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Text Comments (1651)
fan tasy (27 days ago)
I'm gonna comment about the cat getting bitten by the puppies but reading all the comments I was not alone it wasn't funny at all. My fave part was the goat climbing onto the horse
安倍の墓にゴールデンウォーターをかける会 (29 days ago)
5:54 The Walking Dead
Adolfo Perez (30 days ago)
Clickbait? Asshole 😡
Anne Corey (30 days ago)
Funny dogs and cute cats love to play with each other thank you for sharing Bless you all have a good day thank you
jose Last (1 month ago)
I used to let my puppies lick my face but one day I caught them licking their butts
AlberTesla (1 month ago)
5:52 Gang Bang No, not funny I know
justletmesee (1 month ago)
This is one of the stupidest videos I've personally ever seen.
Elizabeth Ferguson (1 month ago)
The cat trapped with the puppies...that's just WRONG. The stupid biotch recording laughs as the kitty finally TRIED to escape. Ever been gnawed on by puppy teeth? Not pleasant and certainly not laughable.
boy Afrika (1 month ago)
Man that cat was being raped
Gisel Corazon (1 month ago)
Que horrible que graben eso y peor que lo pongan como momento divertido pobre gato del minuto 6:00 😡😡😡
Kelly Stephens (1 month ago)
I love pups, I feel very upset that cat is w- all the pups. Cat just wants the hell out... 😥😥☹️
N. C. Q. (1 month ago)
Anne Corey (1 month ago)
Beautiful dogs very cute puppies thank you for sharing your beautiful pets love them all thank you. Bless you all thanks again
Mixed Bag KUKI (2 months ago)
The thumbnail brings me here.
Alan Taylor (2 months ago)
I to did not like the puppies doing that to the cat it was the most irresponsible act of you the owner'
Rene Robyn (2 months ago)
5:53 That's just cruel. How could they let a cat be gang molested by a pack of dogs. She laughs. Stupid people!!
Maria Regina (2 months ago)
Beverly Jackson (2 months ago)
The poor little cat being abused is not funny. Owner how would you like to be in that cage?
Cassandra Hayes (2 months ago)
2:29 wow amazing
Sachin tichkuley (2 months ago)
Vera Souza (2 months ago)
O gato com a turma de cães foi crueldade e uma risada tonga foi dada....
Vera Souza (2 months ago)
Por sapatinhos no cãozinho é ridiculo!!!!!
Andrea Hogg (2 months ago)
I don't think that all those puppies on that cat is funny let's put u in there with 7 big ogre chewing onu
el amine (2 months ago)
Most of these are just animals not getting along.. what so funny about that? Some are even just abuse. Imean a dog baring its teeth is funny? If the person recording it not get injured the dog would be stress. A cat getting gang by dogs? I dont want to be racist but a think most who found it funny would be dog lovers. If who think about the dog then its playing but what about the cat? Getting trampled by those dogs bigger than it. Like throwing a human is a stable full of horse. If it was me a would feel suffocating. Like pranking your friend in a cruel and hurtfull way... not funny!
Lindsay Brown (2 months ago)
So no dog tied to ballon that’s mean not funny
NRIMO ING PANDUM (2 months ago)
love Animal's.. 💟💟👍👍🤣
Maria do Carmo Pinto (2 months ago)
Sonia Maria Pereira (3 months ago)
Pessoas cruéis,não deveriam ter animais
Amrit masticksrekha youtube (3 months ago)
Clare Love (3 months ago)
Stupid twats letting the cat be mauled by those puppies. The cat ain't laughing. Don't be such dopes. 🤬
Sindhi pradeep Sindhi pradeep (3 months ago)
Poor cat
Johnny Belinda (3 months ago)
6:08 ASSES! Not funny at all.
yoongin Ao (3 months ago)
5:54 not funny
Robert Hillyer (3 months ago)
Guess you FORGOT to post the FUNNY video. SAD!
Sahri ramadan (3 months ago)
T by ga gyvy guy vyy yu g by ga by g TV ggyg ga y GG ygv yg yyvyygggggggyygygvggggggggygy gyvy yu GG v gy yygg bh vhyvvggvygyyy yg ga Hb y by GG GG v bh yg ga ada y GG vg bh gyvyyyggygggyvyg GG gyvy yu vyyvyyy gy yygvvvgvvgyvy gy yang yu ygyv bh yygvyyyyyvvgy GG gyyggvyvy gggyyvggyy hgyggvgg yg bh by ggyy by g yyyyyyyyv gy yyggygyvv yyyyyyyyvyyyyggyygygyg yg bh dan celana gvyvggyg tidak gg y vyy Hugh Grant hubungan
Zara Dimple (2 months ago)
Is this a language or some one just writing syllables not seen that before. How quaint.
Rosma Rosma (3 months ago)
Yesss!!! I'm comforted, thanks :D
Anne Corey (3 months ago)
Beautiful animals cute and funny thank you for sharing your beautiful pets love your pets very friendly pets thank you for sharing your beautiful pets love them all thank you. From. Spain thanks
Фариза Дюсенбек (3 months ago)
Кей адамдардың күнасыз жан-жануарларға деген жауыздығы жанымды ауыртады......
Bijilikittu I (4 months ago)
very funny
George Gillespie (4 months ago)
I know you are trying to help but why did you put the cat with so much puppies i dont see that funny
Jeanie Delgado (4 months ago)
Puppies abusing cats not ok! shame on you!!!!! They will do that when they grow up!
Charles Nelson (5 months ago)
More reason we should never be cruel to animals funny and very intelligent 😄👍
GOMER PYLE (5 months ago)
Loved the cat in the pen with the puppies they should have eaten him.
Edie Morgan (5 months ago)
No dog pushing car. Click bait!
Sonja Mason (5 months ago)
Ok, she's a dog -HaitiansDoItBetteR😇...
Trololololol Tv (5 months ago)
5:54 its Not funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TON TRUNG PHONG (5 months ago)
Oh my god so cute
Реалист Вечный страник¿ (5 months ago)
Вот сволочи на... Кота к щенкам закинули? Вас бы к волкам закинуть 😠
Martina Vazquez ~ (5 months ago)
I bet the sick F'k who put the cat in the cage with the pups probably had the cat declawed too.
Anne Corey (5 months ago)
He waking up his daddy very good friendly pet thank you for sharing your beautiful story very nice dogs and pig getting on well thanks
Rajan Sharma (5 months ago)
Cat and puppies one is bad, some stupid person recorded that thing, but don't use this kind of clips (please)
Myra Holland (5 months ago)
Dog helping push is priceless!!
Just LiveLoveLaughLoc'd (5 months ago)
that possessed dog??lol
Tanuja Dudhane (5 months ago)
@5:54 I feel bad for cat and I don't know how people can Lough seeing someone need help...
untamed tiger (5 months ago)
Who else felt sorry for the cat 🙀 with the puppies 😂
Sravya Pandu (5 months ago)
A cat with puppies is not funny.That lady who is laughing without helping is disgusting.
Mariangela Ferreira de Souza (5 months ago)
No anúncio aparece um cachorro ajudando a empurrar um carro, cadê? Propaganda enganosa 👎
David Santosuosso (5 months ago)
Where r the animal rights activists when stupid bitches dress up their animals in stupid clothing and have them fall down cement stairs?
Michele Rapoza (5 months ago)
I’m so angry with the person who is videotaping the cat in the cage with the puppies that’s not funny and yet you laugh at it. The kitty was fighting for its life to get out of their and you laughed watching. What kind of person are you? You’re an evil person plain evil to allow that for your entertainment.
jagjeet suhag (5 months ago)
lucesita liz (5 months ago)
No me gustó como la cojuda se reía cuando estresaban al gatito
Jonmarc Sagao (6 months ago)
I want a cat massage hahaha
Patrice Rose Plummer (6 months ago)
Some of these are cruel and manipulative, so those really take away from the lighter ones--it's a shame!
Munged T (6 months ago)
Cat in the cage with the dogs..not funny at all !!!
Sanjeev Tiwari (6 months ago)
9:14 me after my crush says "yes"
{try me ! } (6 months ago)
The only funny thing is when the dog was eating the bread and when he saw the camera he was like oh fk I’m in trouble
Sivadasan Raman (6 months ago)
Who is here for clickbait?
Tatiana Križanová (6 months ago)
tá prvá fotka😅
валли валли (6 months ago)
На 0.30 коте из молока сливки себе делает, предусматрительный матроскин. 😂👍
Jayvee Mariano (6 months ago)
free massage
BLACK JAGUAR (6 months ago)
The cat in the cage with the puppies is not funny
BRWNSKN (6 months ago)
BRWNSKN (6 months ago)
joan jarrette (6 months ago)
That was cruel puppy kitten in with all those puppies.. puppies teeth are like needles..and you laugh..not funny
Randomz (6 months ago)
A well trained dog won't cause these behaviors. I think this is wrong and not funny.
Shahinaz Ismail (6 months ago)
Very funny 😄
Glenn Turner (6 months ago)
Lose the music,,Fucking awful and off putting
762fullmetal (6 months ago)
cockhead uploader
Willy Don (6 months ago)
You tricked me into watching this with the hope of seeing a Dog pushing a car....but I never saw that in the entire video.
derry Subagja (6 months ago)
Kirik kabeh
LindaJ Moore (6 months ago)
😠 cat mistreated. No more vids from this channel.
Мавжуда Турдыева (6 months ago)
Хоть показали бы что вылезла с клетки, 😡 Сталю 👎
Мавжуда Турдыева (6 months ago)
5,53 кошка одна среди щенков, МНЕ не понравилось ЭТО, Жаль котяру, ещё снимает и смеется, А остальное 😻👌
Mister Shakur (6 months ago)
You know where that dogs tongues been, right?
구야야 (6 months ago)
차 안잡으면 물에 빠져서 죽음 밀고싶어서 미는게 아냐
Ира Офшоровна (6 months ago)
5:51 тот кто кота засунул в клетку с собаками и ты автор видоса конченые ебланы.
Lin Lin (6 months ago)
Good dalmatiner off with child from youtubevid 👍
Елена Лазарева (6 months ago)
3 1 5 7 3 (6 months ago)
Cat ABUSE at 6:00 isn't amusing. For real WTF?!
el amine (2 months ago)
@Anastasia Haule fine but abused! Like how someone torture someone else butcleave no mark. That person is fine but still count as abused!
GOMER PYLE (5 months ago)
Loved it
Anastasia Haule (5 months ago)
The cat is fine
Music Playlist (6 months ago)
Some of the people on this Video don't own dogs... Their dogs own them lol.
Kathy Gwizdala (6 months ago)
That was just mean to put a cat in with a bunch of puppies. The cat was obviously upset. Someday maybe the owners of those animals will be vulnerable to someone having fun at their expense and obvious discomfort and distress. Bad form! Poor choice for “funny animal videos.” Shame on you.
Betta Splendens (6 months ago)
Best one 5:22
Slim Paco (6 months ago)
Reported for animal abuse, 6:04.
Jennifer Eliza (6 months ago)
Big 🖕 to the DICKHEAD who stood there and video recorded their car getting attacked by puppies, in pain and didn't help. Wow animal abuser
l h (6 months ago)
The cat with the goat, Priceless. 🐾🐾👍😘
Валерий Петров (6 months ago)
6:13 ебальники таким хозяевам надо бить
Fam. Antonio (6 months ago)
Lindo perrito que se esconde bajo la cama.
sergio potes (7 months ago)
The last dog was the best he was like shower? Try and get me first!
Alfonso Savino (7 months ago)
Que triste 🙌
Dorothy Zbornak (7 months ago)
8:43 Looking for the prize...