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Stupid Drivers on the Road #858

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Text Comments (62)
alex Shamburger (2 days ago)
The one with that old man is funny
Bryan Embley (3 days ago)
1:33 I just about had a heart attack...that was hard to watch.
Christopher U.S. Smith (4 days ago)
2:04 How the heck did he lose traction on a dry road? :?
Isopsephy (4 days ago)
9:24 I want one of those vans.
Inside The lines (5 days ago)
About 90% of these people could have avoided these accidents. It’s called defensive driving. Idiots!
Andrey M (5 days ago)
Что за привычка избегать столкновения с нарушителем и врезаться в невиновного ? 😬
ExtremelyCreamy (5 days ago)
it isn't a cc tube video until it has dogs crossing the road
dani suar (5 days ago)
0:33 invisible car?
ostreds (5 days ago)
Dogs crossing in the crosswalk...best parts of the video
Lyle Waller (5 days ago)
The presence of "pop music" signals mental incompetence.
Miro Max (5 days ago)
Народ! Кто знает, что за штуки на крышах ПАЗиков?
堕落之星网游公会腾讯游戏!没钱玩你妈逼 (5 days ago)
most of them are from China . Russia . USA
Ricky spanish (5 days ago)
I just want a sub😞
DoctorBohr (5 days ago)
0:50 the third world, where you can afford a smart phone, but not basic car repairs.
Aaron Walcott (5 days ago)
0:32 that driver (PoV) has incredible reflexes. I didn't know ninjas drove cars.
Kami Vega (5 days ago)
That guy was smart with the trumpet. And I can't stop laughing at the fish tank 😂😂😂
Tom William (5 days ago)
And it's some videos it has the timer telling you when it's going to turn red or green is ridiculous
Tom William (5 days ago)
I just can't make any sense out of Russian traffic lights why in the heck would you put a yellow for a green. you just setting yourself up for accidents. why would you give the drivers for warning the lights turning green and the other drivers say in the lights going to be red. 1 drivers going to try to beat the red light and the other is going to try to have a early start on the Green. Hello Collision
Tamma Lewis (5 days ago)
Russians are such thoughtless Prix when it comes to driving... What's your God damn hurry... let a guy in once in awhile... fucking commies
mystuff (5 days ago)
See the never before witnessed at 2:28 - a Russian used their brakes! Good thing it’s recorded, it’ll never happen again.
Alexandre14062 (5 days ago)
CANADA FRENCH !!!!!!!!!! End 10:50
Sergeant Gunny Gaming (5 days ago)
Did anyone else see the vision of BUDDHA appear at: 6:07?
ScorpionZam (5 days ago)
just watching this makes me pissed.
David Joseph (5 days ago)
Angry tires just exploding everywhere 😳😳😮😮!! And the city bus tire blowout was louder than the 18 wheeler/big rig's blowout was 😮😮😳😳!! I miss the old 1XBET intro with the drum. We need it at least once every other week for old times sake 😁😁👍👍
Get Schwifty (5 days ago)
I'm watching this on my phone at the side of the road after my trailer tyre exploded taking out 2 wheel arches and the rear lights 😆 it's 5am and it can't get fixed for hours.
Kiara Colon (6 days ago)
The one with the horn😂
Josh Hunsaker (6 days ago)
Gotta love the random dogs using crosswalks in there
David Joseph (5 days ago)
Only in russia lol
Delvon Hall (6 days ago)
That last part was messed up.
Ama C (6 days ago)
Love the unique aquarium! 5:50
Exceller8 (6 days ago)
Damn Scooters!!
beH3uH (6 days ago)
The last one blew my mind!
Fyzzen [GD] (6 days ago)
2:12 oh, how the tables have turned
Aiman A (6 days ago)
5:46 "Yolo Walla Walla"
Aiman A (6 days ago)
3:13 This guy's vehicle has 1 Horsepower 😂😂😂
rgrndu (5 days ago)
Aiman A Fuck you, again.
Aiman A (6 days ago)
... I'm still waiting for the *"I DIDN'T SWEAR!"* introduction to come back.
rgrndu (5 days ago)
Aiman A Fuck you.
marcus alejandro (6 days ago)
How much horsepower does it got??? Just one
rgrndu (5 days ago)
marcus alejandro what’s your IQ? Just one.
David Joseph (5 days ago)
Real horsepower, like the amish
StonerAmongstUs (6 days ago)
When the video moves to the next clip immediately after impact, is that to let the viewers know the cunts are dead? Something that's been bugging me about these compilations, that and what's the ding-dong after a lot of these crashes? Different countries seem to have different chimes like a doorbell.
Lee Neufeld (5 days ago)
Oh ok, I thought it was something like OnStar telling you you just had a collision
StonerAmongstUs (6 days ago)
+Sean Kormilo Now that's smart.
Lugwrench Knucklebuster (6 days ago)
The chime you hear is an indication that the SDFU (Someone Done F'ed Up) circuit in many cameras has been triggered.
Sean Kormilo (6 days ago)
The chime is the dash cam. Some dash cams will save a video when they sense an impact
LOBO NEGRO (6 days ago)
StonerAmongstUs When you hear the doorbell, it means they're entering heaven.
dakarhard (6 days ago)
Why chinese are soooooo retard at driving, its like they were all asleep
Red 13 (6 days ago)
2:16 That's why I wouldn't do that stuff even if I did have a motorcycle. I'd just wait in line like everybody else.
N. R. (6 days ago)
1:34 just takes the kid an runs away...
кравт финю (6 days ago)
0:04 едет с 61 км в час затормозил 5 метров а скорость так и не уменьшилась.
timaclubus (5 days ago)
кравт финю потому что на ведре едет, ему и 100 метров не в помощь.
Cary O Phil Len (6 days ago)
5:49 that fish tank though.
Basti Russia (6 days ago)
6:00 this is a best suizide crash 👀🙌🏼🤯 perfekt I love it Good job 👍🏽
I hate Morons (6 days ago)
I yai yai yai must be universal. Lol
Ауто камере Србија / Dash cams Serbia (6 days ago)
That scum at the end. If you would to do such thing here, you would get your pussy broken.
BELAL ZAIN (6 days ago)
VintageLynx (6 days ago)
3:45 nice relaxing sunset
chipotlelover82 (6 days ago)
The last one blew my mind! 😉