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Idiots Delivery Workers - Delivery Funny Fails (USPS, FedEx, UPS)

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Text Comments (653)
lostro one (1 day ago)
THESE FOOLS should be proud and happy they have damn good jobs.....many of us dont..........
Johnathan Ramirez (3 days ago)
@1:19 where did that kid come from, he just appeared out of no where lol
Dan Teller (3 days ago)
Some of these are inexcusable. Others you can sympathize with if you've had any experience working for these companies. These companies are not easy to work for, it's hard work. I worked for FedEx so I know. The pay is crap. $1.25 a stop. You literally work your butt off for a company that pays you $1.25 a stop. That means the two hours or so it takes you to load up your own truck, you're doing that for free. And some days are very long, so when you do the math, from the time you start loading your truck up until your very last stop, sometimes you're making $10 an hour. So not worth it. I will never work for FedEx or any of these companies ever again.
Kai Husky (3 days ago)
Says in disclaimer this is for educational purposes but is titled as funny..... what?
David Tosh (3 days ago)
The mailman forgot to set the parking brake on its mail truck and going around in circles, going backwards, like Laurel and Hardy's Ford Model T horseless carriage in County Hospital, except it does go forward in circles.
Hash Miner (3 days ago)
That's the slowest drifting action by FedEx...
Tyrone Nelson (4 days ago)
These people should be sacked for handling fragile goods in such a way
TJ NightTrain (4 days ago)
i will never like or subscribe since u bloat your shit videos with that. fuck you. thumbs down.
Marilyn Alvarez (5 days ago)
At 2:33, idiot camera guy, instead of recording, why don't you flag the FedEx truck and tell him what's going on, did not find that funny at all, what if you have car trouble and nobody warns you!
norman Norman (5 days ago)
Frosted lucky charms they're magically delicious
mendy badgett (5 days ago)
wonder why your packages are damaged
Dennis S (6 days ago)
It's called a " Box truck"
Audrey McMace (7 days ago)
dont quite see how the theft is funny
Henchman Twenty1 (8 days ago)
Maybe that was a gift left for the UPS driver on that last clip? Some folks get gift cards and what not for their mailman (or woman) for Xmass.
Lawrence Genereux (8 days ago)
Any wonder why that package you've been waiting for has been "delayed"?
Mike Henry (8 days ago)
I am retired from a state DOT and we had a nickname for FedEx, " FedWreck." Seems like every time we had a large traffic tie up on the interstate during winter storms, they were caused by FedEx drivers.
Boalol lal (8 days ago)
3:20 , So instead of just filming, try to fucking tell the driver...dickhead.
teinh22a (8 days ago)
they're all angry idiots... Can't get a real job.
Scott (11 days ago)
USPS, all you need to have to work there is the IQ no higher than that of a turnip and the personality of an infected boil.
Jason Sage (11 days ago)
That guy at the End - I wanted to Pop Him and the Guy that Stole the FedEx Package with his girl Look out - dope fiens
Dirk Berserk (12 days ago)
Shipping companies make hundreds of billions a year. Do you really think they care about individual shipments? Nope. They only care that their drivers get there on time. Thus, this stuff happens often.
Campervan Elvis I toof on you (14 days ago)
Thumbs down from FedEx, UPS, Mailmen.
Your Nightmare (15 days ago)
Companies before hiring, they should make IQ Test for Hispanics and blacks because those people are biggest problems in companies
RottenRroses (15 days ago)
If they'd pay their workers a decent wage, they'd care about their jobs.
Abby Pulvermacher (16 days ago)
As I'm watching this, I hear a loud screech outside. 😁
judy valencia (16 days ago)
I hope those mailman and Fed Ex drivers were fired. I just saw the last one. I hope that idiot is dancing in jail.
Biff Wellington (3 days ago)
Pretty sure the wrapped present with the card was for him. Probably a regular customer, like a business from home or something. Probably why he did the little dance, 'cause he knew the camera was there. A lot of these are misleading, we dunno what's going on without context.
Inae Kim (16 days ago)
These miserable people must hate their job and it's too darn bad they can't afford to quit.
AKT BL4ZE (17 days ago)
Wait the one where he chuck the box over a fence was that a ps4 or something i cant see it good the quality on that clip
AKT BL4ZE (17 days ago)
I watch this type of stuff and idiot forklift drivers in school i find it too good
Keanu Rottmann (18 days ago)
00:28 deja vu
Keanu Rottmann (18 days ago)
00:28 Deja vu
34 Long (20 days ago)
Most driver's don't drop packages off like that. My ups and Fed ex guys go out if there way to hide my packages n I've never met them.
I_Dont_Eat_My_Friends (21 days ago)
How many people get the chance to do dounghnuts in an LLV?
32v 5.4L swap crown Victoria coming soon!!! (21 days ago)
they always say the blacks don't no how to work looks like white tee ain't no better
mandlerparr1 (21 days ago)
On the last one, some people do give gifts to their delivery drivers, especially if they get a ton of packages all the time.
jayy den (21 days ago)
hahshaha dafuq was with the last one
Flower GemsGirl (22 days ago)
And the USPS truck went round and round, round and round, round and round....😉😂
Goku Black (22 days ago)
Those fuckers think they own the road lol
Archer C (24 days ago)
All criticisms pointed towards semi truck drivers are unfounded in this video. In ice, a trailer has the propensity to slide faster than the tractor is rolling, and a driver cannot see a box in front of their tractor. Don't believe me? Sit in a tractor and see if you can bend your eyesight.
Jonathan Brinkenfalk (26 days ago)
1:14 Only in gta sa
bird1 mclovin' (30 days ago)
Always ShiftN (1 month ago)
Save the best for last! UPS way to ship🇺🇸
Michael Cuff (1 month ago)
Fed ex ground! Yea ground down to nothin by the next exit! Lol!
citizen23606 (1 month ago)
Arrrr meheartys a porch pirate
Sparkle Shine (1 month ago)
Back one minimum wage was $3.15 hour they were paid $8-$10 an hour and loved their job. You get what you pay for....
Martin Tabony (1 month ago)
Fed Ex. even if they don't have space in the back they still get it there!! :)
ilovesheenaeaston (1 month ago)
try to find the video of the Utah commuter train slamming into the Fedex truck during the winter because the railway arm-guards did not work. It's a must-see video. Train hits the truck full speed. Now you know why your package was delayed sometime in 2017!
odiem yo (1 month ago)
nice video fedex is sorry as shit and lie on their tracking
Steve Reed (1 month ago)
Use lots of bubble wrap, good quality boxes and tape the shit out of everything and hopefully your package might make it in one or two pieces. Just remember to have a good supply of crazy glue on hand, and a good sense of humor.
Jeff DeWitt (3 hours ago)
I remember a case where someone shipped a Studebaker cylinder head via UPS. This is a piece of cast iron weighing something like 50 pounds and UPS managed to break it. I don't know how you break a cylinder head like that but UPS did it.
mike ure (1 month ago)
I worked for FedEx and I from everything I saw at my station, this type of poor behavior would be EXTREMELY rare.
Robert Hunter (30 days ago)
your so deluded
4ern ic8it (1 month ago)
ya 2:33 when you pay extra to have your package there first
Caroline 2017 (1 month ago)
the mail truck s were the best
Lazaro Vera (1 month ago)
At 0:21 i dont think he is an idiot he got mad drifting skills yo he is killing that shit🤣🤣
Chris Harway (1 month ago)
The last was no idiot,he was happy because he got a present from his costumers.
MrDippledork (1 month ago)
What was up with that last one lol
Jeff Beckford (1 month ago)
I wonder how many people have been fired as a result of this video. Oh well, if you act like an idiot at work you deserve to be fired.
TheJurnalyst (1 month ago)
That last clip though....
Roger Holzem (1 month ago)
Fedex was taking care of shipping my meds 2nd day as they are critical life saving medications! I’ve been off my HIV/AIDS meds for over 7 days thanks Fedex! I’m hoping that it hasn’t made them useless as drug resistance can happen when off your meds for any amount of time! I’ve never ever missed a dose in 27 years until now! I hope my husband and family file a lawsuit against them if I die? They deserve to be sued screwing around with life saving medications! They made me fill out a commercial invoice even after being advised what the meds where and what they were for! Not to mention packaging and bottles were extremely clearly marked! Just hoping I don’t die? I’ll never use that incompetent company ever again! I’ll use DHL! Far less foolish and understand the meaning of life and death! Before you start flaming me for having this illness I was raped so fuck off! Try saying anything about it I’ll find your dumb ass and it won’t be pleasant! Remember I have little time and nothing to lose!
chumbuckery777 (1 month ago)
Come on now @ 7:45 that was already shown in a different video to be a gift for the UPS guy, complete with the note telling him it was for him. I leave my delivery guys gifts all the time, and know them by first name. It's a rural thing city people wouldn't understand because they are too busy being selfish and trying to win a winless rat race.
Biff Wellington (3 days ago)
I think the point of that clip was his dancing. Made me chuckle. I think most people understood the present was for him.
Brian Cash (1 month ago)
I wonder what some of these package thieves would do if they picked up somebody's medical supplies such as catheters depends or something like that
sleeptyper (1 month ago)
6:13 "GPS navigator told me to ..."
Debbie Phelps Weisel (1 month ago)
ActsisMMLJ CorrectlyObeyed (1 month ago)
FedEx doesn't deliver ovens, doofus.
tripjet999 (1 month ago)
"Delivery Funny Fails"...what? Of course, "fails" is a VERB.
James Reed (1 month ago)
As a driver for one of those companies I see IDIOT drivers all day...in their personal vehicles.
James Reed (1 month ago)
Why was the FedEx driver considered an idiot?! He was on black ice and even the cruiser slid to the side.
Gordon Aitchison (1 month ago)
Post people in the USA must be really lazy and I'm surprised the consumers put up with this shoddy service. This sort of behaviour simply does not happen in Britain, our people do a sterling job at delivering.
Robert Hunter (30 days ago)
you gotta be joking, have you never seen or heard of Yodel, Hermes or Parcel Force? they all shocking, kicking, dropping throwing and stealing items
Lazy Gaming (1 month ago)
How mail is delivered. The American way, beat to shit, beat the fuck out of, ran over, thrown, dropped.
Lord Xephos (1 month ago)
the large fedex truck.... :C
Roberto Lo (2 months ago)
I understand now why Fedex are so expensive ! They need a lot of money to pay they trucks accidents !
Benno Zappenduster (2 months ago)
Looks like Fedex can't afford decent drivers and neither decent tires.
Raptor Dave (2 months ago)
So, how many people are watching this because they are missing a package?
Ben Bennett (2 months ago)
6:20 delivering to the homeless
Ben Bennett (2 months ago)
3:20 not enough room on the truck
kragseven (2 months ago)
My sister got meds in the mail monthly plus things she ordered online. She was ill for years and going to the door was tiring. She received the packages without any problems . The UPS guy would just leave things on the porch out of site from the street. Then she got a new driver who rang the doorbell every time and wanted her to sign. There was nothing that had to be signed for. It pissed her off because she would be resting and that asshole would ring the doorbell and make her sign. She was too ill to deal with it by calling so one day I called the UPS office and asked why their driver was trying to catch my sister in her night wear. That got their attention. I told the girl the only reason I can see for him to bother her was get get a look. They tried coming up with every reason in the world. "It probably has to be signed for" 'He didn't want it to be stolen" .......... What she got never had to be signed for in the three or four years she was getting it and it still didn't have to be signed for. They said he was a married man and would never do anything like that,you know because all married men would never do hawk a look at a woman in her bed clothes .Funny,the packages never had to be signed for after that.
kragseven (2 months ago)
Fed Ex truck pushing a large metal object. I'll keep on laughing and driving away so I can watch on the news tonight who got killed by a stove on the highway. Who's the stupid one?
Lokithecat (18 days ago)
yea, some people are reretards.
kragseven (2 months ago)
You can't scream postage cost too much and then complain because the USPS hires Labor Ready people to deliver your mail
Silver bullet Pro (2 months ago)
Yes this is FedEx delivery service here
B&y gaming 123 (2 months ago)
EMIP TV (2 months ago)
This makes me think of all the packages in the world that were successfully delivered undamaged. Must be in the trillions.
Steve Smith (2 months ago)
Fedex are worst drivers on the road. 92% of all winter accidents involve a Fedex truck. Fact.
Andrew Hunt (1 day ago)
FedEx is trained by Swift!
Steve Smith (2 months ago)
Miles Away that made me laugh!
Miles Away (2 months ago)
Steve Smith Most guys named Steve take it in the ass. Fact.
Heather Ward (2 months ago)
Funny how all of these are usps and fed ex. I guess I should use ups now lol!!!
Heather Ward (1 month ago)
sonic brown Yea I guess I forgot to got the sarcasm button. There being only one ups fuck up in this video was what I was ripping on.
Heather Ward (2 months ago)
sonic brown Yea I seen it. I was just being sarcastic. It seems like a ups driver made this video! Lmao
sonic brown (2 months ago)
Heather Ward I guess you missed the ups rollover in there and they have their mistakes too. Just not many in this video.
mon (2 months ago)
hahaha,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, the last delivery man is awesome.................
Todd Thomas (2 months ago)
That last one with UPS has got to be fake lol.
Todd Thomas (2 months ago)
That UPS truck is called the beast. That UPS driver is now called fired.
5150Murph (2 months ago)
One clip of a box getting stolen and big shocker... Its a black guy.
martybadboy (2 months ago)
If you think the worst thing that happens to your package is done by the delivery person, you have another thing coming.
masterdeere (2 months ago)
The guy at 1:40 is also in another fail usps video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZlUJmT2h3-4&t=23s ar 0:50 I guess he still work there, showing the young recruit how its done :-)
Dudu Yxl (2 months ago)
OMG 02:21 looks deadly!! wtf
JRoyal (2 months ago)
2:58 thats not the drivers oe fexex fault. Shit gets left behind on roads and he happened to hit a semi.
savagetroll (3 months ago)
first fed ex driver has some amazing drifting skills the cops cant even catch up to his level
Storolf (3 months ago)
What's with the very last guy?
Jim Douglas (3 months ago)
5:43 xD xD xD
James Brown (3 months ago)
Some are fake as hell
James Brown (3 months ago)
The fed ex driver did a FANTASTIC job at getting the doubles down that icy hill.
Mikosch2 (3 months ago)
"This guy has no idea he's pushing an oven or something." ...among other reasons because toasters like that guy filming him will rather film him than tell him.
Marilyn Alvarez (5 days ago)
My thoughts exactly, why not do the right thing and flag him down to let him know what's happening instead of just filming like a jerk. If something happens with his car, I bet he wouldn't think it's very funny if some just filmed it and not tell him.
Julian Marlin (3 months ago)
3:26 to 4:10 is just too hilarious! The funniest video I've seen in a long time! LMFAO!
Marc Field (3 months ago)
0:23 This is no fail. This is just flat fucking phenomenal. This deserves all the praise in the world. This guys a fucking hero in my book. Looks like the breaks failed on the trailer to me.
Don Kinzett (3 months ago)
What the fuck is a lorry?
Allie M (3 months ago)
That guy posing in a FedEx Jacket who stole the UPS box wasn't actually a FedEx employee. He was going around with that jacket so people wouldn't think twice of what he was doing.
B T (6 days ago)
Allie M For sure!