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Idiots Delivery Workers - Delivery Funny Fails (USPS, FedEx, UPS)

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Text Comments (928)
Time-Lapser PRO (55 minutes ago)
Too bad they didn't have the one where a UTA Frontrunner train sideswipes a double fedex.
Ariel (1 hour ago)
Yalls tvs are broke! 😂
Max Ravnaas (2 hours ago)
Shoutout to Charlie Puth at 1:31-1:36
Edith Ann (21 hours ago)
These companies only have themselves to blame for their employees doing some of these stupid things. They put a tremendous amount of pressure on their drivers to be fast and absolutely rip into them if they go a minute over. They honestly have allotted time for stop signs, each house, right turns, etc. So if a customer wants to stop and say hello the driver can either blow them off and piss someone off or try to make up for the lost time later by throwing packages or (more likely) driving recklessly. It is amazing how FedEx, UPS, USPS can say safety is their number one priority but tell the drivers they have 13 seconds at a Stop sign and berate them/question them if they go over. It's greed. The executive brass at these places could NOT care less about the customer experience. It is all about the money, the bottom line. Part of what's wrong with this country today.
Alexander the gray fox (22 hours ago)
Most of these are fed ex and the postal company
Jack Wu (1 day ago)
when u get an UPS ad for a video about UPS fails
suzanne Baker (1 day ago)
Guess the oven didn't fit on the truck. Either that or his truck was at max weight so he put it ( up front), lol!!!
Matthew Vogel (1 day ago)
if say did that to my deliveries I will see them in court
rita pita (1 day ago)
7:48 I'M WEAK!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 can sit ups gone under? Perhaps this driver was anticipating a career change 😂
rita pita (1 day ago)
rita pita (1 day ago)
Not all FedEx or mail people treat packages poorly. I have to say I've lived in the past 20 years I've had cameras in my homes. I have never seen anyone mistreat my packages. I sure hope these people got these delivery people fired. Throwing a box over a fence thanks FedEx, and that fat ass woman that threw the package on the front porch. She works for United States Post Office. Fire her don't allow her to collect a pension!
Julia (1 day ago)
I had one of these idiots destroy my package.
PatriciaWalton (2 days ago)
Wow this is some crazy stuff really
Martin Godinez (2 days ago)
Looks like upset drivers, I would have to guess because of their pay.
Bernie Clawson (2 days ago)
3:20 The guy filming could have caused an accident by taking his eyes off the road but he calls the truck driver stupid.
Rodney Rawlings (2 days ago)
At the beginning there was a ups commercial. Funny cus the thumbnail shows a FedEx truck hanging off a wall. This couldn't have been an accident. I worked in the ups warehouse and our package handling was like the guy throwing boxes in the back or worse. When ur paid 8.50 hr to unload thousands of packages u develop a resentment for the job and the package. I can remember the belt getting clogged and we would just kick the shit out of them to break the jam!
Jason Nostro (2 days ago)
Don’t these people realize that there are cameras everywhere now.
Mr. Flores (3 days ago)
Wtf was that last 1 about?
vect0r (3 days ago)
3:00 instead of filming maybe warn him and prevent an accident?
vect0r (3 days ago)
Your package has been delayed.
Mr. MOTORMASTER (5 days ago)
tap dancing Spider-Man
Samsung/Android Is the best (6 days ago)
So that's why my windows 7 pc arrived late and damaged
chad (7 days ago)
That fed ex driver is a fucking beast walking that bitch down that hill
Mr ChichMagnett (7 days ago)
What I learned from this video. Don’t use USPS or FedEx
Patrick noone (9 days ago)
UPS ad before video ha ha ha ha
Joseph Flanagan (10 days ago)
Mails in
Patrick Maloney (11 days ago)
I got a UPS ad before this.
jOSE Cant SEE (11 days ago)
The FedEx guy has a delivery to a homeless person living under the bridge. I thought it was masterful parking.
EddieE Clark (12 days ago)
UPS u scary
Cody Koch (12 days ago)
That's why I call Fed Ex Wreck Ex
McGuy281 (13 days ago)
So the only time UPS shows up it's good. Now I know why I always use their services
Kevin Gautier (13 days ago)
Narrator at 3:00 is just plain an asshole
bonotheist (14 days ago)
Was anyone else turned on by the last guy?
starflame34 (14 days ago)
To those in the comments saying/asking why the guy filming didn't alert the FedEx driver that he was pushing something, what makes you honestly think that FedEx driver doesn't already know what he's doing!? It's a big fucking box in-front of him that from the sound of it weighs a lot, so I'm pretty damn sure the truck driver already knows! He's just an idiot! I suppose all those drivers at night driving in black cars just also "forgot" to turn on their headlights too, right?
starflame34 (14 days ago)
1:16 When you chose "1 day shipping" during check-out.
Glitter (14 days ago)
3:39 That was amazing the truck didn't hit the first time around and that woman is so pissed her car was destroyed lol
Curtis C (14 days ago)
First of all you must be a democrat to not realize if the federal government gets involved its fucked, employees are union, (unions were made to protect the stupid) second its fedex, they are in competition to be the next USPS federal fuckups.
nickythebull82 (14 days ago)
I drive for Fedex
Art Dude (17 days ago)
@ 0:52 the FedEx driver thought... Here, I'll try it this way...
Spida (18 days ago)
watching this while waiting for a package
R L (24 days ago)
The Fed Ex driver pulling a set at :23 isn't an idiot. He's a skilled commercial driver keeping it together on an icy Colorado hill.
Thish ish that Chrishhh (1 month ago)
2:14 That's one way to throw your job away.
Decent man (1 month ago)
To all the people complaining go fuck yourselves. I'm a postal worker that started just a month a go and I already hate this job. The pay is too low compared to the amount of work we must do. And btw this is not customer service work but logistics work so we don't have to be polite. So in conclusion type your address accurately and keep your mouth shut so everything will be fine.
John M (1 month ago)
OMFG, I take it that Fed-up X must pay high premiums
Erky _ (1 month ago)
Why always FEDEX...!!!
Following Phan (1 month ago)
Mailman threw a package over my 6 feet gate all onto the floor while door was wide open 🤓, twice
The Omar’s Channel (1 month ago)
2:21 was way too far.
Ryan Forbes (1 month ago)
at the 8 mark wtf was that about
Ryan Forbes (1 month ago)
at the 7 mark I doubt that was a fedex driver he didn't have full uniform on and that last thing any fedex driver wants to get packages lol
Ryan Forbes (1 month ago)
to be fair like the fedex box at the 1 mark isn't an idiot the road is just iced over
bryan1282 (1 month ago)
Just scratching my gooch here all is well in da werld nigga
Juan Ellis (1 month ago)
That last part was bullshit
Jensen Gonzalez (1 month ago)
My dad crashed
vexacon (1 month ago)
Had one of those boxes last month arrive from UPS, that looked like it had been in a few accidents, twisted and crushed with extra tape added to hold it together! Lots of the stuff inside was ruined, now I know why! Even got a letter years ago, with a footprint on it!
Creative Ann (1 month ago)
Sometimes can't tell delivery drive about they throw stuff like garbage! What an idiot!
NASA 1 (1 month ago)
If you don’t care about what you are carrying, please quit your job and let a better human being do it. Fucking hate delivery drivers that don’t care about other people’s things.
Raven is better (1 month ago)
I hate these sort of delivery drivers and there are lots out there, you drivers are SCUM 💩👎💩👎💩👎💩👎💩👎
Сергей Райшес (1 month ago)
Почторас - это везде диагноз.
Roshan Manilal (1 month ago)
The last guy was Scottish
Dame Lia Sorelle (1 month ago)
Last clip: wtf??
ramonta3 (1 month ago)
algunos deberían ser despedidos ,pero los mas idiotas los que graban y no avisan a los conductores,esos son los idiotas....
L. R. Smith (1 month ago)
The guy in the FedEx coat that stole the package off the porch, had previously stolen the FedEx coat; he was not an employee... Drivers that make $50-110K a year don't go around stealing packages with misc trinkets and unknown crap in them.
meh elek (2 months ago)
хорошо, что у нас такой почты нету. почта расии рулит.
Dragoner Productions (2 months ago)
Explains how my packages get lost in transient time to time
Bread Winner (2 months ago)
3:30 - 4:00 🤣💀💀 o ya and 5:45
Beep Beep I'm A Sheep (2 months ago)
ADIS Zo;ssiuckkkkkkks
Dallas Wilson (2 months ago)
Honestly how hard is it to just take a package to a door? Beyond lazy, lame delivery people
Lâm Phạm Tiến (2 months ago)
rip tv
Malachi Patterson (2 months ago)
There was hardly any ups in there
God Father (2 months ago)
EcoMotive (2 months ago)
Why is it that vehicles left in gear always wait until you walk off to start rolling away?
Troy and Kelli Hanks (10 days ago)
It's the law. Murphy's law : )
Kyle Hooker (2 months ago)
The second clip is actually a win. He's controlling the truck on an icy road, not crashing. That's all skill and pretty bad ass. I'm a semi driver myself.
Luke Warmwater (2 months ago)
as far as the mail truck doing do nuts in the snow...... well, would'nt you?? I know I would at least once a week, like I do in my own car. what??! that is normal behavior.
Nathaniel Aranda (2 months ago)
I had a priority mail woman throw a package at my front door like a frizbi! IDIOT!!!
Nathaniel Aranda (2 months ago)
I had a priority mail woman throw a package at my front door like a frizbi! IDIOT!!!
LeJon Brames (2 months ago)
USPS and fed ex drivers are all drug addicts.. notice UPS isn't that bad
C. Jones (2 months ago)
I've seen them pull up to a stop sign to make a delivery lol.
Jonah Chang in A442 (2 months ago)
Well this is pure gold for the Deja Vu meme…
Cindy Do (2 months ago)
That last clip. 7:46 Why is he dancing like a female?
BigDish101 (2 months ago)
Looks like a Scottish Jig...
gamingpineapple13 (2 months ago)
3:41 haha catch me catch me
Jose Figueroa (2 months ago)
No wonder I never got my toilet plunger
hail Kozakistan (2 months ago)
I work for one of these guys, no matter how hard/good of a job you do there are ten idiots ruining said company's reputation.
John Pick (2 months ago)
Is is an Insurance Industry Video to encourage shippers to be sure to buy package insurance when they ship their packages ?
Alex Jamieson (2 months ago)
0:00 there is a checkbox to make the video age restricted.
John Power (2 months ago)
That last one with the UPS, customers leave gifts for us all the time he did not steal that
Daniel C (2 months ago)
Delivery people have no patients of ringing the customer damn bell. They just toss shit around smh
Tony Castle (2 months ago)
Them 2 filthy animals following the FedEx guy, popped the gate ,stole the package, went back out and grabbed the 1st one he stole, please let me catch someone stealing mine so I can open up a can of whoopass please
Lorne Johnson (2 months ago)
That union for you..
Wtfsazerk (2 months ago)
Lmfao wtf 7:50
Vendetta162X (2 months ago)
0:29 Deja vu! I've just been in this place before Higher on the street And I know it's my time to go-o!
FutureRail Productions (2 months ago)
0:22 Deja vu?
Mustbefamous Jr (2 months ago)
I hate when they call someone an idiot but when something is wrong with the truck it’s not the drivers fault
The Adventure Mazda (2 months ago)
So thats where my package went.
Michael O'Keefe (2 months ago)
0:01 Oh look, RUSSIAN text. Me hate fucking Russians because they made Trump president.
ttech694 (2 months ago)
The driver in the 1st clip is very impressive. He (I'm assuming it was a male), is a talented guy to keep trailer behind him going down an icy road!
G H (2 months ago)
Our damn USPS lady throws every package on porch. So wrong.
yuliona 2 (2 months ago)
Это везде, в любой стране😂😂😂😂
Paul Paulk (2 months ago)
That's what I don't understand I have been driving 35 years I have been a good good truckdriver and these companies hire these fun motherfuckers making good money and that's how they do there job fire them ducking idoits
Patrick Darling (2 months ago)
Stupid jobs for stupid people. Let's kill em once robots take over the menial tasks
Naval Gunner (2 months ago)
I ordered a model car 3 YEARS AGO and they are still saying it’s being shipped......