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Idiots Delivery Workers - Delivery Funny Fails (USPS, FedEx, UPS)

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Text Comments (1216)
Mike R (24 minutes ago)
Screw fex ex drivers they get what they deserve!!!!!!! They all drive commercial vehicles like they are driving their Personal cars around!!!!!!! When half the fleet dies in car recks then they will start hiring 16year old girls to take over! Drive like professionals assholes!!!!
Josh Robinson (4 hours ago)
Fed ex driver was a good one
Josh Robinson (4 hours ago)
Last one too funny
Josh Robinson (4 hours ago)
The first one
my name is jeff (7 hours ago)
I heard that stove is still being dragged
Thera Pist (9 hours ago)
Wow. USPS workers must have a strong union.
GhostGaming (13 hours ago)
1:16 sir mail truck is yours take all your mail
Go Clunker (19 hours ago)
5:46 I approve. Donuts teach car control
Robert Moore (22 hours ago)
That last guy is sure going to feel stupid when his company shows him that footage. 😂🤣
Phillip Fun Vlogs (1 day ago)
I’m never shipping fedex I’m going to ship UPS
Goto rianer (1 day ago)
U low life Peopele expect what from people who dont get any money for working nearly 20 H a day?
Henrik Thor (1 day ago)
It's a job, some of these idiots it was a job, now they are living in the gutter.
Maddtrucker love (1 day ago)
Can u imagine how short your patients are after 6 hours.. i salute you guys for keeping American running..
The Most American Canadian (1 day ago)
USPS should be dismantled. Huge money pit
Don Schmidt (3 hours ago)
When you privatize the postal service you’ll be thrilled how much a private sector corporation charges you for a first class letter. Hint: it will be a LOT more than what the USPS charges.
The Most American Canadian (1 day ago)
Driver with brake failure is a pretty good driver.
RC Hobbyist Extreme (1 day ago)
The last idiot must have known he was going to get fired. What an ass.
Ride With Roland (2 days ago)
How the fuck you gonna say the Fed Ex guy pulling doubles with brake failure on the back trailer is an idiot?
Janssen Balboa (2 days ago)
The fed ex driver on the second clip is a great driver. Locked brakes down an icy mountain not an idiot
JayBird G (2 days ago)
Usps people shou olk d be fired for damaging mail. Fed prison will make em learn
Oh Yeah? (2 days ago)
Toss my package like that and you’re gonna be wearing the son of a bitch. Quit your fucking job if you don’t like it.
Dr No (3 days ago)
How is the fedex tractor trailer sliding down the mountain a fail???? Its ice!!!!!!
Lex Luther (3 days ago)
hope you got insurance on your packages... you see why now
Ida Floyd (3 days ago)
Wtf?? I couldn't watch this without laughing. Lord have mercy, people are weird. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
face hugger (3 days ago)
My pads were in there
jeffrey conyers (3 days ago)
First, the Postal officials need to fine all not wearing uniforms.
Andria Marie (3 days ago)
Fedex are dumb jerks. They throw and smash packages. They deliver to all wrong addresses. I wish they would go out of business. UPS and USPS are so much better.
Juan Goya (3 days ago)
Too much presure on drivers I used to work for DHL back in the 80's I have never use the a/c, radio, rarely wear my Seat belts,one stop after another dropping several packages almost door to door on factories áreas, written down each one of them they don't pay your lunch time nor even when you pump gas that maybe the reason on drivers driving like crazy to make their dead lines, job wasn't worth It at all.
The Equinox Hunter (3 days ago)
Usps=hire anyone, our usps are crooks. Fedex isn't looking good, Ups ftw
SunlightAngel87 (4 days ago)
0:29 NO way. NO WAY is this driver an idiot. For him to be in this video at all is idiotic. This video was on live action news and the FedEx truck had a mechanical/brake failure on an icy hill in Colorado. That wasn't his fault at all. For him to maneuver this massive truck down an icy hill with no brakes makes him the best damn driver in the USA. In fact the entire USA was applauding him and cheering him on and after his success he became straight-up legendary. That said, 3:32 was hilarious.
Micheal Noble (4 days ago)
Man, I am inside my first 2 years driving a semi and I'm telling you, those wrecks are NOT funny. Aside from cracking my mirror trying to park my first month out, I have never been in an accident but I have nightmares that I'm in one of these situations. I have had a few near misses and it feels like the end of the world. A vision flashes through your mind of the worst possible outcome, all the having to explain what happened, scrounging to save your job even if no one was injured. Whereas in America the law us innocent until proven guilty, that does not apply when you're behind the wheel of a CMV. You are guilty by default and have to prove your case, thoroughly. Plus, the fines are FAR heftier. Something that might be a $200 dollar ticket for a regular driver can turn into 6 months in jail fallowed by a $60,000 fine that you can never pay off because your career is over. No truck company will ever hire you again. And when you drive 11 hours a day on a 14 hour shift there is PLENTY of opportunity for tiny mistakes or errors in judgement that can turn catastrophic, FAST!
D Smith (4 days ago)
Wtf was the last one??
22trem (4 days ago)
This is what happens when they hire 1099 hacks instead of full time employees.
SIRE 161 (4 days ago)
7:28 wtf?
G.T. G 1 (4 days ago)
Crazzzzy especially the last guy
Cory Lewis (4 days ago)
Dam Skippy FEDEX job is to get packages there by ANY MEANS unlike UPS ain't nobody got time to be classy out here
Ronnielee Michael (4 days ago)
good thing that laughing idiot didn't tell the driver he was pushing that down the road. shows which one is the freaking fool
Tena Stone (4 days ago)
No wonder half my stuff is rather broke or a no show. Those type of people need there stuff done the same way. They also need to be fired & the proof needs to follow them to there next job interview.
Cassandra Lejeck (4 days ago)
If a package arrives damaged due to carelessness it should come out of the employees paycheck then maybe they'll learn a little respect
Happy Savage (5 days ago)
People sure do like to show their issues.... At the work place. Making them more idiot than smart. I guess they want happiness, just acquiring the wrong way. In some the video clips we all saw. Never, I mean NEBER, bring issues and home life, to work! You'll embarrass yourself at work, and maybe, get fired from it. Obviously. Learn from others mistakes. Don't create more. Create less, please? Advice for the future for human beings.
quike Herrera (5 days ago)
But, still 1 place swift 🤣🤣
Genevieve S (5 days ago)
KK Chanel (5 days ago)
Why record the fedex driver instead of trying to let him know? 🤦🏽‍♀️
Younes Rabhi (5 days ago)
to get more views on youtube .
nathan sunnaa (5 days ago)
The postal worker is a temp/ uniform...
#kane poe (5 days ago)
All of em got drug tested and fired
Aaron Romero (6 days ago)
Hey if he's pushing an oven why don't you warn him instead of being an asshole?
Joel Williams (6 days ago)
Aahhh yes. The Riverdancing UPS guy, my nemesis. We meet again. Prepare for light hand-to-hand combat!
Draped Up& Dripped (6 days ago)
This shits hilarious and ridiculous.
ahhthenohh (6 days ago)
Lol 5:48
Mike Sokolow (6 days ago)
UPS, entertainment charge, waived.
John McCoy (6 days ago)
I count 8 pinkslips and 1 thief you're fired indefinitely.
swan (6 days ago)
3:35 screw you I'm a mail truck,weeeeeeeeeeeeee 5:43 it's the same truck,weeeeeeeeee
Reo Taylor (6 days ago)
1:41 so what did they do to piss this guy off is what I'm thinking. Listening to the dude voice I can hear his bullshit
Bill Gabrielson Jr (7 days ago)
And this video is for the most part just BS. Some of course, throwing packages, that’s BS. Others, nothing major. Couple just mistakes. The Mack pushing that package, you wouldn’t know, or see it, but let’s not help him out, let’s flippin video tape it.
Fly Mudder Trucker (8 days ago)
3:35 got me dying🤣😄🤣🤣
mega0876 (8 days ago)
They are all idiots that barely finish high school and couldn't get another job other than a delivery person.
Don Schmidt (3 hours ago)
That’s a very astute life observation you moron.
H M (8 days ago)
1:43 not seeing the problem. If you want to ship fine china without you properly packing it, pay someone $50-$100 to drive it cross town. Don’t use USPS
canterburytalesCafe (8 days ago)
Dear Sir / Madam, I am writing to you to raise an issue about: Delivery The issue that I have experienced was: I am currently living in Thailand, am disabled and bedridden, I purchased a Patient hoist in UK and needed it shipping here to Thailand, I am in desperate need of this as I say I cannot get out of bed etc etc without it, this item was due to be delivered today ( 10 April 2019) here in Thailand in just a few hours and I am at a loss to understand something? a message was sent to the sender ( my Niece in UK, Rebecca Harrison) last night at 10:17pm telling us about hazardous material, surely this was never going to be here on time - as promised - by today, surely this should have been noticed before when collected, although my niece was asked about being a lithium rechargeable battery which it is and should be ok? I am in desperate need of this item and very very anxious now I have heard this as I was expecting to be able to get out of bed with more ease today? tracking number 1ZT0G78ZD920004819 I am wondering what I can do as we paid for express delivery and was told all was ok then the battery thing came up, sounds like an excuse to me for something, either way it is not going to be here today as promised and paid for? UPDATE; now 11th April and still its in UK although the battery issue was resolved and we were told as I am disabled it would be given urgent attention but still its in UK and the sender has not been told why? It occurred on: 8/04/2019 This meant that I am disabled with a muscle wasting disease and bedridden, I need the patient hoist to get from my bed to my wheelchair and commode and back to bed etc, no one knows the frustration of this who has not experienced it? Get it here........... I look forward to your prompt response on this matter. As recommended by Trading Standards, I would like to keep a complete record of my case, so please reply back via this email account.
onether tsatsaronis (8 days ago)
Copperas cove Texas mailman at gas station 8sen in
wrxassa (9 days ago)
mail workers that drive these shitty-boxes are idiots by default! ..fedex is part of ATA, anti trucking alliance....by default they are idiots
Dan Rozanski (9 days ago)
Mostly USPS and FedEx... The few that were UPS were funny, not bad 😂
Matthew Ives (10 days ago)
Is it me or does FedEx have a whole shit ton of people that can’t drive for them where are they getting their background and drivers license checks at from
Curtis Tisberger (10 days ago)
Postal workers are the laziest dumbest most over paid MOTHERFUCKERS
timmy (11 days ago)
Usps is pure shit
2dthoughts (11 days ago)
Title was written by an idiot
Little Star Small Wolf (11 days ago)
Wtf last delivery guy tap dance then stole a plant 😂
H M (8 days ago)
Nah. I think the homeowner left him a tip & gift. Card probably said ‘UPS Driver’. Then he danced as a thank you knowing it was on video... Must have been booze & a restaurant gift card so he’s dancing for his dinner
Little Star Small Wolf (11 days ago)
Every time I have a package get delivered by fedex it’s damaged in one way or another.
Superfly Samoan (8 days ago)
Little Star Small Wolf fedex delivery drivers are independent contractors and not employees of fedex. That’s why you’ll usually get better service from usps or ups
rockstar6786 (11 days ago)
This channel knows just how to deliver lol...
aprilfool1965 (12 days ago)
0:08 "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night (nor driver's with the right-of-way) stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds."
Roscoe Coltraine (12 days ago)
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Anthony Narozniak (13 days ago)
The driver in the first video I think he's pretty damn skilled to keep that truck under control on an icy Road
hannimanni41 (13 days ago)
if you're getting passed on the highway by a double load 18 wheeler, you need to get the fuck off the road
Its Jhey (14 days ago)
When you win in fortnite 7:50
i_nano Tran (14 days ago)
5:44 when u wanna be a drifter but ur parents want u to be mailman
Shaun Redmond (14 days ago)
How are these company's even still in business
Brittany Bracey (16 days ago)
Dude at 3:30 should had just let the damn truck keep going cause u know u fired i wouldnt even bother to explain just go to my locker get my stuff and leave 😂😂😂✌
Rob J (17 days ago)
There’s something mentally wrong with the last guy. Big time.
cloud fall21 (18 days ago)
1:14 trash can is actually a person disguised. You can see he transforms back into a person moments after impact. Either that or the guy was hiding in the trash can and fell out after impact 😂
Jason Pohleven (25 days ago)
This is why I go to the store myself and pick-up as much as I can — these delivery drivers don’t give a f*ck. A lot of them anyway
Matthew Wood (26 days ago)
1:43 you think that's the worse your package will see getting from shipper to addressee?
Jennifer Hudson-Gensler (28 days ago)
Idiot delivery workers? How about idiot using his phone while on freeway??
Joe (1 month ago)
The fuck was that last asshole doing?
Cosmo Kramer (1 month ago)
Your the idiot!!..that second guy was unbelievably skilled..🖕
Jack - (1 month ago)
Only one UPS fail.. big brown rules ✊🏼
Nnadozie Emezi (1 month ago)
Most of the clips were weather/road conditions related. 1 had thieves stealing a package. 1 had a river dancing UPS driver and a USPS driver doing donuts in an empty parking lot. Not all idiots
Jay Kay (1 month ago)
i used to be a ups driver helper and ik sometimes the driver just straight up be havin a bad day
Wesley Warsmith (1 month ago)
6:15 Sometimes you SHOUDNT listen to your GPS
TheOracle8191 (1 month ago)
1:38 tbh, I expected it to blow up...kinda disappointed.
jpsholland (1 month ago)
A lot of FedEx workers need to be fired. Especially on the delivery side.
Carlos Zamora (1 month ago)
People like to talk a lot of shit about the drivers from these different carriers, but let's also tall shit about regular stupid drivers who like to cut us off. I work for one of these curriers and trust me people order the most ridiculous shit ever. Not to mention how heavy some of these packages are. So i you're not one of these drivers who bust their ass every day trying to get your package on time, DON'T TALK SHIT.
Frank James (1 month ago)
this is why you always treat the delivery folk .. a good investment too
it's true (1 month ago)
now I know why I'm still waiting for my package from 2013 :(
RSean (1 month ago)
2:18. The owner WAS home at the time of delivery. The careless FedEx driver drops the monitor over the fence breaking it. The driver is now an EX FedEx employee. Lesson here, do your fucking job and stop being lazy.
david crowe (1 month ago)
If only Fed Ex drivers could actually Drive!!!!
Texas Patriot (1 month ago)
That UPS driver failed in his methods.
RedArrow73 (1 month ago)
Sooka Bil-Yett!
THIS IS #MAGA COUNTRY (1 month ago)
3:35 Muh JOB!!!
DRDOG101 (1 month ago)
Ashley Bunch (1 month ago)
Was it direction do you say turn right at the bridge
Deadeye313 (1 month ago)
Had to stop the video at 20 seconds. Is the driver with the dash cam clinically blind? How the hell does a white truck pulling out not garner ANY reaction from you? I can understand if you hit the brakes and can't stop or if you try to swerve but to just keep on going without a damn care in the world? You are as much a danger to yourself on the road as that careless person. I see this time and time again in these videos and sorry, not sorry, but if you take no evasive action at all, you are morally at fault even if not legally. Kids, keep a swivel on your head and learn to keep track of every vehicle in your immediate vicinity and expect and have a plan for the worst and you'll avoid accidents rather than be part of them.
tall32guy (1 month ago)
The guy dancing was also cute and funny. I wonder what that was all about. Lol now I wanna know the story behind it
tall32guy (1 month ago)
6:25. So funneh
TraRob-EastSide (1 month ago)
2:44 is the weirdest thing ever.... anyone have a backstory 😬