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"Lazy UPS guy" Next Viral Sensation?

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Call it "extreme ground shipping," or "Lazy UPS Guy" if you're tracking YouTube. "I was sitting right there playing XBOX, and I see a big brown thing pass by," said John Torres, who may have seen the next viral sensation live from his Gainesville home. "He probably wasn't thinking or just lazy like the video says," he said. The video, uploaded on January 14 and already has close to 600 views, shows a UPS driver heading North along 34th Street, driving on the sidewalk- directly through a school zone. "It's a very mobile area, we see bicycles and pedestrians all the time," said Sgt. Joe Raulerson with the Gainesville Police Department. If an officer witnessed the delivery, the driver would have been hit with a $154 citation, and three points on his license. The UPS public relations team released this statement to TV20: "'Thanks so much for calling this to our attention. What is depicted on this video is in no way condoned by UPS. We don't tolerate any violation of UPS safe driving practices and will take corrective action, including termination, for anyone who isn't following our safe driving standards. The location is not clearly apparent, so we're investigating this video further. We value the unique trust the public places in UPS for the highest safety standards on the roadways.' Susan Rosenberg | UPS Public Relations Manager." "Right when they get out of school, that's pretty much when UPS comes around," said Torres, who is happy no one was hurt but doesn't think "lazy UPS guy" should be fired. "Maybe put him back in packaging," he said.
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General George S. Patton Jr. (3 months ago)
Fucking beaner playing Xbox because he doesn't work shit, meanwhile the ups driver working
islandboy lover (4 months ago)
ups employees in general are very hard workers..the company requires it....always a few bad eggs though
ManicMan 2298 (5 months ago)
Talk about a country full of fucking crybaby NARCS!
MCP (5 months ago)
Edward Teach (7 months ago)
this guy was probably drunk to be driving through the sidewalk
Nash Doyle (10 months ago)
Well give the people time to do it right.
Desean Dowe (10 months ago)
he was a package handler
Jake Ford (10 months ago)
-That is normal here in Tallahassee FL. -Keeps the traffic flowing on busy streets. -This is nothing compared to, Mumbai India driving
Randy Sergent (11 months ago)
what the hell was the driver thinking? we push our PCs to the limit but never would we do dumb stuff like this.
J'sVanLife. (1 year ago)
I'm sorry I wouldn't call this lazy. Would call it pure stupidity!
catracha V. (1 year ago)
of course those companies don't hiring people have two license suspension but hiring people that do damm driving will cause the camponies doubles.
CASCARET That's right ! (1 year ago)
Poor English and a possible dwi suspension on your driver license, that's why you didn't get hired.
Chris Borbon (1 year ago)
Road/Sidewalk... It's all the same 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Yankie Doodle (1 year ago)
Lazy fuck. He could have killed someone.
Karlett555 (2 years ago)
so a guy driving in first gear on pavement not OK, but a manager publicly threatening with termination - hey why not!
Jordan E (2 years ago)
Wtf was this driver thinking?! I mean I know how ups pushes their drivers to the limits to deliver packages but that's just stupid to drive on the side walk and risk someone's life for a god damn package! Ups, FedEx treat their drivers like shit and all they care is about delivering 300 packages a day!
Jimmy Faust jr (2 years ago)
the lazy people are the idiots too lazy to go out and get it themselves. i work at Fedex. i know how it is.
Yankie Doodle (1 year ago)
Hey, asshole. We pay to have that shit delivered you piece of fucking lazy shit.
alexmhoffman50 (2 years ago)
It's cool the union will defend this guy (:
Frank Budroux (8 months ago)
alexmhoffman50 Union defends everybody who belongs in union and pays dues wheather you are good or bad guy its their obligations,,sometimes good guy gets in trouble under bizarre circumstances that is not a reason to loose his job wherelse in other places they would fire you even if you were loyal 15 year employee ...
alexmhoffman50 (1 year ago)
+Tom Floor I'm not surprised. p.o.s.
DVDave (2 years ago)
Next Viral Sensation?  Nope.
BigBoysClimbOnBigRing (2 years ago)
I have a problem with someone calling a ups driver lazy. NO MOTHERFUCKER! You pieces of shit who have all day to play Xbox and film ups drivers are the lazy ones. Get a real job. I spit on all these little boys who don't know what's it like to really work. Fuck you! Blow me bitch!
courtney muse (1 year ago)
...yes Driving is hard. but. this, was purely stupid. not lazy. not justified at all, even though we bust ass like 11 hours a day. lol
Yankie Doodle (1 year ago)
Maybe that guy playing Xbox had the fucking day off, you god damn moron.
Jerome Narine (1 year ago)
+xLDKx NewYorker The main thing is we're both putting in are dues while others are sitting on their ass playing Xbox.
xLDKx NewYorker (1 year ago)
+Jerome Narine​​ Well apparently you can't read... "Look I'm not personally insulting you..." And I've worked construction, I understand how the work is. Not only that. But I used to live in a harsh area where I had to cut down trees, segment them with a chainsaw, split them with a maul, and stack them in a pile so I didn't freeze to death. While going to school daily, completely maintaining a house for my abusive parents, cooking, cleaning, doing paid work (construction), yard work, etc. I think I understand what manual labor is. Actually I'd like to see you do that job while being physically and psychologically abused on a daily basis.
NDHvideos (2 years ago)
You gonna do that crap after making 90k a year?! Dummy...
NDHvideos (2 years ago)
+calinlam The asshole in the video probably was lol.  Average UPS driver is $82,000.
Lutky (2 years ago)
+NDHvideos Who's making 90k a year being a driver?
R Saldivar (2 years ago)
Why was he on thw sidewalk? Ups pays for double parking tickets lol
Donald Anderson (2 years ago)
My thoughts exactly! The driver wouldn't need to be concerned about double parking anyway. They typically are at a residential stop for less than a minute.
Anthony Trent (3 years ago)
Where does that guy they were interviewing have a job? Burger King?
Troy Brownrigg (3 years ago)
Sidewalks would be damaged if this continued. There not designed for the weight.
dongofast (3 years ago)
I dont think he should be driving on the sidewalk, BUT did you notice that there is no place to park on that street ?? Look carefully. Where is he supposed to park to access these homes ???
Justin McCurdy (1 year ago)
You put your flashers on and you park as far to the right as you can. I do it in a tractor trailer all day everyday. There is no excuse for driving down the sidewalk.
Les Davis (3 years ago)
Lazy UPS guy works and pays tax'e so Hulio and Salena can sit on their azz's and watch him go by about the time their children get out of public school. Then they have plenty of time to call and wait for TV reporter to come out and take an interview.
Les Davis (6 months ago)
do yank your noodle.......doodle.
Yankie Doodle (1 year ago)
Yeah, you don't know if they work nights or not or if they had that day off, you POS.
Les Davis (1 year ago)
I know UPS drivers and especially P/T loaders bust their azz's to make a living. All I know about Hulio and Salena is they sit around looking out their window playing x box games during normal work hours and have plenty of time to stir the pot....sad
Yankie Doodle (1 year ago)
You know nothing about those two, you idiot.
alexmhoffman50 (2 years ago)
mickee06 (3 years ago)
John Torres Is lazy
camailman usps (3 years ago)
I didnt realize you could drink on the job.
ebsen raptzski (3 years ago)
it's great to catch assholes on video being assholes as PROOF to all the unbelieving ASSHOLES that there are ASSHOLES out there.
goldenchild2735 (3 years ago)
Your lazy
KEYLA MORALES (3 years ago)
That was me driving.....
They Vs You (3 years ago)
Hercules Rockefeller (3 years ago)
That's funny cause I do the same work, and theres a street I do this on too.. I don't blame the guy.., Im sure ups keeps rushing him because douchebags are complaining about where their Kindles are at..
They Vs You (3 years ago)
RJ Stug (4 years ago)
Well Hello There Mr UPS Man
Billy Thomas (4 years ago)
@ chinchillawrangler, Just like flying a plane is only pushing the throttle forward on take off and pushing a button for the landing gear on landing. Easy as that you moron.. You obviously have never done the job of a UPS driver so please don't make ignorant comments.
stackedhippiechick (4 years ago)
UPS is lazy!
HardcoreSarge101 (9 days ago)
stackedhippiechick news flash all mail services are.
amosley312 (3 years ago)
Easy for you to say behind a computer screen
Jayson Or (4 years ago)
what was that guy thinking lmao
keith sutherland (4 years ago)
lol UPS is lazy at least where I live. a few months ago I was suppose to get a package on Thursday. (I'm guessing) I was home ALL day Thursday and they said they knocked and no one was home and even if I never heard them they should have left the slip of paper for me so I knew they were lying.
Mike Smith (4 years ago)
UPS, will handle this!
Mussie Tesfay (3 years ago)
Yeah right.
dhighsmith024 (4 years ago)
@chinchillawrangler, ups.com they are always hiring. Lemme know in a week how it worked out for you. Bet u cant last two days
chinchillawrangler (4 years ago)
i dont get why people always bitch about driving for ups. whats so hard about driving around, getting out of your truck, and handing a box to someone...then making 35 an hour to do it...shit ill take that anyday
I Am Guthixr (4 years ago)
Haha more people should react like that ups lady did to you.
toxicgrape1234 (4 years ago)
Lgwolf Wilson (4 years ago)
How do they know it's a HE? Maybe it's a fat slob of a woman.
Mary Miskanis (4 years ago)
Dariusz Latawiec (4 years ago)
Sorry, but if the delivery guys are pushed to the limits something going to happen . Soner or later. chose USPS.
jeffw1267 (11 months ago)
USPS carriers drive on the sidewalks too. I had a supervisor tell me to do it but I refused. If you get your job done fast you can pretty much do whatever you want.
Brandon (4 years ago)
Is this Gainesville Florida?
Nicholas Perry (4 years ago)
We need a path for ups drivers now.
Kandi Klover (4 years ago)
Lol if they don't tolerate unsafe driving stop parking in the fucking red zones and blocking bike lanes on busy roads
Kandi Klover (4 years ago)
make him one of the foot delivery guys pushing the lil cart.
jayinla310 (4 years ago)
I agree wit the witness. The guy shouldn't be fired, but he shouldn't be driving either.
mgaus7 (4 years ago)
That driver is gonna kill a child. Should go to jail and UPS fined $ 10,000,000 for not having a training program. And that woman with the "no comment" fired.
catfishredneck88 (4 years ago)
they should have blocked him in and called the cops.
waydetheblade (4 years ago)
Now why didn't I think of that...
irish man (4 years ago)
im pretty sure he was goin slow enough to not run over any children or animals without being able to see them first
gino koreman (4 years ago)
Well we all know you're not a driver....probably a lazy part timer who takes 2 hrs to un load a truck.
broload brotime (4 years ago)
Stop being so lazy.
PSILOCYBETRIBE (4 years ago)
nah im a pretty lazy UPS employee
Seemsayin (4 years ago)
Best post I've read. What makes it even worse, is that dingbat's annoying, whistley voice. SSSSSSSSSSSSS
GRANNY SHIFTIN AP1 (4 years ago)
That's why you should go with yout local postal company. We would drive on the sidewalk but at a slower pace. Also would not have a problem commenting on the situation.
GRANNY SHIFTIN AP1 (4 years ago)
Reminds me of that one lady who drove on the sidewalk to avoid stopping for a school bus. Seriously great way to represent the company you work for.
Dustin Bannister (4 years ago)
If your workload is that huge, then UPS workers as a whole need stand up to their employers, circumventing laws in order to complete a large workload just encourages your employer to keep doing so because you're more submissive to your employer than the law, there's no difference between a coke dealer and your employer other than subject of your employment, you're not special, get over yourselves.
Dustin Bannister (4 years ago)
$150 ticket? You serious, I have had a cop watch my head light blow at an intersection and that's what I got for a fine, no points but that is just complete disregard for public safety, even if you can see nobody is on the sidewalk, wtf?! As for the ones defending him, UPS aren't the only people who work hard for a living, your argument is like saying I have an excuse to start slinging heroin because of how hard my job is on my body, you're coming from a point of relativity, not objectivity.
Alex Cicu (4 years ago)
Alex Cicu (4 years ago)
lazy is not the term to be used but over worked is and that is shitty.... to cut on cost they overwork people thats how these businesses strive
GhOsTWolF712 (4 years ago)
Dylan (4 years ago)
oh shit 150 bucks!!! that will totally teach him!.. its not like i had to pay 500 bucks for driving 15mph over the limit on an empty street.... i could have lost control going my whopping 45 mph or the UPS driver could have only ran over small children. its soo justified
dbvetter1 (4 years ago)
How can you go faster on a sidewalk, Drunk UPS guy more like it.
supplysarge (4 years ago)
If you don't like his driving stay off the sidewalk.
Chakal (4 years ago)
and let me add...we do not receive extra hours like some clients tease us. it's get to work...or get out. Maybe you guys have good unions...not here. Unions? Here? you have a problem...you pay the laywer fee up front...WTF??? Trust me...some unions here are just another tool of the companies.
Chakal (4 years ago)
you all are talking about union and non union...so let me brainstorm you all. I work on a distribution company...we all deal with parcels like fedex and ups, medicines, flat screens, you name it. Some of us work up to 16 hours a day. We pay our own tickets if caught working too much hours. If we crash by driving dead tired, and believe me, I´ve seen pretty serious wrecks caused by falling asleep,we're fired or at least forced to pay the damage. Where's the union there?
ThaiChinaMalay (4 years ago)
You claiming there is no difference in quality of service between union and non union workers shines light on your lack of experience and wisdom. It is impossible to fire union workers when they do bad jobs. This emboldens workers to figuratively flag the bird to who ever they please without fear. Fed ex is non union and the public gets a better service delivered because of it. That is why I refuse to do business with UPS and always use Fed ex.
ThaiChinaMalay (4 years ago)
they are hard working, no doubt...but they are cowards working for a union shop. Unions do not care about quality service and create a mentality like this driver has...selfish. That's why I always check if a company is union. If they are, I never do business with them.
ThaiChinaMalay (4 years ago)
UPS drivers are not lazy...but they are UNION. Because they are UNION, they know their ass is covered and cannot easily be fired...any driver working for a NON-UNION shop like Fed Ex would be immediately fired for this. That's why I always use Fed Ex ....non union= better service
dudelivestrong (4 years ago)
hilarious lol
ElsieGirder (4 years ago)
That's not UPS.... It's IPS and Doug Heffernan is driving it.... he's in a rush to get home to Carrie for some boom-bah-bing.
ElsieGirder (4 years ago)
916david (4 years ago)
I hope so!
chris1000174 (4 years ago)
Whenever i see ups trucks theyre speeding
david cassin (4 years ago)
your now helping non union fred smith with his co thats your choice,i hope the teamsters get a better deal for the workers in the usa.
WiiClassic2usb (4 years ago)
Then why do they keep leaving parcels under the welcome mat at my apartment complex (like nobody sees that big square shape buldging out from my welcome mat) and why do they think it's okay to leave packages with neighboors in my apt complex who for all I know could be meth addicts who'd just sell whatever it was...
bugnut82 (4 years ago)
Dude, this guy is my hero !
P Anders (4 years ago)
Nope sorry, you have NO idea what pressures UPS management puts on drivers...I am a former driver myself! During a SLEET storm in Pennsylvania, my windshield wipers motor quit working. No kidding, I was told to "put my head out the side window and deliver the DAMN packages!" When I said that was a saftey issue for me, I was told I was a "poor excuse for a driver!"
Michael Kergosien (4 years ago)
the "viral sensation" got a whopping 500 views...
david cassin (4 years ago)
of course it doesnt but if u see the pressure the drivers are under to get timed deliveries done etc then u would understand a bit more,of course he should have been driving on the rd but he seen it as he could go quicker the easy route.i.e the path..
MistahPoopy (4 years ago)
walk is the wrong word i think you mean Drive in the sidewalk in a truck
MistahPoopy (4 years ago)
That must be some retarded ass mailman
MistahPoopy (4 years ago)
Still doesnt give them the excuse to do that shit
fsudrummer (4 years ago)
He did it cause there is nowhere to park without blocking traffic. I have delivered on streets like this many times but I wouldn't drive on the sidewalk he should have pulled up to the stop and then pull as far over as he could and put his passenger side up onto the grass to make it easier for cars to go around. That or back in to the driveway.
John Leininger (4 years ago)
Kaleo Manalo (4 years ago)
The guy had mentioned at the end to put the driver back in the office to stack boxes. You don't stack boxes in a office!!! Thats done in warehouses...duhh
Jacob Johnson (4 years ago)
regardless of how long you work (i've done similar jobs before) it doesn't justify driving in such a dangerous manner it looks more like he got frustrated and decided to take it out on the rules without thinking. also, if ups found out who it was he was prob. fired on the spot.
WilliamHPastey (5 years ago)
where the shit do you live that has people driving like that all day everyday?
MrLookatmenowbtch (5 years ago)
does ups drug test, cause this guy was obviously high on somethi.g
Blindjohn (5 years ago)
The real UPS can be found on the internet at Browncafe.
Jason Hiatt (5 years ago)
I work for ups this guy is an idiot. So thats how he ran the route so fast. The insane workload management puts on these guys stop count and 10 hour days you start not thinking clearly. Children or pets could be killed this way what a moron. Lazy? anyone that has ever worked at ups knows ups guys are far from lazy lol
jujumistress (5 years ago)
This driver may have had a mental breakdown. I can see that happening working for a company like UPS. If only the public knew...
david cassin (5 years ago)
there is more going in the world than our ups driver driving on the path,of course he should be driving on the road but im sure he's not lazy.i think people on here should get into a van and do a couple of hundred deliveries in 8 hours and then we will see who is lazy. these men and women who drive for ups work very hard and long hours
Marveh (5 years ago)
Hey read your comment saying you work at UPS, could you do me a favour and tell me what time i should expect my delivery if it says 'by end of day' on the tracking site?
itscork (5 years ago)
I've been with UPS nearly 24 years and will tell you that "lazy" people don't make it with this company. That being said, this driver should be terminated immediately for being a dumbass. No excuse for this.
OB3S3DONK3Y (5 years ago)
next viral sensation?? dont think so this was on the news and the original still only has 2,300 views lmao FAIL.
Amanda Austin (5 years ago)
He only drove by two houses. A friend of mine knows this man personally, he is a brad new father and lost his JOB because some jerk college student thought it would be funny to send it to TV20 and the reporters at TV20 have nothing better to do than air crap stories like this. Come on, people, what's news and what's not these days? How about focus on something important instead of trying to get an innocent man fired?
SwampOfGators (5 years ago)
wasn't*, sorry posting mobile.
SwampOfGators (5 years ago)
I just do not see what the big deal is. he's going 10 miles an hour tops. you have a better chance of hitting a kid in that area shooting across the streetgoing theposted speed limit. the fact that he list his job over this is ridiculous. yes, what he did was wrong, but it was THAT big of a deal. a traffic citation and suspension its all he should have gotten at most.