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Dating a College Girl Isn't as Sexy as It Seems | Hot Date

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Caviar? Salsa? Who cares--let's just get in a car and DRIVE. New episodes Wednesdays at 11/10c on Pop. Hot Date - Brian Murphy and Emily Axford attempt a lovely night out for a romantic meal, but sadly blow their chances by bringing themselves. See more http://www.collegehumor.com LIKE us on: http://www.facebook.com/collegehumor FOLLOW us on: http://www.twitter.com/collegehumor FOLLOW us on: http://www.collegehumor.tumblr.com
Category: Comedy
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Text Comments (2202)
Mark Pemble (22 hours ago)
Ha, that facial hair!
Rachael Scott (1 day ago)
wow! this was​ WAY funnier than I was expecting
Joellipopelli (3 days ago)
If she was born in 97 she wasn't 21 in that video.
zat rat (3 days ago)
that nat (5 days ago)
this reminded me of ted mosby when he dated barney’s half sister on how i met your mother
bowtie345 (5 days ago)
The way he says “I have work on Monday”
Daniel Priore (5 days ago)
Except its pretty much only betta males that put up with hipster chicks..most of them are dikes
Ben_jamin (5 days ago)
And the green skin and the nails and slime
Daniel Priore (5 days ago)
and the social justice warrior ones are even grosser and trashier
Bobby Adams (6 days ago)
Cougars are the best!
Lilitu (7 days ago)
I was that girl and the guy was my future wife.haha
Christian Valenzuela (8 days ago)
just a few years away
jalene150 (8 days ago)
Wait if she was born in 1997 and this video was released in 2017, then she isn’t old enough to drink...
deny3638 (9 days ago)
Lmao what college girl is like that
pankaj ranga (9 days ago)
Yes absolutely
Janice Bedford (9 days ago)
Remember the 10 year rule. Don't date anyone 10 years younger or 10 years older than you. It just won't work out long term.
Samibamiwami (10 days ago)
I find it strange when older men hit on me councidering most people outside of the 21 year olds or older clubs think im 15...
Tolle Valor (11 days ago)
I've never felt so attacked, I was born in 1997 and I act like her too
richystar2001 (11 days ago)
26 for dating a woman is perfect... they're young and fun but not too stuck up on their perfect idea of what a man should be.. also they can let loose and are less sensitive about personal image. Also they are still playing the field so casual dating is still preferred...but when she hits 30 she will want a serious relationship.
xiPropheT (11 days ago)
When this sketch took place it would be impossible for Carissa to be 21 lol...he be dating an even younger youngin who can’t even drink...*gasp*
shamelessDab 12 (11 days ago)
Millenniums do not act like this
Alex Scarborough (11 days ago)
I will born in 1997. But I'm nothing like this.
Sarada Uchiha (12 days ago)
*They wouldn't bother even if you take them to McDonald's*
Samantha (13 days ago)
me (20) to the 29 year old guy im into
Pamea (14 days ago)
Why is she portrayed like a 16 year old? She is so immature XD
Exceltiaawesome (14 days ago)
Nah she's just a really really impolite 21 year old geez.
Cat :0 (14 days ago)
When u had more mature dates in high school
Dragon Sayd (16 days ago)
Ok, I’m in love
PoppyAppletree (17 days ago)
When two married people play a couple with absolutely no chemistry.
Ailin Ell (14 days ago)
PoppyAppletree waaaaait..they're married?
Jo (18 days ago)
Dating someone young enough to be your kid seems kind of predatory. I’d feel like a pedophile dating a 19 year old and I’m only in my mid 20s.
Ailin Ell (14 days ago)
Jo I guess it depends on how mature your partner is
Carissa O'Hara (18 days ago)
Lol my name is Carissa, I was born in 1997, and I'm in college! I think I know where they got the inspiration for this character 😂😂😂
Don Korb (19 days ago)
Honest question to everyone who experienced college in the USA: are college girls actually like that? I'm not from the US, but I am pretty sure none of my 21 year old friends would ever behave even remotely like that. This seems more like an impression of a 16 year old.
Ben_jamin (5 days ago)
Don Korb lmao not that I know of maybe you'll see a few immature girls here and there but most of those party people aren't even serious about their education and don't go to college. All the college girls I know act their age but not to this extent.
Riley Norris (20 days ago)
Born in 1997 and 21 in 2017? No. He lied that's illegal lock him up
Loreena B (20 days ago)
I'm almost 23 and I date guys over 40, and I can actually behave myself in a high class restaurant and hold a conversation. She was acting more like an 18 year old than a 21 year old. This is just painful.
Juan Miguel Fernandez (27 days ago)
I kinda hate how true this is
Adrian Jutronich (27 days ago)
31yo here. I don't date anyone over 25 because they just think of marriage and babies. So I hook up with girls with Electra complex who want an older male figure. The dates are in my place, and you only need to learn to do the simplest drinks to impress. I don't even bother cooking, just order some slightly fancy takeout. You let her talk until she inevitably gets to their issue of her absentee father, and then go in for the kill. Never fails.
AWKisbored (28 days ago)
I thought it was cage gaps Also *this salad is wee bwonyo
Fernando Garcia (29 days ago)
That was quick
Liam Harrington (30 days ago)
Ayeee 21 y.o.'s wya?? 👌🏽1997😫🙏🏼☠️
Wiebke G (1 month ago)
I was born in 1997...
Galaxy Cat (1 month ago)
For what reason would a 38 year old man go on a date with a 21 year old for any other reason than sex?
Ben_jamin (5 days ago)
True very true. Older people also have dominance over them too makes it easier for them to get what they want.
Javed Khan (1 month ago)
Hannah Thompson (1 month ago)
I’m 21 and was born in 1996
Julia S (1 month ago)
*I have work on monday*
Mishamigo (1 month ago)
One day a person born in 1997 will be 38
the FLIP (1 month ago)
Emily is hot
josht18ffx (1 month ago)
"Wanna come back to my place and hook up" That's why anyone over the age of 30 dates a college girl
Lunar Wolf (1 month ago)
In the uk college is 16-18 years old
Xxtoxic Wolfiexx (1 month ago)
This is me when I eat with my posh freinds perents The hole air the wine and cavia is salsa XD
Benjamin Aswad (1 month ago)
She's too gangster for this to be realistic. She needs to be more girly and dumb
KDGaming (1 month ago)
So, this is like that thing with Ross and his student.
joseph twitty (1 month ago)
i have work on monday
joseph twitty (1 month ago)
i have work on monday
MATEJ Stojanov (1 month ago)
murpH AND EMILY ARE BACK!?!??!??!?1/1/1/1//1//1/1/1/1//1//11765Q
Luca Taylor (1 month ago)
suspicion alone christmas output political chart bow destroy unity.
Everton Dale (1 month ago)
Dating an older lady is like the opposite
Влад Пузанов (1 month ago)
Wow, she's cool
Jonathan (1 month ago)
That is a wannabe Elon Musk
MyCatFooed (1 month ago)
That ending made the entire skit worth watching!! 😂😂👍😂👍😂😂
Ian Austin (1 month ago)
When this came out, no one born in 1997 would be 21. I would know, I'm 21 born in November, 1996
KohMediaTV (1 month ago)
Oh god I WAS this guy dating a college-aged girl not too long ago, this is so relatable. I don't advise others date if you have a big age gap, it isn't fun.
ADHD KIDDO (1 month ago)
I wonder if this is how my boyfriend sees me (He's college I'm high school)
Felicia (1 month ago)
Wow I’m 21. Should I be offended lmaoo pretty sure I’m 80% like this
LightShadowButterfly (1 month ago)
Ah, so this is how people near my age are seen....honestly, I've seen 40 something year olds act like this girl...
googoogirl114 (1 month ago)
This is so accurate
shamange99 (1 month ago)
This is gross.
PanDUHH the paw (2 months ago)
What?! lol! When it comes to teenagers.. they pick the same actor over and over agaim😂👌
Micah Williams (2 months ago)
1997? She was not 21 at the time! You liar!
Micah Williams (2 months ago)
Damn, this comment wasn’t creative at all 😂🤷🏽‍♀️
Alex Concrete (2 months ago)
The amount of comments that feel the need to show off their 6th grade Spanish vocabulary by translating baño to bathroom is really sad...
Bella Umbrellla (2 months ago)
Theme Park (2 months ago)
"I'm sorry, I've like never been on a date with an old dude" lol What kind of a crazy man eats caviar lol
Alena S. (2 months ago)
I really do not understand why people find wine tasting interesting...
anagirly1212 (2 months ago)
I keep going back to this video because it so accurately describes so many of my past relationships 😂
SpicyDragon 45 (2 months ago)
if it was 2017 when this came out and she was born in 1997 she would be 20
Evan Thomas (2 months ago)
Ezekiel Willerson (2 months ago)
Everybody in this comment section is so proud of themselves for knowing one word in Spanish... LOL
Vincent Matlock (2 months ago)
Used to date girls older than me so they can buy me drinks (I still paid technically, just cause I'm young and can't buy them don't mean I don't pay the bill feel me, chivalry doesn't have an age group) so this reaaally resonates with my millennial ass lmao.
hazel goodshepherd (2 months ago)
Men can and will date younger women. No amount of feminist-inspired satire is ever gonna change that. Sorry.
『NC 猫』 (2 months ago)
I had a boyfriend older than me but we didn’t have a problem since I watch rick and morty
Santa Clause (2 months ago)
Can we roll this back a touch. Want to know how he gets a 21 year old to go on a date with him. Asking for myself.
Days (2 months ago)
Santa Clause fucking pedo.
Bowman C. (2 months ago)
Being someone actually born in 1997, I am offended. My friends and I are way more fancy than most 35-40 year olds these days. And what on earth is salsa? Is it from that cluster of colonise no one talk about?
sillysiblingstuff (2 months ago)
Either this is set in the future or she is not 21.
Sullivan Scandie (2 months ago)
1997 - worst year ever
TheForgiven TheForgotten (2 months ago)
1997 babies 🙌
Ald Performance (2 months ago)
Sad to say but ...true not 100% of the time but a lot like 99.9% lol
neoneoneofu (2 months ago)
It's not gradual. There is a huge jump (perhaps connected with the quick rise of Facebook, YouTube and other stuff). Forget the big age gap (like 21 yo and 38 yo in this video)!! I've been feeling like this older guy for a couple of years now (since I was 28) when dating, partying with or just talking to 22 year-olds.
Karpov Liam (2 months ago)
I'm sorry, but middle-aged men who go for HS looking girls are closet pedophiles. Real mature men don't want to deal with little girls, they want women.
William Parker (2 months ago)
Auds (2 months ago)
Muy boñio
Thêö (2 months ago)
Very bathroom
Spellcaster86 (2 months ago)
How do you fail Psychology?
Blu (2 months ago)
There's caricature, and there's... That. It was perfectly awful. Please stop. Thanks (:
Julianne Hannes (2 months ago)
I was hoping this was a spoof of that netflix movie Liberal Arts with that Ted Mosby dating a college student.
Fallen Knight (2 months ago)
Sadly... this is true for more college girls than you’d think
Sbscite Harker (2 months ago)
that's like... almost pedophilia
TheYakisobaNoodle (2 months ago)
Ew men are so nasty 😷😷
snake698 (2 months ago)
Hahahahaha that happened to me recently and I'm 23, young women are immature AF (generarlizing here, don't take offense, I don't know you)
Mad -Pac (2 months ago)
Great! All the age gap criticism vanished when she said those two magic words: hook up.
Austin Wen (2 months ago)
This is getting better and better
Irene Lawson (2 months ago)
who wants to hang out? check me out
Nadia Silver (2 months ago)
Lol every man ever
Cat Savage (2 months ago)
Hehe my girl 34 lol