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#UPS Song (Men In Brown)

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Tatenda Zimbwa (1 year ago)
I demand an M.I.B (MEN IN BROWN) movie
Mathus Q (5 years ago)
This was created to support the UPS strike in the 90s. People were pissed about working for a multi billion dollar company that was slashing away full time jobs for more part time jobs, and many other worker issues. The strike was a success for the union, but now the UPS are in a similar situation again, and so are many other big companies. The burger flippers are even unionizing now, and I read McD is pulling is some nasty corporate shit leaving part time workers in poverty with no benefits.
MrZgroshon (6 years ago)
where can i get the full version!? Lol I used to roll to this.
KforKYO (7 years ago)
ups is coming to my house today :D
Irene Marino (4 months ago)
are you sure?