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BlueVelo Cab Bike, Velomobile.

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I inherited a velomobile, when my amazing father passed away. A power-assist recumbant tricycle with an aerodynamic weather resistant shell. The future is here! I'm learning fast, it's complex and expensive. Electrical engineering and space age bicycle mechanics I am now a baby at. I hope to understand it better soon. Sure is fun on a sunny day though. In the long run I'm hoping these type vehicles become much more popular. 100 lbs vs. 2-4000 getting one to the same place at a more pleasant pace. ( 20 mph max.)
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Oner _ (7 months ago)
Super but the vehicles can crush this dont seeing
sherry a (1 year ago)
How much ?
Robert Esping (1 year ago)
Is there any suspension on all wheels? Does the suspension make it smooth and comfortable to travel? Is it available to order now? What kind of website should I turn to? Thank you in advance Sincerely, Robert Esping Sweden ..
ReCycle Spinning (2 years ago)
Who is this announcer??? Like a what in the jungle?? Did I understand correctly?
gmaneis (3 years ago)
"He's goin' around the corner! He's comin' back! Here he comes!" What a spectacular turn by turn report (sarcasm!).
mongofan1 (3 years ago)
Is WC Fields narrating this video? :) Or is it Leon Redbone? :)
Russell Symmonds (3 years ago)
We like some bad baseball guy.
yawning chasm (3 years ago)
yeah thats right
Angelique Barbey (4 years ago)
By and by, also a velomobile needs to be able to go faster than 20mph but not without the various improvements which need to be made first. I live in California where the distances are great and 20mph for a top speed for a vehicle is not practical.
Peter Williamson (9 months ago)
They are mainly for riding on cycle lanes, not so much on main roads. They are ideal for short commuting or to pick up groceries as there is lots of storage room. The roof gives you shelter and if it is electric, you arrive sweat free! Its natural to think of them as a car and then put them in that context but they don't really belong there. In the U.S. they make the ELF trike.
Jordán József (1 year ago)
Looks like this is not designed for speed the whole body needs to be redesigned, 20 mph is not hard, any cheap rode bike can do that.
Angelique Barbey (4 years ago)
I agree heartily with whomever published the above communication, however, a lot of changes need to made along the way. Firstly, velomobiles need to considered to belong within their own category and secondly improved so that they are less tippy and therefore safer, moreover, they need to encompass more-than-one person capacity if they are to be a viable alternative to the common gasoline-engine automobile. Such vehicles as the Twike needs to become more common and less pricy too.
Angelique Barbey (4 years ago)
Nothing concrete has been done in the way of modifications for my velomobile yet but much has been planed for it. It shall be higher in the rear with a larger wheel and an updated cassette, drivetrain and wheel. The luggage rack will have to be extended to accommodate the larger wheel. The rear shock absorber will be stiffer.
Angelique Barbey (4 years ago)
Hello Jaleel again! I have finally found a welder or rather someone found him for me, a mobile one who manifestly is willing to improve my velomobile. We have for the moment agreed that what needs to be changed most is the rear part, specifically the rear forks which will have to be customized to accommodate a larger wheel /and/or tire. The beauty of this is that apparently this modification will not involve a lengthening of the chain which could be extremely complicating and work-intensive if feasible at all. We also agree that by the same time the luggage rack needs to be customized and enlarged and that the top part needs to be longer to accommodate luggage bags effectively. Also the motor controller, poorly attached at present needs to be attached with steel bolts instead of with zip ties to the port side rear fork. All this work will be done at my house which is great. Of course the welder needs to cover his driving expenses from LA. The estimate of cost for this is $800.00. Since I have spent so much aftermarket money on my Tripod already this does not seem much by comparison. 
Angelique Barbey (4 years ago)
Angelique Barbey (4 years ago)
Hello Jaleel again! I still have not made any of the improvements to my Tripod which I have mentioned to you that I feel I need. This will take some time to find the proper welder and one who communicates with me well.
Angelique Barbey (4 years ago)
I feel that the way the hatch of the Cab Bike is superior than the way the attachment is of the Tripod is as it takes up a much greater length and therefore should be more stable and this is important. It is attached lengthwise instead of widthwise. One does not want a lot of jarring from the hatch to the main body as is the case with the hatch arrangement with the Tripod. I don't like the fact that the windows do not open up all the way in the Cab Bike. In this sense the Tripod is better and mine has an openable skylight as well for even more ventilation when desired. The configuration of the wheels seems much the same as with the Tripod and this is not good: the wheels are too small and too close together. This means that shock absorption is poor and probably steering squirrelly like it is with the Tripod. This is turn, means that one can only safely go 20mph in it REGARDLESS of the power of the motor or how vigorously one peddles the vehicle unfortunately and applies to going downhill as well! Hopefully better designed velomobiles will be for purchase in the future and more available to the consumer!
Angelique Barbey (4 years ago)
@JaleelJohanson62 I treasure your input and especially since the customer service and communication in my case preliminary to receiving my Tripod was so poor not to mention how misfitting the hatch was upon its arrival here to me. I do not understand how I ended up with a so-called 24 speed Tripod when I was told in Portland that the one I piloted was a 7 speed with the understanding that mine would be the same. You are probably right in saying that I will only get 14 speeds out of this sprocket arrangement. Should I regret this? I am not sure. Certainly with all these gears it makes piloting more difficult. I am aware that all the commercially available velomobiles accessible to us in the Red, White and Blue USA and perhaps abroad as well have short wheelbases and 20 inch size wheels but I don't feel that this is good. I have seen online 2 exceptions to this common trend and one can be viewed online from: www.velovision.com  This one has four wheels instead of just 3 and is definitely broader and with a somewhat longer wheelbase but judge for yourself! Then there is the other one which was spotted in Sevilla and is reported to have four 26 inch wheels! I call this one for myself THE GIANT SALAMANDER but I don't know what it is really called. I am convinced that three 20 inch wheels are too small for my Tripod even if larger wheels will raise it up somewhat and make it less stable in this way but the wheelbase I feel is way too short but with a much broader distance between the 2 front wheels it should more than counteract any greater tippiness in turning and larger wheels will in effect lengthen the wheelbase a little. In terms of the extra power to 1,300 watts, well providing I can make the structural modifications I want I think I shall enjoy this extra power but not as my Tripod is now, I admit! I certainly would not want just one sprocket in the front. This much I feel certain about. The day before yesterday I rode an e-bike for the first time. Clearly, e-bikes are designed better than the commercially designed velomobiles normally only accessible to us. By the way, where do you live? In this Red, White and Blue USA or elsewhere? I wish I could tell you how many miles I have put on my Tripod but I still cannot read the battery gauge and so far no-one has been able to assist me with this but I must have put several hundred miles on it already!
JaleelJohanson62 (4 years ago)
@Angelique Barbey The Bafang mid-drive is a relatively new mid-drive kit available for bicycles. Here's some info on it: https://www.electricbike.com/bafang-bbso2-750w-mid-drive/ It basically provides power through a freewheel to the pedals in the bottom bracket. It's only drawback is that you can only have a single chain ring in the front so with an 8 speed cassette in the rear, I have a total of 8 gears. As the motor is 750W, however, this makes for PLENTY of power so more gears would only be redundant IMHO. (In My Humble Opinion) You have an Ecospeed mid-drive that allows motor assistance throughout your entire 24 speed gear range. As some of the gears are redundant, this gives you an effective gear range of 14 speeds or so. 1,300 watts would make some of those gears unnecessary, but this really has to do with how you like to ride. If you like to ride like a bicycle and only tap the assistance when necessary up hills or to accelerate along the flat while pedaling along, your setup is probably more than adequate where power is concerned. That's really an individual preference thing though and I'm only speaking from my perspective...   Velomobiles by nature are all going to have a short wheelbase. They're primarily built on recumbent tadpole style bikes which are definitely short in length with the front two wheels not too far away from the rear wheel. This makes handling a critical part of the design. With all that said, there's no reason why the Tripod can't have a better suspension with more stable steering than it has. I think that so far, they've blown it in this regard. Due to its high design which is desirable for practicality, it's never going to corner as well as a more conventional lower-riding position velomobile, but it certainly can handle better than it does. They need to sharpen their pencils and get to work correcting these shortcomings.  The 20" size of the wheels is not uncommon for velomobiles, but it would have been nice if they had more room in the front wheel wells for fatter tires as I agree this would smooth out the ride somewhat. I honestly don't have but 20 miles on my Tripod because it was delivered late in the riding season. I can personally live with the bumpiness, but what I can't live with is the squirrely steering. If need be, I'll solve this problem on my own. 
Angelique Barbey (4 years ago)
@JaleelJohanson62 Explain to me what you mean by a Bafang mid-drive, please. As for yours having 8 gears I don't quite understand. I was told that mine has 7 gears and yet mine has 3 sprockets in the front and 8 in the back=24 speed.It appears that your customer relationship to Columbia Cycle Works where the Tripod is sold from is good and even very good while mine was or is nightmarishly poor and it took over 2 years for my Tripod to get completed. The chief communicator for us from Portland to Carpinterìa/Santa Barbara does not even know English well and is a sloppy communicator on top of this and the advise from Eco Speed responsible for installing the motor can not be trusted. Even though it took so long to get completed when my Tripod finally arrived the way the hatch fit was awful and we spent $2,160.00 to get it to fit properly which as you can imagine was never refunded. I was hoping that this would take care of the jarring but it did not nor did it take care of the hatch having a tendency to slip off but then all this must be attributed to the poor suspensions it has in some way. We did eventually receive an owners's manual but it is both non-sensical as well as lacking in important information. You seem to have trouble with its suspensions too but do not seem as bothered by it as I am. I have operated many kinds of peddle vehicles in my time but none even were nearly as bump-unfriendly as this Tripod! The Easy Racer has no coupler suspensions at all and has a 20 inch wheel in the front and yet it rides smoothly due to its very long wheel base. The wheel base of the Tripod as well as that of the Cab Bike is short which cannot be good. Since I live in California where the distances are great I wanted my Tripod to have a more-than-usually powerful motor so it does. It has a mid-drive one which I am told can be switched up to 1,300 watts of power which I almost never switch to. Once I get the suspensions and steering improved to my satisfaction I shall. I don't know anything about a 1,500 pound-rated single shock for the rear wheel but whatever it is it is woefully inadequate! There also seems to be too much weight on the rear even for a recumbent. The result is that given that all of the wheels are so small anyway one does not get much effective forward rolling from the effort and/or motor output one uses. The smaller wheels means that one is lower to the ground which is good to a point but overdone with three 20 inch wheels with high-pressure tires which are not made to absorb much shock. Anyone knows this and unless I get my Tripod structurally altered there is no extra space for even thicker tires on these 20 inch wheels! What do you mean by IMHO?
JaleelJohanson62 (4 years ago)
@Angelique Barbey We may be talking apples and oranges where the lighting is concerned. They appear to continue to refine the Tripod with every new build. My Tripod has a Bafang mid-drive that runs through all 8 gears allowing the motor to take advantage of the same gearing the rider gets when pedaling. You mentioned 24 speeds with yours. Is this with an Ecospeed mid-drive installed or do you have a hub motor on your rear wheel that assists only in a single gear ratio? My Tripod has a little bit of suspension on the front wheels in the form of what looks like a rubber coupler. The rear wheel has a 1500lb rated single shock. With all this said, I feel the bumps still... Not much fun! The Tripod design has more potential than the latest implementations are exploiting IMHO. Good luck with getting yours the way you want it! I think they'll work with you on this as they're working with me for my similar issues.
Angelique Barbey (4 years ago)
How great that you have a Tripod too! I do not agree with you about the Tripod having excellent lighting for the reason I have already written about but also as I have implied this is not something I am concerned about as I acknowledge that it is good. I am happy with the environmentally friendly seating position of the Tripod and we totally agree about the squirrelly steering but for me the jarring of the Tripod is even a greater nuisance. I don't know about you but I intend to pilot my Tripod for up to 50 miles in a day and yesterday I did about 30 in it. As it is I call the Tripod the BONE SHAKER but if it is in my power to do so I shall have this changed so that it is no longer so: I must! I believe the Cab Bike is little better than the Tripod in terms of steering and jarring though a little since it has 3 wheeled suspensions and has a much better attachment of its hatch.
JaleelJohanson62 (4 years ago)
Sorry to hear about your dad. Nice Cab Bike!
Angelique Barbey (4 years ago)
The commuter Cab Bike is nice in that it is fully enclosed and has more luggage space that the Tripod and the chain is fully covered too. I just learned that it has suspension for all the 3 wheels so it probably rides a bit less rough than the Tripod. I am not sure about its lighting equipment. The lighting equipment on the Tripod is good. It is certainly visible to motor cars but its headlights do not light up far in front of the road as they should. So far this has been sufficient to me for piloting it at night in well lit areas but probably not in poorly lit ones. My Tripod has 24 speeds. I suppose this is good for any recumbent. I don't know about the Cab Bike in this way. Both the Tripod and the Cab Bike have their front wheels too close together which makes turning risky at anything over a very slow speed for not tipping over!