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Electric Bike news. UPS introduces it's first E-Trike delivery system in Portland, OR.

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UPS introduces it's first E-Trike. Electric bikes. To see our 2017 E-Bikes and conversion kits Visit us @ https://augustineebikes.com This video contains affiliate links: Check out our Ebike store https://augustineebikes.com/accessories/ Editing software: Sony Vegas Pro Audio Editing Software: Adobe Audition EV Rider Royale 4 Cargo Two-Seater Electric Scooter http://amzn.to/2jnjm4Z Addmotor Electric Tricycle http://amzn.to/2wZCs6e If you enjoyed this video, SUBSCRIBE to our channel so we can keep bringing you the latest on the world of e-Bikes! http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdYCSupNNEIZMUMbkaG80fw?sub_confirmation=1 UPS has rolled out it's first fleet of #etrikes in densely populated areas that are friendly to such an infrastructure. Portland, OR, is the first city to test the new delivery transport system due to the city's commitment to reducing its carbon footprint. Because of Portland's friendly loading and unloading zones and it was the best place to start. The success of this pilot program was first demonstrated in 2012 in collaboration with the city of Hamburg, Germany. It focused on developing a new and sustainable method of delivering goods to urban areas. UPS’ big trucks have 1 thousand cubic of storage and can carry 300 packages on board. The bicycles that UPS uses have one-tenth the space. The bicycle needs to be able to carry smaller items to a small urban area and able to make frequent trips back to a nearby distribution center. UPS is turning back to its past one that started in 1907 using bicycles as a way to deliver packages. Now, the bikes use advanced engineering with an electric motor providing better range and volume. The UPS delivery e-bike is a cargo tricycle capable of carrying a large volume of packages in an enclosed hauling platform. The e-bike is built by Portland's 'Truck Trike' which builds industrial trikes capable of hauling payloads up to 600 pounds. The e-bike is equipped with battery-powered electric motors that makes it possible to cover further distances, carry substantial loads, and navigate hills and other terrain. The eBike can be operated solely on battery power or pedal power. During the testing phase, UPS will evaluate the reliability, design, integration to the city’s infrastructure and acceptance of the vehicle. If you haven't tried an E-bike you don't know what you're missing. Electric bikes continue to be the highest selling electric vehicle on the planet, and are set to account for $24.3 billion worth of annual sales by 2025. Thanks for watching our videos. We hope to provide you engaging and relevant information on the growing e-Bike market and it's latest trends and technologies. When you have a moment come DISCOVER our 2017 e-Bikes. We also have 500w to 3000w conversion kits available @ https://augustineebikes.com Like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/AugustineEbike or Tweet us http://twitter.com/augustineebikes The Augustine e-Bikes, 2017 Channel explores: E-Bike Tips E-bike Reviews E-bike How-Tos Great E-bike Rides E-Bike Technology E-bike Conversion Kits E-bike tutorials E-bike motors E-bike batteries E-bike Travel E-bike Accessories E-bike Gadgets and more....
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Text Comments (25)
Top Hat (3 months ago)
In the future we will get on our cycles and pick them up ourselves..........
Meno Passini (6 months ago)
Can you name the brand and models that you use? There looks like some models would be good for everyday use.
Popeye Gordon (10 months ago)
Organic Transit, the North Carolina company which has sold close to 1000 solar/human powered enclosed hybrid bikes also has plans for a model they call the OX with an 800 lb payload. They have been dragging their feet on that roll out but they do have prototypes. They need to get moving and provide some test vehicles.
Electric Bike Lifestyle AUGUSTINE EBIKES (10 months ago)
Funny you say that, I was just talking to somebody the other day who recently worked for them.
Big Daddypop (11 months ago)
Cool bikes wish I had plans to build my own!
Lee Levine (1 year ago)
Do you know if any of these delivery companies will be operating in Phoenix, Az any time soon? This would be an excellent job for me!
Electric Bike Lifestyle AUGUSTINE EBIKES (1 year ago)
Hi Lee, I don't know specifically about Phoenix, but UPS, FedEx, and DHL all have been running these test programs very successfully for a few years and have plans to expand them. I would call up your local UPS location and ask them. Phoenix has the perfect climate for this kind of delivery. Let us know what they say.
Buddy Rojek (1 year ago)
jobs for college graduates in women transgender and lgbti studies. rick shaw drivers of 21stcentury
Cornelius Maximilianus (1 year ago)
you can't deliver crap with that
Pernection (4 months ago)
Cornelius Maximilianus if it's ice cream, thrn yes
Popeye Gordon (10 months ago)
Yes you blubbering moron, all metabolic functions are ignored when discussing sustainable vehicles. Home schooled? Co2 gets sequestered, released and stored again in an endless cycle. It is only the fossil fuel burning that cause a dangerously high level way above historical natural safe Co2 levels that have never caused rapid global warming.
ROGER2095 (10 months ago)
Well, if ignoring human metabolism is necessary in order for you to make your point, wouldn't you also have to ignore the metabolism of birds, fish, all mammals, all reptiles, all fungi, all insects, all protista, etc, plus the majority of bacteria? The Krebs cycle is the metabolic pathway of nearly all living creatures, and the CO2 produced is not insignificant. The world and everything on it is covered with bacteria and fungi, and all day long they're taking O2 out of the air and expelling brand-new, never-before-existed CO2 molecules. In fact, it accounts for most of the CO2 in Earth's atmosphere. You can ignore this in order to make your point - But don't imagine you'll persuade anyone. (Especially if all there is to you is calling names and making insults.)
Popeye Gordon (10 months ago)
ROGER - that's so stupid, human metabolism is never counted. We always breathe no matter what. Idiotic post.
ROGER2095 (10 months ago)
Zero emissions if you don't count all the CO2 and H2O coming out of the driver lungs with every breath he takes. (Where do you think most of the CO2 in Earth's atmosphere comes from?)
Terry Morris (1 year ago)
This is good to hear. Good exercise and speedy delivery for small packages. Cost effective for delivery customers and less transportation expense for the company. Human propelled vehicles less expensive to repair than petroleum fueled vehicles.
w23857980 (1 year ago)
At this rate, we will be back to the Stone Age in 50 years.
Vanessa (3 months ago)
Vanessa (3 months ago)
Great question.
randomguy5990 (6 months ago)
They had electric bikes back then ?
Popeye Gordon (10 months ago)
At this rate, idiocracy will let fools like the one above ruin it for everyone.
ravenrg84 (1 year ago)
this + solar panels
Popeye Gordon (10 months ago)
Yes, these can carry 200 to 300 watts of solar for almost no weight penalty. The 100 watt PV panel on the roof of my solar powered Organic Transit ELF collects 100% of all my transportation energy needs.
j lin (1 year ago)
look money 25 mill on truck add in gas repair work your looking at 150 mill a year this cut it down make more jobs need more guy push there shit think of us mail if this was done solar on the top recharge all jobs made to put this out keep it running tire makers bike makers wire makers paint all get in on it 50 other job types hello big truck move on the roads citys to citys
Electric Bike Lifestyle AUGUSTINE EBIKES (1 year ago)
Well said!