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How the 2018 Formula 1 Title Race Turned

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In just five races, the 2018 F1 World Championship has swung dramatically, from an 8-point gap for Sebastian Vettel, to a huge 40-point margin for Lewis Hamilton. Take a look at the flashpoint moments which led to this massive turnaround... For more F1® videos, visit Like F1® on Facebook: Follow F1® on Twitter: Follow F1® on Instagram: #F1
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FORMULA 1 (1 month ago)
What do you guys think - can Vettel claw back the gap? Or will Hamilton extend it? Just six races to go...
LeeTeeArr (24 days ago)
Yes, but that was Vettel's luck in 2012.
Mark Robinson (26 days ago)
+Swapnil Nayak Uhh, you clearly have issues. Friggin noob cunt? Don't you have a grade 5 class you'd better get going to? Geek.
Swapnil Nayak (26 days ago)
+Mark Robinson Uhh you clearly don't know how F1 works do you? Well tell me when did Vettel throw a temper tantrum? The multi 21 incident was payback for what Mark did to him in Brazil 2012! The Baku incident, ya keep barking it again and again! The Massa incidents well I don't remember Vettel that kind of crap to another driver! Lie-gate incident!.. Rolls eyes! Friggin noob cunt!
Leonardo Presutti (26 days ago)
PLEASE guys, tell me the song’s name!!!!
Mark Robinson (26 days ago)
+Swapnil Nayak As opposed to a crybaby who throws a temper tantrum when his teammate outqualifies him. Or the same crybaby who pulls up next to his rival and rams him behind the safety car because he claims he got brake checked, despite the telemetry data showing otherwise. Or the same crybaby who defies a pre-race agreement with his teammate and overtakes him when both were instructed to slow down to save their tires. But yep, bring up Hamilton and Massa's race incidents. That's clearly the same as Vettel's misdemeanours. Roll eyes.
Ethiopis Abrahamovich (1 day ago)
1:23 Tatatatataaraa song Vettel, hate that extremely.
Yolo Ngpt (7 days ago)
Lewis should get a f ing life man he always wins and no one stands a chance besides rosberg everybody should crash into Lewis so he can be and big big idiot Edit Hope Charles can do better
X .ROBY. X (13 days ago)
music 0.09?
Cristian Codrea (13 days ago)
67 point
Clive Windram (17 days ago)
Best championship battle in a long time,
TheIcemangoo (18 days ago)
lewis move was so sick in monza
LAJOLLA CA (18 days ago)
Only F1 can make team order champs
all_is_bball (22 days ago)
Vettel for the championship
Williams Gaming (22 days ago)
Whats the name of that song you used
Nema Ime (22 days ago)
Nikolaos Ieronimakis (23 days ago)
Which song did you use on this video?
Slam Dunkem' (23 days ago)
Great change in the F1 management . . . . sharing the footage in stead of hoarding it in the attic like you used to. MUCH BETTER
Bill Diorio (23 days ago)
This isn’t even close to the real racing that Senna, Schumacher, Hakkinen, etc. It doesn’t even resemble what those guys did. This is all car and the fastest one always wins. These drivers have about 1/10th of the skills of the real champions. Sad to see these wins count the same as the ones when Schumacher would win with the third or fourth fastest car.
Naruto Comunista (23 days ago)
LeeTeeArr (24 days ago)
What was the music that they have used?
Ralonso (25 days ago)
Sake!.. Sake!..
Kebab Plays (25 days ago)
Hamlet telmaH (25 days ago)
Give Bottas the wingman of the year award. #wingmanlivesmatter
Firebeard (26 days ago)
I think it's at the stage now that Lewis may as well be given the title straight after the Melbourne race, he just keeps winning all the time. even when you think it's not going to be his race he still wins. Vettel would appear to be our only hope of a title fight and sadly 2017 is repeating itself in 2018. Verstappen is a third option but only at "Red Bull" circuits, Kimi and Valtteri are just making up the numbers and Ricciardo has just completely fallen away, especially since announcing he's leaving for Renault next year. I doubt enough can happen between now and the rest of the season for Vettel to catch up. Hamilton would have to stuff up on a catastrophic level for him to lose it from here. Either that or some serious race tampering from Kimi on Lewis just for Vettel to close the gap.
Paulo Gimenes (26 days ago)
Lewis the best
THECOBRA Gaming (26 days ago)
In true Araava Fashion "Vettel just got no-scoped out of the Italian Grand Prix!"
Aaron#11 the Master (26 days ago)
I Think Vettel because I am German 🇩🇪🇩🇪😉😉
Haha96 Haha96 (26 days ago)
ITS a JOKE The Moves from Mercedes and Hamilton are not fair Charlie Is an Idiot FU The New Cars are the biggest Sh"t Hrvatska 🇭🇷
Jenny Gavin-Wear (26 days ago)
Lewis in a slower car than Vettel still wins. Vettel under pressure makes more and more mistakes and becomes overly agressive. No doubt whatsoever that Lewis is the best driver.
J P (26 days ago)
If Ferrari wants to win again they need to get Alonso back
Phantt0m (26 days ago)
Leonardo Presutti (27 days ago)
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE somebody tell me the title of the song!!! Shazam won't find it
Vineeth Prabhu (27 days ago)
If Vettel gives a miracle comeback, then the YAS MARINA will be the most interesting race for sure
semi enver krasniqi (27 days ago)
I personaly dont like ferrari fans so go go hamilton
Pedro Magalhães (27 days ago)
Music name?
Zeparoh (27 days ago)
Zabir Khan (27 days ago)
It's almost close to impossible for Vettel but really hope he claws back the gap
Artur ReGu Piekarski (27 days ago)
What a song it is?
Tawfiq Jaffar (27 days ago)
Liberty ♥️
Saul Eden-Draaijer (27 days ago)
I think Hamilton is gonna win, buy there is a chance that Vettel will win. Go Hamilton
Fat Ronaldo (27 days ago)
40 pts gape, how ferrari is going to react ?
Ziz Melons (27 days ago)
I hope the next races, hamilton will always dnf and vettel will get the points
Rosenberg David (27 days ago)
You people have no limit when it comes to stupid keep wishing Hamilton DNF
Assassin 4056 (27 days ago)
Hamilton’s gonna keep winning that’s why I’m not even exited anymore
Andy Wan (27 days ago)
Monza vettel got million miles of room
91Supercooler (27 days ago)
(Ferrari fan) unless Hamilton has two DNFs in the coming races, Vettel is losing the championship for sure :-(
skua stone (27 days ago)
Name of music ?
Shoib Mohammed (28 days ago)
Ferrari & vettel trying to beat Mercedes, instead they should concentrate on race condition. Nico deafeated Hamilton, #takeItEasy #ferrari.
Rosenberg David (27 days ago)
+Shoib Mohammed yeah but nico was never 40 points behind Lewis and he doesn't make the dumb mistakes that Vettel mskes
Shoib Mohammed (27 days ago)
+Kashmir there is history where drivers covered their point difference to victory. Giving decision early doesn't make true.
Shoib Mohammed (27 days ago)
+Rosenberg David I mean, Ferrari still have hopes to win WDC. They don't have to come under pressure.
Kashmir (27 days ago)
+Rosenberg David I know right, I don't understand what his point is. it's just yet another example of a single ferrari fan being an idiot, and brining the whole ferrari name down, smh
Rosenberg David (28 days ago)
You say that to say what??
Nikhil Dev (28 days ago)
Background soundtrack?
Limeanator21 (28 days ago)
these two are the niki lauda and james hunt of our ime
szszaby (28 days ago)
Azért tegyük hozzá Hamiltonra más szabályok vonatkoznak. A barmot sose büntetik.
GTAGIS (28 days ago)
There is a Formula 1 championship ? On real tracks ? With real F1 ? Where ? When ?
Maksim Kazakov (28 days ago)
yes cool
Z.Hazar ERULUSOY (28 days ago)
What is the background sound name ?
Abhishek Chittari (28 days ago)
We will see a Part 2 of this by the end of the year #SebastianVettel
NichoTBE (28 days ago)
This season will be remembered for one of the greats, been amazing so far, Ferrari with the better car most of the season but Lewis is at his best so its been pretty even, not one running away with it. Those wins lewis has pulled out to stay in the race this season have been something else.
Hamid Amini (28 days ago)
Is it just me or has Lewis been getting the best luck these past 2 years. With Vettel on the opposite end.
Rosenberg David (27 days ago)
So Vettel continues to make mistakes Translate to you as Lewis Hamilton is lucky it's amazing to me how the human mind works
Kristóf Nagy (28 days ago)
If Lewis win this year the World Championship, i wont watch Formula 1 again.
Kashmir (27 days ago)
Goodbye salty guy
Rosenberg David (28 days ago)
We'll good bye in advance
BDávid19 (28 days ago)
Very Simple really. Vettel is not on super CLASS level, like Lewis, or Fernando. Fernando with that Ferrari would be leading with almost 40 points clear and he is not a gifting it away character with "bad driving'"... In 2012 Fernando had an almost 1 second slower car and he still come home almost every race on the podium. That is a massive difference.
muhammadraja iswan (28 days ago)
Lewis Hamilton will win 2018 World Champion at Mexican Grand Prix
Arsenius Sofian (28 days ago)
Poor strategy and bad day for Ferrari But so glad that Kimi is so consistent this season and really sad to hear that hes leaving Ferrari next season
Adam Advocaat (28 days ago)
After Singapore, the championship is Lewis' to lose.
yodaspeak77 (28 days ago)
Anyone who actually thinks that Vettel still has a chance is a complete retard and a blind fan. If it's not Ferrari fucking up the strategy, it's Vettel gifting points to Lewis. Everyone who's all like “grazie ragazzi, we'll still fight" just shut up. This championship was over in Germany. It's a repeat of 2017. And this is coming from a Vettel and Ferrari fan.
RWhitesLemonade Drinker (28 days ago)
You all need to watch Lewis in his junior formula, he drove like a demon, he was passing others with either same equipment or alittle inferior, he won from first, middle and near last position... Raw talent that is... something special we are seeing here throughout his career.
Tramaine318 (28 days ago)
All of these comments gifting Lewis the championship is rubbish!!! It’s never over until it’s mathematical impossible to win the championship! Lewis Hamilton quote.
james johnstone (28 days ago)
Alonso was 41 points clear at Singapore in 2012, alls I'm saying
Eduard Jalba (28 days ago)
Lewis is just lucky , both Vettel and him are great drivers , Vettel did so many mistakes its a shame , he is just giving Lewis the championship ...
Kashmir (27 days ago)
If vettel makes mistakes, that doesn't make lewis "lucky", that just makes him plain better
Jawed Hotmail (29 days ago)
LH44 en route pour le 5eme titre 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
Manuel Zenteno Castro (29 days ago)
L E W I S H A M I L T O N >>> Sebastian Vettel
Titof'S (29 days ago)
Singapore pole lap is the championship lap ...
zinTaxZA (29 days ago)
It is so shit to finally see a good WDC battle in F1 and now Vettel basically gave Hamilton a free title and crushed the dreams of a promising season ending. I just hope the future regulations can make us see 3 teams compete for the constructors and at least 4 drivers compete for the title all season long because I really miss that.
Nexu Jin (29 days ago)
Regardless who is going to win this championship, there will be heartbreak for either Mercedes or Ferrari camp this season. Hamilton made less mistakes on the track this season than Sebastian. He would be the deserving champion. But if Seb wins would be nice to interrupt Mercedes's run since the hybrid-era. I think Seb can bounce back, but question is can Ferrari provide him a reliable car and team to do it. I don't think so.
Retro gaming a (29 days ago)
Lets face it . For the last 5 years Mercedes has NO OPPONENT.(Unfortunately)
benjicool2808 (29 days ago)
vettelscrewed up
giorgos8228 (29 days ago)
Do something........ and change the way it goes the competition. It is obvious who will win the championship. Sorry for saying that seems like a fake competition and it is boring
giorgos8228 (27 days ago)
Sorry If I said something offendind forthe fans of F1....... But as I said before I dont like the situation for example 2010 - 2011 - 2012 - 2013 VETTEL CHAMPION and then 2014 - 2015 - 2017 HAMILTON CHAMPION....... Let say for footbal I have never seen REAL MADRID to be EUROPEAN CHAMPION for 2010 - 2011 - 2012 - 2013.
Kashmir (27 days ago)
?????????????????????????????? Do you watch F1? It took lewis 4 races to win his first race of this season, 3 races into the season, with ferrari almost winning all 3 (just missing China) you wouldn't have said that "it seems like a fake competition" smh, I hate all these guys who talks about "yeah I knew that was gonna happen" AFTER it happens, smhhhhhhhh
Merc LH (29 days ago)
Lewis Hamilton is a God among men. Slower car and still leading the championship, the modern Senna.
saddist1Gtown (29 days ago)
Maybe we should get more of the Sky commentary on these videos to put some perspective on just how biased they are during the live race. They only tone it down once it is a slam dunk Hamilton victory. Exciting but a more neutral commentary could enhance the viewing pleasure.
saddist1Gtown (27 days ago)
Kashmir  I am not here to answer to your demands. Maybe you should pay more attention to what you hear before disputing someone's point? I suggest you go back to the race archive and listen to the FULL Sky commentary to get my point. I will give you some references try listening to Crofty, Hill. Lazenby and di Resta and tell me they aren't biased towards Vettel. Only Anthony Davidson tries to be neutral and gives really good analyses.
Kashmir (27 days ago)
Disagree. From what I hear, the commentary is always very neutral. If you can tell me about any exciting things other drivers have done (with relevance to the championship) I would LOVE to hear it
Felix's Abgedtehte_Welt (29 days ago)
#Lewisisthebest Teamlh #44
CAN ASLAN (29 days ago)
Hamilton is 👎
Kashmir (27 days ago)
Your salty because he's better than your favourite driver? Sad.
King OfNothing (29 days ago)
I wish there were more really competitive teams.
GT Fanaticbs (29 days ago)
It´s unfair... Lewis refined his skills since childhood playing Gran Turismo!
Vickolous (29 days ago)
i hate this fucking sport, vettel is shit, lewis is a cunt. f1 is fucking shit, and the fia are biased towards the mercedes.
Kashmir (27 days ago)
No, keep your idiot comments to yourself next time. All of that is false. It's funny how your age clearly seeps through your comment, you're clearly 14 and immature, that's really funny actually.
KING slayer (29 days ago)
How to lose a championship *****GONE WRONG*******
kaabasaran 44 (29 days ago)
What is the name of background music?
Masterdoctorgenius14 (29 days ago)
German GP I say
Bomter D (29 days ago)
L.A (29 days ago)
So basically German grand prix where he fucked it. Could have been that first elusive title for Seb this season. Don't think Ham is letting go of this one unless Vettel controls every single race from now and hopes Kimi will do his job as well.
Simeon Murray (29 days ago)
De ja vu i remember the same video last year
Shannon Lucks (29 days ago)
Vet is trash just a bunch of Ferrari fan boys and hype that make people thinks he is really good
bondmode (29 days ago)
Too much shouting, if you ask me
D1stinct (29 days ago)
As long as you can get past his shitty attitude moments throughout the season, Hamilton for sure deserves this WDC. His racing mentality has made him an absolute monster these last couple races. Despite being a Ferrari and Alonso fan, mad respect to Mercedes and Hamilton!
Marcelo S (29 days ago)
Vettel is going to be the champion of 2018!!
minatormyth (29 days ago)
Gteat season review so far :)
Dr Khalid Almomatten (29 days ago)
Ferarri As a team, Vettel, Raiknoon, and the cars had never tuned up together simultaneously. That what is needed to beat a phenomenal driver like Lewis. Could it happen in the remaining races? It is difficult but not impossible. Constructor championship is very likely but the signing with Charles will have negative impact on Raikkonen
Phil Driver (29 days ago)
vettel is a joke . he is a bottler . lewis is probably one of the best drivers ever . got the 2nd best car and walking away with the title .
Lars van Ravenswaaij (29 days ago)
Germany and Monza...
Rob Finney (29 days ago)
I have no real driver that I root for. Can't stand Ferrari or Vettel though. But, the season is not over. Hamilton is prone to make mistakes as well. Let's not forget 2016 and his horrible starts that cost him the title that season. These next 6 races are going to be make or break for both of them. Should be entertaining.
Tyler Durden (29 days ago)
Aaaaand F1 is boring again
sendheron1 (29 days ago)
Vettel deserves all he gets he does not deserve to drive that car he can't use the excuse the cars not good enough anymore when it is,the fact is he's not good enough I don't like Hamilton but hes better than Vettel any day, he lost the title in Germany,Ferrari wake up & get rid of him.
Maxximal (29 days ago)
Next year Mercedes will win the championship too. Why? Because Bottas will let Lewis pass and Leclerc not... Teamorders should be forbidden
Jordan Striker (29 days ago)
Vettel make a come back? Not with Ferrari strategy
KreuzSTIL HG164 (29 days ago)
already done. Ham Win.
Roman Reinhardt (29 days ago)
Hamilton is such a turd. He obviously didnt leave Vettel enough space and he obviously had more space to the right. Watch 1:43 and you'll see that Hamilton obviously turned in too much. Just a dumbass. And he wasn't ahead until the middle of the chicane. Very bad and arogant judgement.
Robbie NL (29 days ago)
Mercedes have the fastest car, Vettel did great but Hamilton is now on his level. I think Mercedes wil win again.
Toro Loco (26 days ago)
Ferrari* have the fastest car. There, fixed it for you
Liofa (29 days ago)
One thing I've learned about Vettel is, it's never his fault, everyone else makes the mistakes, he's perfect... Well, according to him...