPoole (3 months ago)
Was the idiot airline sued? They killed all the people!
Sam Anthony B. Magdua (3 months ago)
my cousin was an air force but he wants to fly a Alaska airlines
Raine Villa (3 months ago)
So heartbreaking and so close to home too. I've seen many of these crash videos/documentaries but this one is definitely one of the saddest. Today, there's a memorial sundial on the beaches of Port Hueneme commending the pilot's heroism and honoring all who passed away.
TitanictheGamingShipYT (3 months ago)
Allec's videos are always the best! Even remakes! :D
Hans Zarkov (4 months ago)
why you get into detailed issues you really need to throw up some drawings and diagrams. most people don't know what a tail screw is or where the retaining bolt might be
wurtzgood (4 months ago)
Death is overrated
ALI SHAHRUKH (4 months ago)
Terrible tragedy.
Cat Mac (4 months ago)
Does anyone know if that voice actually belonged to the pilot? Was the voice computer generated from the black box transcripts? Or was it added in at the end of the production? Please, no snide or nasty remarks. I really would like to know. Thank you.
Cozumel Girl (4 months ago)
I know hindsight is bull but at 2:47 into this video where the pilots don’t ask, they tell them they’re putting the aircraft into LAX? I hope the dispatcher doesn’t sleep well. Cheers Bill
Harry Ohrt (4 months ago)
I hope there is a hell for the kind of executives who make the kind of decisions that led to this disaster.
Pedro Barajas (2 months ago)
Harry Ohrt there is hell
Ken Brownfield (4 months ago)
Corporate greed killed these people.
ky malone (4 months ago)
I was actually on this plane when it happened it was nuts
cherry rotella (4 months ago)
We’ll Maintenance was a fat lot of help 🤬
Doctor GokuPHD (4 months ago)
White-Noise-Machine (4 months ago)
The pilots never quit and that is all you can ask, The airlines on the other hand, that is another story..
Lighty Hedgehog (4 months ago)
Rob Trubiano (4 months ago)
Here we go
Kim S (4 months ago)
omg! how terrible! i cannot understand how saving money is worth the risk of lives and/or eventual fines/lawsuits anyway if people are killed. this airline def should be out of business but instead they just bought virgin america
Californialover lowman (4 months ago)
They crashed by my brothers place near Pthueneme so truly horrific f those who lived there n had body parts washing up on beach! Someone from Alaska should be held criminally responsible as greed cost 2 brave pilots n the passengers their life!
princeboy (4 months ago)
very sad story...The pilots were making their maximum capacity to save the lives of their passengers...
themonkeyhand (4 months ago)
These videos are horrifying.
Mike Rotch (4 months ago)
Out here, over the bay, if I may. Eat some hay..... SHOOTAHHHH
Alexander Williams (4 months ago)
is there any reason you use this program over others? Like X-11?
FreemonSandlewould (4 months ago)
Pretty dumb not putting your plane on the ground at the first sign of control surface malfunction. Don't fuck with it. Land it with minimum movement of surfaces. Get it FIXED.
KyuuA4 (4 months ago)
Sad that Alaska is taking over Virgin Airlines.
the alaskan (4 months ago)
When I was a kid Alaska Airlines had one of the best in maintenance. Not anymore
Tony NA (4 months ago)
Remembering Cynthia Oti
A A (2 months ago)
Tony NA and Colleen Rose Whorley!
Robert Blevins (5 months ago)
Alaska Airlines was lucky they didn't go bankrupt after this incident. Everyone in the Puget Sound area were extremely pissed when the details came out. Fortunately, the airline did a 180 on their policies afterward, and are still the main airline out of Seattle. Not that they deserve it, or that people completely trust them yet.