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Summer 2017 Compilation

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It's been a while since we did a compilation. This is due to myself taking ill which diverted my time elsewhere. I know some of you have missed these compilations so, we have put together some videos which came in during July, August and September. There was a slow down of new material coming in as we haven't really been active but please keep sending your videos in to us. Credits given were asked for in the top right of the clip. www.hgvdashcamfootage.com
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Text Comments (1320)
Richard Innes (16 hours ago)
Amazing how many shit drivers give you stick for these videos! pmsl!
BIG T. (16 hours ago)
Some choice wankers here, most are lorry drivers with dash cams
Great British Entertainment Ltd (18 hours ago)
Thanks for the nice ride & tea song which makes up for the twats you/we meet on the Queen's Highways!
J Anything (1 day ago)
That first one, what a retard, you don't use a horn at 5:20AM.
j g (1 day ago)
UK drivers are so polite. Would last ten minutes in Russia.
KEIO 7000 (2 days ago)
4:59 Perché ascolta 'na radio italiana sto qua?
Michael Doster (3 days ago)
Glad to see the US is not the only place where the blokes come out of the woodwork to pull in front of you! Crikey!
walter koh (3 days ago)
Now I know there are so many crazy drivers out there that never follow the rules and regulations risking away their lives and endangering other road user especially the big lorry. Thank you for your patience while filming these idiots.
Alanna Mendez (4 days ago)
It's people who undertake on the duel carriage way who drive me mad it's so dangerous, but every day I see more and more people doing it.
Chris Plunkett (4 days ago)
At 0.58,is that the English relative of the legendary 11 feet 8 bridge in America?
foxbor0 (4 days ago)
I have a terrible thing I need to confess to... The other night, I took a different route home due to roadworks, I came to a junction where I (evidently) didn't see a 'no right turn' sign, but I .... wait for it.... I actually turned right (holds head in shame)! The helpful council managed to capture the atrocity on camera and informed me of the incident. I gladly paid the £65 because I made a mistake (memo to self: "never make a mistake again!") I'm petrified that some holier-than-thou expert driver who never ever makes a mistake caught the atrocity on their amazing dash-cam, and for some odd reason, has enough time on their hands to edit the footage and post it to the whole frigging world on youtube in some weird attempt to... err... what? what is the point of all this shit?
Avi Michaely (4 days ago)
What's happening in 2:52?
Smurdy (5 days ago)
9:34 a fukin legend m8 :D
Joe Pierre (5 days ago)
Boy British drivers really are fucking stupid
Raymondo Duberee Subscr1be 2 Me (6 days ago)
Stuart K. Seels (7 days ago)
I seriously hope that the tosser in the Mondeo @ 10:04 got reported to the police!
Peter Maddison (7 days ago)
8;53 - Thanks for stopping mate, oh, BTW, there's a stupid twat in a red car going to cut right in front of you ;-)
Peter Maddison (7 days ago)
6:18 - How did a US clip get in to a UK collection????? ConfusedDOTCom
Heinrich Wolf (5 days ago)
It didn't. The sign says "Inala", which is a suburb of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. The fact they're driving on the left side could have been a hint too. :)
Manc Flyer (7 days ago)
Too many trucks on UK roads - invest in trains like in Europe
yereverluvinuncleber (7 days ago)
That is merely British bad driving but compared to Russian bad driving it is mild . In addition they say "Ferki'n dickhead" instead of "Bilyat!"
gerald williams (7 days ago)
you got anger issues, chill out
Lynne Gee (7 days ago)
Hey 👋🏻, enjoyed this (in a "WTF!" way). Hope you're feeling better now.
Bettin Huge (7 days ago)
People on Ludes should not drive
Nigel 900 (8 days ago)
Pitiful bunch of dumbasses, lacking the common courtesy to move over and allow merging traffic.....
Fake UK_Fake_ID (8 days ago)
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Kia Sportage Is Ugly Korean Trash (8 days ago)
Notice the guy at 8:18 was in a Kia. Worst drivers on the road now.
william a. patterson (8 days ago)
What was that the two on the left side of the road threw under the passing truck at the 5:15 mark of the video???
paul evans (9 days ago)
now i remember why i left the uk for kerry in ireland, NO NUBS. :):):).
One New Man (9 days ago)
bad drivers, beautiful landscapes/countryside
TimeZoneGaming (9 days ago)
His hands aren't free he's gotta cuppa tea His hands aren't free he's gotta cuppa tea His hands aren't free he's gotta cuppa tea 1:28
Skinner31 (10 days ago)
Engineers gotta lay off the weed those roads are confusing as hell
SkySillyGino (10 days ago)
1:42 Best one
Jim's videos (11 days ago)
We should build a time machine to see if in 500 years Cuppa Tea is the national anthem.
Raoul Fleckman (11 days ago)
Szymon B (11 days ago)
uk crazy cash going world
stef hocde (11 days ago)
just good to see that brits think they're just as clever with a wheel we french do
DigitalMusicXpress (11 days ago)
The Brits drive so well and behaved compared to our drivers over here, I should make a SA drivers complination, people would think we dont have things like traffic officers!
Matthias Schupeta (11 days ago)
this is soooooo boring
tono80 (12 days ago)
Most of these videos are super lame. Low standards for uploading
Ergzay (12 days ago)
Half this stuff is legal in the US. Europe overregulating as usual.
G MASON (9 days ago)
Igor Echevarria (13 days ago)
If you compare this with Russian roads, this is like Bambi.
Jan Nowak (13 days ago)
4:04 It`s your fault actually ;P
Giulio (13 days ago)
4:59 The strangest thing I've ever heard ahah The radio is in Italian. Here you are the traduction: Located in the centre of Cazzago (is a comune in the province of Brescia, in Lombardy, Italy). Large rooms for ceremonies and banquets..(two seconds pause)...for "terroni" (bad way to call southerners in Italy) and gypsy people weddings. Original text. Sito nel pieno centro di cazzago. Ampie sale per cerimonie e banchetti...two seconds pause...per terroni e matrimoni zingari. Anyway, it made me laugh and I wanted to share with no Italian speakers.
Bad Driving UK (14 days ago)
The lorryshooting through the red lights was crazy and so was the lorry coming under the bridge. It looked like there was a crash there. Madness. Utter madness on the roads.
Brendon Eric (14 days ago)
6:27 fackin' moron
Joe Beard (14 days ago)
Frank Tuckwell (14 days ago)
Enough to gjve you palpitations
Nubilus Mne (14 days ago)
No stupid intro, no stupid music Bravo!!! Enjoy to watch your compilation
Ethan Lamoureux (15 days ago)
At 1:40 just how do they expect you to stop for a yellow light that short? It sounds like you were slowing down already while the light was still green, and just barely got stopped in time. I hope they aren’t all like that where you are!
Lysa H (15 days ago)
I've come to realize via Youtube that the UK and Australia have the worst asshole drivers.
Gabriel Pop (15 days ago)
Boring....try the Russian dash cams))
Fanda čondl (15 days ago)
1:41 Try brake 20+ tons
MrCinghialotto (15 days ago)
boring. russian dashcam are better...
Канал Кузмича (15 days ago)
That's what left-side road create. Fucking inconvenience
Daniel Butler (15 days ago)
so boring, I wanna fireballs and cars launching into the sky.
xopozify (15 days ago)
Britain. Worst drivers in Europe with Russia. One thing in common: road rage.
Terry D (15 days ago)
5.43 red toyota arrow on road shows there was two lanes and you have to filter from the right the red car did just this but you being big did not want to give any room
Terry D (15 days ago)
The first car in the clip did not realy do that much wrong they are clearly lost and trying to see the sign that is covered by the trees, I suppose if you know that road you know which lane to be in but if you do not know it you will keep left and as they did noticed last minute you can not read the road sign. why dont you petition to get the tree cut instead of blaming the driver of this car
Terry D (15 days ago)
Typical dash cam warrior I am wondering at 2.15 mins in why you did not move over to lane two or slow down when you saw all that traffic entering from the on slip road, instead you simply remained at your constant speed and did not even take evasive action, The reason you did this your a dick who thinks your in a big vehicle so move out of the way
nikos kon (15 days ago)
Dave Elmy (16 days ago)
couldn't get past the first minute. might as well watch out my window.
Kerry Foster (16 days ago)
You're gonna need a bigger road..........
I S (16 days ago)
08:33 who is right?
Yosen B. Mamma (16 days ago)
If that was Russia instead of the UK, all of those little incidents would have been catastrophic accidents.
Diana Herron (16 days ago)
How you can drive for a living is beyond me. I would be ready to start crashing through all those moron drivers. How is driving like that ok to them??!! Making a turn isn't worth a potentially fatal accident. Knobs all of them!!!!
Ironbuket (17 days ago)
9:25 Get out of the overtaking lane, you are going slower than the traffic to your left
donald day (17 days ago)
all you guys should put lic. number up in big letters of each one of these attempted murders so the world can see who they are
3 Link (17 days ago)
And that's why I don't drive trucks anymore.....
Dareis Nogod (17 days ago)
charlie crocker (17 days ago)
You know how bad ir is out there try driving a motorcycle these people are going to kill ME nutters be safe
Ralph The Bulldog (17 days ago)
2:18 Wembley
Wavy Davy (17 days ago)
It's not as exciting as any of the Russian videos but, as I'm from the UK, that's very reassuring indeed. Just off out for a spin on my bike, which, in all probability, I'll survive with maybe only a few sharp braking and horn blaring incidents.
Mark Rocket 3 (18 days ago)
You got no chance on a motorbike with these idiots all over the place !
Barusolle (18 days ago)
5:07 "terroni e matrimoni zingari".
ZebsFrend (19 days ago)
My over-riding impression of this video is that British roads, even motorways, are not made for these over-sized monsters. All this freight goods should be on the railways. Then we wouldn't have all the deaths caused by "professional" lorry drivers going around scaring smaller vehicles. Eddie Stupid drivers are the worst for that.
Macias1000000 (19 days ago)
10:45 no comment, self-explanatory example of stupidity. Funny thing is, the merc driver will say to his insurance company that the lorry driver was at fault because they didn't keep safe distance from the vehicle in front. Well done Mr Driver for having the dashcam on.
Macias1000000 (19 days ago)
8:37 I am affraid it's a tesco driver, executing their world-leading manoveur of 'I-need-to-take-this-lane-now', who is at fault. For all those, who will question my comment, here are a couple of coordinates that you MUST take into the account: 1. Indicator does NOT give you priority, but it signals your intention and puts you on cue to execute the manoveur when the conditions are right. 2. Did this tesco driver need to change the lane due to lanes merging or an emergency in a form of immediate danger arising ahead of him? 2. Beside point 1, it is illegal to pull out by changing lane in front of a vehicle that travels faster without leaving sufficient distance. That applies to either left or right lane changes. Once you've aknowledged the above, please leave your comment below.
rin1110 (20 days ago)
1:45~ who puts a bloody stop light on the highway
Livesinthe Shadowsofthenight (20 days ago)
most of the lorry drivers are going too fast in certain situations,and take risks
Gidon Ricardo (21 days ago)
english people are so.... nice. no road rage, no accidents.... compared to a Russian road rage/accidents video this one is a walk in a park.
M D (21 days ago)
Nothing wrong with 1.55 no way on earth that Lorry would’ve been able to stop in time
NM hobi, oyun, eğlence (21 days ago)
10.56 you are cock fkcng dickhead your left is free to turn but you focus to hit his car and you did. Gj
eejay H (21 days ago)
No matter where you are in this World there are alway some stupid flogs driving without brains FFS
Luke's Transport Video's (21 days ago)
4:00 Your fault then, no surprises that you hit that HGV.
Joey Figo (22 days ago)
Just proves without doubt how many C💥🌟ts are sill on the roads in the UK and the plod do fa to remove em for good.
john adams (22 days ago)
The British. Best drivers in the world.
Macias1000000 (22 days ago)
4:25 now, he'll tell you to slow down and to be patient. Thick cunt.
kcvous (22 days ago)
6:47 a speciality in UK, driving in the blind spot a too long time. Sometimes i think it's for the insurance.... :)
PritchyTurbo2000 (22 days ago)
VeccyG74 (22 days ago)
In most of these clips from england nothing happens! So why put here.
mkini (20 days ago)
Anyone who doesn't see anything wrong or dangerous happening in these videos might need a few driving lessons.
Samy (22 days ago)
Damn uk . No traffice rules
John Bower (22 days ago)
The fact that so many of these didn't end in accidents shows the quality of our good drivers, managing to miss them. The rest? Just cockknockers with no sense whatsoever who shouldn't be allowed near anything with more than 0 wheels.
Flying Dutchman (22 days ago)
I do defend badly, that all dashboard cam images like these should be delivered to the next police station for analysis and identification of all these road criminals so that they can be punished before they kill someone.
kingsgate57 (22 days ago)
"Fookin' wankstain", perfect.
Jergä Botswana-Vekklandęr (23 days ago)
5:10 Time for a very friendly little chat. SGS.
Youtube Chanel (23 days ago)
05:00 how did the tuned to an italian radio ?
computername (23 days ago)
The UK rule is if there is a cyclist in the road it is perfectly acceptable to use the opposing lane. Also, you don't have to respect the oncoming traffic and dive straight into it - they have the duty to slow down and make space for your overtaking, surely nobody can be bothered to wait until there is enough space to safely overtake. This way of overtaking with no regard to other traffic is particularly welcome in corners with no visbility, coming up to a crest or on junctions. Another UK rule is that when merging into a motorway under no circumstances you must look in the mirrors or pay any to the traffic in the lane. As the continuous line ends immediately pull out - ideally going 20 miles slower than the traffic and without using indicators . The others will brake and make space for you. Remember - in traffic it's the others duty to pay attention - you need to take advantage of this to be a winner!
MrcabooseVG (23 days ago)
It's an automatic, who gives a toss? It's the soundtrack of American drivers
Legominder (23 days ago)
Wozu, you have a lot of action on your roads! Almost everyone driving on the left side! Just kidding, as a left-handed person I loved it in Namibia regarding gear lever on fossil cars. Was disappointed though that the pedals are not swapped.
Honda VFR800F (23 days ago)
Boring. Nothing special. Standart Frankfurttraffic