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FS2004 - Cutting Corners (Alaska Airlines Flight 261)

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Please support this channel by following me on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/allecibay Alaska Airlines Flight 261 was a scheduled international passenger flight on January 31, 2000, from Lic. Gustavo Díaz Ordaz International Airport in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico, to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport in Seattle, Washington, United States, with an intermediate stop at San Francisco International Airport in San Francisco, California. The aircraft, a McDonnell Douglas MD-83, crashed into the Pacific Ocean about 2.7 miles (4.3 km) north of Anacapa Island, California, after suffering a catastrophic loss of pitch control. The crash killed everyone aboard: two pilots, three cabin crew members, and 83 passengers. Music: The Only Light Is Gone Artist: Dalo Vian Listen to the entire music here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YvwiGXWIx9o Follow me on: https://www.facebook.com/allec.ibay
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Text Comments (510)
Tom P (1 day ago)
Did the FAA levy a big fine against the airline for improper mnx / falsifying their mnx logs?
Bibliosaurus Rex (12 days ago)
See, the thing the airlines don’t understand, is when you cut corners, and planes go down, people lose confidence in your airline and they don’t fly with you. So cutting corners does nothing in the long run.
Rougarou Cajun (15 days ago)
I love how useless maintenance is every time pilots talk to them. “Uhhh maintenance we have a problem here and when we use full rudders the plain goes into a vertical dive. Uhhh what do you recommend?” “Yeah this is maintenance and we recommend not doing that.... uhhhhh see ya at the gate...................good luck you’re gonna need it.”
Myron Proudput (16 days ago)
The problem of Alaska airlines flight 261 was neither pilot or maintenance error. I have known Alaska airlines many years  and they never seemed to have problems in those departments....I experienced the identically the same problem in my aircraft in 1982 (pre.M.Y.) the clue was in the loud bang and a sudden dive  at a similar altitude as the Alaska airlines jet... an independent examination  determined 4 possible causes that individually or in combination caused the horizontal stabilizer failure.  Here they are: 1. A mechanical failure of a gap shim that might have been used to remove excessive play in the spiral (worm) gear components either cracked or jammed in the stabilizer jack screw causing excessive friction and wear to the plastic worm gear components  ( dissimilar plastics were found In the jack screw).  2. Hydraulic gassing  of fluid in the pneumatic system causing failure of the controls to respond ( tested an proven). 3. (jamming and /position error, in below freezing conditions, caused by a hydraulic actuator piston design flaw, causing fluid to be misdirected in the hydraulic system. Thus applying upward force to the elevators causing a nose dive (tested and proven). 4. Inappropriate lubricant used in the actuator spiral (worm) gear causing softening or hardening of plastic guide teeth an/or gap shim.  So why, why could any one of these items cause this accident? That hydro mechanical system is a very complicated design in a T-tail configured aircraft undergoing greater stresses than any other tail design. Only finest of engineering, materials extreme rigorous testing, regular maintenance and the finest people could have prevented the crash... and that was all implemented. So, why... why.... why????  The answer goes all the way to the  manufacturer.Someone fell asleep and others didn't care.  (clue)
Barry Sabahat (18 days ago)
Corporate greed.
GrzesVJ (21 days ago)
Alegoria: Corporate America vs Rest
Stan Bearup (25 days ago)
I lost 3 friends on tragic Alaska Airlines Flight 261 on January 31, 2000. Back in 1982, I spent quite a bit of time with Morris "Morrie" Thompson, his wife Thelma, and their family while living and working with them at a family member's fish camp on the Yukon River. Morrie was an Alaska Native leader, a businessman, and political appointee working on matters related to Alaska Natives. He was best known as the official in charge of the Bureau of Indian Affairs for the state of Alaska during the 1970s' in the Nixon administration, and later, as head of Doyon Limited, the Alaska Native Regional Corporation for Interior Alaska. To celebrate his retirement, Doyon Limited sent Morrie, Thelma and daughter Sheryl to Mexico. They perished on that return flight home to the United States. The Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitors Center, located along the Chena River in downtown Fairbanks was dedicated on August 12, 2008, and is named for Morrie. May they rest in peace.
Educated Citizen (25 days ago)
Ocho Segundas a entra el video y lei Mexico.
Eric (29 days ago)
this story deserved a miracle ending. so sad.
Eric (29 days ago)
the pilots were flying the plane fucking upside down. god damn if only they could have somehow landed gently and saved some lives.
Just Died in your arms tonight (29 days ago)
RIP. Pilots are Heroes...
G. David Tenenbaum (1 month ago)
Alaska Air and its officers should have been held criminally liable and put out of business.
Colleen Easley (1 month ago)
No that's bad they sit on u Brains I thought Tyler an Christopher had more even w brain injuries shut ur mouthes
David Dorsey (1 month ago)
They cheated on maintenance, but gave you more leg room.
CrankyJack (1 month ago)
More shoddy maintenance for profit. Alaska airlines CEO.s should be shot.
Joyce Joseph (1 month ago)
In 1995 after I injured my knee badly on a trip to Cabo San Lucas we had to take a plane back a day before schedule. There are NO emt's in Cabo. Nothing but a wheelchair provided by Alaska Airlines. Since the Cabo airport is so small you need to climb up stairs to board. I could not do it. So 4 personnel from the airport and Alaska Airlines carried me up the stairs on the wheelchair. There was no way to secure the wheelchair if I sat on it. So they stowed it for departure and helped me get on a seat with 3 cushions under my leg and kept bringing ice packs for my knee. They were so kind. It was not the fault of the crew. Alaska Airlines has many runs to Mexico in several locations and this was totally on the airline for cutting corners.
maika3001 (1 month ago)
It's too sad :-(((( The captain requested for landing but not accepted! HOw could they not accepted!
Zero_BS_Tolerance (1 month ago)
Incredibly tragic. Those pilots deserve to be remembered as heroes. RIP Passengers & Crew. Thanks for the upload.
Chr0mePisto1a (1 month ago)
This one hurts.
Kevin N (1 month ago)
Evando Apusagaseta (1 month ago)
Oh shit Those pilots were trying their best to save lives, what a real hero But the real culptrit was the people who are very greedy and put profit first before the people
Syd 41 (1 month ago)
Saving money to help business is understood but doing so and putting lives at risk is unacceptable even if the risk odds are low. I can only imagine the terror everyone on that plane experienced. Very sad.
Charles Chandler (1 month ago)
It's amazing and kind of haunting that the captain said "here we go" when they were about to hit the ocean. He sounded completely calm, but he knew that they were all about to die. Incredible, and terrifying.
Dr Saurabh Kapoor (1 month ago)
Hats off to pilots for there attempt to prevent crash and calmness even in this situation...RIP
Jose Sias (1 month ago)
This guy makes great stuff. Are these videos accurate
Earl Driskill (21 days ago)
Pretty much, he has edited out some of the details to save time, but generally speaking his videos are well made.
Call me Brad (1 month ago)
Why isn't water landing an option?
Charles Chandler (1 month ago)
They didn't have flight control of the aircraft. They had no vertical flight control at all, and towards the end they couldn't even keep the aircraft upright. You heard the pilot of one of the other aircraft saying "he's definitely out of control", right?
FMHammyJ (1 month ago)
Twenty five cents of grease could have prevented this tragedy....
DangusPrime Gaming (1 month ago)
Poor guys :( may God have mercy on their souls.
Jim Mac (2 months ago)
I don't believe I'll be flying with Alaska AL anymore.
thesicknessforever (2 months ago)
I have never been on an airplane and I never will, and I'm 55, years old, Anyplace I would want to go that requires flying I'm not going, I believe all airliner crashes are gods doing, If people were meant to fly they would've been born with wings,
Mrs Libertas (2 months ago)
Air Alaska is just another garbage airline that cared more about the bottom line than the safety of their pilots or their passengers. No vertical control of the plane and the company was worried about an emergency landing “disturbing the flow”? The pilots must have felt so dispensable, and it seems that they were. What a crime.
Mrs Libertas (2 months ago)
Just an awful way to go down😕
LUKE_THE_NUKE (2 months ago)
They should have put an emergency over a schedule
Billie Bob Norton III (2 months ago)
Edit update: At the time of the crash, the CEO was John Kelly, the Chief Financial Officer was (CFO) Brad Tilden. Now get this...Brad Tilden is NOW (2018) the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Alaska Air Group!!!!!!! After the crash there was no criminal charges filed. Both continued on with their careers. All of the corporate execs should have been hung by their balls.....with pins in their eyes....bamboo shoots under their nails.....in an acid bath.....just for starters. And then the real pain should be inflicted. I bet the lousy Alaska Air corp SOBs made sure their bonuses and stock options did well during their criminal acts.....
Exciter (2 months ago)
As a pilot you know your time to fall from the sky is just a day away.
Orange 12345 (2 months ago)
If I was in Alaska airlines I would fly like that in the same plane and flight called Alaska airlines flight 361 yep and die Asa hero
Goodfella (2 months ago)
Allec: Not to nitpick but I believe all Alaska MD-83s delivered in the the ‘90s had the MD-88 EFIS flightdeck. Including AS 261. But I see this is older MD-81/82 full analog display. Is the EFIS not an option in flight sim?
Paul A (2 months ago)
The responsible parties should be shot.
Francisco Melchor F. (2 months ago)
en muchos casos donde esta la fuerza aerea.donde.
Alex Lewis (2 months ago)
It always amazes me when Pilots encounter situations where they declare they are in an emergency! Standard to declare "Mayday" but me, if I'm flying the jet and I think turning back to land at airport A rather than B is more survivable. . . then im already disengaging Auto-Pilot and banking sharp to head back and I Am not asking ATC for permission to do anything, descending to where I want and tltiqard the neatest airport. ATC Can refuse my descent to my new choosen flight level, thats fine cause I never asked permission. "This is Captain F. Yew to control tower... I'm up here trying not to die and your down there safe with screen & cups of coffee so...fuck off I'm heading where I wanna go!"
Alex Lewis (2 months ago)
Several crashes have been caused by such a tiny oversight of taped peto tubes, and one even got blocked via a nest of bees & caused a 747 to crash. PAM PAM PAM!'. . . The International emergency call. 'FUCK FUCK FUCK' When I am Captain! And if im piloting a 767 with engine 2 flame out as engine one fall off the wing and ATC in my ear Bravo, Sldwlta 426 turn left heading blah blah blahblaaaaah and maintain meaaaah meahhh meahh Meaaah en meah...for runway faaaafff... " I'm cutting in. ... "Say one more word and I'm parking this fucking thing straight through your control tower widow! Over...! I'm wrestling to maintain control Ladies and gentlemen...we are diverting to make unscheduled stopover at the Pacific Ocean d International airport. Please, by all means don't simply just assume the crash position.... Please assume that fuckin worst also!"
Alex Lewis (2 months ago)
+al morris Well I had seen Air Crash episode of Aeroperu flight 603, but the other day I came across the actual CVR on youtube and listened to the mess they were in. The pilots basically took off with both PITOT, (or peto if we spell was we pronounce lol) tubes covered after maintenance taped then but forgot to remove it after service. Thats happened several times in aviation and its the worst scenario I have come across if flying at night because for such tiny components ($0.25 each) they have brought several jets down. Taxi to V1 is normal but as soon as the jet leaves the ground the first officer notices the altimeters are stuck. The captain thinks the first officer has leveled off at 500 feet and orders F. O to climb climb, but he already is climbing. Second alarm... Rudder ratio. Captain asks, clearly concused: "Rudder Ratio??" However, before the captain can tackle the supposed rudder issue... 'Overspeed!' F. O notices Air speed indicators are showing junk Info and no altimeters either but the captain orders him to slow down the overspeed Alarm is sounding. F. Oq pulls back slightly on the throttles and immediately gets the stick shaker warning with audible... 'Stall! stall! Csnt push the nose down to pick up airspeed as no idea of their altitude & they ard going too fast as it is as they stall! So they are flying too fast and too slow at same time, But.. At least one of the altimeters seems to have sprang to life! It shows they are at & maintaining 9,000 ft. Despite that they then get the alarm no pilot ever wants to hear, the terrain alarm. The altimeter shows 9000 feet so Captain believes it one of many false alarms. The altimeter has jammed and stuck at 9000, unbeknownst to the pilots because they are over the ocean & at night with no visual reference, the jet has been in a steady descent for a while & the terrain alarm is the one correct warning and as the first officer banks left you clearly hear on the CVR a metal grinding sound as the dipped wing clip s the ocean. Captain screams "We're hitting water!" and pulls back sharply on the control collum and shouts "I got it... We're going inverted!!!" Last audible sound comes 'Woop Woop, Pull Up! ...... Then a crunch of metal & CVR cuts off. Captain Almost climbed & regained control but where the wing dipped and hit the ocean it jolted the jet threw it into such a steep bank that the captain almost got control hit just too late and that jet, like thw one in the video above, flipped upside down & crashed.
al morris (2 months ago)
LoL, it better be serious cause your career is over. I know what you're saying tho. In this case I would have told them "to hell with the traffic, I am in an emergency with a barely controllable aircraft. Do what you have to do because I have no choice". I doubt it would have mattered because when that control froze their odds of landing safely were really bad.
42dunbar (2 months ago)
If you read the NTSB report the they interviewed the mechanic who performed the last maintenance on the stabilizer jack screw assembly which was to lubricate it with grease. The mechanic didn’t perform the procedure correctly which meant that eventually the jack screw and nut were metal-on-metal causing the threads to gradually strip away. It appeared that the mechanic hadn’t used a grease gun on the grease fitting, to lubricate inside the nut, nor did he cycle the stabilizer up and down to get the jack screw well lubricated.
D Howard (2 months ago)
This is the GOP model cut cost, cut regulations so business can Thrive fucking idiots.
Billie Bob Norton III (2 months ago)
Sad and true......:"we don't need no regulations"....
Karen J (3 months ago)
Another question, why can military aircraft fly inverted but passenger aircraft cannot?
Allec Joshua Ibay (3 months ago)
Passenger aircraft can fly inverted. They just dont do it.
Karen J (3 months ago)
Maybe show what/ where a horizontal stabilizer is, because I didn't know. Probably lots of other non-experts on here as well...
al morris (2 months ago)
It's the small "wing" on the tail of the airplane. There are two, one vertical and one horizontal. The horizontal wing will either raise or lower the tail of the plane making it climb or dive. The vertical moves the tail left or right for turning. It also stabilizes the airplane's flight. It was the last puzzle to be found in the early years of trying to fly. Bat Wing aircraft like the B2 Bomber are different but they use computer aided controls I think.
Julie Hanson (3 months ago)
God rest their souls.
BrokenTree Usauka (3 months ago)
Alaska Airlines should have been sued into oblivion after this crash. I worked with one of the people killed in this crash and the grief we all felt was a heavy burden. I would never fly this airline again.
milcoll73 (3 months ago)
why is alaska airlines even still in business? i hope a lot of people went to jail over this. flat out murder!!
Anthony Luisi (3 months ago)
The Angry Hippie (3 months ago)
These videos are so depressing :( . But, well made.
Grand PaPa (3 months ago)
Cynthia Otey died on this flight.
Anonymous Anonymous (3 months ago)
8 fucking years after they knew they killed all these people they left those planes in the air,someone should've gone to prison for this
Ronbo710 (3 months ago)
God damn that's nauseating.
John Pixelty (3 months ago)
McDonnell Douglas sucks
Goodfella (2 months ago)
John Pixelty bullshit. Crooked airline maintenance sucks. The MD80 was best in class for its day. This crash is not the fault of McDonnell Douglas.
Ted Kier (3 months ago)
"just help me! Once we get the speed slowed maybe we'll be ok!" that one line gets me. at that point Captain knew there was very real chance they'd all perish, he knew that it wasn't their fault, and there wasn't a damn thing they could do about it! hard to listen to. thank you, allec
Nik Demopoulos (3 months ago)
Alaska Airlines should have been shut down after this!!
WA9KZY (3 months ago)
The pilots sure met their fate with courage and calmness.
Ally's Truth (3 months ago)
My dear friend Toni Chaote and daughter Jaclyn were on this flight. 2 decades later and it hurts as much as the day it happened. RIP Toni & Jaclyn
Ally's Truth (2 months ago)
al morris Yep, Especially when my son is flying. The thought of their last few minutes used to keep me up at night. And what I didn’t mention was I was supposed to be with them but my baby was only 3 at the time so I didn’t want to leave him. She was actually a little annoyed with me because I canceled at the last minute.
al morris (2 months ago)
Imagining their sheer terror is a burden. That is the leading reason for fear of flying.
Indrid_Cold (3 months ago)
Notice there is no mention of the company executives who went to jail. That's because NONE OF THEM DID! American corporations have a license to KILL.
Rolla4Real (3 months ago)
if the plane didn't become inverted, would there have been survivors had the plane hit the water on its belly?
Rolla4Real (2 months ago)
+Goodfella ah. That makes sense. Thanks for answering my question.
Goodfella (2 months ago)
Rolla4Real very unlikely because of the speed at which they gained during the dive. The impact forces would have been to great.
Colleen (3 months ago)
Htf do these people live with themselves? Killers
Nexus (3 months ago)
Haunting and heartbreaking. The audios from the pilots and other planes brings the reality. Couldn’t help but cry. They tried so hard. For those other plane pilots, it must have been awful to watch, and I imagine it was fairly clear there’d be no survivors. Terrifying for the poor passengers on that flight and the others still in the air. My heart goes out to them. God bless them all, rest in peace 😔🙏 You can’t cut corners in areas of industry like this. Bastards, what were they thinking, the top bosses. Thank you for bringing us this video
Todd Willis (3 months ago)
Brave pilots saved the lives on the ground. rahimhu Allah.
Charles Ferer (3 months ago)
This airline should not still be in business, mngment should be in prison.
Minecraft master (3 months ago)
12:13 this is so stupid cuz it is not supposed to explode especially if it hits water
Tabris69 (3 months ago)
Another MD-80 Failed jackscrew... I'll never get on one of those death traps again.
Goodfella (2 months ago)
Tabris69 Another? This was the only MD-80 failed jackscrew accident to ever occur. It never happened before this crash and it has not happened since.
MR intel (3 months ago)
This was clearly criminal. What happened to those responsible?
Donna Dolores Ross (3 months ago)
So sad. When I see things like this, glad that my days with an airline were NOT with Alaska Airlines.
Alan Peters (3 months ago)
NEVER a fan of stabilizers much prefer elevators just to much that can go wrong with elevators you at least have a chance but stabilizers, just no good
Goodfella (2 months ago)
Alan Peters every airliner has its elevators attached to the stabilizer. Regardless if it is T-tail or not. You may be surprised to learn that 737s and A320s have jackscrews too.
thomas fritz (3 months ago)
Now that they bought Virgin Atlantic airlines from Branson it makes them a major competition in the airline biz.
Allec Joshua Ibay (3 months ago)
They actually bought Virgin America, which comprises of entirely A320 family aircraft.
tester android (3 months ago)
The airline executives should have been hanged for this.
K G (4 months ago)
I only fly Alaska Airlines 😐
al morris (2 months ago)
Any airline can experience a disaster
life is to short (4 months ago)
Wow how sad can that be. Something so simple and cheap brought that plane down along with a very fine captain with an incredible amount of flight hours. .. along with his co-pilot
Mike M (4 months ago)
What a BS story! Alaska used a different grease approved my Douglas!!!!! The problem the tube the grease couldn't pass a 90-degree angle a foot or so pass the grease fitting. All this was approved by the FAA and Douglas. Alaska is the finest​ and safest airline around, period!! A while back a Southwest 737 blew an engine, everybody knew about an issue way before the accident. Alaska was one of the few who corrected the problem way before an FAA order.
Susan Fagan (4 months ago)
Shame on the ground control . Their deaths are on you !! RIP X
Galactic Defender (4 months ago)
I got an ANA airlines ad before watching this
LIGO (4 months ago)
One lubricated pinion cost so may lives.
marz mabitad (4 months ago)
Brave..salute to this men.
marz mabitad (4 months ago)
Brave..salute to this men.
Airplane Mode (4 months ago)
But how did the plane get into the inverted position? The pilots had such great control of the plane moments before.
Earl Driskill (2 months ago)
The pilots did it on purpose to try to save the plane. Inverting the plane with the stabilizer in a down position theoretically should've arrested the decent, at least that's what the pilots were hoping for.
Mark Simonds (4 months ago)
And that is why I’ll never fly Alaska
Trench15398642_14 (4 months ago)
Profits over people.
ronald davis (4 months ago)
They fought that bitch all the way down
Ray's Dad (4 months ago)
Screw Alaska Airlines. They didn't want to do maintenance, didn't wan't to divert, from the transcript it didn't sound like their engineers were doing much to help the pilots in real time. It sounds like negligent homicide to me.
martin duffy (4 months ago)
Respect to the pilots and crew and remembrance of all passengers aboard RIP
Barbara Dyson (4 months ago)
so why weren't the ceo and his crew not charged with fraud and sent to prison for cutting corners and the famiilies not compensated with LARGE amounts of money.STINKS
Orlando S (4 months ago)
is it just me or does ATC/maintenance seem like they couldnt give less of a crap
Alexander Gorbatschow (4 months ago)
Screw that screw!
Code3Forever (4 months ago)
In the name of saving maintenance payroll, they cost so many people their lives. Many were their own employees. I remember this well and will never fly Alaska Airlines. The terror those people on board had to feel and the pilots up front who could see in front of them, knew it was the end. By not flying over the land, they saved others from death too! Great Job on this video.
Les B (4 months ago)
Wondering, now with the advantage of full rundown of problem on the craft, was there anything crew could have done to save the day? Maybe ditch in the ocean before tail section broke?
Goodfella (2 months ago)
Les B the crew should have never troubleshooted with the motors. (No way for them to know). Sadly it sealed their fate. From the point of the first dive from which they recovered from, they were doomed.
Nabeel Musa (4 months ago)
You said all passengers on board were killed rights?? Then how the captains were awarded golden medals 🏅 for heroism??
The random person. (4 months ago)
Captains can be awarded medals post-mortem
A D (4 months ago)
Here's what happen to mechanism https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bk-Dk_9mi8s this is a 737 jackscrew in action, it operates for trim only. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rxPa9A-k2xY Alaska Air simple didn't grease it enough. Hindsight is always 20/20 but if the pilots left the trim alone initially, they may have been able to land, but they had no way of knowing the exact failure. Pilots are taught when something breaks in some situations it's better to leave it alone and land, but it all depends what and how bad it failed.
Nancy Burgio (4 months ago)
Very sad
daBomb1968 (5 months ago)
rusty threadworn jackscrew, amazing pilots though.
Royal3Cheez (5 months ago)
To bad they didn't have Denzel up there
Goytá F. Villela Jr. (5 months ago)
Very well done, except that it wasn't "minutes later" (after takeoff) that the accident happened. The plane was flying between the coast of Ventura County in California and the Channel Islands (as correctly shown in the background of the simulation), already in U.S. airspace. That's more than 2 hours of flight from Puerto Vallarta.
Pisey Etti (5 months ago)
My heart goes out to all passengers and the brave pilots... and y’all fucking engineers and maintenance needs to get ur shit together!!!!
Victor Grasscourt (5 months ago)
Did anyone go to jail over the falsified maintenance records?
Mit Seraffej (5 months ago)
Unfortunately airlines all around the globe are still maximising profits at the expense of safety. The main area that they do this is crew duty times. Ie. the harder you work the crew the less crew you need. In the past state regulatory bodies prescribed maximum duty times. Not any more. Airline the world round now dictate the flight and duty times. To satisfy the regulatory bodies airlines have approved fatigue risk management programmes. My experience of these is they are merely window dressing. Ultimately the need for airlines to cut costs is driven by the expectation of the traveling public of cheap airfares. The old adage “you get what you pay for” has never been more applicable.
goodwilj (5 months ago)
I hope the families of the victims sued Alaska Airlines into oblivion
goodwilj (5 months ago)
Man it sure seems like a lot of plane accidents occurred with MD planes.
Goodfella (2 months ago)
goodwilj more crashes actually happened with Boeing. The MD-80 had a better safety record that the 737 classic series, for instance.
Maddie Rose (5 months ago)
that's crazy how this happened on the day i was born!