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Transport and Logistics - Breaking down the barriers - Infographic animation

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http://www.savvatsekmes.com An info-graphic animation representing the current Australian Transport and Logistics Industry, and the benefits GS1 Australia offer with EPCIS.
Category: Film & Animation
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Text Comments (6)
قبيلة بني هاجر (2 months ago)
ممتاز يا ابا محمد👍
rahul tewani (3 months ago)
Which software use
Григорий Иванов (2 years ago)
Nice video.
KMBShipping (2 years ago)
Great video Savva! Well done.
Buddhika Jayasekara (2 years ago)
Please be kind enough to tell me which software used in this infographic video... Anyone..?
savva tsekmes (2 years ago)
+ben Perkins (bigbuddies) this was made using after effects :)