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Idiots Delivery Workers - Delivery Funny Fails (USPS, FedEx, UPS)

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Text Comments (312)
billiebob123456 (5 hours ago)
RBTDN (14 hours ago)
The guy at 5:46 is just Santa Claus lol
RBTDN (14 hours ago)
The Driver at 2:18 wasn't even able to break because the Road was to wet, so not an Idiot
Taino137 (21 hours ago)
If you believe in the Bible, and if you believe in God's will, then you'll see that the Idiot is God. I mean, only God would be stupid enough to create humans in his image. Not our fault. Blame God.
croc huntas (1 day ago)
Why wouldn't they try to notify the FedEx driver he was pushing something instead of filming it. Jerk
Nathan Haggerty (1 day ago)
How is a fed ex truck that is rolling coal an idiot. Pussy ass tree huggers
TheMudyOne (1 day ago)
surprised you didn't include the video of the i94 pileup a few years ago. R&L trucks crashing into each other
Joshua Henrichs (2 days ago)
Nice little dance at the end something i can see myself doin
Mark Mayfield (4 days ago)
Postal workers are the lowest common denominator in intelligence. We have a delivery driver who drops packages at everyone's doors. I even reported him and he still does it.
Mark Mayfield (4 days ago)
Postal workers are the lowest common denominator in intelligence. We have a delivery driver who drops packages at everyone's doors. I even reported him and he still does it.
Sir Render (6 days ago)
I like the happy dance of the last idiot UPS driver.
Charles Brown (7 days ago)
This is fucked up. Not all these are the result of idiot drivers. Some of these are the result of the circumstance. Totally fucked.
Ivan Vqz (7 days ago)
Ok UPS posted this videos.
fred (7 days ago)
In all fairness to the UPS and FedEx delivery personnel they are treated like shit which is why they are hiring more immigrants who don't give a shit
Kody L. (8 days ago)
(5:16) USPS, where we are electrically ecstatic about your packages.
BassManBobBassCovers (8 days ago)
My mail lady is hot and she doesn't drop my packages!
Themeparkfanatic (8 days ago)
The owner of this video isn't showing you the whole clip at the 2:22 mark. The police car was hit by another vehicle on icy roads in Kentucky. That police car was hit so hard that it was pushed into oncoming traffic and right into the path of the FedEx double truck.
t9j6c6j51 (9 days ago)
The last one, perfect.
Владимир Диц (9 days ago)
На 40 секунде, далеко не идиот,на 2.35 супер -эконом))
J. Forgione (10 days ago)
This is what happens when affirmative action / PC hiring policies supersedes hiring Experienced and Itelligent Employees.
Joseph Roe (10 days ago)
Oh nice I see that the oops driver must have been on River dance
joe blow (10 days ago)
I was hoping the fat fuck was run over by mail truck
rsdaddy141 (11 days ago)
That's not delivery,that's Digiorno,bitch!!!
Mark W (11 days ago)
Shit that fed ex trucker was a BOSS
johnsonslawnservice (11 days ago)
Timestamp 5:43 US Postal Service Tokyo drift
Daryll Cartlidge (11 days ago)
Love the ups guy he got a gift to dance to lol that's good
Top 5 Trending (11 days ago)
The driver in the 2nd clip is a master The way he's managing his truck with trailer is an great example of professional driving.Driving on a black ice on a hill is not an easy job.
Jayden Poggemoeller (12 days ago)
3:36 lol lol lol lol
Mahmoud j. (12 days ago)
if you are piece of shit and you hate yourself and doesnt like your job just quit and go do something else but dont destroy people stuff!
Karim Xyz (12 days ago)
this is how delivery workers work, it is normal, pay them more and they will work better
Junxuan Fu (12 days ago)
USPS is the worst one for sure.
Funny Farm (13 days ago)
thumbs done .. stolen videos !!!!!!!
Lonnie Wimsatt (13 days ago)
The idiot is the one who typed the caption ! Learn to type a sentence correctly !
Mitch Jones (13 days ago)
-Clearly a DHL smear campaign!! -6:11.....delivery to a homeless individual gone wrong -I see nothing wrong with mail truck doughnuts whatsoever -that is all
R. M. (13 days ago)
... clickbait
MrThe302crew (14 days ago)
Never seen a semi drift that bad ass:40
Joe Simone (14 days ago)
Dumbest video.. lets have weather related driving accident being a fail! When you drive for a living to take care of your family that shits not funny at all !
C Dubs (14 days ago)
"What the fuck is this shit" is the words that came out my mouth for the last clip
DJaySplitSecond (14 days ago)
Those delivery drivers who are disgruntled and throw people packages and damage them, you need to find another line of work!! Idiots!!
John Doe (14 days ago)
5:43 when drifting is life
jamie duhon (15 days ago)
FedEx driver in the semi in second clip....skilled not stupid.
devestv (15 days ago)
Those UPS, Fedex, USPS drivers drove like idiots. We went to a local multi- winery tasting room a few weeks ago and guess what we saw. A FEDEX truck in the parking lot. They werent making deliveries. The female employee was walking around a tasting room drinking something and had another bottle in her back pocket. I did not know if it was an alcoholic drink nor did I knew if she was the driver. I sure hope she was not the driver and the drinks were non-alcoholic. No matter what, there was no professionalism at all when youre patronizing at a winery on your break while on duty and in uniform.
Samantha Q (15 days ago)
WTF happened in that last one? . .oh...the comments say the gift was left specifically for him. That's cool.
Scott Dinges (15 days ago)
1:43-1:59 what a bimbo smh
The94GTC (15 days ago)
So a truck smoking is a bad driver?
Walter Travies (15 days ago)
Walter Travies (15 days ago)
Jayron77 (15 days ago)
FeDex FeDex again and again FeDex,the employees are really big bitch and fucking idiots.
Kenneth Barbee (15 days ago)
2:40 They call it Fedex Ground for a reason!
Kenneth Barbee (15 days ago)
That fed ex truck driver is drift king!!!
southsida bav (15 days ago)
lol the dude at 1:38. i wouldnt handle this job any else haha
Jordan Vaughan (16 days ago)
For the mail truck usps those are 15 years past contract so brakes are failing
storemannc (16 days ago)
In the second clip that is some mighty fine driving skills on a icy road.
eli dlr (16 days ago)
lame ... Ups video
LongD Style (16 days ago)
Gr8 Video, that idiot that left his mail truck in reverse was funny as hell. He got knocked the FUCK OUT
Matt Ryan (16 days ago)
I use FedEx ground to ship stuff from Canada to USA all the time.. Now I'm paranoid that everything I send could get mulched like these guys are doing
Dabba doo (16 days ago)
Lmao did that fed ex guy just throw a tv over the fence
Cory Sexton (16 days ago)
That is some funny stuff did not know are postal workers do this
Glock Man (16 days ago)
My UPS dri er is the best, he will call me and tell me where to meet him if he has something for me that needs to be signed for if im not home, usually ammo or a ar15 upper
Sonny Dean (17 days ago)
"Ground" continues to make us all look bad!
Alonso Martz (17 days ago)
4:48 is no idiot. That's having fun during work hours to hill time. LoL
Tony Valdez (17 days ago)
Safety first? what?:) 4:06 Ahahahahahaha worker of month.
jose gomez (17 days ago)
ups stands for u people stupid
Lester Obando (18 days ago)
What no ups idiots?
Shmoney Babies (18 days ago)
What how is driving in the snow being a bad driver they work harder than you edited this video
Tommy Petraglia (18 days ago)
The one at 5:45 going postal doing donuts is titled either, "Eff U boss, I ain't working for you no more... " or "Hey buddy, just saw the tape and you just lost your job and your pension "
rb2268 (18 days ago)
I vote Mandatory year in jail with no time off for good behavior for Anyone stealing package from porch! Lowlife maggots!
bintz (18 days ago)
Snowy weather is most difficult
Joshua Quintero (18 days ago)
Where's the Eurobeat when you need it?
Judith Riojas (19 days ago)
This is why my package is late
WV Redneck (19 days ago)
2nd wasn't a fail that was damn good driving to get that truck to the bottom of that hill
PyramidHead138 (19 days ago)
and yet companies still hire these morons and they wonder why this stuff keeps happening.
klazzikk (15 days ago)
PyramidHead138 people are stupid. damn idiots all need to lose their jobs.
saajp (19 days ago)
2:33.. literally Ground Delivery
chipotlelover82 (20 days ago)
Well, after watching this guess I'm using UPS from here on out!
Jonathan (20 days ago)
Glad to see it was all 99% FedEx and USPS. UPS is big on safety and I am proud of that. If a UPS driver crashes its more than likely his/her fault due to negligence.
Marc Field (20 days ago)
5:44 Now that looks like some fun right there. Well at least untill you get caught and fired for it.
Marc Field (20 days ago)
0:23 This is one awsome Fed Ex driver. Nicely done my friend.
My Name Was David Bowman. (21 days ago)
USPS used to be a really good job. My father was a letter carrier for 34 years and walked away with a decent pension and benefits. Nowadays, though, they pay $10-12 an hour and they get have all of the trailer park shit you see in these videos working for them.
mike zaebst (21 days ago)
Always ship ups it shows
boostedmaniac (21 days ago)
Initial d fedex truck.
Titan2995 (21 days ago)
celeryg66 (22 days ago)
guessing lord of the dance came into some money, fucking dumbledore
SR Chamb (22 days ago)
FedEx is honestly in my experience friggin terrible, they can eat a dick lol
George Turner (22 days ago)
lmao at 5:45 bet that USPS driver was having fun doing that.
Phantom Knight (22 days ago)
lol that last clip.
Omar Gomez (22 days ago)
This is why my package was late
Jackafur Gabbiani (22 days ago)
1:42 i have bad news for all of you. every courier from every company acts like this. you have no idea what they put up with. the job is literally 8 plus hours of people who dont know how to drive trying to kill you. Not to mention the customers who dont know how to package, label, or know the difference between fucking usps, fedex or ups.
Mathieu Levert (18 days ago)
HAHAHA, so true. I've seen dangerous goods/liquid with arrow on the box and they find a way to put the label on the bottom side or some people put their company label on top of the delivery's label.
Kevin Grazier (22 days ago)
Not funny Fire their asses
Nicholas Rodney (22 days ago)
That last one though?
fr8hauler (22 days ago)
2:35 guy filming is a jackoff. Could honk his horn to alert the driver but he'd rather make dumb comments and drive on by.
Razor8472 (22 days ago)
That last guy has got to be Canadian.
A Buff (23 days ago)
Люди, работающие в системе доставки, часто бывают полными мудаками и не должны близко подходить к почте. Что их заставляет там работать?
Jason X (24 days ago)
4:38 the idiot driver with the dashcam is following way too close in his truck with those road conditions.
Jason X (24 days ago)
3:11 this asshole didn't even try to alert the driver.... fuck him
Jason X (24 days ago)
0:43 how is this a "fail" of the FedEx driver... driving down a mountain on ice, doing very well at it... because your shit from Amazon absolutely has to be there on time.
Nate Hill (24 days ago)
First video - more like "best drivers on the road".... you try driving a truck when it's slippery like that with some obvious mechanical issues. He's a magician.
LoveAndItsStory (24 days ago)
At 6 minutes that is Oakley Cincinnati Ohio!!
Pablo Grenade (25 days ago)
fed ex truckers always be fucking up driving like hell
Justine Trudouche, canadian InfoWarsian (25 days ago)
2:10 what. thats a tv screen -- or pc monitor -- you just threw there, you asshat...
valdarmort (25 days ago)
at 2:33 the fedex truck was full so the driver just pushed the package to its address ...lol