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TAYLOR vs. TREADMILL | Apple Music

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Text Comments (22111)
Thomas Carroll (2 days ago)
Her fringe doesn't move
gamegamerjela -minecraftandmore (2 days ago)
And the winner is....mr threadmil
Asuna Kirigaya (4 days ago)
haha taylor
史鑫 (4 days ago)
Bryan G (5 days ago)
This was so cringe
Diya Gopinath (5 days ago)
me. in a nutshell.
Sharanya Banavar (5 days ago)
Oh my God...!! That hurts.. Eewwww
Ben Li (6 days ago)
Omg Taylor did you get hurt 😂
Clarice (6 days ago)
No offense but my girl looks like she is high.
Delicate dolans (9 days ago)
2018 this never gets old it makes me lmao
Theo Craziboi (10 days ago)
Now she's friend with Spotify. 😂 she released her music video there, has her own playlists, and promoted it on her Instagram/Facebook.
TUYẾTT'S PEACH (10 days ago)
Lorena Remedio (11 days ago)
Her feet slam at the floor
Vedant Aryan (13 days ago)
And she keeps singing after falling...LOL
Taylor Styles (13 days ago)
Musical Mermaid (14 days ago)
Now she’s lying on the cold hard ground
Sofia Awesome (15 days ago)
Dare devil5 (16 days ago)
Oh god she has no shape 😨😨😨
Supriya athawale (16 days ago)
When she falls I was like "WHAT THE HEELLLLL???!!!" but at the same time I was like "S**T LMAO"
Victor Valdez (17 days ago)
I love to marry taylor swift
Estefany Vazqued (17 days ago)
Tay tay
Sebastian Acero (18 days ago)
Kurt Emmanuel Dela Vega (18 days ago)
I hope that was not part of the script 😕😕😕
tyannah cham (18 days ago)
caught the body
jutubaeh (19 days ago)
LädeL missen löllen -.-
Moaz Aboelela (20 days ago)
Only liked cause she fell😂😂🤣
Harry Parkin (18 days ago)
Only liked cus your a shady ass person with no profile picture.
Javier Gamba (21 days ago)
Sam Gallic (23 days ago)
wow that was not nice to post
john doe (24 days ago)
Bout time that fake ass ho did something worth watching
john doe (16 days ago)
Harry Parkin (18 days ago)
Bout time someone with no profile picture called "john doe" with no capitalization said something like actually smart? Too hard? Yeah.
Indraleen Boro (25 days ago)
Astrid Muñoz (25 days ago)
Para los que ablan español Like si viste este video en el instagram de la divaza con su roast
Melisa Yucak (25 days ago)
TheRoyalFreshness69 (30 days ago)
so cringe
Somethingcool Hdjsd (30 days ago)
Queen divina
Maru Q (30 days ago)
I love it when she falls....
Flippin' Lis (1 month ago)
Hahahahahahahaha!!! Cracks me up 😂
ldolina Guerra (1 month ago)
Are you okay
コチョベズモズ (1 month ago)
D3ADZ0N3 (1 month ago)
Came here to see the comments cuz apple disabled them 😂
BABY ASAHD (1 month ago)
Joanna lin (1 month ago)
Apple gets it ! What we want
Angeline Claire (1 month ago)
I have Apple Music!
Lcps Bitdefender (1 month ago)
Emma McPherson (1 month ago)
Emma McPherson (1 month ago)
Nevaeh Mc (1 month ago)
Lol 😂😂😂
Edzel Mejia (1 month ago)
pink orchid (1 month ago)
How tf did they film this?
Ayana & Ruby (1 month ago)
She looks like Anna wintour
Chaitanya Bhardwaj (1 month ago)
Why did she fall?? 😫
Alcione amore - Taylor swift não sabe compor (1 month ago)
Siddhi N (1 month ago)
There he is now featured in end game song.
Steamey Artist (1 month ago)
Эпичное падение)
Roselyn Hunt (1 month ago)
Haha that was a hilarious good fall tho
Ramon De Vos (1 month ago)
If you look close you can see it's not her when she falls
Nelly Linval (1 month ago)
Abd Llah (1 month ago)
Taylor 😍😍😂
Gauthamr Suma (1 month ago)
Am I d only one thinking dat she fell on purpose
Tania (1 month ago)
cant stop laughing😂😂🤣😁
Kennedy Myers (1 month ago)
You coped someone’s comment
Deepanshu Charso Bees (1 month ago)
This bitch doesn't need to hit the gym
Zmenace Angel (1 month ago)
Ohhh so bad
Zmenace Angel (1 month ago)
Well Where is the bodyguard! 😂😂😂
Danielle Guest (1 month ago)
Blacks ewww
Lucas Swiftie 13 (1 month ago)
Queen ❤❤❤❤❤
Katy outsold most of your faves 3.0 (1 month ago)
+Treadmill is Katy -Taylor: 0:48
Fathurrahman Prasetiyo (1 month ago)
Ouch, are you OK Taylor?????
Nathy Holland Biebs (1 month ago)
yo en la vida
Nylr Dndll (1 month ago)
lol deadly funny if i set this video on a fast mode call 911
Mohamud Mashaqo (1 month ago)
This lady mad beautiful
snov mantes (1 month ago)
What's with the thumbnail?
rebekah sterling (1 month ago)
i love this one😂😂😂😂
RobertDowneyJr Fan (1 month ago)
does anyone know where can we find original jumpman song
zurellx 10 (1 month ago)
What is this song?
Chris Nicholas (1 month ago)
ARE YOU ALRIGHT?! 0:48 Oh yeah, she’s fine. 0:51
Amyya Garland (1 month ago)
When Young Metro don't trust you but gun laws are stricter
J Deleon (1 month ago)
I can watch that all day! 😂
zakhil Amin (1 month ago)
Taylor looks like a guy?? Illuminati tranny??
B R (20 days ago)
zakhil Amin How does she even look like a guy?
GamingWith MyMy (1 month ago)
Who needs the new Taylor when you have this?😂I have a head ache but thanks to you tay im fine now 😂🌸Really made my day
Audrey Lally (1 month ago)
r u ok
Zac Irvin (1 month ago)
Drake fucking sucks
Anthony Mayo (1 month ago)
Lol so me
PandaGJJG (1 month ago)
Kill me plz...
Macready Mindy (1 month ago)
Jazzy Lev (1 month ago)
I love how this pretty much predicted End Game (ft. FUTURE)
Kyle Jones (1 month ago)
I’m glad she feel off the treadmill
Subcribing King (1 month ago)
This is what happens when you talk about cardio in a bad way😐😐😐
Carry the Lucumber (1 month ago)
0:22 she didn't hurt her neck while- oh wait she has been whipping her hair around for nearly 8 years.
Ari's Our Moonlight (1 month ago)
Taylor got problems,and I don't think she can solve them
ThatOneAlien (1 month ago)
It’s funny cause I had these dumb hoes in my class that actually asked Taylor if she was okay after the fall.
Olive Munyama (1 month ago)
Hannah sanders (1 month ago)
She deserved that
gabriel (2 months ago)
i love taylor swift !
Dji phantom (2 months ago)
When An African Kid (2 months ago)
jesus i was laughing so hard that i passed out for the next 3 hours then i thought of taylor rapping and i cried for the next 30 minutes
Hailey Da swimmer (2 months ago)
Starts video: Man I hate cardio During video: JUMPMAN JUMPMAN!!! At the end: *Taylor swift Falls* 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂LOL
unknown mis (2 months ago)
Is she okay?
Brian Gachie (2 months ago)
Taylor RIP
CheroLynn B. Sharp (2 months ago)
More Taylor Swift jokes:1.Come on, Drake! Look what you made her do!2. Shake it off, Swiftie!3. It’s time for her to Begin Again4. All that treadmill is ever gonna be is mean5. She wasn’t Ready for It
CheroLynn B. Sharp (2 months ago)
Drake, look what you made her do