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Driver set up, what to have to win!!!

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What's in my backpack? What are the tools I use to be a successful driver. Tips and tricks to be prepared.
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ertz mcgrackitz (9 hours ago)
I was a driver in Maryland for almost 7 months. It all depends on your center and the route you get. Brutal job was on route 40 Would leave the hub at 9 and return around 9pm a few occasions got back right at 10 when the air belt was closing. I wasnt lazy, i didnt even take a lunch break. I miss the money, but im glad i quit. I was treated better by bullies in high school than the drive side managers and sups at UPS. I remember when i transfered to the drive side from the hub the morons didnt enter me in the system correctly and i didnt get paid for a little over a month. Oh yea key to success? be there at 730am to make sure your truck is organized. Sucks losing hour and a half every morning but seems the only way. Also i had an old spicer truck long as fuck Everyone else had the newer gas trucks which were smooth i drove one one day. At least the spicer diesel V8 puuuurrred at 50 mph that part was great
billy bandit (5 days ago)
You going on a road trip???
John Mendoza (26 days ago)
You rock dude thanks for the video and thank you for all you do.
Chris Edwards (26 days ago)
John Mendoza thanks man, appreciate the support.
Greenwood Gardens Lawn Service (2 months ago)
Good information Chris thanks for the knowledge, ok got to get back on the truck, keep the videos coming I need all the good help to make it through this 30 day packet!!!
CreateYourWorth (2 months ago)
Good info. Thank u.