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My Japan Tsunami 2011 Tribute Video

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Exactly one month on...this is a video I put together to remember all those who perished and their friends and families who are still suffering.
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Text Comments (8)
VladislavM97 (1 year ago)
Japan is Strong Nation
Rang-Kyo Amisi (1 year ago)
Sale me this channel
Uncle Pill (5 years ago)
Dewi KURNIAWATI (7 years ago)
So..so sorry ...heart breaking
obsgr1 (7 years ago)
They cleaned up so quickly but the people who suffered wont. RIP
Maryanne M (8 years ago)
@Triwood1973 definately not wasted :)
Maryanne M (8 years ago)
@Triwood1973 for real? that's horrible! why? (i'm in canada btw)
Maryanne M (8 years ago)
I can't believe it's been a month already... Hold in there Japan <3