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Bad Drivers: Fails of the Week #856 - One Road Rage with Brake Checks | CCTube

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Text Comments (98)
Jayro Jones (18 hours ago)
I'm sorry, but the person driving at 2:00 is a fucking RETARD.
Leonardo Lupini (4 days ago)
5:30 an extremely lucky escape
PD (9 days ago)
4:44 sounds like a video game sound effect LOL
Bill Olsen (10 days ago)
6:15 Good grief, don't people know how to get out of that situation without a bunch of stupid swerving & crashing? The dude in the silver SUV didn't know enough to just put his brakes on and fall back behind the truck again? I swear all these people get their drivers licenses as a free gift in a box of corn flakes.
shreddder999 (11 days ago)
Is there some law in Russia that you have to pull over when you are not involved in the accident or what?????
Kenyan Bunnie (14 days ago)
5:30 👏🏿
Vixen (14 days ago)
3:42 Song?
Fyzzen [GD] (14 days ago)
3:58 did this fucker rear end a ferrari 5:08 the hell? It's not even her car and she's having a heart attack 5:29 wow the guy in the silver sedan is lucky af
Roman Šlesar (14 days ago)
3:55 was a fatality, polish porsche driver caused death of slovak innocent driver
Kenyan Bunnie (14 days ago)
Which is the Porsche? The yellow one or the SUV following right behind that yellow one? Both drivers should be liable for this crash and death of the poor person killed in the oncoming vehicle.
Car Crash Channel (14 days ago)
Nice video!
VMeGaMRedZV (14 days ago)
0:36 *MYSTERY* The Mystery Machine's dashcam? 6:50 Insert Initial D - Running in the 90s song 😂😂😂
Arya Bima (14 days ago)
What the hell was that?
Ivor Problem (14 days ago)
To drive in Russia you must have to have the depth perception and spacial awareness of a Sloth to qualify
DoctorBohr (14 days ago)
Hendrik Hendrikson (14 days ago)
Where is the road rage?
Hendrik Hendrikson (12 days ago)
Wow. You are gorgeous af! ;)
Kenyan Bunnie (14 days ago)
Hendrik Hendrikson Dont worry just look at you recommended vids for the ragers!
harddazeknight (15 days ago)
Driver of the little box truck, 1:38, was micro-napping. He didn't swerve, didn't hit the brake... just BLAM!, hit the big truck.
DoctorBohr (14 days ago)
yeah and he just got the wake up call from heck!
I Dig Ohio (15 days ago)
Newsflash: If you can't drive for shit, i wouldn't get a dashcam, you're just selling yourself out.
notmanynamesleft (15 days ago)
2:08 wtf is going on!?
joe Schlotthauer (15 days ago)
Orgasm at 5:10..
Bill Olsen (10 days ago)
LOL Somebody stuff a sausage in her mouth, quick!
UNdashcamNRW (15 days ago)
*_Very Cool Clipmix ... ^^_*
t johnson (15 days ago)
Real life crash dummies in action! Entertaining.
velociraptor898 (15 days ago)
pascal nayrat (15 days ago)
0:13 .... Strange world this is when people are stupid, and dogs are smart ;-D
lwolf1952 (15 days ago)
My dog is very smart. He spends far less time preparing meals than I do.
Adrian Smeria (15 days ago)
3:45 I'm confused. Check the signs on the right corner: zebra crossing(2 of them), give way and road with priority (it could be also the sign for the priority end). Somebody's overcompensating something?
Nunya Bidness (15 days ago)
2:04 Huh?! They hydroplaned and spun out but then goes apeshit and crashes over parking barriers? Did I miss something?
Max (13 days ago)
It still does not explain why the driver was not able to stop by using the brakes, putting the car in neutral, turning off the ignition, or a combination of these...
Nunya Bidness (13 days ago)
Ohhhhhhh that makes sense, thanks for the replies
Med Fares (14 days ago)
The trottle was stuck you can hear the rev limiter when he tried to stop
Max (14 days ago)
Throttle cable was stuck, according to the author.
Hendrik Hendrikson (14 days ago)
Just an average Asian keeping her foot on the gas pedal.
Boli420 (15 days ago)
I think we can all agree that left turns are tools of the Devil. (Except for you Brits!)
Nookie Nookie (15 days ago)
That's why you should never leave courtesy when there's no damn stop.
NecroNo Micon2090 (15 days ago)
🤣🤣🤣👍👍👍👍👍👍Tretora BilYach
WolfGoddess (15 days ago)
Why are you screaming when it's not your car!?
Foxtrot369 (10 days ago)
She was screaming because she just witnessed a head-on collision that could very likely have killed everyone in both vehicles. Fuck off with your judgemental misogynistic bullshit. Let's see how you react when you see someone potentially crushed to death right in front of you.
WolfGoddess (13 days ago)
+lwolf1952 I'm just saying. She's screaming like it's her in that car. But it's not.
caseymac MacL (14 days ago)
It's called being an overly sensitive twat! I'm female and I don't freak out at shit like that.
caseymac MacL (14 days ago)
IKR?? That was my first thought. WTF are you screaming for you stupid twat?
jecwannabe (15 days ago)
5:39 RIP horn.
Basti Russia (15 days ago)
Moon River (15 days ago)
After watching these for about a week I started wondering why those with dash cams always catch these types of things and it’s easy to see why: people with dash cams are bad drivers and cause these accidents and are just as bad as the drivers they record. I drive the speed limit and often about 5 mph below it. I leave for my destination on time and account for traffic too so I never need to speed. I’m not aggressive and when I see an aggressive driver I fall back and let them do what they’re going to do. I keep seeing these types of videos saying “this is why everyone needs a dash cam” yet I’ve never seen such bad driving when I’m on the road because I’m not a bad driver. Bad and aggressive drivers attract accidents like a magnet if they aren’t causing them themselves. Seems like it would be a logical conclusion but it’s not if you’re an idiot on the road.
DoctorBohr (14 days ago)
tru dat! lmao
Max (14 days ago)
Moon River: Great logic, Sherlock. "I started wondering why those with dash cams always catch these types of things". Just try to make a dashcam compilation from drivers who have no dashcam. See how that works out for ya.
DoctorBohr (14 days ago)
That's right Amber. Being afraid of your vehicle doesn't make you a good driver.....and speed isn't as important a factor as leaving enough room and driving for the conditions. On the other hand, the OP kind of has a point about dashcam owners facilitating shenadigans to make youtube news.
Amber McClellan (14 days ago)
Slower drivers can actually cause more accidents. Best to just go the speed limit if you want to be safe.
Get Schwifty (15 days ago)
You never see these crashes because they are happening behind you and you don't even know that you have caused them 😆😆😆 Just keep on living in your dream world.
Nanashi (15 days ago)
5:06 Made my dogs run into the room and bark...
Caleb Bailey (15 days ago)
Adam B (15 days ago)
What the hell happened at 2:10? It's like the driver decided "Better fuck my car up a little more, just to be sure."
DR M (15 days ago)
I noticed how much nicer the cars are in Russia now that they crash 😂
Kenyan Bunnie (14 days ago)
Nope. You might see some high end vehicles like the Rovers. But there seems to be more of those cars from the 50s or 60s or whatever years they were created. The ones with zero safety features. Still out number any “nice” cars.
DR M (14 days ago)
lwolf1952 that's it, thanks! 👌
lwolf1952 (15 days ago)
I noticed how much nicer the cars are that they crash in Russia nowadays. There. Fixed it for you.
RegularJohn53 (15 days ago)
Would you stop including these shitty chinese videos? It's no fun watching them hitting each other with their mirrors and running into potholes...
Александр Иванович (15 days ago)
алё братан а как поднять бабла?
Александр Иванович (14 days ago)
будь здоров тимон
timaclubus (14 days ago)
Александр Иванович часто об этом спрашивают, щас спою ..
Kevin C (15 days ago)
The old guy in the last clip was being a REAL jerk-off moron. Someone needs to take his keys away and prevent him from driving for good. Let someone who is more considerate and capable drive him around. He's an obvious danger to others and himself.
Kevin C (10 days ago)
Yeah, really now. Who said change was needed when it worked just fine before. ROFLOL Good one.
Bill Olsen (10 days ago)
By cracky, this weren't a one way street when I was here 40 years ago! What do them young whippersnappers think they're doin' changin things around all the time & they don't let people know nuthin, dag nab it!
Ауто камере Србија / Dash cams Serbia (15 days ago)
The last video - all imbeciles.
protocole zulu (14 days ago)
The cammer is an idiot Because he didn't let someone Driving the wrong way ? You Sir, are.
Adrian Smeria (15 days ago)
Some say that when one is getting old, he/she becomes wiser. The old man there definitely missed the "becoming wise" part. Since when driving on the wrong side of the road is acceptable? Why are "all imbeciles", because for me only the old guy with too much time available qualifies for that?
Jim Jams (15 days ago)
5.07 clip. What the fuck woman. 😂 😂 Cying/screaming. Fuck knows what you doing. Calm yourself down it's only a crash.
BrownKnight011 (15 days ago)
How normal is a day in Russia? At 5:45 the lady with stroller when the cars crashed, the lady did not react, thats how normal a day in Russia is 😅.
1krazykev (13 days ago)
It’s because Russian women don’t give a fuck about Facebook 😂😂😂😂
caseymac MacL (14 days ago)
She didn't even break stride!! The twat at 5:08 could learn a thing or two from this woman!!
Burt Lizardlord (14 days ago)
No, its because your women are accustomed to living in a shithole country surrounded by death everyday
korvx (14 days ago)
russia = animals
Get Schwifty (15 days ago)
Didn't you hear some of those screams in the video?
Jim Jams (15 days ago)
Only in America, fuck yeah! That's where all the fuck ups are from.
Daily Dose Of Memes (15 days ago)
Bad drivers should own a Tesla
CheapBastard1988 (14 days ago)
I wish they did but they still haven't gotten through their supply of Peugeots, Audi's and Lada's.
Caleb Bailey (15 days ago)
People don't pay attention to the road
Doc. Volt (15 days ago)
So we can get rid of those
GPO (15 days ago)
1:57 well that was totally unexpected.
Med Fares (14 days ago)
It was a stuck throttle!
Doc. Volt (15 days ago)
+Joshua Whitman either he fell asleep, had a heart attack, drives an automatic or he is such a moron that he mistook the accelerator with the brake pedals after getting scared by his car spinning out.
Joshua Whitman (15 days ago)
GPO what the actual hell happened?!
Maximiliano Masferrer (15 days ago)
En chile se respeta mucho a los perros
Franchu Mir (15 days ago)
Me alegro
Kristy Shannon (15 days ago)
lwolf1952 (15 days ago)
Yea! First comment on you being first.