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First Class Night Train - SJ to Stockholm Sweden! 👑

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Herr Friberger (8 days ago)
3:16 – English sentence structure is sooo close to Swedish (Scandinavian) sometimes :) _Never have I been served breakfast on overnight train before!_ <=> _Aldrig har jag blivit serverad frukost på nattåg förr!_
Edward 86 (24 days ago)
Good damm you are young. Back in the 80s I sleept on the floor in first class.
AdurianJ (1 month ago)
That rail map is wrong. Since the Bothnia line opened the trains have run along the coast up to Umeå (or down from in your case). This cut two hours of travel time
Mats Heinerud (1 month ago)
det heter nattåg/its called sleeping train
Kenneth Runerås (1 month ago)
Did you miss that during the ride you changed train in Sundsvall? They split the train there an merges it with another train who travels to Göteborg (Gothenburg)... I happen between 23.55 to 01.45 in the night.
Sajid Ali (1 month ago)
Sajid Ali (1 month ago)
Viry nice vedo I m pakistani you r vezit to pakistan Pakistan good contry
AdurianJ (2 months ago)
During Winter and the high season this train uses two engines. In the high season because it's the longest train in Sweden and during the winter so the passengers won't freeze to death before help arrives in case one of the engines fail to provide heating
AdurianJ (2 months ago)
I usedto ride this train a lot as i did my military service in Boden. We didn't' have sleeper cars though we where riding in the Couchettes where you are 6 persons in each cabin and there is no shower and you have to make your bed yourself. U think the night trains are the one's with the largest number of classes in Sweden. Sleeper 1:st Class 1-2 bunks with own toilet and shower Sleeper 2nd class 1-3 bunks with basin but the toilet/shower in the corridor Couchette 1-6 bunks with toilet in the corridor. Seat 2:nd class
AdurianJ (2 months ago)
"There is a place on earth where the sun never smiles. That place is called Boden where i never want to return." It rhymes in Swedish and is a well known saying for everyone who's done their military service in Boden. The Town is the largest Swedish garrison town, today it's far from it's glory days when all combat arms had a regiment in the town. In the late 19th century it was decided to build a ring of fortresses around Boden to defend northern Sweden after industrialization and railroads had made it's natural resources accessible. Five main forts where built and the last decommissioned on the new year 1997/98 by firing it's guns for the last time. Today that fort is a museum called "Rödbergsfortet".
AdurianJ (2 months ago)
Swedish trains use a wider profile (3,4 meters) than European trains which is why they are more spacious. Even so an even larger profile was enacted but that's only used by freight trains at the moment (3,6 meters).
Joakim Jonsson (2 months ago)
If you have a First class ticket on a train in Sweden, you can actually show your ticket at some hotels to get a free breakfast buffet. In central Stockholm it’s the SCANDIC Continental hotel. That’s handy when the SJ lounge is closed.
frehmfrehm (2 months ago)
Great video, fun to follow. But hey, you didn't realize that the shelf were the pillows were also is meant for luggage?
Critical Role Highlights (2 months ago)
If you get motion sickness just pop into the nearest "Apoteket" and get some Calma. It's motion sickness chewing gum. It takes effect after 15-30 minutes and lasts for 3-6 hours.
Daniel Womack (2 months ago)
Sending lots of support and positive vibes your way on your journeys. I know how much this nordic trip meant to Josh and it has been a pleasure watching this series with you both! skål/skál/skaal depending where you are. Cheers!!!
Finn Rudebeck (2 months ago)
I get what you mean about the wifi thing, but keep in mind that the night train coaches are mostly from the 70's and 80's(some were actually built in the 40's!), so it's not exacty brand new tech. Most of the regular passenger trains do have wifi however, no matter if it's an Express train or a train like the ones you rode. On the trains that are coaches pulled by locomotives each carriage has it's own wifi since they get arranged differently all the time, so you can actually figure out if you've been on a train coach before if your phone has been connected to that wifi before
Christian Juntunen (2 months ago)
That doesnt mean "dont drink the water", it means "Here is water".
Christian Juntunen (2 months ago)
You suitcases are supposed to be where the pillows are :P
Hardik Harsora (2 months ago)
Wowwwwwwwww you are a wonderful couple in the world
Michele Isabel (2 months ago)
Hose in bathroom is a dryer for clothes, shoes, etc since it snows a lot up North. I feel a bit motion sickness from boats, peppermint tea helps a lot for me. Maybe it will work for Ashley :)
Laura Elle (3 months ago)
Aww, poor Ashley! I feel the exact same with motion; gotta have fresh, cool air and face forward or else it's game over.
TzunSu (3 months ago)
Boden is an interesting place! It was where the majority of people from the middle part of Sweden did their military service. Bodens fästning, Bodens Fortress, was a huge military array of bunkers to defend against The Russian. There's an old saying about Boden from the enlisted: "Det finns en plats på jorden, där solen aldrig ler, den platsen heter Boden, dit vill jag aldrig mer". "There is a place on earth, where the sun never shines, that place is called Boden, there i never want to go again" (It rhymes in english haha)
Mr. Hemlig (2 months ago)
it rhymes in Swedish*
Linus Gunnarsson (3 months ago)
1:03 super clean?! you have not seen the local trains and the rest of sweden though
DJD GAMING (3 months ago)
I live in Kiruna
Luzifer (3 months ago)
You should put the suitcases where the pillows are :)
Ellinor Blomqvist (3 months ago)
The new trains always have wifi :) the older trains, usually the night trains, dont have wifi :)
Mats Heinerud (1 month ago)
Mel Bees (3 months ago)
Hey Guys! I'm catching up and loving the new series! Thank you! <3 Texas
Amanda Wikström Bäck (3 months ago)
If you ever have the chance, come and visit Boden! I'm up for giving you a tour since it's my hometown!
Elias Sandholm (3 months ago)
The trains in north sweden is not that great compared to the train in the southern part of sweden
ImForwardlook (2 months ago)
What? While I hate all public transportation and try to avoid them like the plague the worst trains I have ever encountered have been all in southern Sweden. And I have ridden trains in Poland and Ukraine as well...
Leonie Låni (3 months ago)
The trains are so clean because it’s not a public train
C Reprobus (3 months ago)
The non wi-fi situation was not a surprise to me really. I rarely use wi-fi since the new EU law made it cost the same as in your home country to use data roaming (which in my case is 60gb/month included in my fee). It is a bummer for non EU-citizens ofc though!
Kim MacIntyre (3 months ago)
Still loving the Nordic summer series! They are little movies!
Moha Abdi (3 months ago)
the way to pronounce not kirona it is karona
e- Writer (3 months ago)
And that's how hostel started.... Kidding, have a good time!
JWC Lano (3 months ago)
I am from sweden and you need to try the X2000 SJ train, SJ3000 train, dubbeldeck train and the last one MTREXpress. i recommend the MTRExpress and the X2000. <3 have a great day :)
Emil Escurel (3 months ago)
The SJ 3000 dubbeldeck and MTR express are good But I get extremely nauseous on x2000 Because it leans into corners
Ebba (3 months ago)
Emil Escurel (3 months ago)
SJ sleeper trains are trains from the 80s so there isn't really WiFi on most of the trains operated by RC 6 trains The trains are in deep need for modernization which has been applied to some trains SJ have been focusing on the modernization of their high speed X2000 trains Which is kind of stupid considering that the RC 6 is the back bone of their route network and services many small towns which are not served by air
Finn Rudebeck (2 months ago)
Well not really, basically all coaches pulled by Rc6 locos were refurbished around the year 2000, so they are not in that big need of a modernisation. Instead they should actually start thinking about replacement quite soon, since the Rc6 locomotives were built in the 70's and the coaches they pull in the 80's. SJ has also started installing wifi on most coaches that are pulled by Rc6 locos (B7, A7, B11, A11 and so on).
Leo (3 months ago)
i am from Sweden
Jaden Claws. (3 months ago)
Am from SWEDEN.
SL TÅG FILMER (3 months ago)
Very great video 👍👍🚊 But our SJ Double Decker trains and the X3000 (fast trains) have Wi-Fi. But these old trains don't have it. The Double Deckers normally run between Uppsala and Linköping (via Stockholm), and the 3000:s between Umeå and Stockholm. I also hope you take a ride with Stockholm's Subway :D
SL TÅG FILMER (3 months ago)
@Ebba Ja just det. Jag hade glömt bort det.
Ebba (3 months ago)
SL TÅG FILMER när jag googlade nu var det inte dubbeldäckaren som hette x3000 och det även så att jag är säker att den åker Göteborg till Sthlm men ibland med olika äldre tåg.
SL TÅG FILMER (3 months ago)
@Ebba Jo, det gör de nog också. Är inte helt hundra, men jag tror det.
Ebba (3 months ago)
De åker väll också Göteborg - Hallsberg - Västerås - Stockholm och typ Karlstad Göteborg? Jag åkte med ett här om dagen.
Faza Abdullahi (3 months ago)
Lol most of the train in Sweden has wifi
wow (3 months ago)
This is the first video I see from this channel. I kept watching because this chick is so crazy funny and energetic. I love these types
Estelana Valenzuela (3 months ago)
Hey you guys 😃
proteus03 (3 months ago)
1st class sleeping compartment, fish soup at kajas fisk, vasa museum - what a coincidence that i will do all this in a few weeks - but the other way around starting in Stockholm.
Andreas Jansson (3 months ago)
Hi! The wagon your where sleeping in will most likely have Wi-fi soon. Thats because the sleeper’s and couchette’s used by SJ will be refurbished.
Robin Gosen (3 months ago)
3:55 what app is that haha, really cool!
WAY AWAY (3 months ago)
Robin Gosen not all languages, but in many there is a little camera button you can press to open the camera and scan something.
Robin Gosen (3 months ago)
Oh i didnt know you could load in pictures, thanks! :)
WAY AWAY (3 months ago)
Just the google translate app
Lisa Jansson (3 months ago)
Hi! I live in sweden and take The train everyday to work. On that train there is free wifi!
WAY AWAY (3 months ago)
Yeah I think we just got unlucky! :p
Martin Schmidt (3 months ago)
most Swedish trains have Wifi and 90% of the country has 4G reception... u can watch Netflix in the middle of the forrest
WAY AWAY (3 months ago)
True, on most other trains we had a connection.
Youtube User (3 months ago)
Nice and welcome
Alan Wilson (3 months ago)
You both speak well and I'm happy to say you have a gift for vlogging where some people dont...enjoy have fun👍
Chalphon (3 months ago)
Litterally every single train in Sweden has wifi, I don't think I've been on a train without wifi for the past ten years. But it looks like You guys found the oldest train in Sweden judging from your photage...
WAY AWAY (3 months ago)
Haha, it WAS pretty old, but still fun to be on.
Ekans !! (3 months ago)
Do you not have GB
Casino Dreams (3 months ago)
Why there is no Wifi on some trains is because the 4G mobile network work so good
WAY AWAY (3 months ago)
We did have mobile data, but it was a bit in and out (possibly because of all the metal of the train in the old car).
Tobias Eriksson (3 months ago)
Casino Dreams yes, and internet is so cheap with our sim card 4G, i use tele2. I think it is more tourist that use wifi. And we also have internet with our sim card in all EU for same price.
hauskalainen (3 months ago)
Everything is super when you don't have to pay for your ticket.
hauskalainen (3 months ago)
@oakleaft All I was doing was pointing out that these people did not pay for their tickets. On the other hand, in the final analysis, they are financed by those that DO pay for their own tickets. That isn't me so I have no reason to be jealous or bitter.
oakleaft (3 months ago)
So how are you going to get that happening for yourself instead of sounding like some bitter and sorry victim
Nyonyo Reservoir (3 months ago)
I like the name. It's earworm. Way Away.
Christine Matias (3 months ago)
No wifi on Australian trains either
Karin (3 months ago)
Nah. Wifi isn’t always available... ☹️ Seems like it’s quite an old train. On newer trains (for instance X2000 speed trains) it’s available for free.
WAY AWAY (3 months ago)
Makes sense
Semsem Eini (3 months ago)
Good you don't travel with lot's of luggage.
Benjamin Johnsson (3 months ago)
Almost all other trains in Sweden; High Speed, Inter City, Regional to Local have got WiFi on them. The sleeper train is one of the very few not to have wifi :)
Swisser (3 months ago)
Love all of your vlogs💜 you have the best life! I am sure it's not easy at times, but we live vicariously through both of you 👍💗💜💕💮
Vintage Moss (3 months ago)
Very healthy breakfast. You should travel with gravol. It's that motion sickness pill that will also help you sleep.
Planes, Trains, Everything. (3 months ago)
I'm wondering if your sleeping car was a little old, perhaps pre-dating the wheeled-bag age. A normal suitcase would have probably fitted under your berth. Also, the door key was pretty old technology. Many trains do have wifi in Sweden - unfortunately not yours. Great video. I really enjoyed it.
Karin (3 months ago)
Planes, Trains, Everything. Yeah I think most sleeping cars in Sweden are a bit old. I have thought of going on a sleeper car up North (I live in Southern Sweden) but the price for that basic standard doesn’t feel like it’s quite worth it, honestly. I think it’s been a while since they invested in sleeper cars. There have even been discussions about shutting down the sleeper cars lines up North recently, but they have been ”saved”.
Anna Kaunitz (3 months ago)
Go to any pharmacy (“apotek”) in Sweden, ask for “Postafen”. It’s a prescription free pill approved for motion sickness and nausea & vomiting, very popular with pregnant women and with kids, very safe to use. The generic name is “Meklozin”, a drug that’s been around for ever in most parts of the world. The pill is dissolvable, you can just let it melt under the tongue. A common dose is 1 pill every 12 hours - morning and night. Or 1-2 hours before traveling. The nice pharmacists will help with any questions. The “Scheele” pharmacy in Stockholm is always open 24/7, 365 days. Klarabergsgatan 64. Best pharmacy in the city.
John Lin (3 months ago)
First Class Train ? Compared to the shitty ones in India, yes you can call it first class. Compared to the super sleek ones in China, it is third world .
Alina Petrea (3 months ago)
did the bags go where the pillows were ??
Lea Huey (3 months ago)
Blow Dryer
set c (3 months ago)
Ooooooh Ashley, I feel for you! Feeling nauseated in a small enclosed space that you can't leave...you're a trooper!
BlueSkyeDays (3 months ago)
You poor thing. My brother also gets terrible motion sickness so always made sure to request forward facing seats when we booked any travel tickets. We also did a 12 hour train ride in Finland (Rovaniemi to Helsinki) and it was ok sitting in normal seats.
A. Von (3 months ago)
Have you tried sea band wrist bands, I get car sick, air sick, plane sick, boat sick and they were great if you start them a few mins before you get into a situation that is bumpy. They worked for morning sickness for me too. I feel bad for you, it sucks being nauseated.
Thorfinn986_doesn't_do_average (3 months ago)
That dining car makes Amtrak look like a paupers train.
Abdulkadir Mohamed (3 months ago)
Train nights most of them internet so guys Sweden trains are very convenient
Sugs Byrne (3 months ago)
Josh, which app are you using to translate with your Phone camera? very handy! Hope Ash feels better!! great vlog again guys!
WAY AWAY (3 months ago)
Just the Google translate app. 😘
Åsa S (3 months ago)
I would probably go and sit a while in one of those unoccupied compartments (11:44) rather than having to stand and feeling motion sick in the first class one.
Bee Oh El (3 months ago)
Great work love from 🇮🇪❤️
wendy smith (3 months ago)
very nice cabins there very similar to our Indian pacific train from Sydney to Perth in Australia. did you try to put the bags up were the pillows were , ive seen lot of people do that. thankyou for the walk through it was great .
tihk89 (3 months ago)
Ashley, I would recommend you to take motion sickness medicine, it really helps me a lot! Also ginger helps me!
scott a (3 months ago)
Ash showing her penchant for being a trooper and forging ahead through her illness once again :) Assume you guys found a space for the luggage. Showering must've been interesting :) But as you said you didn't have to go far to find one! Cool choo choo :)
Dee Pierce (3 months ago)
Motion sickness sister here. It's rough. I have the ear patches and seabands. I've pretty much thrown up in all my friends' cars and boats.
Leo Howard (3 months ago)
Great video guys loved Ashley's unique noise she made when you first went into the cabin on the sleeper train so cute
M Ildiko Mester (3 months ago)
sorry to hear you didn't feel well on the train Ashley....i can empathize.....would feel claustrophobic in such a small space.
Autumn Braun (3 months ago)
That item you wanted to know what it was, it's indeed a hair dryer
Autumn Braun (3 months ago)
@Teresa Crafton no problem i've taken overnight trains that had those that's how i knew that's what it was.
Teresa Crafton (3 months ago)
Thank you! I was just wondering that, too!
Alexander C (3 months ago)
Important question: Who had the coffee and who had the tea on the train? :)
Tobiwan Skenobi (3 months ago)
Excellent vlog! That train looked cool. Sorry Ashley felt so sick, that was rough. I bet she was glad to get off the train! Thanks for sharing your travels.
Mirko Vukoslavovic (3 months ago)
Schweizer cafe next. Do not forget for National museum.
Susan Doeberl (3 months ago)
Girl friend I am right there with you on the motion sickness. If you have never had it you have no idea how bad someone feels. I always eat crackers and that helps a lot. Love this series.
Max Jeggo (3 months ago)
Great video guys was exactly same as my journey to scotland last week. Its so similar to UK trains, my rollerbags kept rolling around as there was no where to put them, and was soo small, my other half is 6ft3 so was bit of a squeeze, but fun trip lol xx
Nicholas Nyberg (3 months ago)
Don't forget to visit gothenburg (Göteborg) 😉
springbay1 (3 months ago)
It's nice to follow your adventures in Sweden. Regarding Wi-Fi, it's included in first class coaches (limited traffic tho), but I not have taken a first class sleeper train to the north so it must be different. Regarding the breakfast, it's the typical first class breakfast that is served on SJ, also on non sleeper trains. I'm sure you would have gotten free refill on the coffee as well if you had asked. I hope you have not reached Norway yet. Because if there is one piece of advice I would like to share, it would be that you stack up on snacks and stuff to eat before entering Norway. The prices are way higher in Norway than in Sweden. So much that Norwegians who live near the border do weekly/monthly shopping trips to Sweden to buy food and such. Have fun!
springbay1 (3 months ago)
@Karin They posted in a previous episode they are going to Norway, hence my heads up. The fjordscapes are beautiful, but the prices are not. Damned oil inflated economy. :)
Karin (3 months ago)
springbay1 Ooh I hope they’re going to Norway! Stunning scenery awaits on the Bergen Line! 🤩
Ari Takalo (3 months ago)
Probably older train cars with no WI-FI equipment. Here in Finland also the WI-FI was hit and miss as WI-FI wasn't installed older train cars. The train had wifi, but the WI-FI gear was only in the newer "intercity" train cars, while the older "express" cars both sleeper and coach didn't have WI-FI. So it was a game of "are they running intercity sleepers or express sleepers today". However the older express cars have been replaced from service, so now there is pretty much universal WI-FI on VR trains. The sleeper seems older, with older incandescent lights, 80's style knobs etc. So it is probably so old WI-FI wasn't a thing at the time of making and retro fitting the gear would probably be a hassle on a car not at all designed with the WI-FI in mind.
pegcaptain (3 months ago)
You should bottle and sell Ashley's cheerfulness.
Danish Pastry (3 months ago)
I was thinking the same, she's got a permanent smile on her face.
Erik (3 months ago)
I like how you pronounce Kiruna the right way.. (edit: Well Josh did anyway!) Not Kiruuuna like most other americans I've watched.. (when they hike Kungsleden). Also almost all SJ trains have wifi.. And definitely the night trains should have it in first class. You must have missed it or been unlucky to find one without it.
Lukas Fridell (3 months ago)
She actually pronounced it with an american I and not a swedish I. The proper pronounciation would be something like Kee-ru-na. Some SJ trains don't actually have any Wifi at all on them. The old ones that is 🙂 But the newer ones you get a certain amount of wifi to use. Atleast on the regional trains i would take by SJ.
Eric Leszkowicz (3 months ago)
I would take the toilet over Wi-Fi, but then again I don’t make my living doing videos for YouTube :-) Thank you for the great content and inspiration to travel
Plumpy (3 months ago)
I would take the toilet over the train.
S Baker (3 months ago)
You two are such troopers! I love the content of your videos, and the information you relay to us in good times and in adversity is always cheerful and respectful❤️ keep up the great work! Thanks so much!🤗
Thomas Ekstrom (3 months ago)
Välkomna till Stockholm !!
Bob GUENTHER (3 months ago)
Very interesting to see the cabins. I was cracking up with pulling down bunk and the ladder.😂😂
RR (3 months ago)
Loved the adventure !
h duboise (3 months ago)
This still looks fun
johnny petersen (3 months ago)
The train leans over as it turns, you are not the only that get sick😳
Jason Evans (3 months ago)
Whuuhh! I was at the edge of my seat the whole time after seeing the ladders in your cabin.. do these mmercans figure out what those are for, but JB got it 😄 btw finnish train wifi vs. swedish, 6-0 😎
Mortac (3 months ago)
Most trains do have WiFi in Sweden. Not sure why these don't. Perhaps because these overnight trains are usually older trains.
Connie Ainlay (3 months ago)
Thank you Josh your hair looks better with te braid.Safe travels..
Tony S (3 months ago)
Come to the UK and take either the Caledonian Sleeper or the Cornish Riviera Sleeper, the new rolling stock has double beds in first class along with en-suite facilities and breakfast is served to you in the berth or you can take it in the dining car. You don't have to leave the train on arrival, the vacate time is on the ticket so no need to rush breakfast. They are not cheap but good value when compared to flight plus hotel and no airport security hassle. They also have family berths, two interconnected berths, available.
Tony S (3 months ago)
@Max Jeggo Hopefully to improve the poor ride quality that has caused complaints.
Max Jeggo (3 months ago)
We paid for first class, but they refunded me a 3rd of cost becouse they had problems wiv new carriages and sent them all back for repairs. It was still a good trip just bit more squashed lol
Tony S (3 months ago)
@Max Jeggo Yes not all of the new trains are in service yet, but according to reviews the ride of the new trains is not as good. Did you travel First or standard class? One has to research to see if the service one is booked on is new or old stock, it is listed on the booking page when booking the reservation.
Max Jeggo (3 months ago)
Ive just done the caladonian sleeper, and the new trains have been delayed so currently exaxtly same as swedish journey 😁😁
Eva Wettergren (3 months ago)
Very interesting to see your take on train travel in Sweden... I myself actually drive trains in Sweden, though only cargo trains. Ironically I too get extremely nauseated when trying to sleep on a train so I understand exactly how you felt. (I do not get sick when driving the train... apparently sitting facing forward and looking out through huge windows works for me.) Will keep watching your summer adventure...