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CCTV footage | UPS delivery man caught on CCTV stealing package

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UPS yours! Delivery driver caught on CCTV as he opens and steals PlayStation controller from package he was supposed to deliver Security cameras catch the thief after he opens gate to the property As he walks up the front steps, he can be seen trying to prise open the parcel He looks around to make sure no one is watching before stealing a controller
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Text Comments (7)
bred white (2 months ago)
He's black imagine that
pp lebronjames (2 months ago)
bred white racist ass
Just Saying (2 months ago)
Man that is so fake, he just threw the box down why go through the trouble if he already had it on his truck. Where is his scanner . Why leave the big box and take a controller, lies I tell you and they are probably tryin to get playstation to send them free product. Thats not even a proper UPS uniform. The person that posted this should get charges for defamation of UPS. So silly.
memphistigers777 (2 months ago)
They only give reflective vest to the helpers. No uniforms. Most don't carry scanners. This helper is an asshole
King Alpha (2 months ago)
That's a UPS helper. Some major delivery companies hire and use temporary employees during peak season of the holidays. I call legit. Look closely; it's a "din-du."✌️😂
buckeyeguy71 (2 months ago)
It’s just a perpetration by tha man to keep a brotha down! I suppose that’s President Trump’s fault too?
Tonyboy (3 months ago)
he gots to steal