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Weird Things Pregnant Couples Do

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Category: Comedy
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Text Comments (3532)
楊林偉 (6 days ago)
Ball Bix (9 days ago)
Poor man he’s dyeing at 2:08
TranquillFoxy678 ROBLOXofficial (9 days ago)
A real crying, drunk, sleeping, crying baby.” ITS CALLED THE AVERAGE HUSBAND HONEY
Trin1022 (10 days ago)
I have to go to the bathroom lol that's my dad overtime we have to go somewhere
Izzi bear (12 days ago)
Did anyone else see the star labs shirt?
Hermione Tris Katniss Isabelle Lightwood (13 days ago)
I8doyle (15 days ago)
Why can't pregnant women eat sushi?
smile rockpop (16 days ago)
I have to pee
19leeryan (19 days ago)
Disgusting, build the wall.
Nina Kavadias (22 days ago)
Baby's can actually hear everything around them
satisfyingslime1454 (2 days ago)
The guy kinda looks likes Jeremy from studio c 😂
Xochitl Gonzalez (27 days ago)
Wan your percent you pee every 5 menis
Niviana Tjhia (28 days ago)
Athena Edang (29 days ago)
i have to pee
meLoN 27 (1 month ago)
i have to pee
Suga Baby (1 month ago)
why is it called "Pregnant couples" I ain't see no baby in dat boi
Stephanie Samons (1 month ago)
"I think.... I have too pee"
FS Dafuuq (1 month ago)
1:09 can't stop laughing ahaha
Koi (1 month ago)
Theanimelover (1 month ago)
*i need to pee*
Avocado puff Baby (1 month ago)
I need to rethink having a child. I always knew you could not have sushi but I never thought of it. I need help. 🍣
Emily Broeksema (1 month ago)
2:7 😂😂😂 i love this vid
Alexandra Ghiculescu (1 month ago)
This guys are goals 💜💜💜
Reena Pandey (1 month ago)
2.33 so funny
Jadyn Brown (1 month ago)
Pregnant people can have sushi
Ella Hall (1 month ago)
Did you know I'm a grown up and I'm pregnant right now
Ella Hall (1 month ago)
Oh my God she's pregnant
Erin S (1 month ago)
3:24 Omg you work with Flash @ STAR?
Pat O (1 month ago)
You wish you were born a bird
khadija Kadri hassani (1 month ago)
Get used to it baby😂😂
Alyssa Leyva (1 month ago)
3:22 Like if you know where his shirt is from ⚡
Jemnina Gomez (1 month ago)
"I think....i have to pee" *pause of silence*
queen.samia (1 month ago)
*"what do you think?"* *"I think...I have to pee"😂*
Your Marvel Fan (1 month ago)
*Why did you make me watch this?* *IDK*
MorningStar Kematch (1 month ago)
I taped my kids, in utero, too...my boys loved being taped and would kick every chance but my girl?! I had to coax her. Aw, I love babies.
Kayiba2.0 (1 month ago)
The sushi scene though “EAT IT”
Nino Isaiah Geronimo (1 month ago)
That was weird
Amy Anime lover (1 month ago)
Is she actually pregnant? OMG!
Ryan Galletta (1 month ago)
2:34 lady crop dusted lol
Andres Rodriguez (1 month ago)
What was the whole sushi thing about lol
no longer a youtube (2 months ago)
Omg he has a star labortories shirt i have the sweater lmao
Amanda G (2 months ago)
I have to pee
A SKITTLES challenge (2 months ago)
1:15 to 1:23 lmfao
GlitterGirl - I do games and stuff! (2 months ago)
"I have to pee" *not even a half hour later* "I have to pee" *not that long later* "I need to pee" My life
Tiffany Bunny (2 months ago)
2:35 Ya...how I walk down the street😏🤤🤣
Flipping Awesome (2 months ago)
Does this couple know how much we love them?
Elson Sy (2 months ago)
demon are with my spirit (2 months ago)
White people are weird and that woman doesn't know what to do with pregnant
Hailey Long (2 months ago)
That poor daddy with the sushi 😂
Prexasles (2 months ago)
gachaverse The land of beauty (2 months ago)
She’s hard on her husband
Elikat (2 months ago)
“Umm yah they can” “*bleep bleep* *bleeeep*” 1:21 🤣
Jenny 4 life (2 months ago)
*i have to pee*
gacha xy (2 months ago)
gacha xy (2 months ago)
l can't breath
Adam Curtis (2 months ago)
Is she pregnant
Gantsetseg Khishigdeleg (2 months ago)
Gantsetseg Khishigdeleg (2 months ago)
Joke at the end nailed it
Nsj Grgf (2 months ago)
Me and the guy have the same phone case :))
Dood Guy (2 months ago)
Donna Kaskus (2 months ago)
ritaroustom _ (2 months ago)
Why does she remind me of Anastasia Steele?
Charlotte Stockman (2 months ago)
I like the parts when she says “ I have to pee.”
KatyThe Random (2 months ago)
Sushisushi sushi sushi sushi
Nora Thollefsen Moen (2 months ago)
the dude (2 months ago)
*I H A V E T O P E E*
Panicking! At The Disco (2 months ago)
f**k Don't curse infront of the baby. The baby can't hear what I'm saying! Um ya they can F**k. S**t Mother f**ker Stooop F*******k
Georgie King (2 months ago)
Forgetme playsroblox (2 months ago)
This is when the marriage breaks down
shurml (2 months ago)
The sushi scene is my favorite
tt tiana (2 months ago)
I wonder what happen to them
Sims4 Life (2 months ago)
Eat the sushi!!!!!!
SophieSavages (2 months ago)
When she started farting lol
Frañcêsca Martíñëž (2 months ago)
2:44 that was not weird that was cute😂😻
Gab Gab (2 months ago)
2:33 This one killed me!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😅😅😅😅🤣🤣🤣😅🤣😅🤣😂
Shonn X (2 months ago)
Really don’t get the sushi bit
Dulce Rico (2 months ago)
"I think,I have to pee" XD
Nigiri sushi is SHOOK Oh,hello (2 months ago)
I just realized that it’s only one guy and like 3 other girls
HarpieSharpie (2 months ago)
"I thinkkkkk, I... gotta pee." lmao Xd
Brooklynn Horn (2 months ago)
oml I laughing SO hard rn
Vesnake 11 (2 months ago)
The u2 joke. I ducking can’t. But that’s a good question. I’d say my favorite individual song is probably impossible to pick. Sweetest Thing, Red Flag Day, The Miracle, The Showman, Pride, Raised by Wolves, All I want is You, Song for Someone, Ordinary Love and The Saints are Coming remain close to my heart. I also adore the cover of Can’t help Falling in Love. Favorite Album is either The Joshua Tree or All that You Can’t Leave Behind. However, Songs of Innocence is how I discovered the band, and the experience tour was my first concert. Sidenote: I’m a 13 year old loser. This concludes my rant.
nurse956 (2 months ago)
Currently 34 weeks pragnant and find video amazing as my hubby gets mad with my toilet visit. Him: are we ready to go? Me: Yes sure Him: Locks the door Me: Ohh, i have to pee Him: Then we are not ready :-(
Nor Aizan Embong (3 months ago)
Карина Станева (3 months ago)
i think...... i have to pee lol
Ur mami ;3 (3 months ago)
Chase Pierce (3 months ago)
What was the sushi part about
AriPaca (3 months ago)
Nada Uzumaki (3 months ago)
Are they really married?
Litzy's Videos (3 months ago)
Did anyone notice his star labs shirt..? I LOVE THE FLASH ❤❤
Please guys make more videos we love uuuu
Adorable. Dolls (3 months ago)
Amerah Lily (3 months ago)
I feel bad for the men they get forced to eat food sometimes that they don’t like and sometimes they are full and they make u eat more
Hailey Malverty (3 months ago)
LayLay Avritt (3 months ago)
This is me with my fiance im 5 months pregnant and everytime I fart he laughs. We are both 17 and its hard bein pregnant is hard
Snow Lake (3 months ago)
Haha lol the part when they say "what do u think?" Then the women said "I think.....I have to pee" hahahahahahahah 😂😂😂😂
CatEaredGirl Rose (3 months ago)
Summary of this vid: "I have to pee"
there are no rain drop on roses (3 months ago)
Seona Srivastava (3 months ago)
What's up with all this peeing buisiness?
Ari B (3 months ago)
3:31 he's wearing a STAR labs shirt
Sierra Sedlock (3 months ago)
Lmfao me with sushi