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Driver set up, what to have to win!!!

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What's in my backpack? What are the tools I use to be a successful driver. Tips and tricks to be prepared.
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Kristina Price (1 day ago)
Did you throw Bobby under the bus?
Kristina Price (1 day ago)
Are you that guy?
Billy Smith (7 days ago)
Need your rechargeable vibrator,just hot wire into the dash don’t let the mechanics know about the hot wire they may not like it !
Chris Edwards (7 days ago)
79nyisle (15 days ago)
His car is empty I must have a heavy route whole car Is blown out in morning and for pickups
volcano hi (1 month ago)
does anyone know the number to get into a ups next day air box? its really hard to figure out- you can guess it already. Its not 2 3 4. and this is the box that people put important things into. for over 20 years ups has been using the ultra secret code of the first 3 numbers.
Mike Wagner (1 month ago)
Pee bottle. Gotta have a pee bottle
volcano hi (24 days ago)
its really true. I used to drive and sometimes the driver before me forgot the bottle. I just peed on peoples front door but that was before these new doorbell cameras.
AlexYouInDc Reactions (24 days ago)
you gotta have the pee bottle hahahahahahahaha
volcano hi (1 month ago)
Thats a dirty secret- UPS makes the drivers pee in a bottle. They do drive alongs and yell at drivers if they pee other than the ups bottle
holesinmypockets Jones (2 months ago)
Man I'll sleep great tonight knowing what this guy has in his backpack!
X X (2 months ago)
lol, fk security for looking through his shit dam idiots
Sub_Second_ Life (2 months ago)
Must be nice to have easy routes. I work in a center where 75% of the routes are inner city and they go out with 140-180 stops on average for an average of 9.5 hours. During peak they’re all 220+ and about 12 hour days
ANTHONY BRETT (2 months ago)
Only thing extra I really need is a flashlight and make sure I have Dr bags
X X (2 months ago)
You must have a flashlight during winter lol , dam people can't put an address at the street.
ANTHONY BRETT (2 months ago)
Undershirts are only supposed to be brown or white my man
Chris Edwards (2 months ago)
Yeah I know, it's kind of stupid they let some dude with a sweat-stained bacon collar neck white T-shirt that is fraying at the end. But I'll get in trouble for wearing the wrong color.
Michael J. (2 months ago)
In 25 years of driving, I have never needed fingernail clippers, floss or electrical tape ever!! Water, TP, proper gear for weather are definitely a must! I think maybe more senior drivers should be doing videos like these, but then again you junior drivers have it so good....lower steps in cars, power steering, automatic transmission, keyless entry....don't even get me started!
volcano hi (1 month ago)
when i drove we imported a ton of old trucks because the west coast had gone propane or something. I hate the 1970s and early 80s trucks. They were 8 cube, the throttle was like a rock and it had no power. The clutch killed my knee and the step was like 3 feet to get in. The seats werent in line with the the non power steering wheel and was falling off the truck etc.
I'll have another (1 month ago)
Michael J. (2 months ago)
There is no such thing as less work my friend. Slowing down to get less work means working longer days. Sure you make more money,but you have less personal time for yourself,and your family....not worth it!! My work is done by early afternoon everyday,and I end up with longer paid lunches!
take your lunch and breaks (2 months ago)
+Michael J. take their advice! Dont sort your load off the clock, dont run and take your lunch and breaks! :) Its the only way to eventually get less work put on you.
Michael J. (2 months ago)
+Chris Edwards Awesome....keep it going Chris,at least you are trying to pass down some useful knowledge! The senior guys before me only told me to slow down and take my breaks....thanks guys big help!
Danny Brockman (3 months ago)
This guys a fluke!!!!!!!
Chris Edwards (3 months ago)
A positive mind is a positive life.
Carlos Lugo (3 months ago)
I am going to work soon as a driver helper. I am concern about the use of the DIAD. I have not work for UPS before. Does the driver helper use another DIAD?
ANTHONY BRETT (2 months ago)
You'll probably just get a cell phone
Carlos Lugo (3 months ago)
Thank you very much for your fast response and the valuable information!
Chris Edwards (3 months ago)
Yes, driver helper does use the board, you should be going out with your own board. Driver should show you how to use it, I have a couple videos that show you certain things in the board.
Maureen Elam (3 months ago)
this guy must be an air driver. does ups know your making a utube channel
volcano hi (1 month ago)
why do you care bitch
eric nguyen (3 months ago)
How many day u work a week???
mike sharkey (3 months ago)
I am a rookie, 3rd day on the job as a loader, what are the top say 5 to 10 things a loader can do to make your job easier / pain in the ass ?
volcano hi (1 month ago)
as a new hire you want to immediately apply as a supervisor. Keep trying and you WILL be a sup. Dont stay in hard labor at ups or you will die young. Also try and get into something like training or human resources, regular sup jubs still suck and thats why they are all a bunch of cunts.
X X (2 months ago)
Load packages on the right shelf, Load packages in the right truck, Don't put over 60lbs on the top shelf, if you have an add- cut be smart and remove all of it and use the empty space by sliding packages forward ex the 1k are cut slide the 5k to the front, Don't blow out the 8k shelf. Put bulk stops together not randomly on a shelf and blow out the shelf. Lets work together UPSERS. :)
Omar Cortes (3 months ago)
mike sharkey wax your slide, keep your rollers close to your wall so you don’t have to walk very far, step or pivot to minimize walking much just scan and load
Holly Gurbisz (4 months ago)
Damn he's hot as hell
J G (4 months ago)
Chuck Norris uses none of that stuff. Get your act together Chris.
MegaNokia2700 (4 months ago)
Hi i want 2 no what r the duties of Driver helper when u r on board plz explain ?
ANTHONY BRETT (2 months ago)
Just take the package to the door
Kaitlin Bunge (4 months ago)
What should a female do if they have to use the bathroom.? Lol and are the ups trucks STICK SHIFT?
Chris Edwards (4 months ago)
On route you find customers with bathrooms you can use, stick shifts are pretty rare in the UPS 2018 fleet. But I'm sure there are a few still out there.
Kirk Mikiah (4 months ago)
You forgot to mention the coveted empty gatorade bottle for emergency BR breaks : )
Kirk Mikiah (4 months ago)
acetaminophen tears up your liver and stomach. Advil better choice IMO.. Spray for nose, 20 drops of grapfruitseed extract in 2 oz distilled +1/8 teaspoon baking soda is killer for sinus. Or premix grapefruit seed extract nasal spray ready to go. You will love it. : )
Kirk Mikiah (4 months ago)
Also burts bees lip balm with or without sunscreen for lip protection. Chapstick dries out your lips over time and petroleum based.
Kirk Mikiah (4 months ago)
The wired earpiece you are wearing is just for music and your cell?
Chris Edwards (4 months ago)
I usually listen to audio book/podcasts. Earpieces also save my hearing on the dirt roads and I also use to to send/receive phone calls
Themagnificent7th (4 months ago)
A few other things you should have in your pack, white athletic tape, Immodium, and lastly a shaker bottle and some protein powder in case you just have "one of those days" where lunch is just not going to happen. I lived in the field for weeks on end, so I'm no stranger to long hours and garbage chow, I just traded one uniform for another.
volcano hi (1 month ago)
all i ever had was licorice and a radio
John Mount (4 months ago)
Is there a difference between a driver and a package delivery driver?
Tommy Lai (4 months ago)
Where do I get one of those clips for the diad? Amazon, my hub? Thanks Chris !
Daniel (10 days ago)
Tommy Lai your hub should have them
X X (2 months ago)
Right, never seen them myself lol
Texas Patriot (4 months ago)
70 business stops average + 100+ resi
Mike Auger (5 months ago)
Hi Chris, I just passed my classroom training today. \0/ \0/ woot woot. Next week I shadow, then I have driver road test. Thanks for the tips on packing your day bag. I'll have to get mine ready as well. And thanks for taking the time to put this video together too man, much appreciated
Kevin Lemmerman (5 months ago)
C Tripps (6 months ago)
Can you do a video on how your packages are organized and your route is determined for the day?
C Hansen (3 months ago)
Their routes are the same every day, the only thing that changes are some people arent getting a pkg, some are, some are sending, some arent, some are returning, some arent. There is a number system 1000's, 2000's, 3000's, etc...my UPS phone, not DIAD, has your activities list pop up after scanning any pkg of yours. The stops are in order according to GPS quickest stop to stop pattern. Once you know your route and address locations well, you can skip around some but for me, in a personal vehicle that doesnt work well with limited space to arrange pkgs, and never having all of your pkgs with you at the same time.
AceBoy2099 (3 months ago)
Packages are organized however the loader sees fit, as for route determination, that's up to Orion, I hear he's a great guy!!! Xp
anthony white (6 months ago)
I link 2 of the diad belt clips together and wrap with hockey tape/ it brings the diad down lower and right were my hand is and i don't have to raise my shoulder or lift jacket/shirt plus the seatbelt isn't right on it. takes a good whack to set them together but its awesome having the board down lower.
Scott Yama (3 months ago)
Where can you get diad belt clips? My center only offers the pouch
Chris Edwards (6 months ago)
That's a great idea.
Tarkesh 021 (6 months ago)
Your voice sounds like my load in the morning
Barry Sell (7 months ago)
Wow! I've done it for more than 3 decade's. Haven't done it correctly once. Is someone whispering in your ear what to do next? Spooky
jake z (7 months ago)
Lucky, should be black anyway, as white gets filthy.
Denzel Smith (7 months ago)
That black shirt is out of uniform . Maybe a pack of Haynes my brother
I am alive. (7 months ago)
I put my DIAD in my left pocket. 😂😂
Kristen (1 month ago)
Diad stays in my right ass pocket.
I am alive. (5 months ago)
+Andres Calderon Delivery Information Acquisition Device. It's the same type of computer that you carry.
Andres Calderon (5 months ago)
What’s a DIAD? I work at fedex. We dont get those 😂
You Tube It (7 months ago)
Is that yeti the 36oz?
X X (2 months ago)
+Chris Edwards lol fill that bitch with your favorite beverage lol
Chris Edwards (7 months ago)
You Tube It yes it is.
jake z (7 months ago)
Hopefully you have a white or brown under shirt in there because that black one wouldn't fly in our building.
Roy Robinson (7 months ago)
jake z hey Jake I think it may very from region to region we were told black brown or white!
Jesse Buchanan (7 months ago)
I barely have time to piss
volcano hi (1 month ago)
im saving you tons of time because i dont buy things that are delivered via ups anymore. Amazon prime- fuck ups. you arent getting your pension- they are going out of business
Mike Wagner (1 month ago)
ralph carter either you or the truck should be moving at all times. If both are standing still there’s a problem. Or it’s lunch
ralph carter (2 months ago)
I feel ya man. I feel like if I'm not constantly moving im wasting time
Red Supremes (6 months ago)
Gatoraid bottles
Joseph Sepulveda (7 months ago)
Black undershirts. That's a warning letter.
Kristian Smith (3 months ago)
Joseph Sepulveda p
La Rock (6 months ago)
We can wear black shirts and white shirts in my Center
DuckTalesWooHoo1987 (7 months ago)
NO toilet paper?! Dude I carry TWO rolls! Just make sure you have some DR bags handy for when you have a "leaker" if you know what I mean. LOL!
Kristen (1 month ago)
+DuckTalesWooHoo1987 yall some nasty, foul ass dirty mothafuckers. Dont you know your loader or customer(who touches their package) can get sick from your SHIT? Dont be a scared pussy afraid of management. If they question you breaking route, grow some balls and tell them YOU HAD TO SHIT!!! Dont shit in your truck. Wtf is wrong with you? Lol dirty
DuckTalesWooHoo1987 (7 months ago)
I actually carry some stuff for chaffing that also smells good. So when I have to take a dump back there I spread that on the floor when I get done. I figure that's the least I can do. LOL!
Barry Sell (7 months ago)
DuckTalesWooHoo1987 shit in the back right corner
onetonk5 (7 months ago)
Cool vids dude. Thanks for the tips. Keep it safe all the way to the most important stop of the day (home).
Stay Solid (7 months ago)
And to think I do 200 plus stops a day. I need a route like yours
volcano hi (1 month ago)
wtf? dont you have stops with over a ton aka 2000 lbs of heavy packages? are you an amazon driver or ups? I had alot of stops with over 2k of packages. I have to think you are delivering for amazon and have things confused. I can count tons of heavy stops but some of the worst were 5 gallon buckets- enought to cover the entire floor of a 10 cube truck. or there were stops that just had steel parts that were super compact and heavy
Kristen (1 month ago)
I'd take 200 stops a day.. 200 stops, 250-275 peices bout 50-60 miles a day. Would sure as hell beat 75-90 stops at 125+ miles a day. That's too much driving and would certainly take up the entire day.
E. Bad. (7 months ago)
If I had your route I wouldn't have left the position after 24years...I'm good now being a shifter..miss my good customers and that's it....looks like your a doomsday prepper.lol
Mike Alunno (7 months ago)
Any day can be a doomsday on route. ha
Alci Zap (7 months ago)
You carry too many shits in your backpack. It look that you don't have a route, you hanging down driving the Brown package car.
Jorge Valdés (8 days ago)
Alci Zap Agree!
Mercorey (7 months ago)
He’s a rookie....He forgot the most important item to have on hand. “Adult Signature Required” stickers to put on any packages that were loaded in the wrong spot that you don’t want to go back to deliver. You never know when they will jump in your truck when you finish for the day to check your send agains.
D D (7 months ago)
Mercorey Just go back and deliver those you loser. You don't get it.
Mercorey (7 months ago)
What is he, a Saturday air driver? The truck isn’t even loaded with anything. My first route as a full time package car driver I went out with 90-105 stops per day with 45 pickups. I delivered 700 - 1000 pcs per day and picked up the same amount. My last route I was on before retiring, I had a residential route and went out and delivered 160 - 170 stops per day but I had no pick-ups. UPS pretty much wants their drivers to do 20 stops per hour on a residential route. Industrial and retail routes you do less stops but handle alot more packages and you also do less miles with those route.
volcano hi (1 month ago)
nope, thats just normal. its probably like 30 packages to 30 stops does that sound impossible?
Michael J. (2 months ago)
You delivered 700-1000 pcs a day??? I don't think so man, that's like 3 routes!
Ken Mayers (2 months ago)
as a seasonal helper who's helping a seasonal driver. We are using a budget truck with one shelf front to back by the way. Is it my responsibility to go around to the back of the truck dig out a package then take it up to the drivers window do he can scan it. Then deliver pkg. I think this is b.s. he sits on his ass while I do everything but scan the pkg. This doesn't happen more than 3 or 4 times a day but in my opinion the driver should scan pkg. hand me PKG. Tell me where it goes. Any thoughts?
Killjoy (7 months ago)
Safety first. I could care less about their bs stops per hour nonsense.
onterious huitt (8 months ago)
How long is the hire process for ups period because I have my cdl class a and I want a freight job but there is no time frame on any job for the hiring process
onterious huitt (6 months ago)
Yea Ok I’m a feeder driver I even got my uniform yesterday but I have my cdl so that helped but I still don’t get there pay I’m starting at 18.75 an hour do to me coming in on the previous contract
Yea Ok (6 months ago)
onterious huitt That isn’t usual or common, I work for UPS and talk to many feeder drivers. They all have very high seniority and are older guys
onterious huitt (6 months ago)
Yea Ok there take feeders off the street here
Yea Ok (6 months ago)
Have to work as a part time package handler in the hub for many years before going into package, then after many years of package you can bid on feeder jobs based on seniority
onterious huitt (8 months ago)
How long does it take ) sorry about that Chris Edwards
Fit Con (8 months ago)
What headset you using?
Chris Edwards (8 months ago)
Fit Con powerbeats3
Nolan Lawrence (8 months ago)
What ounce yeti cup do you have
Nolan Lawrence (8 months ago)
Thanks Chris, I've been watching your videos. I'm a preloader and should be going to driver school soon.
Chris Edwards (8 months ago)
Nolan Lawrence 36oz
Yuliana Martinez (8 months ago)
That's some good stuff 😊
Booty Gangsta (9 months ago)
Is it true that you have to work in the warehouse first to be a driver ?
Danny Brockman (3 months ago)
Booty Gangsta yup !!!!!!!!!!! They fuck you in the ass!!!!!
Unrelenting Truth Seeker (3 months ago)
+Anne Horel You only need a permit in order to go to class. First week a whole lot of paperwork/backing and getting familiar with the equipment, and second week is production doing actual runs with a feeder sup/trainer. If you have your cdl/have prior experience with semis already like I did you should be able to ace class
Anne Horel (3 months ago)
+Unrelenting Truth Seeker Don't you need a CDL to be a feeder driver?
PUBGRemix (3 months ago)
+John Santana howd ir go
Kyle Premian (4 months ago)
No, I know some drivers in my hub that were hired on the spot.
Brian Johnson (9 months ago)
that wasnt boring at all
Nick T. (9 months ago)
For your keys you can get a key belt clip. Fast to clip the key ring into. I use 2, keys and flashlight, working in feeders.
Adam Ali (9 months ago)
really handsome
greg mcgeary (9 months ago)
Make sure to thank your mechanics. Lol [Philadelphia Hub Automotive]
Luis Lozo (10 months ago)
Is he shuttling? To us "Full Time "Route drivers?
Stacy Lynn (10 months ago)
Your hot as hell
AlexYouInDc Reactions (24 days ago)
+Alisha C yeah he would be driing off by the time u open your door
I'll have another (1 month ago)
+mike coy lol
BobbyRay Banz (1 month ago)
Stacy Lynn it’s the uniform
Sub_Second_ Life (2 months ago)
Stacy Lynn yeah but you’re not hot so....that’s why he never replied 😂
mike coy (6 months ago)
You should see what I look like....
KA LUPO (10 months ago)
You know he is nothing but a cock sucker.
KA LUPO (10 months ago)
The D key is to stay on the key ring Main set is a fob and D key. Spare in the lock box is a Fob, D key and Ignition key. Its because of people like you that we file theft charges because the key are missing.
KA LUPO (10 months ago)
Lou Dozer241 (10 months ago)
I've been driving for 30 years and i gotta say, I've never seen a package car driver with that much time... you must have a rural route. What like 10 stops and 100 miles?
Chris Somchai (19 days ago)
He's an air driver
AlexYouInDc Reactions (24 days ago)
he did say its right after peak, usually slow after. and we do get an hour lunch, plus he is probably finished.
volcano hi (1 month ago)
i had a part time route with 43 stops in 2.5 hours from first to last stop and then time going to the airport and the time to get from hub to route. The route was 75 miles it stunk when I had 17 stops and a half hour to get to the plane which was literally about to take off and my lazy coworkers with a total of 13 stops would dump stops on me.
Kristen (1 month ago)
+Brian Ralston so... how many stops do you deliver? What's your piece count? So we can all assume you're in a 1000. I sure hope it's not the same numbers as I do in my "7 cube"
ANTHONY BRETT (2 months ago)
RTM Dustin (10 months ago)
Key Fob? for the truck?
C Hansen (3 months ago)
For access to security facilities, apt complexes etc...the ones where you can be sure nobody will steal someone elses pkg at their door! Maybe their trucks too, idk.
KA LUPO (10 months ago)
Attitude? You have yet to see my Attitude. And maybe its time for FEDEX to catch up to the times. The FOB will start the unit, Open the Bulk Head door , And the Overhead Door.
RTM Dustin (10 months ago)
KA LUPO maybe a little less attitude? And I was just curious because we don’t have anything like that for FedEx.
KA LUPO (10 months ago)
Package Cars. Starts the Unit, Opens the Bulk Head Door and Overhead Rear Door. So whats your question???
Larry Martin (11 months ago)
i like the holster because it has the slot for your info notices so you don't have to waste time walking back to your truck when someone isn't in. every second counts...
volcano hi (1 month ago)
why does every second count? are you a retard who feels the need to fit in with your supervisor? Have you noticed your customers having that every second counts work ethic? you are a sucker, stop killing yourself working harder than every single customer you run across. you are killing yourself for an evil company.
billy bandit (11 months ago)
You going on a road trip???
KA LUPO (10 months ago)
No road trip. If he was he would have a piss bottle. OR maybe he is one of those who shit in the grit bucket and piss on the drop floor.
John Mendoza (11 months ago)
You rock dude thanks for the video and thank you for all you do.
Elver Galarga (10 months ago)
Chris Edwards thanks for your videos can you make one about call tag pick up 👍
KA LUPO (10 months ago)
This DUDE is an ass.
Ramzi Chahem (10 months ago)
Hey chris what's up Can you help me with schedule pack up.please
Chris Edwards (11 months ago)
John Mendoza thanks man, appreciate the support.
Greenwood Gardens Lawn Service (1 year ago)
Good information Chris thanks for the knowledge, ok got to get back on the truck, keep the videos coming I need all the good help to make it through this 30 day packet!!!
CreateYourWorth (1 year ago)
Good info. Thank u.
KA LUPO (10 months ago)
His INFO SUCKS. And will get him fired.