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SUBSCRIBE HERE ► https://www.youtube.com/user/mrfoamersimpson?su... JOIN THE MAILING LIST HERE ► http://bit.ly/2vnIxFg the (almost) DAILY VLOG - ep 233. Nike and the NBA just released the City Edition Jerseys and Uniforms for almost all the NBA teams yesterday. The four that haven't been officially announced yet have been tracked down and we ranked the entire City Edition collection! Let us know what you think the best one is! Thanks for watching as always! Like, Comment, Subscribe and Share! WANT TO SEND US SOMETHING? FOAMER SIMPSON PO BOX 5513 CLEARWATER, FL 33758 CONNECT WITH FOAMIE ON SOCIAL MEDIA! Snapchat ► https://www.snapchat.com/add/itsfoamie IG ► http://full.sc/1b2RF27 Twitter ► http://full.sc/H8tB5t Facebook ► http://full.sc/H8txms CONNECT WITH BUCKETS ON SOCIAL MEDIA! Snapchat ► https://www.snapchat.com/add/thouartbuckets IG ► http://bit.ly/2pIaGW8 OUR CAMERA EQUIPMENT: Canon 70D ► http://bit.ly/2iBV3if DJI Phantom 4 ► http://bit.ly/2iBQ7da Tascam DR-40 Audio ► http://bit.ly/2iBUbdD Canon G7X ► http://bit.ly/2iBYcyu Rode Shotgun Mic ► http://bit.ly/2iBKYlA Tamron 24-70 MM ► http://bit.ly/2iBXVMh Sigma 105 mm Macro Lens ► http://bit.ly/2iBYDZE MUSIC ► CARDIN - PLAY
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Text Comments (494)
Chris Bravata (3 hours ago)
Shane Noble (5 hours ago)
Heat should be first
RyanTR Caton (19 hours ago)
My top 5: 1) Golden State 2) Sacramento 3) Indiana 4) Charlotte 5) Chicago
jeff saberon (23 hours ago)
This is trash, not even give a explanation on Toronto's jersey, its repping a whole country not just Toronto. Just my 2 pennies
Simón Sarmiento (2 days ago)
Broo i havent seen the miami... that vice city colors 🔥🔥😂
Herve Tran (2 days ago)
Heat Miami Vice theme is fuego.
Tanner Hough (2 days ago)
They say Chicago could’ve done more but the Memphis Jersey is just black and white 😂😂😂
Sam Jimenez (3 days ago)
Chicago’s were nice
The Jack (3 days ago)
Y'all really rate OKC and Boston over Miami, this is cheese
Trippy Triton (4 days ago)
Bucks fans love ya
Henry Pylyshyn (5 days ago)
Toronto Lakers Miami Knicks Utah
Oscar Gosling (6 days ago)
I actually liked Cleveland’s, hated Utah’s . My favourites were Lakers and Kings
Alex Kefi (6 days ago)
Lakers Jersey is 🔥
Bill Mitchell (7 days ago)
I disagree with Miami . That is definitely a top 5 in terms of city inspiration.
Robbin Ruben (7 days ago)
Dallas jersey was horrific
Chase Mykleby (8 days ago)
Warriors jersey is trash
DakotaGrunden (8 days ago)
Orlando jerseys are 🔥🔥
DakotaGrunden (8 days ago)
City Edition
Andrew Battcher (9 days ago)
Chicago’s aren’t that bad it’s representing the Chicago flag
Gene 13 (9 days ago)
Miami jersey is fuego
Richard Gordon (9 days ago)
wish yall had the jerseys on screen while you spoke abt em
Inam Haque (9 days ago)
city edition
Bing Bong (10 days ago)
Goncalo Branco (10 days ago)
Toronto was so clean an boston just the same...
Will Irwin (10 days ago)
Pacers are my favorite
This Guy (10 days ago)
The only thing that bothers me about the Lakers jersey is that it isn't really a City Edition, but more like a Legend Edition. All the other jerseys represent the actual city.
Fotisma (10 days ago)
Milwaukee buck's and giannis antetokounmpo #NBAvote
Hazzaisabear _ (11 days ago)
Memphis had such a clean one
Hazzaisabear _ (11 days ago)
76ers and celtics have the best
24 TooSavage (11 days ago)
Buckets is the man 👍 or 👎? I give him the w!
Richard Wynn (12 days ago)
def a dope "city edition" fellas!
Richard Wynn (12 days ago)
13:15 I'd rock the 76s & Bucks jersey with some denim and those ivory PG1s: https://www.sneakerfiles.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/nike-pg-1-ivory-gum-brown-release-date-1.jpg
Richard Wynn (12 days ago)
11:00 Dat boy Foamie from the LES!!
Richard Wynn (12 days ago)
Nuggz shoulda been in top 10...
Jason Griffith (12 days ago)
Hornets should've been #1. Gotta see them with the shorts combo.
G.O.D_ Line (12 days ago)
Chicago was the best. On baby
Christian Nix (12 days ago)
These mfs must be blind 😂😂
Cameron White (12 days ago)
Respect for showing love to Boston❤️
Ericson Javier (13 days ago)
bulls and sixers jersey are a little similar…
dannyrivera8300 (13 days ago)
How can you rank Chicago Memphis and Miami so low .. the white jerseys are so classic I was Jordan fan growing up in the 90s this brought back memories, Memphis has the MLK backstory to those crisp clean Memphis jersey and Miami gives me that Nostalgic 80s Miami vice/GTA vice city feel those are some of the best in my opinion also I'm from Oakland where the warriors actually play and the jersey would be fire if they eliminated the Chinese influence from it take out the Dragon and red numbers and stripe and it's actually a pretty dope throwback of "the city" jerseys but with a little twist
Max Dadic (13 days ago)
Raps Heat and ESPECIALLY Chicago got snubbed
Max Dadic (13 days ago)
Dude the Bucks jersey is so plain wtf
Brayton Nicholas (13 days ago)
I'm a pacer fan and i love our jersey
Haha People (14 days ago)
What the bulls and the magic really
KidFlash67 (14 days ago)
The disrespect to Atlanta. Their jersey is fire and the clippers jersey is to high.
FOOTAHOLICS (14 days ago)
City edition
Ραι Ιουλιος (15 days ago)
Giannis on that Bucks Unis is soo HOOOTTT!!!!!
ApolloClipz (15 days ago)
Miami jersey is fire how was it that low
King Harris (15 days ago)
Come on rockets ? They could have did better with their jersey
Dae Wap (15 days ago)
Magic and the spurs should be higher. Warriors, bucks, and utah should be top 3
peewee3030 (16 days ago)
That sweatshirt is fire!!
marcus gracia (16 days ago)
Golden State and NOLA are too high, Chicago, Miami, Magic, Memphis too low.
The KowarD (16 days ago)
Pacers, wizards are way too high they're ugly
The KowarD (16 days ago)
New York should be last. Miami should be first. Celtics one is shitty too
14GILBEM (16 days ago)
Washington, Charlotte, Miami, Toronto, And Chicago 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Geurtsy Films (16 days ago)
Ayeee Bucks at 1 #ownthefuture
Dont Judge This Name (16 days ago)
city edition
AirOhSoul (16 days ago)
Damn yo I fucking love panthers that's one fire ass shirt
Erik Loyola (16 days ago)
City edition
Dwight Schrute (16 days ago)
My nigga got nikola mirotic in this bitch
Htx Joe2000 (16 days ago)
“City edition”
David Brown (17 days ago)
Dope video some Philly Love YO
Conner Moss (17 days ago)
New Orleans jersey is fire
luke somerville (17 days ago)
Boston looks the same lol I liked Orlando’s look.
Travis Richardson (17 days ago)
the lakers is title town bro!!!!!
Izeeks Sneaks (17 days ago)
Dont compare Kobes to Tom brady
Izeeks Sneaks (17 days ago)
Magics the best laker.
capono26 (17 days ago)
bitch chicago is in the top 5 get ya facts straight
IssaIceman (17 days ago)
Miami deserves number one and I’m not even a heat fan
lil juice (17 days ago)
i love the snake scales pattern on the los angeles laker uniforms search the uniform up on google and it is more defined tan shown in the picture
1-800Suicide (17 days ago)
Stevent21 135 (17 days ago)
Miami remind me of gta vice city
Adam Wright (17 days ago)
Magic 2
TheStreetWearGawd (17 days ago)
The Memphis jersey is ode clean tbh
Droppin (17 days ago)
Great vid gentlemen... nice to see the 801 getting some love
NOTORIOUS B.I.G (17 days ago)
ToQ 3gou (17 days ago)
Yay Utah’s #3 I got the hat they made based on that city jersey
ToQ 3gou (17 days ago)
It N Or•lins natively but New Or•Leens phonetically 11:38 Personally I say New Or•lins cause I’m from Utah
1 Survivor (17 days ago)
I didn't want to do 1-30 so I split them all up into 4 tiers FIRE Tier AKA bold, spicy, clean, lit Bucks 76ers Jazz Hornets Heat Warriors Pacers Lakers Wolves Solid Jersey Tier Blazers Wizards Knickerbockers Kings Magic Hawks Raptors Nuggets Celtics Jerseys that seem like they are missing something and aren't quite right Bulls Cavs Rockets Nets Thunder Pelicans Pistons Spurs Bottom Tier, the worst, feel completely uninspired Mavericks Grizzlies Suns Clippers
Kevin Wells (18 days ago)
Pacers nation
Ahmad jeha (18 days ago)
The charlotte and miami jerseys were the best
Raul Vega (18 days ago)
Memphis should've been higher and Chicago should have been top 5
Joseph Hennessey (19 days ago)
Miami played out u r high look at the Boston jersey
Joseph Hennessey (19 days ago)
U put Boston 12th u mad
Joseph Hennessey (19 days ago)
How can u not put the Celtics jersey last
Tommy Huff (19 days ago)
Wish my cavs would have gotten better jerseys
What Yes (19 days ago)
Heat went w the Miami vice theme lol that’s classic
DirkKobefan 24841 (19 days ago)
My mavericks clearly have the worst one. Literally no effort on that one.
Sebastian Foltz (19 days ago)
Everyone sleeps on detroit
Andrew Aker (19 days ago)
Pacers and thunders jerseys are better then the bucks jersey
Zach Zeaman (19 days ago)
Utah was wayyyy too high
Jerz2392410 (19 days ago)
City edition
Ashley Torres (19 days ago)
I'm still confused as to why Houston's is in Chinese.
Noor Noor (19 days ago)
Kings top 3
HASSAN WHITESIDE (19 days ago)
If they showed Miamis pants it is fire the pants have their logo on the front mixed with pink and blue
Dylan Chan (19 days ago)
Miami, Chicago and Toronto is fire
Ammar Mahmuto (19 days ago)
Fuck i acidentally disliked great vid
Ameer Zarzis (20 days ago)
1. Warriors 2. Jazz 3. Wizards 4. Lakers 5. Kings
Mike Wang (20 days ago)
city edition
Amanuel Kassa (20 days ago)
Houston,Cleveland and Portland are top 3. 🔥🔥🔥