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Driver set up, what to have to win!!!

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What's in my backpack? What are the tools I use to be a successful driver. Tips and tricks to be prepared.
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Text Comments (42)
Nolan Lawrence (7 days ago)
What ounce yeti cup do you have
Nolan Lawrence (7 days ago)
Thanks Chris, I've been watching your videos. I'm a preloader and should be going to driver school soon.
Chris Edwards (7 days ago)
Nolan Lawrence 36oz
Yuliana Martinez (15 days ago)
That's some good stuff 😊
Booty Gangsta (28 days ago)
Is it true that you have to work in the warehouse first to be a driver ?
Truth Seeker 92 (3 days ago)
Not nowadays; it really depends on location. I went straight to feeders from being a package handler at the Memphis TN hub and only been with the company for a year.
Javier Jaime (15 days ago)
Booty Gangsta yes for many years
Brian Johnson (1 month ago)
that wasnt boring at all
Nick T. (1 month ago)
For your keys you can get a key belt clip. Fast to clip the key ring into. I use 2, keys and flashlight, working in feeders.
Adam Ali (1 month ago)
really handsome
greg mcgeary (1 month ago)
Make sure to thank your mechanics. Lol [Philadelphia Hub Automotive]
Luis Lozo (2 months ago)
Is he shuttling? To us "Full Time "Route drivers?
Stacy Lynn (2 months ago)
Your hot as hell
KA LUPO (2 months ago)
You know he is nothing but a cock sucker.
KA LUPO (2 months ago)
The D key is to stay on the key ring Main set is a fob and D key. Spare in the lock box is a Fob, D key and Ignition key. Its because of people like you that we file theft charges because the key are missing.
KA LUPO (2 months ago)
Lou Dozer241 (2 months ago)
I've been driving for 30 years and i gotta say, I've never seen a package car driver with that much time... you must have a rural route. What like 10 stops and 100 miles?
Richard Wallace (17 days ago)
Lou Dozer241 lol you pick up 1100 pieces , what are they all ltr or what ?
KING LUCCI (2 months ago)
I'll do about 40 buisness stops an 180 resi stops 1hr lunch 15 min break off at 4
KA LUPO (2 months ago)
Who is management? I sure as fuck am not.
Lou Dozer241 (2 months ago)
ertz mcgrackitz 🤣🤣🤣🤣, you know he's management.
KA LUPO (2 months ago)
How about you give us your unit number. I will check Telematics and see what you do. You want to unhook it? thats fine. The GPS is ALWAYS LIVE.
RTM Dustin (2 months ago)
Key Fob? for the truck?
KA LUPO (2 months ago)
Attitude? You have yet to see my Attitude. And maybe its time for FEDEX to catch up to the times. The FOB will start the unit, Open the Bulk Head door , And the Overhead Door.
RTM Dustin (2 months ago)
KA LUPO maybe a little less attitude? And I was just curious because we don’t have anything like that for FedEx.
KA LUPO (2 months ago)
Package Cars. Starts the Unit, Opens the Bulk Head Door and Overhead Rear Door. So whats your question???
Larry Martin (2 months ago)
i like the holster because it has the slot for your info notices so you don't have to waste time walking back to your truck when someone isn't in. every second counts...
billy bandit (3 months ago)
You going on a road trip???
KA LUPO (2 months ago)
No road trip. If he was he would have a piss bottle. OR maybe he is one of those who shit in the grit bucket and piss on the drop floor.
John Mendoza (3 months ago)
You rock dude thanks for the video and thank you for all you do.
elver galarga (2 months ago)
Chris Edwards thanks for your videos can you make one about call tag pick up 👍
KA LUPO (2 months ago)
This DUDE is an ass.
Ramzi Chahem (2 months ago)
Hey chris what's up Can you help me with schedule pack up.please
Chris Edwards (3 months ago)
John Mendoza thanks man, appreciate the support.
Greenwood Gardens Lawn Service (4 months ago)
Good information Chris thanks for the knowledge, ok got to get back on the truck, keep the videos coming I need all the good help to make it through this 30 day packet!!!
CreateYourWorth (5 months ago)
Good info. Thank u.
KA LUPO (2 months ago)
His INFO SUCKS. And will get him fired.