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The Volvo Interception -- Greatest Super Bowl Commercial Strategy ever

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Here's how Volvo's brilliant Superbowl Commercial strategy worked out. Super Bowl is the most popular game of the NFL with a viewership rate so high, that a 30-second commercial costs around 5 million dollars. On this day in 2015, Volvo pulled off a brilliant piece of marketing. Instead of getting featured in the commercials break like any generic company, they poached “other” competitors, asking people to tweet the hashtag #volvo-contest every time they saw any car advertisement. One of those lucky users would win a Volvo XC60. Here's a brief look at how "the interception" paid off. Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/AspectEquity Sources: https://pastebin.com/3U05A2AW
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Paul Hendrix (11 months ago)
Huh, a little-known YouTube channel pumping out high-quality content?
Paul Hendrix (11 months ago)
@Aspect Equity I also like to listen to music of my own choice.
Aspect Equity (11 months ago)
I feel music distracts viewers from the narrative. Experimenting more ways to keep you all captivated though.
Avi Bendayan (11 months ago)
His channel is gonna be huge, but I really think it would do much better with background music!
Spencer Mclaughlan (9 days ago)
I’m here at 2.99k subs. Hey you! Yeah, you reading the comments! By the time you’re reading this, this channel likely has more than 300k subs. Comment below how many subs this guy has at the time of you watching this.
Rabbit Eighteen (5 months ago)
"Oh my Gad, it's Chevy!!"
Jason Hatt (7 months ago)
There's some idiot in a Volvo With his brights on behind me I lean out the window and scream "Hey, What you trying to do, blind me?"
toxthicc (8 months ago)
"oH mY gOd ItS cHeVy"
ImpaledBerry (9 months ago)
you need more subs
Tildrum (10 months ago)
Great quality content! You're going to fly off!
syracus_4kx (10 months ago)
70% increase could mean from 10 cars to 17.Are there any actual car numbers?
Aspect Equity (10 months ago)
I haven't come across any, although I did read that sales for the XC60 were highest in that segment of cars for that quarter.
Mr. P. Enis (10 months ago)
If Volvo is Swedish why didn't it make a commercial saying subscribe to Pewdiepie?
Water Pidez (10 months ago)
ur channel is gonna am sure, this comment proves that in the future when you will have so much subs that ive been here since 176 subs
Alessandro Donadi (11 months ago)
Very interesting indeed, so are you going to focus on economic strategies basically or is what you have in mind more varied?
Aspect Equity (11 months ago)
For now, I'm focussing on marketing, pricing, general strategies and so on. Might look into more topics in the future -business related, however.
Alessandro Donadi (11 months ago)
BTW i'm the 151 subscriber. Just to remember when you get to 1 million
i5t005y (11 months ago)
Underrated channel
Valentin M (11 months ago)
If your channel was on the stock market i would invest now
king A (7 months ago)
!invest 10000 EDIT: Wait... Wrong platform
Aspect Equity (11 months ago)
This made my day!
Kubrat Kozhuharov (11 months ago)
If you smoothen transitions and get rid of those sound effects this is top content I hope to see you with millions in the future
Aspect Equity (11 months ago)
I really appreciate the feedback!
Starry Night (11 months ago)
you're right, your videos are better than your comments
Jonas Simkus (9 months ago)
Found that comment too
MMN Nutz (11 months ago)
Great vid, saw your comment on an another Channel so remember me i was your 140 sub
FͤAͬTͬAͦLͬ (11 months ago)
Wow, this is amazing...
Hashik Donthineni (11 months ago)
You are planning on making small vids? I think this is too small... but concise it said what it had to.
Aspect Equity (11 months ago)
I am planning longer videos, like the next one. But my priority is to be concise yes
Pam Lin (11 months ago)
This comment is to prove I was here before you got big. Keep growing. The content looks great. You’ve got yourself a subscriber.
Anastasia S. (11 months ago)
Great videos! We need more. :)
Aspect Equity (11 months ago)
There's one coming next week :)
Owen Simonsen (11 months ago)
Only 113 subscribers? How? you have the potential to be a huge channel someday. Keep up the great work
Max Thulin (11 months ago)
looking awesome
Samuelis V. Sau (11 months ago)
I stumbled upon you by reading your comment onpolymatter's video. Well played.
Owen Simonsen (11 months ago)
That's exactly what I did too, and I'm glad I did
Johannes (11 months ago)
I think we can watch the birth of a great channel right now
Martijn Wo (11 months ago)
You have an nice voice!
oh (11 months ago)
you're so cool, good job
Polaska Tyu (11 months ago)
Aspect Equity (11 months ago)
Shawn Creque (11 months ago)
Add - verse - tiss - ments are Everywhere
Aspect Equity (11 months ago)
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