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Summer 2017 Compilation

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It's been a while since we did a compilation. This is due to myself taking ill which diverted my time elsewhere. I know some of you have missed these compilations so, we have put together some videos which came in during July, August and September. There was a slow down of new material coming in as we haven't really been active but please keep sending your videos in to us. Credits given were asked for in the top right of the clip. www.hgvdashcamfootage.com
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Text Comments (1417)
1807retthom (2 hours ago)
Respect to HGV drivers everywhere, especially at this time of year. Getting supplies moved around the country. Keep safe out there.
damn now I got that song in my head now lol
Computer Addic (2 days ago)
It is astonishing what risks people take during driving.
Athanasios Xirogiannis (4 days ago)
Thats not even a typical morning in capital of Greece - Athens.
john davies (4 days ago)
No surprised hes tipped the trailer full of trees theses fuckers drive like idiots taking corners to fast
tony zaffiro (5 days ago)
that idiot at 8.33 saw the trucks right hand indicator but was determined to speed up and not give way then he blows his horn. What a dick head
Donald Sharpless (5 days ago)
Indicators my ass. Right of way my ass. It's called that organ between your ears called a brain. Use it. In the states, we just chase you down and either beat the shit out of you or shoot you sometimes. It's called road rage. People lose their minds.
Donald Sharpless (5 days ago)
I would be losing my mind on these people. Looks like people overseas drive just like the asshole's in America do. Unbelievable.
Colin Reed (6 days ago)
Can't understand how some of these knobheads ever passed a test!
John (8 days ago)
I suppose selling cars is more important than having a driving test that only people that can actually drive will pass.
IXI Futureproof (10 days ago)
Too many HGV drivers don't realise they have brakes.
goinghomesomeday1 (10 days ago)
WoW and I thought Irish drivers were bad!
Tom A (10 days ago)
Driving in uk looks like a nightmare
Neil Wood (11 days ago)
Oh u cock..pmsl
Andy Jay (15 days ago)
You drive like a bit of an idiot too. 8:28 you had plenty of warning and indication from other driver that he was changing lanes. Trucks should slow the F*** down and always be in the left hand lane and NOT hogging the right all the dang time.
choochoochooseyou (15 days ago)
I no longer brake if anyone pulls in front of me. Fuck em.
voyagesdedavid (16 days ago)
Seconds in and wanker in a lorry sounds his horn in a built-up area, presumably between the hours of 23:30 and 07:00, just because someone is 'in his way'. What a cockwomble.
Ann Goodall (17 days ago)
Cunts, cunts everywhere 🙌
Alan Pattison (21 days ago)
8:46 fkin wnkstain 😂. Not heard that for years
Joe S (25 days ago)
This should be called, "Assholes from around the world" part 1
gunman261 (26 days ago)
5:37 goes into purley, London where i live!
Nick Thorp (27 days ago)
@2.20 the Astra van should probably have slowed down, made space between him and the artic in front. Given the artic space and time to merge safely. Let the artic merge cleanly. Then get himself into lane one calmly. I have to note that this HGV driver did nothing at all to help merging traffic though. He just piled into them.
I see the Police Impersonation Car is out !! Traffic Officers are not the police, but they look very much like them . Police Impersonating freaks . How can normal motorists tell the difference? . There should be a clear la to stop them looking like police and police vehicles. They could have acted and dealt with that motorist , but they have no powers , so they just drove on by 👿😡
CrossvaderDJ (28 days ago)
I know the location of that second clip very well. It's an awful roundabout and so many people cut across that lane to go left towards the small retail park and restaurants. Almost every time I go round there some twonk in a Jag/Audi/Bimmer cuts across, and has the arrogance to flip ME off when they do it.
Vasile Dragos (29 days ago)
This is light stuff. I had so many retards braking in my face and refusing to use the first lane, like someone fucking rented them that lane, and many other fuckups that were inches away from tragedy... (HGV driver here) AND FOR FUCK SAKE, DON'T STAY PARALLEL WITH A TRUCK ON HIS SIDE, HE MAY NOT SEE YOU AND HE WILL HIT YOU!!!
Angel Mcfadden (1 month ago)
Ah,the good old A414!
Bryan Duncan (1 month ago)
Compared to the videos from Russia, this view of British driving is like drinking a cup of tea and not cocking your pinkie!
Maddy Tom (1 month ago)
I now want a cuppa tea.
NitroMaximus (1 month ago)
Made my piss boil just watching it. Lost for words.
GameTemptica (1 month ago)
8:20 long live auto brake
mart f (1 month ago)
4:06 cam driver going to fast for the road conditions
davidkhd (1 month ago)
why are you driving into oncoming trafic?
Trev Deano (1 month ago)
Traffic Officer WTF!
Dee Vious (1 month ago)
This video made me not want to pee.
Jesse Grant (1 month ago)
"His Hands Aren't Free He's Got A Cuppa Tea" Will be this year's Christmas number one song 😂 1:23 Btw 😊
Pro Noob Racer (1 month ago)
It's more useful than it looks
bogbrush999 (1 month ago)
Italian layby? What was going on? 5.08
DaAceGamer (1 month ago)
2:36 is that capital radio?
Colin Campbell (1 month ago)
Shows you it is not only fool car drivers.. there are some bad lorry drivers out there too?  That car driver @2.21 badly cut up the lorry when trying to illegally do a overtaking pass of the other lorry, he then overtook the lorry he cut up and gave him the finger?  I hope that car drivers actions were shown to the police later on and he be arrested for breaking the road laws and being offensive to the lorry he cut up?
davethecurrymonster (1 month ago)
Don't fuck with a truck!!!!!!
Martyn Wood (1 month ago)
British swearing is excellent, cock, wank stain, cock wipe, cock head, dickhead etc...
m4hs33r5 (1 month ago)
Never a shortage of brain donors!
A.C. Jelly (1 month ago)
Russian dash cams: "cyka blyat there is a car being pulled by donkeys" English dash cams: "just a few tossers being a bit rude."
vstol (1 month ago)
Many thanks for your time and effort. Hope you get well soon.
Let's also watch video vespa thanks LANCANG KUNING #10 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9qyBCkmb-g&list=PLO0kY2ulfX4lu4ZNbdXX-cwDxjn3wyF6n TBSS XXV BUKITTINGGI (Ngarai Sianok) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSNMdZCdPQE&list=PLO0kY2ulfX4nKnXvgmKVRoVJMaqXy78m2 ANNIVERSARY SCOOTER FANS CLUB (SFC) KE 20 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NuFuwlhZsJc&list=PLO0kY2ulfX4mlqcVsf0Ops9lnSiJzd70Z ANNIVERSARY AMINOSC (Pantai Tiram) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_JVhMIjLrik&list=PLO0kY2ulfX4kRR0i2AnkYdBmAktToUQwI ANNIVERSARY SAKTI SUNGAI PENUH KERINCI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5Z6HFPd9Uk&list=PLO0kY2ulfX4nuYyRFLC5PJMTZHVn4keXN TBSS XXII SOLOK (Terminal Bareh Solok) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sz33y7vykLA&list=PLO0kY2ulfX4lbI_UUvZENPQG76iFfgXPn TBSS XXIV LUBUK SIKAPIANG (Lapangan Imam Bonjol) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vs_CoczrrK4&list=PLO0kY2ulfX4mjRqkUJRZP8NiMFVdQoOaf ANNIVERSARY SP@C PARIAMAN INDONESIA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uJLRkS0uvuE&list=PLO0kY2ulfX4lOe002w_Kl2EoXoMTXSQXw ANNIVERSARY KOMPI B PARIAMAN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-uNorOfGyc&list=PLO0kY2ulfX4nUZTvxgWKXOB5b55v-OTpS TBSS XXIII PAYAKUMBUH (Lapangan Pacu Kuda Kubu Gadang) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ju5DmxgxX7s&list=PLO0kY2ulfX4l2pJLsEfdjVM5fli0ix-SY
David Walmsley (1 month ago)
Russian dash-cams are more exciting, but yours are a paean to subtler anodynes.
albechien Albec (1 month ago)
Around the world vehicle of driver it is same attitude.
Paul (1 month ago)
Some car drivers are a stupid breed of human , Their mathematics skills are completely useless. Car weight 1 to 2 tonne max, HGV 7.5 to 44 tonne max No competition really, I drive a 44 tonne arctic 5 days out of 7 and it astonishes me how some car drivers behave these days suicidal is one aspect of their behaviour. If I get one of these nut jobs wanting to test my patience when I'm on the road I no longer sound the horn or brake I just reshape their pride and joy for them. Then when the camera footage is shown to the insurers as is always standard with my employer It's the silly look on the car drivers face which is the biggest giggle when his/her insurance company refuses to pay out. Sure it's a lot of paperwork but it's worth that hassle.
Maurizio Pescatori (1 month ago)
5:10 Would you mind explaining what is wrong? As a European, that looks like an ordinary pull-over layby to me. Thank you.
Mike Trafford (1 month ago)
A lot of bad truck driving here.
bea kittelscherz (1 month ago)
f##cking xxxxx in any given language , lol
Jackyblue67 Same (1 month ago)
I have respect for big trucks .My daddy drove most of his life til he passed on & was grandfathered in to his CDL's .These driver's on the road today gets their CDL's from a bubble gum machine most of them do .
Nils Patriks Gutmanis (1 month ago)
Theres a reason truck drivers often dont stop at red lights on higways -- its because the cant stop in time at the speed they are travelling at
Bewsey Bill (1 month ago)
The best ay to deal with trucks , is to get them back on the railways and free up the roads.
u tuber (1 month ago)
omg this was tense how do people drive in jolly old England you wussies!
JAMES Rivis (1 month ago)
Unbelievable morons driving.
moleman1961 (1 month ago)
Hate driving now. Way too many stupid bastards on the road. Always expect everyone else on the road to be a fucking idiot and nine times out of ten they will prove you right! Think ahead!
Glen Arnold (1 month ago)
The bellend in the tractor at the low bridge 😂
prinsesa iomperreo (1 month ago)
british doint know howwie 2 drive  4 sure
Paul Carrbengi (1 month ago)
Your crap
Hy Cart (1 month ago)
Not enough chlorine in the gene pool...and SOOOOO MANY SPECIAL FUCKWITS.....
Louisiana Dry Ice (1 month ago)
Jim Randall (1 month ago)
People with dash cams only post other peoples mistakes.
Harrison Boone (1 month ago)
Nothing interesting to see here.
Actually, I’m English (1 month ago)
Danyel Dany (1 month ago)
Idiot Engleash driver
mspenrice (1 month ago)
That nutter on the westway is one of many reasons why I try to avoid driving in London if I can at all help it...
gezzazoom (1 month ago)
they are all out there aren't they! highway code ? whats that? I'm sure i looked at that once? whats on youtube, r yes ! eastenders, xfactor, Glad that I got out of driving for a living, regards Gez.
Xaiano (1 month ago)
Anyone confused about who was at fault at 2:20 needs to resit their driving test. highway code rule 259.
1faustus (1 month ago)
Mooooov over!
Richard Innes (1 month ago)
Amazing how many shit drivers give you stick for these videos! pmsl!
FARGO GEMINI (1 month ago)
Some choice wankers here, most are lorry drivers with dash cams
Great British Entertainment Ltd (1 month ago)
Thanks for the nice ride & tea song which makes up for the twats you/we meet on the Queen's Highways!
J Anything (1 month ago)
That first one, what a retard, you don't use a horn at 5:20AM.
j g (1 month ago)
UK drivers are so polite. Would last ten minutes in Russia.
KEIO 7000 (1 month ago)
4:59 Perché ascolta 'na radio italiana sto qua?
Michael Doster (1 month ago)
Glad to see the US is not the only place where the blokes come out of the woodwork to pull in front of you! Crikey!
walter koh (1 month ago)
Now I know there are so many crazy drivers out there that never follow the rules and regulations risking away their lives and endangering other road user especially the big lorry. Thank you for your patience while filming these idiots.
Plug 14 (1 month ago)
It's people who undertake on the duel carriage way who drive me mad it's so dangerous, but every day I see more and more people doing it.
Chris Plunkett (1 month ago)
At 0.58,is that the English relative of the legendary 11 feet 8 bridge in America?
foxbor0 (1 month ago)
I have a terrible thing I need to confess to... The other night, I took a different route home due to roadworks, I came to a junction where I (evidently) didn't see a 'no right turn' sign, but I .... wait for it.... I actually turned right (holds head in shame)! The helpful council managed to capture the atrocity on camera and informed me of the incident. I gladly paid the £65 because I made a mistake (memo to self: "never make a mistake again!") I'm petrified that some holier-than-thou expert driver who never ever makes a mistake caught the atrocity on their amazing dash-cam, and for some odd reason, has enough time on their hands to edit the footage and post it to the whole frigging world on youtube in some weird attempt to... err... what? what is the point of all this shit?
Avi Michaely (1 month ago)
What's happening in 2:52?
Smurdy (1 month ago)
9:34 a fukin legend m8 :D
Joe Pierre (1 month ago)
Boy British drivers really are fucking stupid
Raymondo Duberee Subscr1be 2 Me (2 months ago)
Stuart K. Seels (2 months ago)
I seriously hope that the tosser in the Mondeo @ 10:04 got reported to the police!
Peter Maddison (2 months ago)
8;53 - Thanks for stopping mate, oh, BTW, there's a stupid twat in a red car going to cut right in front of you ;-)
Peter Maddison (2 months ago)
6:18 - How did a US clip get in to a UK collection????? ConfusedDOTCom
Heinrich Wolf (1 month ago)
It didn't. The sign says "Inala", which is a suburb of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. The fact they're driving on the left side could have been a hint too. :)
Manc Flyer (2 months ago)
Too many trucks on UK roads - invest in trains like in Europe
OUTLAWED UK (22 hours ago)
uk had more railways than roads until some pratt in govment closed them in the 60s learn some history
yereverluvinuncleber (2 months ago)
That is merely British bad driving but compared to Russian bad driving it is mild . In addition they say "Ferki'n dickhead" instead of "Bilyat!"
gerald williams (2 months ago)
you got anger issues, chill out
Lynne Gee (2 months ago)
Hey 👋🏻, enjoyed this (in a "WTF!" way). Hope you're feeling better now.
Bettin Huge (2 months ago)
People on Ludes should not drive
Nigel 900 (2 months ago)
Pitiful bunch of dumbasses, lacking the common courtesy to move over and allow merging traffic.....
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Kia Sportage Is Ugly Korean Trash (2 months ago)
Notice the guy at 8:18 was in a Kia. Worst drivers on the road now.
william a. patterson (2 months ago)
What was that the two on the left side of the road threw under the passing truck at the 5:15 mark of the video???
paul evans (2 months ago)
now i remember why i left the uk for kerry in ireland, NO NUBS. :):):).
One New Man (2 months ago)
bad drivers, beautiful landscapes/countryside
TimeZoneGaming (2 months ago)
His hands aren't free he's gotta cuppa tea His hands aren't free he's gotta cuppa tea His hands aren't free he's gotta cuppa tea 1:28